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  1. That's a strawman if I've ever seen one. Lelouch vi Britannia exists. He's male. Has a similar mindset and methodology. One of the most famous anime characters of all time. Ah yes, Edelgard's end goal was just power. That's it. Had nothing to due with mental trauma due to crest experimentation and watching her siblings die.
  2. A new account with one post and it's just that one? Pretty sure that guy's trolling.
  3. I got Hubert. The scary thing is, except for the coffee part, the description is pretty accurate to how I actually am.
  4. I might need to go back to the cutscene viewer to verify this, but is her goal to destroy Crests or the Crest hierarchy?
  5. I mean, yea she obviously could've done that, but her goal is to dismantle the crest hierarchy completely, not just in the empire. Also we wouldn't have a plot otherwise.
  6. I'm going to disagree with the "bringing the Kingdom into the war" part of this, as Rhea took refuge in the Kingdom. While there's a decent debate to be had on whether invading the Alliance was necessary, invading the Kingdom was inevitable the second they allied with Rhea. To put into simpler terms, if Group A and B are allies and Group C attacks Group A, Group B will come to Group A's aid. Group C did not bring Group B into their war, rather Group B came to the aid of Group A.
  7. Three houses is very much akin to a Shin Megami Tensei game in terms of its themes, albeit on a less extremist level, with Silver Snow/Azure Moon being Law, Verdant Wind (I assume) to be Neutral, and Crimson Flower obviously being Chaos. And by that comparison, Edelgard shares many similarities to SMT Lucifer, a character who believes in the free will of humanity over gods, but will use underhanded methods to achieve their goals, although Lucifer is far more ruthless than Edelgard in that respect.
  8. Err... so was Edelgard's, or at least her siblings were. Not to mention she herself was experimented on as well. And one could make the argument that Edelgard is also motivated by revenge; revenge against the crest-centered "chosen one" social hierarchy that took her siblings from her.
  9. I think that quote has less to do with trusting Rhea and more to do with Byleth's personal growth.
  10. Oh yeah the opening fight is just nonsensical, and in many ways completely out of character for the Flame Emperor. Throughout the rest of the semester, Edelgard never goes out of her way to kill specific people. Also the plan is just plain sloppy in general for her.
  11. Of note to this is the student crest stone incident, where Edelgard as the Flame Emperor states she would've intervened had she known about it, Solon capturing Byleth,and, more importantly, the destruction of Arianrhod.TWSITD were merciless enough to nuke the fortress they just captured because the Black Eagle Strike Force struck down Cornelia. I find it highly unlikely that Edelgard had any idea they were planning this. Also the game very subtly implies that Edelgard, regardless of whether you S-Support her or not, has feelings for Byleth. Killing you crush's father ain't exactly winning you any favors. ...now I want to see a fanfic of Edelgard crying in her room every time after she indirectly hurts Byleth.
  12. Think this is more of a glitch than anything, but this happened to me
  13. I have to admit, this made me laugh far harder than it should have.
  14. It could also depend on what the grinding DLC is like. Awakening's allowed you to reach stat caps easily.
  15. Huh, so if stats go over 50 the bar refills in a gold color. Huh.
  16. Or everyone's favorites, Hawkeye, Luna+, Aegis+, and Pavise+. Or Counter. Everyone loves that skill.
  17. Look, I get it, you're passionate about this topic. But uhh, can you please not call people WWII sympathizers? I think that's crossing the line just a little bit. We've seen enough of Godwin's law in this thread.
  18. Doesn't Raphael have some of the worst resistance growth in the game? And I don't think Fortress Knight gives resistance either.
  19. Yeah that final map is an absolute bitch. Especially if you're an idiot like me and forgot that dismounting exists. For those who don't know, this is the final map for BE in a nutshell.
  20. Instead of being defensive, how about you elaborate on what you mean. Cause I'm pretty sure no one here has any idea what you're saying right now.
  21. I mean, Rhea might have had a bit of an ulterior motive for that. I think Edelgard is best summed up with "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." How far she goes down that road depends on Byleth's involvement, as the game ain't exactly subtle on how Byleth is Edelgard's morality chain.
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