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  1. That thing took me 20 tries.... ERK KEPT DYING FML. I'm at the chapter where you fight Darin. Btw, it only gets harder and harder.... Apparently, Wil and Serra are ggop rapeeverything 360noscope ultimate characters if trained up. Trust me. Right now, Serra is promoted and can one-shot pretty much everything except fighters armed with swordslayers. In which case, (uses short bow, crits)
  2. Btw, lowen isn't really that powerful late game. SERRA, ON THE OTHER HAND, is an absolute BEAST. If only she wasnt so squishy.
  3. Be careful. In the chapter where you fight Erik's army, there is an ambush spawn behind where your units spawn. Take out the Archer there first, he has a Poison bow. The rest aren't much of a big deal.
  4. Ill send u it. It's on my phone...so yea. Edit: here u go https://www.dropbox.com/s/7mktn9kf6k04sws/FE7%20Chaos%20Mode.sav?dl=0 Bug only appears on the chapter where Leila appears to the best of my knowledge.
  5. Klok, got a bug report for you. In Chapter....i forgot, where you get to the Dread Isle after landing, apparently, you get Leila for some reason(probably intended), however, if she dies, the chapter automatically finishes for some reason. Care to explain why? Or is this just an unintended bug?
  6. Marcus is quite overpowered with his healing...now if only he wasn't so squishy. And apparently, oswin is the jeigan now for some reason o.o
  7. I just promoted Serra with the Earth seal. OMG SHE IS OP. Esp, with her Mani Katti doing 40 damage to mounted units with 42 crit chance :D And it doubles due to her 22 speed.
  8. Well, i did have a concept for a Ragefest hack I was trying to make. Sadly, i suck at hacking, even with blazer's tutorial. Anyone want to hear it? I pitched it to markyjoe and he said that it sounded nice :o Mostly due to the fact that it focuses on comedy rather than difficulty :D EDIT: Guess not :C 5:41 PM: DIE ERIK! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA!
  9. I actually talked to markyjoe earlier asking him to try out this hack. He said that it was mostly just looking at unit inventories rather than actually thinking about positioning... Basically, too tedious, not enough...idk Now back to attempting to make my own hack while failing to understand how to change pointers :p And i discovered that merlinus can move... o.o
  10. I can't get past the chapter where you have to fight Erik and his army. The hidden ambush spawn behind your units instakills merlinus (DAMN YOU POISON BOW) and there's SO MANY STEEL SWORDS..... Erk may be OP but he can't survive forever...SOMEONE HELP ME WITH THIS CHAPTER. And I'm out of steel swords and dorcas only has a 1 use iron lance left :C Now i tried to do a replay back from chapter 11 on HNM, BUT EITHER HECTOR OR MATTHEW KEEPS DYING. Any tips? Aside from RNG abusing, i already tried that.
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