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  1. Erikia dyed her hair, nice, tbh she looks better with green hair anyways
  2. Then again I'm a noob to hacking so take my advice with a grain of salt (or a lot of salt)
  3. I'm not saying give up! More like... switch to something that's easier
  4. I've read that FE8 hacking is trickier than others, that's why I'm starting off with FE7. Perhaps you would have better luck with FE7 hacking?
  5. @Ash thanks for the help, but saying that was really unnecessary, untruthful, and uncalled for. If you want people on the forum to stop treating you like a narcissistic jerk, stop acting like one.
  6. Yeaaaaaah I'm not exactly the most "tech savvy" person out there, so I'll just dig in and use Nightmare. For some beginner/practice hacks that would only really be 1 map/chapter, what tools would you guys recommend I use?
  7. @Klok Yeah, I downloaded NM2 as well, but can't even figure out how to open the damn thing, let alone use it. But by the sound of it, I wouldn't have the best time using it anyways. @CT I'm going over the Ultimate Tutorial by Blazer praise be upon him & it's pretty intimidating, but I think it's for nightmare. For a noob like myself, would you reccomend FEXP or Nightmare? I don't mind using the more difficult of the two, as I don't want to do some over-the-top crazy shiz for my first couple of practice hacks and such. What is the difference between making a hack with Nightmare or making a game using FEXP?
  8. Hey there, As a total nub to hacking, I'm pretty sure this is a really stupid question. Anyways, assuming that there are multiple hacking tools (Nightmare, FEXP), which is the best way for me to want to kill myself program to start with? I've heard terrible great things about Nightmare, not so much about FEXP though. I'd like to get into FE7 hacks, and already have Nightmare (original) and GBA downloaded. xoxo Gamewhorde
  9. I didn't know I could create and exception. That worked perfectly, thanks!
  10. Hello there geniuses of the fire emblem hacking community! I'm going to just try and get to the point with this one: So I've downloaded Nightmare Modules (original) and attempted to start up the application. Every time I do this, I receive and error message telling me I do not have permission to do this. (This has never happened to me on any other application, plus this is the only account on this computer) I'm using Norton, and after the error message occurs, Norton tells me that Nightmare is a harmful file, then immediately deletes said file. What do? If this helps at all, I'm running on Windows 8, and downloading Nightmare Original Program off of this website: http://www.feshrine.net/hacking/nightmare.php
  11. By the gods, I can't wait for FEXNA by looking at these screencaps
  12. Not gonna lie, that Demon King portrait is 2spooky4me. I would keep as-is if you want this to be a horror. Actually though, this looks like its coming along great. Can't wait to git my mits on this and FEXNA when they come out. I'd love to build a FE game, but I can't hack for shiz. Hopefully its just as easy as you imply it to be, once one gets the hang of it.
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