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  1. Might have some opinions on warding stance 4
  2. Avatar of a controversial youtuber. Jontron still aight with me tho Apparently it’s with me too many times I’ve got pop ups saying I won something and one time it said my phone was compromised until I just closed the window. Annoying stuff bro
  3. Should be wary of mobile TV tropes then thing is filled with phishing ads like crazy
  4. Is a piece of clothing I have no care for I never spiritually related to something so hard
  5. who you talking to robert? i see a quote, but don’t see anything there almost like it doesn’t exist....
  6. Was probably among the group of people disgusted about his hair
  7. So the same advice for almost any other mobage? then where are these words coming from
  8. persona 5 musou i genuinely don’t know what to feel about this
  9. Greetings fastest gun in the West
  10. I’ll make you fall to the second page .....wait
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