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  1. Because that's what's supposed to happen. If the Ashen Wolves were all actual dogs, which one would you most want as a pet?
  2. Probably feral Dimitri, Rhea will have me killed for questioning religion. Dimitri's cool with me as long as I have nothing to do with the people who killed his dad. WYR fight 100 chickens or one raging bull?
  3. Path of Radiance hands down. WYR spend a thousand dollars on food or clothes?
  4. Does Yuri pulling off his scheme in chapter 6 of Cindered Shadows count? Standing on the blood drainer, blood drain effects in the air behind him, while assuring his fellow wolves he has a plan and they will not die. Fuck you, Aelfric.
  5. Dude, I actually PLAYED IN SEPTEMBER and wondered why I wasn't going to the other worlds lol.
  6. Gonna echo the PS1 demo disks. It's how I got into Spyro.
  7. Haven't listened to them, I might later, but from your descriptions they work.
  8. I've known her for a long time, Ike is her all time favorite FE lord. Sylv is her latest FE crush.
  9. OMG YES. "When you feel my heat, look into my eye, it's where my demons hide!" Just one eye 😉 This fits my ficverse well when Ingrid is giving Dimitri some good patience and tenderness, the "He's still there, he just needs a little love. I am the Maiden of Wind, he's Loog" deal I headcanon. Could be female Byleth too for those who prefer that.
  10. That works for him too! I feel like the song I posted is him before he sees the light at Gronder, and yours is after.
  11. That'll be this. Please provide lyrics in text form or videos with lyrics on them. Easier. But yes, this fits some aspects of Byleth.
  12. I swear Starset's My Demons needs to be modded into the credits of Azure Moon. Edge of Dawn is Edelgard's song. Here's the lyrics in text. See? Totally fits him.
  13. I'll just go straight into the examples here, because that's the easiest way to explain what this topic is about. Please, if you post youtube links, make sure they're ones with the lyrics on screen. Otherwise you can post links to the lyrics. Dimitri: My Demons I picture this being Dimitri to Byleth during the early war phase, and sometimes Lambert/Glenn/etc ("I know you're watching, I can feel you out there"). Save him if he becomes his DEMONS! Yuri/Claude: I Won't Back Down Might fit Yuri slightly more? "In a world that keeps on pushing me around, I'll stand my ground, and I won't back down" "I know what's right, I got just one life" "Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out" sounds like Claude talking to Hilda.
  14. OMG yes. To both things. Yeah, total bruh moment...I wonder how much consciousness he had? Like, Miklan, I figure was thinking HELP ME! but could only roar and growl and drool. If this beast was made from a living person combined with the soul of a dead person pulled from the afterlife abruptly, that could be different. If I were Sitri I'd be kicking his butt once the beast is gone and he's standing in front of her in the afterlife, like "you absolute idiot" To add something else, I looked up the names of the new characters on Behind the Name, and I'll put them here. Yuri: Russian/Ukranian form of George Balthus: Play on Balthazar, one of the Wise Men that visited baby Jesus Hapi: Egyptian mythology, MALE god Constance: "constant, steadfast" Aelfric: "elf ruler"
  15. Jeralt calls Byleth Orange Seed in the womb, cutest shit ever. Especially considering at one point, Byleth was indeed just the size of an orange seed.
  16. I see, I missed this somehow. This assumes Sitri was a dragon herself. She was Rhea's artificially made child, so I guess it's possible, but most if not all of the other instances of dragons having kids with humans in FE give the kid a dragon form, and Byleth does not have one. Roy may or may not count, his mom is well accepted as being Ninian, but it's never said in canon.
  17. I half expected him to show up around the final battle or something.
  18. Just felt like jotting down some of my reactions to this side story, thoughts, questions, and things I think it could have done to make it better. Feel free to use this topic to do the same for yourself. Apologies if one already exists. New Playables My favorite is still Balthus, I love the big goofy dorks. Hapi's nicknames are adorable, Constance is okay. Yuri, despite not being my top favorite, I've gotta hand it to him for pulling off a big scheme on screen. Claude is said to do this, but we never actually see it. Yuri's Plot: 1: Find out the keeper of Abyss who brought you and the other 3 down here is grooming all 4 of you as blood sacrifices 2: Know he's dangerous af and will kill your mom and everyone else if you squeal 3: Send your people out to scout, secretly and quietly 4: Attract the attention of the church 5: Observe the church people who came down, figure out they're trustworthy 6: Let dangerous Abyss keeper think nothing of it 7: Be rescued at the crucial moment, look completely badass even while getting drained 8: Profit Step 7 reminded me of a Naruto or Dragonball powerup moment AND I DON'T EVEN WATCH ANIME. Story I think most of us can say we saw Aelfric's betrayal coming from a mile away. It didn't help that people on the Shitpost Emblem reddit were making memes about "Aelfric did you fuck my dead mom" and "Aelfric is a necrophiliac simp/Orson 2.0". The first one was indeed spoilered, but I clicked it, so that's my fault. The first spoiler I saw, however, was that Byleth's mom was named and shown! Completely out of context, just the image of her and Jeralt. And I dawwed. I'd been calling her Vivian, but Sitri works, and with that name, pet names are possible. I already said Jerry(affectionate), Jerald(annoyance), and Jeraldo(major annoyance) as Jeralt pet names from his wife. He can use Sweet/Flower/Fruit, Sour when she's grumpy, and Orange Seed for Byleth in the womb. Two thumbs up, thank you IS for showing us her. Despite knowing it was gonna happen, I still raged at Aelfric when he started to sacrifice the Ashen Wolves. They all had just enough lines and screentime for me to start caring about them, so I was like nobody's harming these good boys and girls on my watch. Yuri pretending to attack Byleth got me for a second. Once Claude said "Oh he just pretended to cut you" I was like oh okay. His exchange with his fellow Wolves after that was great and feelsy. In Balthus' words: "Hurts. Hurts bad." I'm fond of Alois, so I'm glad he got a small role. Gameplay/Maps I heard of the escape map ahead of time. Thought it would be harder than it actually was. I had like 3 or 4 turns to spare. Yuri's Foul Play was pretty useful to get Edelgard where she needed to be. Used a lot of the divine pulses, but I managed. Wrath Strike playing for that map was fitting. I can talk about music here too, I suppose. The Shackled Wolves is a good new track. The broken/chaotic sound to it, if that makes sense, really fits this story, and if you listen closely I think you can hear what sounds like dogs/wolves panting. At What Cost fits as a final map theme, but it doesn't stand out too much to me. Dwellings of the Ancient Gods fits in the map it plays in, and so does Roar of Dominion. I appreciate the unique victory conditions, reminds me of Radiant Dawn in a way. I did kinda want to pull my hair out in chapter 1 though. The reinforcements. Kept. COMING. I had to restart the chapter once because I'd thought I was done and along came more. Unanswered Questions/What Should Have Been Added Why did Jeralt never show up? This takes place before his death. My best guess is that he was busy on missions or away investigating the Western Church, but it would have been nice if he'd appeared at some point. Why did Constance get depressed in the sunlight, and when Yuri said he "removed her silence", what was that about? Hapi's monster summoning was explained, but it was never explained how Constance has two completely different personalities. Yes, there are mental conditions, but correct me if I'm wrong, I don't think that specific one exists and in a world with magic and curses that's what it has to be. Yet we never found out what or how. I assume this is in supports but it should have been outside of them too imo. Rhea said Sitri's "restless spirit is finally at peace" after the Umbral Beast is defeated. But wasn't the Umbral Beast Aelfric? Was Sitri's soul in that thing too? How? Regardless, I was worried the final boss would be zombie Sitri and I would have cried, so, I'm glad it wasn't. I like the Umbral Beast's design btw, it's a better looking decayed cursed dragon than Duma imo.
  19. Look up "why do zoras have breasts" on youtube, it's some interesting stuff that actually makes sense. Dragon and bird laguz, at least, I see as mainly humanoid/mammal but with a reptilian or avian form. Janaff told Ike they once laid eggs but I take that as teasing and they never did. Manaketes are more complicated, given that they were once actual dragons, but had to give themselves human forms for reasons. I assume they were able to copy the functions of a mammal body.
  20. It's actually from the King Arthur stories. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wedding_of_Sir_Gawain_and_Dame_Ragnelle I think you can see the cleverness here. Hint: Greil's birth name.
  21. About three maybe. On a scale of zero to absolutely hilarious, how funny would it be if Byleth commissioned naked Dimitri posters to raise the morale in Azure Moon?
  22. Leak emergency. WYR have your shirt fly off whenever you sneeze or your pants?
  23. You already did. Why are they uh oh Spaghettios?
  24. Claude: Hey Dimitri! Watch me do the Grouchy Edelgard! Edelgard: Stop naming moves after me! Claude: Everybody's an idiot except me! Edelgard: Well it's true.
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