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  1. Lynch at the 1 yard line, nearly unstoppable running today, LET'S THROW THE BALL INSTEAD.
  2. Not quite the same. Instead of YOU putting the best skills on the best stat-chars to make them even better, most of the skills and pcc and other things were just there. There's a few skill scrolls in fe5, granted, and fe4 love is kinda like picking where skills go, but as far as "every bit as guilty as" it's not quite the same. Even if sometimes they dumped good skills on good stat characters, it wasn't US doing it. Which is different. We aren't simply stealing Soren's Adept making him worse than he already is while making another char better. Also, I choose fe4 and fe5 simply because astra/shooting star does full damage (stupid fe9) and can crit (stupid fe10) and proc's with skill instead of skill/2 (stupid fe9 and fe10).
  3. 6 luck and 2 str woot! Oh, and if you are playing fixed mode instead of random mode, his stats are all lower than RD or tied, so don't bother. But blossom is actually good on random mode so at least he's not likely to be worse.
  4. Actually, it's not age if you are talking senpai. Or not supposed to be. It's seniority. Even if you are older than RF, you'll notice that RF has the number 10 for user, in other words there's only 9 people that have been in the "club" for longer. I didn't bother to check your user number though, so I don't know how many people are senpai to you.
  5. I don't understand how you think I'm accepting all those things. I even specifically said some of them fall into the same category as boob plate. The thing is, not all of your examples fall into the category of boob plate. You don't seem to distinguish between the different things and I'm trying to help you see the difference. If you can't even read what I'm saying though, there's little point, so bye.
  6. Is the guy unconscious because I just knocked him out and I could easily tie him up and toss him in jail? Does he have a team of lawyers that will keep him out or will he simply escape? There are many factors to consider, although once the guy is knocked out it's hard to justify killing an unconscious dude. Now, if he's conscious and shooting at me, I don't see a problem with shoot to kill unless I need information.
  7. Acrobatic flips are probably pretty similar to skimpy costumes and boob plate, actually. I can't imagine an in-universe explanation for turning your back on your enemy and spinning around and why the enemy hasn't stabbed you in the back before you bring your sword to bear. Rule of cool or whatever. I'm not defending that. Talking animals and stone-cleaving swords like your previous example though? A wizard did it or whatever. It makes more sense. Infinite ammo is also a similar problem to boob plate, but for different reasons. It's not stupid like let's direct the sword into the sternum, at least. But it is impossible unless they have special weapons and in a Die Hard like setting there's obviously no magic weapons that explain infinite ammo. It's impossible, but it's still not completely stupid like boob plate. It's obvious how it could be functional. Infinite ammo = useful. Boob plate = useless. Legolas is just that good, though. Seriously. You can't equate that to boob plate. Now, random armguards are also similar to boob plate. They do squat against anything but look cool. Sure, there's a chance that a sword will randomly deflect off that metal thing on a fraction of a guy's arm, but really? And sometimes they even use those things to highlight strappy muscle or whatever, so it even does a similar function to boob plate. If you get stabbed in the boob or it gets deflected into the heart, you probably die either way, so at least it doesn't make the situation worse and ditto armguard. So yes, tiny armguards = boob plate for stupidity. Does that mean we should defend boob plate because some other stupid thing got in? Maybe we should just say that a tiny metal bracer should also be out unless it's a magical tiny metal bracer that creates a forcefield. They have those in video games, why not movies? That's also the defence I gave for the bikini armour in Dungeon Lords. It must have a magic forcefield. And to the guys saying it doesn't look good, I just have one thing to say: Xena. Imagine her in proper armour compared to what she wears. What's more attractive?
  8. Not really. Unless it's magical boob armour that somehow works better than proper armour, no. The idea behind magical weapons is that in-universe they are better than the alternative (ie non-magical weapons that can't cleave through stone). Boob armour is never going to be superior, hence the problem. The whole "it's fantasy let's do what we want" argument is silly because the best fantasy has stuff that is internally consistent or makes sense in-universe. Like, random cats don't just talk unless it's some cat show where all cats can talk. If a cat talks, it's probably Salem or Yoruichi or something. There's a reason behind it. What's the reason behind boob-plate?
  9. Oh, right, I always think of the mode with the least exp given. In HM (not even that J only maniac) you get enough exp to get maybe 7 units to 20/20 in fe9 unless you grind either staves or bosses or something. In other modes, you can easily get more 20/20 in most games, although some of them like fe8 can just be completed so incredibly quickly thanks to broken units that getting many 20/20 units means you went slow and clearly don't care about speed so the extra flashy numbers are really the only advantage to boosters.
  10. Depends how long you use them before benching them. Sometimes it helps to give a unit a boost for a few chapters before someone else shows up that is better. Wow. Really. Didn't know that thought was still out there. So you are telling me that if a unit starts with low spd but eventually hits cap at 20/20 normally that the 30 levels or so of having 2 more speed for extra doubling is a waste? Just wow. Also, do you like arena-grind or something to make everyone 20/20? In most of these games, 20/10 to 20/15 is a better target, or like 15/15 or even 10/15 depending on the game.
  11. As long as it's on another continent, sure. Ike shows up in some random village, maybe gets nursed back to health by strangers if he, for example, ran out of food/water and was on the verge of death. Then evil dudes from some evil nation in their evil war happen upon the village and Ike saves them all, then goes rampaging across the continent gathering helpers and destroying that evil nation. Good times.
  12. All this resetting chapter business. And people wonder why I don't like low-luck units.
  13. Wow, so Brazil's management sounds like the Toronto Maple Leafs management, only at least the leafs don't represent an entire country.
  14. More like we just can't help it. We see a giant wrongness and are forever condemned to bang our heads against the glass wall in front of it in an attempt to break through and fix the wrongness. All we tend to get are splitting headaches, though, and his wall is ever strong.
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