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  1. Alright yall thanks for the tips. So in summary Do what I want with Jamke, get Lissa the Galeforce, and female MU it's whatever. Also, there's a lot of chances to grind and I can take as long as I choose to. Did I miss anything?
  2. Hey everyone, just made an account on here, and had a few questions. I've played through the GBA fire emblem games, PoR and Radiant Dawn, and I got awakening a two and a half weeks ago. I love it so far, and plot-wise, I'm right before Ch. 6. Units-wise, I've spent a lot of time fighting Risen. My questions: 1. I'm taken my female MU all the way through the Tactician class to lvl 20, and reclassed her to Dark Mage and just got her to 20. I'm not sure if I want to do one of the following: A. Promote to Sorcerer, lvl to 15, then switch to Grandmaster B. Promote to Dark Knight, lvl to 15, then switch to Grandmaster C. Second seal her over to Peg. Knight then lvl to 20, then promote to Dark Flier for Galeforce. D. Option C followed by reclassing to either A or B then Grandmaster. Fem MU stats: HP: 53 Str: 13 Mag: 26(max) Skill: 21 Spd: 29(max) Luck: 18 Def: 25(max) Res: 15 Assets: Spd+/Luck- Also, I'm rather conflicted between options A and B. Tomebreaker and Vengeance are nice, but Lifetaker is just so useful, and will likely prevent some deaths. Slow Burn isn't that big of a priority for me, but I'd use it when convenient. __ 2. I'm messed around with the some of the Spotpass characters, and have some of them. At this point I've gotten 10 of them to lvl 20, of which Ulster and Jamke are my top dogs. I've reclassed Jamke from Archer lvl 20 to Wyvern Rider, and it's quite nice. Is it recommended I keep working with Jamke, or ditch him for an upcoming wyvern rider who's all around better( but no galeforce) Jamke, lvl 11, Wyvern Rider stats: HP: 47 Str: 26(+2) Mag: 7 Skill 23(+2)(max) Spd: 24(max) Luck: 17 Def: 21 Res: 6 __ 3. Lissa. I've taken her through lvl 20 as a cleric, and reclassed her to Troubadour for extra stat growth and Demoiselle. At this point, I'm considering one option, with several steps. -Plan: Reclass to Peg Knight. Lvl to 20. Promote to Dark Flier. Get Galeforce. Reclass to Falconknight/Valkyrie/Unsure Lissa, lvl 20, Troubadour stats: HP: 45 Str: 5 Mag: 20 Skill: 20 Spd: 25 Luck: 31 Def: 12 Res: 22(+2) Thanks for the help in advance yall, and if I need to include other info, just let me know. Side Note: Donnel is the best character I've got so far. My only complaint is the writers missed an opportunity to make a Big Lebowski reference when Donnel's mom was trying to talk him into staying home. They set it up, and it would have been perfect. TL;DR: Need help picking paths for fem MU, Jamke from Spotpass, and Lissa with current choices/setups --PapBear
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