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  1. I know, it's just kind of a personal frustration with me.
  2. don't know how unpopular it is, but s supports are unnecessary. get it done in an a or not at all. really don't want to have to grind for yet another support rank, not when some units have an ending with an a.
  3. I've already got like 60 hours on pc New Vegas, and a bit more on my xbox that I used before I got a better pc. I don't really have anything else to do so I've been playing it almost non-stop. he's kind of a bad dad, kind of obsessed husband, very obsessed with the past, and one of my favourite Fallout characters next to Arcade for whatever reason.
  4. before nintendo takes this one down too
  5. Fallout New Vegas was my first Fallout game and my favourite in the series. Fallout 3 is my second favourite, so I'm excited for the GNR plaza DLC from the Creation Club if it means a chance of Three Dog. Devil May Cry 4 got me into Devil May Cry and technically Resident Evil, since I obsessed over it to the point I learned pretty much every bit of lore of the series which of course was supposed to be Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 6 was my first real RE game and my favourite partly because Helena is hot. FE7 got me into Fire Emblem because I didn't have Awakening at the time. I realized I preferred FE8 like years later, though.
  6. Pokemon, Resident Evil, The Elder Scrolls (Morrowind's probably one of my top favourite games rn), Fallout, and Devil May Cry. just got into Fallout so I've been busy playing that more than three houses, actually.
  7. it's been a bit since I watched it, so it might just be my mind thinking about Robin's first reveal in SSB4
  8. I'm pretty sure Chrom was shown in the Everyone Is Here trailer with Robin, and Robin had the final smash aura. I could be wrong. Either way, I think they'll just change the character to another one if Chrom is in the game and is in the match. I think they've done something like that before.
  9. they're still planning on supporting the 3ds into 2019, with the Luigi's Mansion remake and Bowser's Inside Story remake, but that's neither here or there. they probably choose the Switch because they're a major second party company, and Nintendo probably wants more popular titles on the Switch to draw more people to it.
  10. make Innes less arrogant, more aware of other people's feelings and less entitled. he's pretty good stat wise but more defense on a unit that can't attack at one range is nice.
  11. I found some of Innes's lines like "Tana, you talk too much" pretty hilarious. Also just how he acts cold an uncaring when he actually deeply cares for people but believes if he shows that he's showing weakness. His A support with Tana and him firing Gerik and Tethys to get them out alive show how nice of a guy he is inside.
  12. Red: Charmander Silver: All three as I did the cloning glitch Emerald: Mudkip Leaf Green: Bulbasaur Platinum: Chimchar SoulSilver: Totodile White: Tepig Black 2: Oshawott Y: Froakie Omega Ruby: Treecko Sun: Litten Ultra Sun when I get it: Rowlet most likely. That Chimchar was the first Pokemon I chose, and I now have it on my Sun file.
  13. I'm really surprised I liked Innes as much as I do, as I don't care that much for jerk characters in Fire Emblem. I didn't care much for him when I first watched my sister play, but when I played through I realized he was actually a pretty neat character.
  14. Leon in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. He can take several rounds of rifle shots in the head and still be standing. I've also once tried using guns-a-blazing with the grenade launcher to hit him with 20 rounds point blank and he still recovered and brutal killed me. Also the 5 Tyrants/Super Tyrants at once in the Echo Six campaign. That's just mean, especially if you play with AI. But hey once I managed to somehow beat the mission with only 4 Tyrants dead. which is a godsend.
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