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  1. too lazy to photoshop a 3x3 image, but Neptunia rebirth 3, nep v2, radiant dawn, dragon age origins, dragon age inquisition, skyrim, pokemon heartgold, pokemon white 2, and ffx-2.
  2. Wow same lore. Heather is the wisest FE character tbh.
  3. I just got a bunch of pictures of random women I assume are also named Katie.
  4. Daniela is decent from my experience. She comes with Savage Blow, which is nice.
  5. Pretty sure Linda is based on Linde from Archanea. They even have the same name in Japanese.
  6. Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame, tbh. I think I like seize the most as an objective though because it gives me complete control over when the chapter ends.
  7. Depends on the chapter and the game, but I'd say your average chapter generally takes me around 30 minutes to an hour to beat.
  8. Favorites: Dancers and the Myrmidon and Thief families. Least Favorite: Probably Knight because I hate turtling.
  9. Perhaps it's the emulator? PN doesn't work on certain emulators, such as ZSNES.
  10. Well, you get 5 swordmasters, two of which start in the class. Of said 2, Eyvel is useful when you have her, but is kinda deadweight once you get her back in chapter 24x, while the other, Shannam, is a joke character whose only use is buying things at a discount with his bargain skill. Shiva is probably the best of them, having the best availability, a PCC of 4, Sol, and oddly high Str and Def growths for his class(45% and 30% respectively), and while his speed growth is pretty low for a myrm(35%), it's offset by his high base(12) and Thracia's low caps. Mareeta is very good as well, despite joining kinda underleveled, she has very good offensive growths(though her defense is pretty bad), luna and eventually astra, a PCC of 5, and a personal weapon that has a brave effect, 20% crit, and the nihil skill. Troude is okay, but very unremarkable compared to Shiva and Mareeta.
  11. Did you seriously just try arguing Stefan isn't the best SM in PoR because RD has a lot of boosted crit enemies? You do know those are two different games, right?
  12. lmao Ana you need to chill. So what if other people don't like your favorite character? Anyway, I'll also jump on the Ike is bad train for reasons others have already stated. FE6 is better than FE7, which is super overrated. I actually like Makalov. He makes for great comic relief, and I love his silly design. Permadeath is a bad mechanic. I don't like defense chapters all that much. I prefer being able to take as much time as I want with a chapter rather than being on a strict time limit, and most can be easily trivialized by camping.
  13. I don't really care. On one hand, I do like the "what you see is what you get" aspect of the 1RN system, but on the other, I also like how the 2RN system is easier to predict, so either is fine by me.
  14. Yes? Gonna need more context than that. Not sure what you mean. Also, you posted this topic twice, I'm assuming by accident. You may wanna ask the mods to delete the other one.
  15. Surprised no one's said 3-13 Archer yet. Anyway, I'd say Arion in FE4. He's named and comes with a wyvern and a holy weapon.
  16. Lmao, healers shouldn't be taking hits in the first place. Anyway, Moulder is better than Natasha. Better staff rank, better availability, better HP, better speed, better con, better starting level(meaning he can promote sooner) etc.
  17. I mean, tbf, his magic was already capped, so that's probably why he didn't proc it in the 20 year period.
  18. Manfroy is both poorly written and despicable, so he gets my vote.
  19. At least this update wasn't as gross as the last one. Your first death made me vomit a little inside.
  20. I know in GBA it was 31, and any stat above that would loop back around if you reset the game, but I'm curious about DSFE.
  21. Well yeah, the character needs to have a competent enough magic stat in the first place to wield the Levin Sword effectively. Otherwise, the may as well go assassin.
  22. Noire wants Galeforce more. Not to mention Gaius is Tharja's fastest support.
  23. Tricksters are very good candidates for the Levin Sword.
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