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  1. im not sure if this post itself could be used for speculating pokemon masters. but I thought it may be nice to let you know what a potential leak from a week before the confrince has told that could be in the game. https://pokejungle.net/2019/05/29/new-details-revealed-about-pokemon-masters/
  2. I really need to get around to finishing the last DLC maps, I still love this game and whole heartedly hope we get a sequel some years from now, tho with news out that they are working on a persona 5 warriors game, I feel like another 2 years will have to be added onto that wait list. I think the origonal characters were fine, zelda had them and some of them even became character favourites (mostly because they were waifu material I think) but I think Fire emblem warriors should of had more maps based on actual games tho. a vague noir castle and a vague Hoshido castle doesnt really cut it for those fans, and the world tree being the only real connection is to little. I hope they look at Geneology landmarks or other maps with many forts or a big castle as inspiration for future maps.
  3. at most the only thing I could see happening is removing old supports that make direct references to story events in the first game, which will make room for new supports of old characters. of course that only accounts the twins but thats still a decent chunk of em. unfortunately unless its a surprize direct, it seems the rumors were untrue, so rip the predictions of this thread. I still have hopes for a warriors 2 regardless.
  4. well theres "rumors" of a nintendo direct coming soon in april. if this somehow predicts a fire emblem warriors 2 nearly 3 months since this post i'll be astonished. I'm lightly hoping it turns out true. but it might not.
  5. well since the feb direct didnt announce it, that only leaves till april to see if this ends up predicting it. Id love to see another look at a fire emblem warriors game, so I hope it has some wonderful care put into it.
  6. honestly, outside of voice acting, if they had message speeds for the backlogs in battle, it would help a bit with those time sensitive missions, I would instantly set them to fast just so the game can be updated sooner.
  7. I dont see smash itself being the collab of choice.... but I do see codename steam having a collab with heroes, after all codename steam had fire emblem characters in its game as long as you used an Amiibo, so seeing codename steam character would be pretty sweet in my opinion.
  8. just seeing Pichu as the final boss of a classic mode is just funny to me.
  9. not sure if this counts since miis are in the game, but strangely they dont have their own classic mode, so ill give my idea of one of em. Mii Brawler: Fashion show (battles will contain characters capable of wearing many costumes.) stage 1: vs. Pokemon trainer male and female, colours 7 and 8 (these represent X and Sun, which had costume changes.) stage 2: vs. male and female Villager stage 3: vs. 3 Links, with his various outfits. stage 4: vs. 4 Inklings (with 2 mii gunners as allies using the splatoon costumes) stage 5: vs. 2 shulks, with one of em being in his trousers stage 6: fighting miis horde battles. (10-12 will spawn, each wearing a completely different costume) boss: Master hand & Crazy hand. I hope this looks alright, it was tough to choose between shulk and mario for stage 5. tho its possible all 3 miis could use the same kind of classic mode, mabey with different costumes used for stage 6.
  10. just to say my thought on it, game and watch gallery 4 had different looking enemies for its fire attack, I feel like the change to reflect what north america had is a better representation in the west, while japan keeps what their version is. thats just how I want to see it tho.
  11. I got some spirit ideas based on some assist trophys we have in the game. Guile: Mario (being the guile spirit in this case with the american golf outfit) is a referee in this case as an enemy Guile assist trophy is on the stage, your job is to defeat Guile before time runs out, and with Guiles campy nature, it may be hard to get in to attack him as he spams sonic booms and flash kicks whenever you get close. Ghosts (pacman): a pacman with some kind of ring colour will be your enemy, mostly using smash attacks as thats where the ghosts appear, and slow moving ghosts will haunt around the stage as the enemy assist trophys. Samurai Goroh: using a different captain falcon skin, he and Samurai Goroh will team up on you to defeat you, Captain falcon may also start with a killing edge or beam sword. I think these would work well if these assist trophies have spirits with em.
  12. hmmm.... but Severa has the same rarity as Owain in the trailer, I could see the item be a beam sword instead of a killing edge if they wanted to have minor differences between em in that aspect. still I do like your ideas.
  13. with the introduction of spirit battles being a different kind of event match, there's alot of really fun ways we could fight other characters from many series, which kind of battle do you hope to see? Id love to see Senator Armstrong, where everytime you hit him with a move, he temperarly turns into metal form to take the hit and knockback, but quickly reverts out of metal to not have the weight downsides, it would be like fighting a metal opponent not made of metal. Id also would love to see Big the Cat as purple incinaroar with an ally small green greninja on teams, taking place on icicle mountain due to having a giant fish in the stage. alternatively big could be an isabelle of some kind and mostly use the fishing rod attack instead. Id love to hear your ideas of what you would like to see.
  14. so with the new info on smash bros and their online lobby, is it safe to say we have a better way to do online tournaments here?
  15. Pichu is the hypest character out of everyone in the game.
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