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  1. Did anyone notice Eburacum is called "Eburakhm" in the chapter 9 opening credits?
  2. Retsupurae, mofo! That said, I think Slowbeef, Diabeetus, and the commentors were a bit harsh. It's a competent hack and you're not hurting anyone in any way, what's the problem? Also, you're a decent voice actor. I couldn't tell you were male until Slowbeef said so.
  3. Dieck > Deke (if we use Smash Bros. names, we're stuck also changing Rutger to Rutoga) Slippery slope, amirite? It's not like 'Deke' is a much more common name. Idoun > Idun (I personally think we don't need a mythological reference here) What game do you think you're playing?
  4. Wendy. Call me crazy, but as painfully slow as she was- she actually is a blast to use and has competent defense and skill stats AFAICT.
  5. Thanks man. I thought you also did some numbers patches, so that's why I suggested some. Edit: Weren't "Sisters" Clerics?
  6. Lemme try; Eirika: "Let me show my mettle!" Seth: "As a general for Renais, let it be my honor to slay you." Franz: "Here I go!" Gilliam: "You're not returning home." Vanessa: "I'll take over from here." Moulder: "It's time to leave." Ross: "See me now..."/ "I can't believe how strong I've gotten!" Garcia: "Guess I haven't aged a bit, eh?"/ "Watch and learn, Ross." Colm: "This is just too easy!"/ "May I borrow your things too?" Neimi: "Don't stop me now." Natasha: "Sorry about this..." Joshua: "You just aren't worth my time."/ "Good luck on seeing tomorrow." Ephraim: "Mark your place, or better yet your grave!" Kyle: "It pains me to do this, but this is war..." Forde: "Better luck next time." Orson: "Monica, I must ask you to hold on." Tana: "Not so weak now, right Innes?" Innes: "Stand back." Amelia: "Time to do my best."/ "You won't believe what recruits can do." Gerik: "Say hi to Zabba for me." Tethys Ewan: "I've come a long way..." Marisa: "Just another weakling."/ "Another plateau reached..." Cormag: "The Grado army doesn't settle for less."/ "This one is for Glen!" L'Arachel: "As divine punishment for your sins, I decree..."/ Dozla: "Was that the best you could do?"/ "Nobody lays a finger on the princess." Rennac: "Let's just get this over with." Saleh: "I am not going to regret this time." Dussel: "I am not just called "The Obsidian" for nothing..."/ "My and your allegiances do not matter." Knoll: "Rest in peace." Dara: "Stay out of Caer Pelin." Myrrh: "Goodbye..." Syrene: "Just another day...", "This was actually kind of fun, I have to thank you."
  7. TAG TEAM, back again/ check it to wreck it, let's begin party on party people make some noise/ Zontas's in the house jump jump rejoice.
  8. I just have to say I love the patch and I'm grateful people like you exist. Keep moving forward no matter what anyone says. That doesn't mean I have no suggestions however (feel free to ignore them, you probably aren't taking any at this point, I just need to vent them out, y'know eh?): •Move Roy's promotion a little sooner in the game. I am not QUITE at the part where he becomes a problem, but I constantly hear people kvetch about the fact. Not to mention it prevents him from leveling up. •Add Assassins and Monks into the mix, as well as (obviously) Fell Contracts: I love using Thieves and Assassins and the games repeatedly shortchange them in terms of promotions. Steal and pick are nice skills, but can't Assassins be programmed to do that? As for monks, it's just for balance and the fact they are startlingly absent from most games. Potential reclass candidates from Thief to Assassin (using current names): Astol (because of his status as a spy)| Potential reclass candidates from mage/ healer to monk: Saul (but he IS supposed to need a bodyguard), Lugh (whose name comes from a Gaelic light god- not to mention he's paired with Ray- a dark magic user), Ellen (to distance herself from the 'Lena' pigeonhole). •Add 10% to Wendy's speed growths to make her marginally useful. •Rename healers (sisters/ priests) "curates" to make the class unisex. •Change the following names: Dieck -> Deke (actual first name > obscure surname), Alan -> Alain (fits the Katakana), Ellen -> Erin (fits the Katakana), Trec(k) -> Taureck (name of a scientist who worked on Thymidine- the baby deformer painkiller- Trec(k) is not a name), Ray -> Lleu (it's Welsh), Igrene -> Igraine (Arthurian legend), Oujay -> Ogier (French, Song of Roland), Astol -> Astor (actual name), Yuno -> Juno (Latin, actual name), Niime-> Nimue (It's Welsh), Cath -> Kath (more common shortening- also Cath means battle in Irish I think, while Katherine mean's 'she's the summit'- more fitting for a thief) Yodel-> Jodle (Danish composer and singer), Gonzales -> Gonzalez (z is pronounced "th" in Castilian Spanish in most positions), Thani -> Shani (actual Hebrew name). •Change Marcus's sprite color to orange to match up with Blazing Sword, and also Zealot shares a similar tint of purple. •Change "cnt" (control?) into "use" and "conquer" into "seize" to match the other localizations. •Add more to certain player character and boss descriptions (i.e. prevent them from being merely a "knight from Ostia").
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