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  1. I think that's best too. It's very likely I won't replay the game anytime soon after I finish, so I might as well see what all the other skills do, and get the max out of it as much as I can. Thank you for all the info.
  2. I am far past Chapter 11, currently trying to do Chapter 17. Practically ALL my units have either been Promoted or reclassed, most of them have hit lvl 20 in their base class (Nowi, Panne and Donnel are special cases). So in short, right now it's relatively easy to decide, right? Since they've ALL been either reclassed or promoted, if they're in base class now, promote at lvl 10, or a little bit later until hitting stat caps. Don't wait until lvl 20. Just now I've tried googling how Master Seals, Second Seals and internal levels work regarding XP gain. My gods, it makes my head hurt. About Nowi. I've heard before that it's best to keep her as Manakete indefintely because of the good stat growths, but..are the skills really that bad? Swordbreaker, Quickburn and Lifetaker sound really useful.
  3. I just realized, I didn't give enough info on Lon'qu. Originally, Lon'qu was Myrmidon. He got to lvl 20 in Myrmidon, and I used a Second Seal to reclass him to Thief, in which he is now lvl 11. Does this mean his internal level is (20/2=10+11=) 21? Wouldn't this make it the best time to Promote him? Considering his internal level already is (over) 20? Also, Lon'qu hasn't hit his cap for SKL and SPD yet, but he's very, very close. But only those two stats.
  4. I'm playing on Normal/Casual Mode. No DLC. And I do grind them, a lot. I try to use ALL my units, and try to keep them at roughly the same level, which is pretty difficult, given their varying classes and levels. Hence my excessive grinding. In this instance, both Lon'qu and Now (Thief and Wyvern Rider respectively) should keep grinding until level 20? Hitting their statcaps doesn't matter? Wouldn't that make a lot of levels gain very few statpoints?
  5. Hi, I have a rather general question about leveling. Is it better to level to 20 in a base class, and then Promote/reclass, or get to level 10 for the two skills, and then Promote/reclass? Currently my Lon'qu is a Thief, lvl 11. he hasn't hit any caps yet, but his highest stats are SKL and SPD, which are the two stats the Thief class grows the most. Should I promote him now to Trickster? Or wait until he's capped SKL and SPD (and maybe others)? Or even get to lvl 20? Basically, is it worth it to stay in a class where the fastest growing stats are capped? Same goes for Nowi. I reclassed her at lvl 15 Manakete, to Wyvern Rider, who has now hit lvl 11. She hasn't hit any caps yet, but since both Wyvern Rider and Lord have the same statgrowth, would it make much difference? I eventually want her to go back to Manakete as endclass, after getting the necessary skills. Doesn't Manakete have some of the best statgrowth? Wouldn't it then be better to rush through acquiring skills, and then back to Manakete? I apologize if some of the answers are very obvious, I'm new to this game, and there's a lot I haven't figured out.
  6. Str is 23, almost the cap of 25. Def is only 17, a far cry from the cap of 21. Hm, now that I look at it, Fighter has a higher Strength and Defense growth and cap. I could reclass to Fighter and level to 10, but I'd have to Promote to Hero (Sol!) and level to 10 before going back to Swordmaster. That's a lot of promoting and reclassing.
  7. Hello. I've been told that this is the thread to go to for minmaxing and optimizing units and builds (and for getting the best offspring). I've got a few questions, mainly about best skills and class paths. If I'm in the wrong thread, let me know. Here goes: I'm on Normal/Casual Mode. No DLC. Currently, Gaius just hit lvl 10 in Myrmidon (reclassed from Thief lvl 20). His Skill and Speed stat have maxed out, and I don't know whether I should get him to lvl 20 in Myrmidon, or Promote (or maybe even reclass to Fighter?). Myrmidon's best statgrowth is in Skill and Speed, which he's already capped, so would it be a big waste of experience if I kept him going to lvl 20? In short, Promote or keep going? Oh yeah, classpath for Gaius = Thief 20, Myrmidon (???), Swordmaster 15, Trickster 15, Assassin as final class.
  8. I reclassed Donnel when he was lvl 15 Villager, into Mercenary. Now he's hit lvl 11 Mercenary and Str, Spd, Luck and Def are all green. OK, time to Promote him to Hero. (I think Aptitude paid off bigtime...)
  9. Mist! Man, she was a lifesaver. I wanted to grind my units up a bit at the very beginning, and I barely had any idea on how to play. Mist's team gave me much needed experience (both real life and in game). I actually recruited her (the only spotpass team I have battled), but she's still lvl 1. EDIT: Why are some of the stats green on the info page of certain units? Did they hit their cap?
  10. I made a mistake earlier, it was Cherche using Staves as Troubadour (and having pitiful range), instead of Cordelia, but nevermind. Is there an "official" optimal character build thread? I don't really see one on the first page of the forum, and after reading through the Pairing thread, it's about just that, the Pairings, and the kids from those Pairings. My question is about building up Cherche. At lvl 20 Wyvern Rider, I reclassed her to Troubadour. My thoughts for this were that Res +2 from Troubadour would help her low Res, and that the eventual Dual Support+ from Valkyrie would make her a good Support unit. Dual Support+ can also be passed down to her son Gerome. (The Vaike is going to be her hubby.) The classpath would be: Wyvern Rider - Troubadour - Valkyrie - Griffon Rider - Wyvern Lord (with Griffon Rider debatable) Cherche just hit lvl 10 in Troubadour, and I was wondering whether it was worth it grinding her up to lvl 20 before Promoting to Valkyrie. It feels very slow to me, and since she can't attack, barely does anything (I eventually bought 2 Rescue Staves for her to wile away the time). Will I miss out on a lot of stats if I Promote her now, at level 10 Troubadour?
  11. Better to use them now, then? I'll have to figure out who can use the boosts the most. Ugh, it'll be pretty hard to figure out, they're all different classes, some promoted, some not, I'll have to see who has good growths but bad luck on leveling. Yay for depth... Hm, HP, DEF and RES should be pretty straightforward. STR, SPD and MAG are the difficult ones, I think. SKL, I don't know at all... Oh man, I wish I had known this sooner. I had access to Master Seals quite a bit sooner than Second Seals, and many of my units were lvl 20, so I promoted most. Ehehe...
  12. I'm trying to use my statboosting items, and have a hard time deciding who gets what. Preferably, I'd want to shore up weaknesses, rather than strengthen, uh, strengths. A physical attacker with low HP? Perfect for Seraph Robe. Miriel? She doesn't need Spirit Dust. But there's one thing I can't figure out. Do healing Staves (like Mend and Rescue) go up in power with more Magic? Or only your skill in the weapon itself? I'll eventually want Cordelia to end up as Falcon Knight (to set her apart from Sumia who'll be Dark Flier), and Falcon Knights use Staves. If Staves become more powerful with higher Magic stat, I'll use them on her. Or am I going wrong about this, and should wait until I've recruited all the characters and then decide? (I've already used some boosters, but eh...)
  13. Oh wow, I thought reclassing at Promoted levels (from Promoted class to another Promoted class) only worked when those classes have the same base class. This will make getting skills much easier...Sorry for not getting it sooner. >_<
  14. The thing is, Barbarian is NOT a promoted class. Also, suppose I hit level 10 in Hero, can I use a Second Seal to directly go to Berserker?
  15. Thanks about the Pairing Thread notice, if I want more info about the kids, I'll go there. That said, here's an unrelated question. Suppose you have gotten a base class to level 20, say, Fighter, and you want skills from both a different base Class (Barbarian) but also want skills from the Promoted class (Hero), if you went Barbarian, gotten the skills, would you have to grind Fighter again, to get to Hero?
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