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  1. Both in the traditional sense of western societies, your opinion of the universal aspects of these adjectives, and how you think characters would think of different classes within their worlds. For my initial list I'm primarily taking into consideration this last explanation. Note that I've only played the localized games with the exception of not having finished Sacred Stones, so I'm only including the classes I've seen in-game. Everyone familiar with different classes from the other entries in the series is free to add classes that are significantly different than those listed here. I’m excluding the various axe / lance knight type distinctions, along with laguz, manaketes and the like being compared to humans. I'm also excluding "unique classes", e.g. Raven King, Dark God, ect. and classes that are not inherent to a character (e.g. Bride). My rough estimate for the classes: Feminine to Masculine, in order -------Feminine-------- Dancer Troubadour Falcon Knight Pegasus Knight Dark Flier Cleric ------------ Gender Neutral--------- Trickster Priest Mage Thief Rogue Wyvern Rider Wyvern Lord / Dragonlord Griffin Rider Archer Sniper Sage Assassin Myrmidon Swordmaster Paladin Cavalier -----------Masculine---------- Lord Great Lord Dark Mage Sorcerer / Druid Horseman Soldier Halberdier Great Knight (Awakening) Knight Bishop General Mercenary Hero Fighter Warrior Bandit Berserker And just for fun, continuing the trend of feminine to masculine: For Laguz: --Feminine-- Heron --Gender Neutral-- Cat Raven Hawk Wolf Dragon Lion Tiger Weapons (one of the easier ones simply taking into account typical weights and consequent feasibility of wielding each): Axes Lances Swords Bows Daggers Magic (this one I feel is extremely open to debate and interpretation, so I'm quite curious as to what everyone will think): Lightning Dark Wind Fire Light
  2. Any topic that holds interest for at least one person is worth being seriously discussed if they can find another. If you find no interest whatsoever in it to the point where you condemn the topic outright you have no positive reason to take part in the potential discussion. What I do find unfortunate, arrogant, and even rather sad, yes, is the act of stooping to pass judgement on someone or something that one has no real knowledge of. Is such a simple question really so offensive to people? Are we all such children here that we cannot appraise the human body in artwork without laughing awkwardly or pointing fingers in order to appear mature?
  3. Yes, you can have a rousing debate about anything imaginable, provided two individuals with at least a shred of interest and enough intelligence to hold a dialectic are present. Your posts are rather emblematic of how far a forum can fall when the average person only responds with a line or two of text-speak (or off-topic ramblings) and an attempt at wit or to disparage something in order to appear elevated. I'm honestly disappointed in (most) of this forum (not that one should expect much of most forums), at least compared to what I remember it being several years ago. Maybe it's just this sub-forum.
  4. Ah, but we may measure the exact height of man-made skyscrapers and such many times on one scale and set of units to accurately determine its value. In this there is no objective measurement outside of hacking the game to examine and measure each units combat animation body (sprite isnt the right word for this in 3-D games, am I correct?), and Im primarily talking about the official character portrait artwork anyway, of which there are slight differences in scale that render measurements with ruler to screen useless. Therefore it takes a certain eye to *estimate* an accurate comparative ranking from the art, giving the act an inherent dose of subjectivity. Its always the subjects that blur the line between objective and subjective value that I take the most interest in. Tier lists for speed-runs, efficiency runs, and fighting game tier lists also are able to provide components of objective value in the form of growth rates, join times, frame counts and priority, but fusing these elements together for each character in order to assign a conclusive value is, if the amount of debate they cause is any indication, also subjective. This form of ranking blurs the objective-subjective line in a different manner than the topic I've proposed, but they both stand. Ive seen a few bust size comparison threads elsewhere with constant additions of images of official art, in game screenshots, and even some hacked polygon model links on the rare occasion that all results in rousing debate. I'm not expecting such extremes here, but a bit of individual estimation would go a long way. That said, if taking the discussion to "nicest" is the only way it's worthwhile for you, please do. I welcome any opinion remotely relevant to comparing the different characters' designs if it generates discussion.
  5. That is unfortunate. I remember fondly lurking in the various long tier list threads around the time Radiant Dawn came out. I have no interest in trolling, I simply enjoy ranking things. To return to the topic at hand, I submit my estimates for the higher end of the Tellius cast, in decreasing / shrinking order, including within tiers: Top Tier Nailah Heather Mia High Tier Almedha Sigrun Upper mid / "decent" tier Vika Titania Average tier Lucia Elincia Marcia Fiona Jill? Calill
  6. Don't flatter me. I merely carry the torch once lit with honest courage by one of your own in this hallowed thread: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=43548 For such a student of hyperbole you seem to be happily ignorant of the history around you. You may be right. I had thought the individuals of a forum so skilled in debate, tier lists, and analysis would find something lighter to analyze with the same scrutiny amusing, at the very least. And that their love for fire emblem would allow them to be a bit more open minded in matters relating to it. I still have hope I was not mistaken.
  7. You don't mean Mia in that cutscene? That's a choice I've seen often. Who would you say has the advantage between the two, in the cutscene and out of? I can agree with some of this. However, it's clearly not an objective trait when there are already several dissenting claims on a single topic with only a few serious responses in the first place. I'm asking this out of genuine curiosity of Fire Emblem fans' opinions, and I don't see any need to inject reactive moralizing into what can be treated as a purely comparative debate with an attempt to reach a more objective consensus, as you claimed it started as. As for limiting it to females, the inclusion of males in this case would be nothing more than listing the handful of obese male characters in the series, which has already been done.
  8. Who has the largest bust? I'm primarily talking about Tellius units, but the likes of Petrine can get an honorable mention. Feel free to include runners-up in order as well. Radiant Dawn: Nailah, with the runner-ups being Heather, Almedha, Mia, Sigrun, Vika, and Lucia, in descending / shrinking order.
  9. Specifically, which female unit has the largest breasts for each Fire Emblem game? PoR: RD: SD: ect. I'm primarily talking about recruit-able characters, but the likes of Sonia or Petrine can get an honorable mention. Feel free to include runners-up in order as well. -My estimates for the higher end of the Tellius cast, in decreasing / shrinking order, including within tiers: Top Tier Nailah Heather Mia High Tier Almedha Sigrun Upper mid / "decent" tier Vika Titania Average tier Lucia Elincia Marcia Fiona Jill? Calill
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