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  1. The events would freak out if I were to check if Marky killed all enemies, I failed to set up the prooper chapter end event, and so as the solution I made it so that chapter ends after 3 turns. Nothing changes, it's just the clever way how I ended the chapter. Even the master of FEXP struggles, so don't you worry if your FEXP map freaks out, there's always a way to go around that. (It's the part where we say "magic happens here");
  2. Replace this: 71 => { #Paladin 72 => [[6,4,2,0,5,4,5,1], [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0]], # Great Knight With this 71 => { #Paladin 72 => [[6,4,2,0,5,4,5,1], [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0]], # Great Knight }, It was a basic syntax error.
  3. 17 submissions in 2017 5 FEXP submissions in RF V I look forward to see what will come out of this,
  4. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFKw_LnHP3nEc-h6NcPiHlO43gvz9raaX So I am making a video tutorials teaching you guys how to use FEXP to it's full extent. Please support me and I'll help you with your FEXP problems.
  5. Lord Wolfram


    I might still have it, just don't feel like looking it up. However even if I find it, there's a huge error with save system.
  6. One question I think most people around would be interested in hearing the answer. We've been informed that the source code will be editable, that is the code of the game right? Will the tools of FEXNA be editable so we can make modifications like Str/Mag split for FE4 remakes? By tools I mean the window form apps Additionally I'd like to hear what framework and Visual studio is being used for this project so we can know what kind of setup make when we get FEXNA. Thank you!
  7. UPDATE!!! Several new pages are added and a new page named Engines is made. You can download source code and play with the code yourself and see if you can make a nice complete game.
  8. Did you by any chance pressed one of layer buttons? That sometimes might be the case. I think you should press key 6 or 7 to restore layers to default. (don't remember as long time ago only had the emulator) in any case press one of numbers and it should say, all layers on or default.
  9. What is this castle, I don't remember it being here. Well whatever lesse what's inside. *A strange welcoming feeling overcomes you* I see that you've returned to see what's new around this place? Let's start with simple stuff. The castle itself is changed, it has Forum inside, meaning that people can register in house book and then visit the forum and do what they want to. Audience room: Well you never know who's inside this room as it's still being made, here and there some changes and it should be done, but it's working so people can gather around and talk to each other. Projects page has some huge amount of additional information and even a project has been made. Well it's closed but the outcome and progress report can be found in both news and project page. It's kinda old project but you still can see how it works. New project will soon come up, so stay tuned and wait for the project info and release of the engine that's being built. That's all I wanted to say for you for now. I welcome thee as thru art my guest and I honor every guest that comes. I shall take my leave.
  10. To show the creative works I am doing, they are sorted in a website so I'm just like showing people where's the stuff I've made.
  11. Oh Boy a whole castle. What can we find here? Let's start of with a nice athem of the castle. Come in, I welcome thee to the castle where everything you see is real and created by me.? Thru art a worthy man as thee are welcomed to the magnificent building of the web. http://www.andrisivanovs.com/ Then again who would go to the castle without any clue what's in there. So let me show thee small castle map: Entrance: Well pretty much known as the HOME page where you see things that show small layout here and there. Small info about the lord of the castle... blah blah blah who reads that anyways. NEWS Whoa a page where you see news? news about election maybe Not really but hey, I will always have made some new things of might get some interesting ideas. Newer skip this page because who knows maybe those are breaking news, PROJECTS & GAMES what's the difference? Projects are mostly some programming things that not everyone would be interested into while games contain no code but instead some info about games I've made, tried to make and will make.http://i.imgur.com/9H1IFgI.png // The picture is way too big for forum, better if I put a link here. Well as the most recent interesting project I've started was ReSaNa DOS Small C program supposed to work like an OS. I don't plan to make it for any while longer but once the final things will be attached to it, I'll Upload the project and will send out as an open source program. I'm always welcoming some interesting ideas and thoughts about what should be done better. Well then, here I shall end the introduction for the castle, please pay a visit there and tell me what else I can do cool to make the castle look better. (I mean the content, the design is my own decision) Thru art my guest and thee shall come and see the castle. Everything you have written here will be helpful to make more creative things.
  12. Lord Wolfram


    Long time ago I worked on my own FEXP project, but due to the low support from forum I quit the work. The engine was improved heavily. I fixed the "give" command, Added supply, Prep screen, several custom animations, recolored maps, added 2 new tilesets, changed the backgrounds to be like in FE 11, Added several new animations and so on. But right now I am working on XNA project so I'm no longer having that engine, either it's destroyed or it's somewhere uploaded.
  13. If you're interested I can do the interviews for you. small advertising of my channel would be great As small support wouldn't hurt. If everyone is alright with that we can let Marc to work with FE3 while I'll support the Ragefest IV with making the interviews.
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