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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  2. After looking over the stat caps for varying asset/flaws, I feel like +Spd/-Def is the best choice for the set that I'm running. I might have my unit pick up Armsthrift since I'll have 56 Lck anyway(And so I'll be more easier for people to recruit me in Streetpass). As for Morgan's mother, depending on modifiers, I may chose a 2nd gen child over Aversa.
  3. Well somewhere along the way I wanted Morgan to be a Grandmaster with access to dark magic since I always have a surplus of dark tomes.Plus very few female units have access to the Sol/Nosferatu Combo.
  4. I have access to most of the Dlc that gives you skills as well as money,exp, and item grinding ones, so grinding won't be too much a problem for me. As for my class path, so far it looks like I'll promote myself into a Grandmaster for Ignis and then go as listed: Berserker->Warrior->War Monk(I was going to go into Wyvern Lord after berserker but it feels like too much trouble to be a flying unit weak to bows AND magic.) +Str/-Lck was my first idea as well until I started thinking about female morgan and how it would impact her stat caps.I'm still uncertain who her mother would be but I've narrowed it down to either a 2nd gen child or Aversa for Shadowgift.
  5. That sounds good. Also I wanted to have the the asset and flaw benefit female Morgan as much as possible. So far I was going to choose either Aversa or a 2nd gen character as Morgan's mother.
  6. So I'm going to be starting a Lunatic Run soon with a Male Mu and I wanted my final class to be a War Monk. I'm trying to find a asset/flaw that works for the War Monk Avatar. So far the skills I'm hoping to put on him so far are as listed: Counter Ignis LimitBreaker AxeFaire SwordBreaker/Renewal So which skillset and asset/flaw set works the best for a War Monk?
  7. I actually had the same question. I'm starting a Lunatic run and I'm planning on my final class to be a War Monk with Limit Breaker. Who would be the best mother for female Morgan without too many negative growths and modifiers?
  8. What is a good final class for Gaius!Brady,Stahl!Kjelle and Libra!Noire? Also which class is better for a Vaike!Gerome Wyvern Lord or Berserker? Gerome's skills Lancebreaker Counter Axefaire Renewal Swordbreaker
  9. Lon'qu/ Basillio and Chrom/All of the Spotpass Characters(Seriously why would there be no support conversations between the exalt and the former Plegia king?)
  10. if you find an old topic like this one, can you link it to me? I wanted to make sure I wasn't just making a repeat of a topic before posting mine. Also I'm glad we both share the same idea when it comes to class sets for the male unit. I was thinking of putting in an optional rule where if any of your 3 choice were of the non-tactician class, your allowed to at least pick up skills in its class lines to use in other classes.
  11. Ironically enough, my female Morgan was the only child that wasn't married to anyone in my first playthrough. In my current playthrough, I'm hoping to get all the children married before the endgame. Here are my pairings so far: Inigo and Severa(Because they had a dislike for Owain and Cynthia in their support conversations) Gerome and Nah( Queen of the Wyrvern just has a nice ring to it) Cynthia and Owain(The Heroic Duo of Legend)
  12. Sorry I should have been more clearer, I meant that you couldn't choose opposite gender classes like a male unit as a pegasus knight or a female unit as a fighter.
  13. I thought of this as a challenge run for once I start my Lunatic and Lunatic+ Run and wanted to see if anyone else had the same idea. Basically what I'm asking is this: If your avatar was only allowed to be in 3 different classes, which class sets would you pick? Classes not allowed: Lord, Lodestar, Dancer, Villager, Taguel, Manakete,Gender Specific classes and Conqueror. Since the Avatar starts off as a Tactician by default, you have the choice of either keeping the class line or swapping it for a different class once you obtain a second seal. You can still use DLC classes such as Dread Fighter or Bride and it will not count as one of your three classes. For Example: My Class sets would be Mercenary, Myrmidon and Cavaliar.
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