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  1. i guess.....that's one way to end a submission? um.....uh......i have no words for that ending.
  2. It's probably the portrait limit. The glitched out portrait loads fine for a second, then I think it gets glitched out due to the game trying to load the 5th portrait.
  3. So I have a convo event, and for some reason, one character's portrait won't load, even though it loaded fine in an earlier convo, and then it turns the portrait of another character into a blue shadow. Posting this at school, so I don't have access to image uploader sites. Events for the chapter: The convo in question:
  4. EDIT: it somehow fixed itself, disregard this thread.
  5. Ah. Then that can probably be done with conventional ROM hacking software. Here's a tutorial: http://www.feshrine.net/ultimatetutorial/
  6. 4 factions? That would be difficult to make in a conventional ROM hack without extreme ASM sorcery. You're better off either using FEXP or waiting for FEXNA to come out Soon™.
  7. Triangle attack OP. VERY. OP. That sums up this entire playthrough.
  8. I did particularly enjoy the n00b showing up, then again, that just shows how bad my taste in humor is.
  9. EDIT: nvm EDIT2: omg I can't stop laughing at the part where marc visited the village.
  10. Quite sure you can still proc devil reversal on walls (i'm astounded as to how that works though)
  11. nah I've known about that for a long time, still somewhat curious as to what he's been up to due to the lack of...you know....physical presence on the forums.
  12. i do wonder if FE8CM is still in dev....probably is since klok took a new approach of working on things in the shadows and releasing them on surprise when it's 100% done a la Requiem.
  13. Perhaps I should get around to making that Dank Meme Hell an actual thing..... I'm low on dank memes however. Probably will stick with my current idea. (perhaps I should submit a beta to MAFC2?)
  14. This has pretty much everything you'll need: http://www.feshrine.net/ultimatetutorial/ I recommend FE7, as it has more documentation, plus it's a lot easier to do certain things on there, like change chapter names, etc.
  15. Well it was intended to be a sequel to F.EXE...which was very tedious, and didn't appear all that fun...in retrospect.
  16. Checked, the supposed "Jason Allen" is a fake guy that stopped working at NoA in 2006ish.
  17. I can probably see that, given that though it was good for its time, the overall increases in quality of the entries over time begin to outshine it.
  18. Methinks like every other teenager/college student in the US (including me)....studying for finals.
  19. I might actually be able to submit something....will have to wait until the summer though to see if it's feasible.
  20. I wonder if ghast ever beat Marc's Precious....
  21. I don't recall saying this, but I approve anyway
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