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  1. People won't agree with me but anyway 1.- Oscar: Earth affinity absolutely busted 2.-Ike: Earth affinity absolutely busted 3.-Titania: Pretty bad from Ch18 onwards but certainly necesary for earlygame 4.-Kieran: Earth support with Oscar 5.-Jill: Tank-god Also Marcia is overrated, extremely bad bases. Doesn't contribute in join chapter, doesn't contribute in Ch10 because it's a stealth chapter. So she only has Ch11 over Jill. Only one entire chapter over Jill, and this one chapter is filled with high defense enemy knights and bow cavaliers so even if you dumped her with bEXP she won't do anything of value in this chapter. Flyer bias is a real thing with this one. Not horrible, but not anywhere close to Top Tier. Also did i mention Earth affinity is absolutely busted? +45Avoid makes you win in Autopilot, and then you throw Aether/Sol and these guys are not dying even if you try to
  2. Hard Mode is a bad joke Play Maniac (still not very hard but certainly better)
  3. I beated Maniac Mode some years ago It only gets different from HM from Ch18 onwards since 90% enemies are promoted (I still remember the godawful weak generic axe cavaliers on that bridge chapter in HM lmao) But honestly, it only gets harder on the last few chapters, mostly Endgame with enemies all having capped stats and some even mastery skills. And even then. It's still pretty meh, i'm currently Ironmanning it, i'm on Ch19 and it's just piss easy. Ike and Oscar break the game in half with EarthxEarth bonuses. +45 Avoid is completely busted and gamebreaking and that alone makes them gods even in Maniac. I am not able to get them killed even if i wanted to, everyone has pitiful 10-20% hit rates against them and as much deal about 6dmg. To top it all both Oscar and Ike have Sol/Aether so they're never dying. Earth affinity alone breaks the game entirely. I lost Rhys at Chapter4, and sacrificed Mordecai and Devdan at 17-4. I'll be honest. FE6 Normal Mode Ironman was a lot harder and fun than this. Earth affinity is just too broken. +45Avo is pretty much the same as +22Spd. Just who at IS thought this was balanced or a good idea at all?
  4. I'd disagree there, since you don't need to grind her up. She can delete enemies on her own using Aura and level up quickly, i mean i didn't grind her and she was one of my MVP. And in HM, no less
  5. you don't actually need to grind, at all. The last floors are very tough, but you can choose to avoid all enemies and go straight to Grima since his battle is actually a lot easier. And if you have some Bow Knights (Leon and Python are enough, but if you have even more that's just perfect) and you get Hunter's Volley (Killer Bow's Art, attacks twice with added MT and Crit. like Double Lion) you can choose to send those two straight to Grima and take him down in 1-2 turns. Forge some Killer Bows ( you get those from upgrading a Silver Bow ) and give those to your best bow knights, it's the best way to clear up Thabes since it's a very easy and reliable way to delete any enemy and since bows do effective damage to Grima. And don't forget Alm can use bows too, if Grima didn't die you just warp Alm to Grima ( otherwise you would need a few more turns so Alm can get there and you won't have much time for that ) and trade items with Leon/Python so Alm has the killer bow and finishes him
  6. Not at all. I beated Thabes with my Endgame Team. No Grinding, no DF loop, no pitchfork, no overclasses. It really isn't that hard at all, you just need to compose a good team. I used Python and Leon as Bow Knights, gave them forged Killer Bows and they had already learned Hunter's Volley (broken as fuck). Delthea with Mage Ring, Mae with Speed Ring, Alm with forged Royal Blade. And used Mathilda, Conrad and Saber as filler (they barely saw any combat at alll). I also used Silque and Faye because of Rescue+Warp allowing me to do Kamikaze attacks and then warping back to safety. Anything past the 5th floor is insanely hard, but once you reach the final boss the enemies are a lot weaker. And the final boss himself is weak to bows, so with Hunter's Volley you can do up to 100dmg PER COMBAT (given you Crit. twice, which is very likely with 50-60%). And once you attack him with both Leon and Python and for some reason he's still alive? You just warp Alm, trade with Python/Leon for the Killer Bow and finish him off. 2 turns and he's down, and yes, this is HM
  7. Seriously, Hunter's Volley makes Grima waaayyy too easy. You can do up to 100dmg in one single combat reliably because 57%crit is pretty good itself. And if you've got another Bow Knight then GG. And even, EVEN if he's still alive. You just warp Alm, trade for a Killer Bow and finish him off. I defeated him on turn2 with No Grinding HM Classic
  8. Beated it with no grinding, no pitchfork, or DF loop. HM Classic Just get one or two BK (Leon and Python) and give them forged Killer Bows, then learn Hunter's Volley. GG the entire thing and thank me later
  9. I always got the feeling Celica didn't tell her friends because she suspected they might want to press her into selling her soul, which she didnt want to do until she reached Tower of Duma hoping there was anothe choice
  10. As for Berkut's X-ray vission, i always thought Berkut had hurt Alm's left hand, hence why he dropped his sword and why he was covering it while standing up
  11. Probably related to mode? Pretty sure RNGs are the same on Hard Dungeons are pretty short and basic anyway save for the very last ones
  12. There is actually some blood on a certain cutscene
  13. The idea is good, but the amount of uses you can get is ridiculous, and Cogs are not even hard to find. Im starting chapter4 and i have 6 uses per battle, thats plain out too much given battles are pretty short anyway in this game. Its a good idea but really they should nerf down its uses
  14. The idea is good, but the amount of uses you can get is ridiculous, and Cogs are not even hard to find. Im starting chapter4 and i have 6 uses per battle, thats plain out too much given battles are pretty short anyway in this game. Its a good idea but really they should nerf down its uses
  15. A bit weird though it's not called "Fire Emblem: Echoes", it's called "Fire Emblem Echoes:", although "Echoes" possibly being used for remakes later being an afterthought seems reasonable
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