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  1. Noticed that the condition for dead units in the valkyria staff menu isn't translated properly
  2. I've been doing everything in that second part the entire time. I tried both the NA version and Euorpean version, neither worked. I even tried using a different emulator but that didn't solve it either.
  3. The next part would be up, but I've been having some technical difficulties. For whatever reason, vba won't actually use the .sav file. No matter what I try, it doesn't work :/
  4. This mainly aggravated me in chapter 13. Yeah Henry tells you reinforcements will come from forts, but he doesn't say when, and reinforcements spawned on the south forts and just insta-killed Olivia. I was prepared for them next time but then the wave after that got me. I eventually just said fuck it and had Stahl rush Archer!Chrom through the middle valley with Knight!Robin and Knight!Sumia tanking the enemies, then had Chrom crit-kill the boss with a killer bow. And before you all ask why I'm using those weird as hell reclasses, it's a random reclass run.
  5. Plus there's the fact that Gorgons have the Golden, more extravagant portrait boundry for their generic portrait that promoted units have.
  6. I'm pretty sure they are T2. Gorgon eggs and Gorgons are completely separate as classes. It's just some specific coding that allows them to hatch. An ally unit hacked to be a Gorgon Egg can't become a Gorgon without also hacking in a promotion (like how Klok gave Moulder a T3, but from Egg to Gorgon instead of Summoner to Necromancer).
  7. Why does nearly every reinforcement in this game have to be a damn ambush spawn.
  8. There currently isn't an android version of the randomizer. You can randomize on a computer and then play on your phone however.
  9. It's not too big a deal, it's just running Ethlyn back to the church in the prolouge whenever she got hurt was annoying.
  10. Next chapter! [spoiler=Chapter 12: Berserks, Ballistas, and Bards, Oh My! - Part 1] Ooh, mysterious. Obligatory chapter title picture. "He's off in some other far away chapter!" "I want to avoid running into him for as long as possible." She's been here the whole time. Actually I should be asking what you're doing here Hector. We'll see about that. Hector butally murders a guard. (Inb4 he's a class that can't attack.) Now then, let's check out our new units! Replacing Bartre is Lyn the hector Lord. Not too bad, probably will use. Next we have Harken the Myrmidon replacing Dorcas. Hey, he's actually pretty good! And he comes with a Lancereaver too! The Iron blade weighs him down by 3, but that's still 13 AS. Replacing Eliwood is Karel the (female) Archer, and oh my god those stats are fantastic for level one. His con's a bit lacking but it hopefully won't be too big of a deal. And 6 move too. Only problem is he has a ballista and not a normal bow. They sell bows in the armory here but I don't have any money because I couldn't get the red gem last chapter. Maybe if someone's worthless I'll have things to sell. Alright who's ne- ... Guy the soldier, replacing Rebecca. Those stats are absolute garbage. He can't even wield a fucking slim lance without being slowed down. Benched. Also he only has a B in lances, whereas everyone else has A's in their weapon types. Next up is Priscilla the Bishop-Jeigan, replacing Marcus. Her stats are on par with Karel and Harken. You'd expect them to be a bit higher than those two considering she's promoted and they're not, but it might just be because Harken and Karel got stat blessed. Either way, staff utility is awesome. That berserk staff may come in handy. Also 7 move. And for the last of Eliwood Karel's group, we have Fiora the cavalier, replacing Lowen. Her strength and defense are great, her speed and hp are ok, and her other stats are a bit meh. 60 use sword is nice though. Replacing Oswin, we have Marcus the bard. A bard this early? Amazing! Also he has Ninis' Grace. That will likely come in handy. His stats are pretty good too, not that they matter too much. 6 move as well. Rounding off our army we have Serra's replacement, Dart the soldier. Hey, he's even worse than Guy! At least guy has almost decent speed, res, and hp. Dart here specializes in skill and con. His con isn't even that good. Sure he could hold a slim lance just fine, but an Iron lance is heavy enough to weigh him down to 0 AS, let alone the Javelin he comes with. Also benched. At least he has an A in lances. Not that it matters. Our boss of this chapter. Pretty nasty. I'll likely snipe him with the killer ballista. And here's what the generic mooks have to offer us. Brigands have 7 move, ugh. Otherwise, not too bad. This hopefully shouldn't be as annoying as the last chapter. Part 2 will be coming soon!
  11. There really aren't any vulneraries in Geneaology of the Holy War? Wat.
  12. First - Nowi (favorite!) Second - Yarne Third - Chrom Fourth (Current) - Panne
  13. Try enabling the "Allow crossgender" button. There aren't many female classes in FE7 so without that choice there aren't too many options for her. Of course you may be using an older version of the randomizer which doesn't have that button, in which case you should download the newest version from the OP.
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