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  1. Hey Shin, thanks for the quick reply! This one looks sufficient; I'll use it if no one provides an alternative in the next week or so. Thank you!
  2. Hey guys! I took about a week off from playing FE6 on my GBA, and when I went to load the game, I was shocked to see that the save file disappeared! I tried to recover it, but alas, it ain't coming back. Anyway, I was playing on the normal difficulty level and was at the beginning of chapter 15. I did lots of Googling, and the best I could find is someone with a save file from chapter 8. If anyone here could hook me up with a save file right at chapter 15 or earlier (but not too far), I'd be very appreciative! I don't care much about how you've played the game, but I hope you haven't been cheating or overwhelmingly abusing the arena or whatever. Thanks in advance!
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