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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! (sorry for a couple days late)

  4. Happy 23rd birthday!

  5. This says a lot more than you think it does. It's probably true, but that just shows how low the bar is set for these games.
  6. Considering you wrote this post, yeah, you are. I think the fact that this is a topic at all shows there are still tons of problems with the way women are treated in this country.
  7. Yeah, I and a few of my friends downloaded a yugioh simulator and played a bunch of games for a few days a while back. It's still a fun game, but fuck all these new types of summons. I don't really care that much about banlists when the only people I play with don't care either.
  8. Graces' strong point isn't character development, it's more about character interaction. Really wish they had focused on that more instead of FRIENDSHIP FRIENDSHIP FRIENDSHIP. Xillia seems preeeetty good so far, though honestly I feel like it's a step down from Graces' combat. The biggest offender is obviously TP, but I really hate that they went back to the old camera. I really thought having it behind your character made it much more satisfying, so seeing them from the side is a big letdown.
  9. I would really prefer going in the opposite direction, and giving the player less options, at least if they're kept the same way. Pair up makes it impossible to actually plan for anything because by endgame you have like an 80% chance to take zero damage from enemies, and that's just plain unfun to deal with. Letting enemies have the same ability would make the game horrible.
  10. ok well here are the pics if anyone cares (I know you don't) Day 1 part 2 Day 2 Day 3 oh and also here are the pics I took last year
  11. so yeah I'm going to otakon again this year, this time I'll even go inside!!! pics will come after cause why the fuck not
  12. Fire Emblem has never been very good at characterization, and I don't really think the series is fit for it, using the current style. FE13 tried to fix it a little, but you still end up with two portraits spouting lines of dialogue at each other forever, and it makes them all feel rigid and uninteresting.
  13. They're not as effective as your playable characters since you can't directly control them, but they still do their job... sort of. The returning cast maxes out at level 50 for some bizarre reason (the max level for everyone else is 200), so you'll end up never using them on harder modes, because monsters do their job much better.
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