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  1. Can somebody explain to me what it is about Warren that supposedly makes her a "far-left" politician?
  2. Fee is always going to be at least decent one way or another but generally Noish is Fee's best father if you're going the physical route. The skills he passes down to her are just straight up the best by far.
  3. Noish!Fee is pretty ridiculous. Pursuit, Critical and Charge on top of strong physical growth rates. Plus Continue after promotion.
  4. Passing down Swords is generally not a big issue because Larcei can sell all the swords she inherits in the very first castle. Units who use Swords - like Ulster, Oifaye and Delmud - can just buy them there right away.
  5. Units that turned out to be more / less useful than you had anticipated before you started the run? Any unit you'd consider an "unsung hero" of your run? Chapters than turned out to be harder / easier than you had anticipated before you started the run?
  6. It's amazing to see what kind of football ManUnited is capeable of playing if the coach just allows for it. Solskjear is definitely a disciple of Alex Ferguson and it immediately shows - what a difference to Mourinho's destructive approach that last game was! They already have good options up front with Rashford, Martial, Lukaku and Lingard. If they manage to fix some of their defensive shortcomings by buying a big anchor player in central defense - like LFC did with Van Dijk - and integrating homegrown talent into their starting squad they could become one of the UK's - and indeed Europe's - leading teams again in a couple of years. Huge win for Spurs at Everton. They're only two points away from ManCity now and have a comfortable 5 point lead over their London rivals Chelsea and Arsenal. If those two teams continue to drop points and ManUnited continue to get back in shape then there's still a tiny chance left that ManUnited will see international competition at the Europe League next season, at the expense of either Arsenal or Chelsea. Meanwhile Spurs seem to be well on their way for yet another season of Champions League football next year if they manage to stay consistent. Could turn out be a great season for them if they manage to beat Borussia Dortmund and place top 3 in the PL and it may not even end there. Definitely more exciting prospects than boring ole Chelsea [sorry Alistel] and an Arsenal team that's still struggling to make moves.
  7. Thracia / Lenster heavily benefit from the existence of FE5, I honestly think it's the only truly well-made state in FE4. Everything else is just kinda ... there.
  8. New Coach at Southampton - my fellow countryman Ralph Hasenhüttl is in charge now. Will he be able to "save" the club? It's quite a challenge and the fact that his PL debut is an away game against Spurs doesn't exactly make things easier for him. There is plenty of time however and the club is still only 3 points away from a somewhat reassuring 14th place. Burnley, Fulham and Newcastle all have tough games ahead of them tonight so it's probably not too late. Chelsea vs Arsenal vs Spurs is gonna be where the PL gets really exciting imo. Three clubs from the same city, with a historic rivalry, currently only one point apart of each other and whoever gets the short end of the stick will end up in Europa League next season.
  9. Just stumbled across this thing - great gameplay, nice commentary, keep it up! SeemsGood
  10. Historically, ManUnited is one of football's biggest and most successful franchises. Ferguson definitely led their most successful era but they were a top level team before that. Right now they're under the reign of CEO Ed Woodward who is more concerned about expanding the value of Manchester United as a brand than about their success as a football club. Supporters of the club have been calling for Woodward to be sacked for the last 5 years now and if you look at the results it's not hard to see why. It's not just the fact that the club fails to meet high expectations, it's the way they're failing to do so that's really an issue. For the last years they've been spending astronomical amounts of money at the beginning of each season to get star players and coaches - and so far it has not been working out. If they decided to just tank it out for a while to give young talented players time to grow into a competitive team it'd be more understandable but with the way they've been spending money there really isn't any justification for how poorly things are going right now. Arsenal won the North London Derby against Spurs which means that the Premier League is even more a matter of ManCity vs LPool now. In the long term I think ManCity is going to win it, even if it comes down to the direct confrontation between the two clubs I see Guardiola having the upper hand against Klopp.
  11. As a long-time supporter of United I feel like this pretty much sums it up: Last season they lucked their way to 2nd place, the season before they lucked their way to the Europe League title. This year it's not looking like they're getting anywhere and it's well deserved. Their whole club management has been awful ever since Ferguson left, poor transfers and coach choices included.
  12. LPool still isn't consistent enough, I'm guessing it'll be 1.) ManCity 2.) LPool 3.) Spurs 4.) Chelsea at the end of the season.
  13. Diogo's Ch.11 takes 11:39, Lapogne's 0% LTC run fits Ch.11 + 12 in one 7 minute video. Diogo's Ch. 24 video run for over an hour, lapogne's takes 9. It's a big difference - if you turn off battle animations the video file size will be a lot easier to handle.
  14. Probably a bit late to chime in with this now but if video size / length is an issue then you could just turn off the battle animations.
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