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  1. haha you guys are old haha... ha.....
  2. must be a dead neighborhood if this is the neighborhood thread ...not funny, i'll make my way out what kind of game is it
  3. You did a great run Hatti Don't let anyone tell you different
  4. i don't know, man just call me crazy
  5. i feel that sounds more like masoukishin shilling
  6. and that's been slipping off outside of the fanservice maybe we can try again with a FE musou
  7. Oh my god it's Terrence Bogard yeah but now on the level of actually getting a collection of it instead of knowing from the grapevines That.....sounds like a good idea actually no other way to do it, but to do it. i get ya
  8. Aight, thats way more understandable than what i've usually heard but isnt Three houses like, one of those games where you can deploy everyone? because the class size doesn't look all that big
  9. hate how i had to think of which idle animation this was quoting nah its more to keep in mind because while traveling there are some hyper aggressive overlevelled mobs that can instantly kill you if you're even sneeze the wrong way thats not what she said... *flails self* np, always enjoy trying to help someone so not twitter, ok
  10. i am not the one you pinged, but that's basically what it boils down to yes. Except another part would be a sort of tank agro-ring. One party member is a traditional defense tank, another is a evade tank where they're supposed to have enemies agro them so they dont fight attack anyone else. Anything else that deviates would be explained. And arts do have a cooldown period, yes also cant believe LtPW was invaded by nep
  11. can you guys explain why people hate ignatz so much? i dont understand it.
  12. I'll be sure to check that out at some point also applying to RHDN? nothing in recent memory, but i do have an eye open for three houses. and i also shamefully admit i really want to play that marvel game on switch. Because i loved the older two games as fun comic book based rpg beat em ups that have been my big gateway to comic books. im in too deep in collecting this nerd crap, help. the last thing i played was Xenoblade 2 and i fell in love. Except my i ended up doing my usual tactic when nearing the end of a game. And that is not touch it in some vain attempt to keep the adventure from ending, which is kind of silly when i say it out loud. Which is bad because once i complete the main game i need to go to that torna expansion. that battle song tho didn't think you succumbed to idol hell that strongly
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