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  1. yea I found a bexp and perfect lvl up one for PoR. and even with just the perfect stats I got for RD helps out alot. but will look into this cheat engine as I would like infinite weapons.
  2. it seems some of the codes are mixed up I entered one for like edward and got the exp for someone else. also do you have a newest version on dolphin cause that might be what the perfect lvl up requires.
  3. so after I take say edwards code of 88717f subtracting 37400 I get 84fd7f but I still cant get any of the 99 exp codes to work is there something I am missing. also any chance at you doing the 99 exp all units, all weapons infinite or bexp codes?(the perfect lvl up is great by the way)
  4. so I cant get any of the 99 exp charecter codes(well no codes work for this at all) to work that you posted I tried them as they were and by offseting them by B880 and and none of them would work. ( I had found a excel spreadsheet that calculates it for you that someone had posted in the forums). I was wondering if you could help me get these working. so I take Micaiah 99 exp 0084A0F 00000063 offset B880 to get 0085B28F 00000063(none of thse work is there something I am missing? like a master code or something) it seems like the offsets have changed for the new version of dolphin here is the perfect lvl up(also is suposed to work with Bexp)(does work ) 0406D324 3600001 0006DA77 0000008 also new charecter one seems to be subtracting 37400 but Is till cant get it to work)
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