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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  2. Yes, great minds think alike.IMO 1. (Reserved for Smash Bros.) 2. Fire Emblem Awakening 3. Super Mario 3D Land 4. Zelda ALBW 5. Animal Crossing NL
  3. Idk what's wrong with that post and are people not allowed to have opinions here.
  4. Lucina I change to Paladin, seriously, Paladin Lucina with DS+ is even better than 3rd gen Morgan Noire I change to Sorcerer. Yarne I like as a Berserker. Chrom I also like as a Paladin post game.
  5. Awakening is the best game currently available on 3DS, that should change when Smash releases. I'd go with Smash, but Awakening is one of the best I've played in years(only bested by the last Smash Bros.) so try to get both.
  6. Any build you guys can recommend, I'm having a hard time deciding. This is also for post game. No access to Limitbreak. Also final class recommendations?
  7. I think this is probably the best answer. I'd much rather have DS+ and both Rightful King and Aether than a couple of extra stats. DS+ Rightful King Aether Ignis Galeforce I think that's the absolute best character in the game assuming her mother is Robin.
  8. So, what would be a preferable for Lucina with a +Str -HP Robin as the mother?
  9. Assuming you have all the skills you want on a unit, what is the best class to put them on. I'm guessing Grandmaster and Sorcerer? With Dark Knight and Manakete not far behind?
  10. I play Hard and Normal and +Mag -Luck has been my fav so far.
  11. Not a support, but the single best line in fire Emblem history is. "I will weep salty tears into my pillow tonight for your people" Also, Morgan + Inigo support is hilarity.
  12. What final class does everyone prefer for Morgan? I'm assuming Gransmaster? That seems to work the best for me
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