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  1. FE4: Kind of hard to say which one chapter is the hardest, as the game is more about having harder moments in particular chapters rather than making them hard throughout. Out of those moments though, Julius and Ishtar showing up on Chapter 10 probably killed me more than anything else in that game, but that was really the only super hard part of that chapter. FE5: I haven't beaten this game yet, but Cyas makes chapters that he appears in absolutely brutal. Pure/holy waters are pretty much mandatory in this game.
  2. The Fates board consists of two things: Spoilers, and people complaining about FE being "ruined forever." But yeah, it's going to be so hard to resist spoilers, especially because the game's not coming out in the west until probably February or April. It's going to be quite a test in patience.
  3. Just wait, one of these days there will be a scandal involving entryways called "Gategate!"
  4. Correct me if I'm misunderstanding the topic, but Mother seems like the opposite in that a lot of people know about it (largely due to Smash), but most of those people haven't played. They really should though; that is a fantastic series. I'd definitely say Castlevania would probably be a big one for this topic. That franchise was pretty big back in the day, with the first game generally regarded as one of the NES classics, while Super Castlevania IV and Symphony of the Night usually rank highly on those "Best games of all time lists." With that said however, I've only met one person in my life who has played a game in this series. I don't know, I may just be looking in the wrong places, but I would think that more people would've played at least one of these games with how well known they are and how many there are.
  5. Final Fantasy VII remake confirmed. It's great that this amazing game is being remade finally, but with how slow Squeenix has been as of late, it's probably going to be YEARS until we see this. Hopefully it won't take as long as FFXV or Kingdom Hearts III. Please let this be good. Do not screw this up!
  6. Some Fire Emblem characters are naturally more well known than others. Just in what's been shown with the first couple of main characters, we've seen some more famous faces such as Chrom, Caeda, and Cain. However I coudln't help but notice in this image posted by AbsoluteZer0Nova in the "What are the odds of Fire Emblem 4-10 characters being in this?" thread: http://imgur.com/8Tl74xs That icon down there looks like Virion. Not to diss on the guy, but Virion usually isn't one of the first Awakening characters people think of. Some may roll their eyes at how there's yet another Akaneia character in the game, but I see it as a sign that it won't just be the famous faces hogging the spotlight in this game. So just out of curiosity, which lesser known characters would you folks like to see in this game. Personally, I'd like to see someone like Nephenee from FE9-10 or Gonzales from FE6. It'd be interesting to see how some of those folks would look in this game's style.
  7. Time to pop out of nowhere for this. No one was expecting SMT x FE to be like this, and that's why I'm interested. Atlus is all about making seemingly out-there concepts work. This is one of those concepts. Some expected Fire Emblem with Shin Megami Tensei elements, others expected Shin Megami Tensei with Fire Emblem characters. Judging by the trailer, it seems like at Atlus is going down a different road entirely and defy people's expectations. Atlus has given very little reason for me to doubt them, so I'm remaining optimistic for it. Just let Atlus be Atlus, as that's resulted in them making awesome games. Here's to hoping SMT x FE is good!
  8. It would be worth a shot, since I bet quite a few people didn't even know who Ike was until Smash. Because of the newfound knowledge of Ike and the Tellius games, alongside the renewed interest in the series post-Awakening, it would be worth putting the Tellius games on the market again. I may just be overly optimistic here, but I think the games could do pretty well if released today and also received as much press as Awakening did. There is a demand, so all IS has to do is supply it. As for the soundtrack, fingers crossed for an international release. Japan better not keep this for themselves.
  9. Glad to see that you enjoyed this gem of a game! Hopefully Xenoblade Chronicles X is good when it comes out. The other game that I can think that's like this is Final Fantasy XII. The game is designed with the sort of "offline MMO" style that Xenoblade adopted, except combat is more designed around the pre-battle setup whereas Xenoblade I feel is more centered around acting on the spot. Some people didn't like FFXII, but I thought it was pretty dang good. If you were someone who didn't like how linear Final Fantasy XIII was, FFXII is basically the opposite of that. And although I haven't played it myself, I hear Dragon Age: Origins has the same sort of style (however from the sound of things, it's more similar to FFXII than Xenoblade).
  10. Pierce is a badass word that people don't use enough. You can either cut something, or pierce through it.
  11. The tipper hits that Marth possesses I still think are pretty darn handy simply because of that extra knockback. I find it really helps in this game since people tend to stick around longer, meaning you usually have to get them to a much higher percentage to KO them (assuming you aren't doing any fancy aerial moves to keep them off). But I do agree that Lucina's consistent damage is quite nice. I personally find myself switching between them constantly. Also I'm not sure if this is exactly the case, but it seems like Marth's throws have more KO potential. They seem like they do.
  12. When playing older games, I miss the weapon weight system from the Tellius games. I know there was already a topic about this a little while back, but it saddens me when I see otherwise good units in the GBA games unable to use good weapons because their constitution stat isn't high enough. I just don't like the idea of having to either use a body ring or wait until promotion for a unit in order to not suffer a speed penalty as a result of wielding non-iron weapons. On the subject of Tellius, shoving was actually really useful. Can we please have that back IS?
  13. Oh man, these jokes are killing me. *Crickets*
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