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  1. happy birthday core (if you exist that is)

  2. Happy Birthday, sorry for being a little late!!!

  3. happybirthdaycorey!!

  4. Hey you're that guy from void mafia- uh, Happy Birthday! : D

  5. Happy birthday Core! ^^

  6. Happy birthday Delirium

  7. happybirthdaycorey

  8. Did Mancer start by saying that I had no items, then now he's changing his wording to avoid flak? If that is the case, I'm suspicious. Otherwise, we can easily both be telling the truth.
  9. I'm going to work now. I'll talk to people individually later because anything else makes me scummy as fuck
  10. I was hoping that my item had some sort of passive effect or it would give me an ability at some point in the game, but that hasn't happened yet soooooo. I'm trying to cooperate but you alll are so uptight sometimes I can't help but make fun of it. Xinnidy, all I see is a bunch of inconclusive facts then you declaring that I'm scum
  11. In other news, the sky is blue.
  12. But really, I don't have much of an excuse for my lack of contribution, I just...haven't contributed.
  13. Contributing is fun. I guess I shouldn't vote for Sho yet...
  14. Being a member of the group in question, I'm not offended by it. But I wouldn't use it either.
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