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  1. Im thinkin about giving male Robin Triangle Adept. Since he has weapon advantage on colorless and triangle adept gives Atk+ 20% then he could be a really good takumi counter.
  2. If they still used the same children in Fe13, it would most likely be like this: Kjelle: Kellam Severa: Gregor Inigo:Virion Owain:Vaike Laurent:Ricken Nah (without her manakete form): Gaius Noire:Henry Brady:Donnel Cynthia:Stahl Yarne(without his taguel form): Lon'qu Gerome:Frederick I'm just gonna leave Lucina and Morgan because they both have non optional fathers. (Or mother if female robin)
  3. Discuss Smash bros during evo 2015 here. I wanna share my thoughts about what happened. Sm4sh: -Nairo could have actually beaten zero if he had not failed those d smash stuns in game 1 and 2. Things could have possibly changed. -It was surprise that Abadango used Wario against Mr R. The first match was super hype with the Waft kill, though its such a shame that he lost. -Im glad Static Manny didnt get in top 8. He was being such a camper against ally, spamming the spin dash. He deserved getting his tactics back at him, considering he WAS the one who stalled out anyway. -Nairo 2 stocking Mr R was probably the hypest match in the game. Smash bros Melee: Axe vs PewPewU was such a good way to end today's matches, especially during the cliff moment. -I was really glad that Plup knocked Mango into losers. He deserved that after what happened at CEO. -Suprisingly all the gods except Hbox and m2k (press 1) got beaten by a non god in game 1, ppmd by hugs, armada by silent wolf, leffen by drugged fox,and mango by Plup. The non gods are getting better and better.
  4. I guess we'll have to "Please understand." He'll always be "directly" in our hearts.
  5. Based on last Monty's nintendo direct, we can see that intelligent systems is making a new fire emblem game. Atlus is making Citizens of Earth aka Earthbound with politics. How will they have time to make THIS game?
  6. K thanks, I managed to beat an annoying bowser jr with this. Also, is it just me, or does when he recovers and falls down, he can ATTACK with a that hammer. I find it unfair that one of the characters that spam the most have access to that.
  7. Projectile spammers are getting really on my nerve. It's starting to make me hate characters like bowser jr, link, Zelda, ness, etc. They ruin the competitive game. They have no strategy and the only thing they do is spam, roll, lock in a shit combo because you rolled away from their projectiles. Is there any strategy for characters to stop this annoying thing i see atleast 5 times a day?
  8. Are you still able to make a club nintendo account?I created one, but when I tried to verify it it said the link was expired..
  9. I know it's getting cancelled, but you can't make accounts anymore?
  10. I just got smash for Wii u,I had the 3ds version before, and now I want to get. Cub nintendo account for mewtwo. I did everything,created the account, and it said to verify. So I looked in emails and got the verification link. When I clicked the link, it always says "the link you followed has expired or has already been used." What's wrong, and how do I verify my account?
  11. Katy Perry was literally wearing the wiimote strap on her microphone while she was really high up singing "Firework" Source is here:http://www.theverge.com/2015/2/1/7961249/super-bowl-halftime-show-2015-katy-perry-wii-remoteWe're making this a new meme
  12. Here we can discuss funny fusions of pokemon that make them look hilarious or make their name hilarious. For example: Guys it's fat buu from dragon ball z kai :http://pokemon.alexonsager.net/36/143
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