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  1. Nightmare itself is a seperate download. http://www.feshrine.net/hacking/nightmare.php Download either Nightmare Original Program or Nightmare 2.0.
  2. Depends on what you want to play. Do you want to play a reskin? Or do you want to play a fully-fledged fangame? Reskins usually involve rebalancing of the base game, or some added mechanics, or random ass changes that end up making it fun (see FE7 Chaos Mode). I suggest starting with reskins and moving your way to fully-fledged fangames, though that's just my opinion, and you dont' have to follow it. If you do though, try something like FE8 Master Version or something.
  3. Completely up to you. I honestly don't really care either way if an interview is done or not, but if it is, I don't mind doing one if you want to have one with me. It really comes down to if you think it would benefit people looking to make submissions in the future, or just be inspiring to people in general, as well as it being worth waiting to get back into FE3.
  4. I'm fine with an interview. Don't expect too much from me though, just saying.
  5. fyi, this thing isn't dead, just long hiatus due to school and fates also I finally finished one, here's the DL: The Survivors - Requested by Willie https://www.dropbox.com/s/0mdmzyj30p7mrls/The%20Survivors%20vFinal.ups?dl=0​
  6. /makesnote hmmm....this may be a slight problem, the idea I had in mind may not work with this....ah screw it i'll do it anyway.
  7. I feel like I would've had a good chance for the Innovator award if Emblem Warriors didn't happen. Well, I hope my next idea will work, and if it does, innovator award, here i come!
  8. *didn't win any awards* ....well there's....always......next......time.....*sobs in corner* kappa
  9. (if visuals are required, let me know) So first off, I made the map in Tiled, and set the map changes. Yes, I made sure to set the IDs correctly, as well as the locations and length/width. I'm 100% sure that was correct. Next off, I inserted the map into some free space, and had the inserter insert the map pointer to where the current ch. 2 map pointer was pointing to in Nightmare, and the same with the map change pointer. I started up the map, and everything was working fine, aside from the fact that when I tried to open a chest, the chest event worked fine, but the tile would not change to an opened chest.
  10. Was trying to get Tiled to work, the map inserted fine, but the map changes wouldn't trigger. I set the map change pointer to where the map changes were pointed to in Nightmare when inserting, but no map changes would trigger, even when I tried to manually trigger them via an AREA event. Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  11. *looks at strawpolls* Well I'm not winning any awards, but it's nice to know that some people liked my submission (also who the heck put it in for the sadist award? it's literally impossible to lose if you know what to do...unless they never figured out what to do)
  12. Nah, no need, figured out how to get Tiled to work. EDIT: found out what I did wrong EDIT2: now for some reason, the map tile changes won't trigger automatically like they're supposed to with the chest events. Here's my event file.
  13. EDIT: wait nvm, I'm just stupid and didn't notice that toolbar that showed up
  14. i tried to do that, but then the event assembler decided to bug out and say something was wrong with my tile change code, stopping at the first comma >_> Also, the tutorials aren't clear on what you're supposed to do for the actual tile change data (the CODE 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 stuff and how you format it).
  15. *cough* http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=58054 Still active, just that the thread is old, and I've taken a LONNNGGG hiatus due to school.
  16. I've got a slight problem in my chapter with chests being able to be opened over and over again. How do I make it so that they can only be opened once?
  17. did you really expect people on the internet to exhibit emotion?
  18. put in my choices, decided not to be biased towards myself :p
  19. fine fine here's my preliminary stuff: Inventor Award - Emblem Warriors (that capture mechanic was next level) Memes Award - Angel of Darkness (HALBERDIERS!) Strategist Award - mine, cuz you literally cannot lose if you do everything right Artist Award - k i can't decide on this one Jester Award - Tale of Purt (because bread, and this: "THIS IS A MESSAGE FROM LORD PURT, I AWAIT YOU ON BREAD ISLE") Sadist Award - F*EXE (obvious reasons) Popular Pick Award - Ragefest Revengeance (hack was top notch) MarkyJoe Award - up to marky obviously Kogasa Award - Ragefest Revengeance (that 180 in quality surprised me lol) EDIT: edited EDIT2: edited in reasons
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