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  1. happy birthday!

  2. Well im glad it works for you i can't help you for the perfect lvl up or 255% anything yet best regards Kency
  3. Ok DeannaAce thanks for feedback NOW check it out even i messed up it should be right now go on and try it btw i don't generate codes here i just use whats given in the first or second post best regards Kency
  4. Sir DeannaAce, nope Sire Haiyuken and I are not related I just want to make things clear as i saw some ppl just can't handle this mess ;) but to be honest Sire Haiyuken is a kind person and I appreciate for what he has done (btw I'm from germany so I dont even speak his language in first place :D) I want to continue with the charakter stats of Ike if you or anyone else still have questions don't hesitate to ask me best regards Kency
  5. Hi everyone, I want to make a few thinks clear about the AR codes an how to use them according to the 1st post. First of all I noticed some ppl still have problems to find the itemslots for several charakters so I'll start here. Secondly I'll explain how to bless and forging things. (including how to use offsets I use Ike for all examples You can find the right itemslot for Ike using the little script --> "0x0484DB4C + (XXXXXXXXX - 0x0084DA8F)" replace the X for the the EXP Code from the charakter you want to have to itemslot in our case Ikes --> "0x0484DB4C + (0x085312F - 0x0084DA8F)" type this directly into google (it knows exactly what you want to do) --> 0x0484DB4C + (0x085312F - 0x0084DA8F) = 0x48531EC --> 048531EC <-- this is Ikes Itemslot 1 code Example for a Seraph robe would be 048531EC 80B66180 (look at the first post under the items spoiler) Ike got now a Seraph robe with 0 uses.(after 1 use it turns out to be a 255 useage but that does not work for weapons!) To generate weapons we need to fix the usages and here i show you how to do it. Now we only have the itemslot adress for Ike in addition we need the usage adress for itemslot 1 To get the usage for Itemslot we have to add 0x4 to the Itemslot --> "0x48531EC + 0x4" you can use google again just type it in The result is 0x48531F0 --> 048531F0 this is the item usage adress befor we can continue we need to to fix the usages here comes a hex converter in handy (at the end i post a link) so for example we want to have a brave sword with 40 uses you have to convert 40 decimal (end value you want) to hex 40 -- > 28 in hex (the value the system works with) so we now want to add the code for a brave sword correctly The correct AR code would be 048531EC 80B624E0 048531F0 00000028 now we Ike have a brave sword with 40 useages in his 1st Itemslot btw every charakter in FE:RD have 7 itemslots to get these you have to add the offset 0x28 Ikes itemslot 1 "0x48531EC + 0x28" (again use google) result is --> 0x4853214 --> "0x4853214" this is ikes itemslot 2 further more to get the item usages add 0x4 to 0x4853214 (0x4853218-->04853218) and so on The second part is blessing and forging as far as I know you can't combine it The thing is we now use Ikes item usage adress 1 048531F0 change it to 028531F0 and add 00002890 028531F0 00002890 That code convert every item in ikes slot 1 to a blessed item To use the forge code i recomend to forge a weapon yourself and only change the values this is how you doin it you take ikes usage adress from itemslot 1 --> 048531F0 add 0x1A (0x48531F0 + 0x1A use google :D) result is 0x485320A --> 0485320A this is Ikes Forged weapon slot 1 we only have to add the values we want ;) Example for a already forged weapon we want to change a bit --> 0485320A 185F6408 Thats it for this post i hope that helps a few ppl and dont forget to turn on the cheats in the options and remember this AR codes will only work for the NTSC-U version of the game here is the link to the decimal --> hexadecimal converter http://www.mathsisfun.com/binary-decimal-hexadecimal-converter.html best regards Kency
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