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  1. This engine is awesome! Just one question: I cloned the git repository, and I can edit things mostly fine. How do I create an .exe for a completed project? I tried double clicking on "build", but it just opened a command line with an error message that closed almost immediately. Edit: this is what I get on the error message build.sh: line 5: pyinstaller: command not found mv: cannot stat 'dist/the_lion_throne': No such file or directory cp: cannot stat '../lex-talionis-utilities/audio_dlls/*': No such file or directory Done
  2. Yeah, I know, but I couldn't really contain myself and just blazed through the rest of the game. It's alright though: I want to replay it, and when you update it again I'll start from scratch. maybe my Gilliam won't be defense screwed this time! About the randomizer: I don't think it's circles' skills system interfering with it. I just patched a clean FE8 ROM with the skills patch, then randomized it (in that order) and it worked fine. When I try to patch your hack though, microsoft framework gives me an error. It allows me to continue patching, but the patching never seems to end. This is not something you need to worry about though. It's just my habit of taking a crazy thing and trying to make it crazier.
  3. Just finished it. Man, this hack was really fun. It's too bad it's not compatible with the universal GBA FE randomizer, or I'd be doing some crazy stuff with it.
  4. I have to say... this was one of the most fun hacks I've ever played. I'll do a review on each character later (no computer access right now)
  5. I've just played up to chapter 7 until now, but the hack is really cool! But I want to know about promotion items: Are there enough promotion items for every unit in the game? Is there a (non-secret) shop that sells promotion items? Or do you just have to grind them in the Tower? I ask this because I was surprised when I saw that I got the boots instead of an Orion's bolt for completing chapter 6, but I had already seen some extra promotion items elsewhere (Like the Ocean seal in chapter 7). Did I just miss the Orion's bolt as a stealable in chapter 6?
  6. ... ...Damn. You should get a break before the torture starts again.
  7. I think sure shot could be good in case you get some very dodgy enemies later.
  8. I've thought of that before as well, but never managed to put it in practice because I can't hack for shit. Also, for shits and giggles, make the summons cyclops.
  9. Pretty sure that, on randomized recruitment, Ross, Ewan and Amelia always stay the same class. Orson is also always the same.
  10. Would it be possible to randomize the summon's classes, along with what items they hold? (Not in this randomizer, but would it be possible in some kind of future version?)
  11. Sorry for my noobness, but how do you check the growths? can you do it with only VBA, or do you need something like nightmare?
  12. Yeah, but there are important chests before that like the elysian whip one at chapter 8. Wait. A Gorgon Myrrh? I thought manaketes were a tier 1 class because I've seen a manakete L'arachel. Gorgons should be tier 2 no? Another class I haven't seen, now that I thing about it, are Draco zombies (understandable because OP as fuck) and soldiers.
  13. Hey. I've been playing this a lot lately, especially with FE8, and I just wanted to give my impressions and a few tips. -If you randomize movement, don't put the minimum at one. You have no idea how annoying it is to have a 1 mov lord in a game where a lot of chapters involve seizing. -If you randomize weapon hit, do not put the minimum at 0. It just makes a lot of useless weapons. -If you put random weapon effects, whwnever attacking with a weapon, savestate right before attacking. You never know when the weapon wil have a devil effect. -If your randomized iron axe is really good, you might have difficulty recruiting Ross and Garcia. -If you randomize thieves, be ready to not be able to open a lot of important chests. -If you like arena abusing, and because of that are afraid of putting unique classes because monsters can't go to the arena, remember, Only monsters that use claws and bites can't go to the arena. Monsters that use weapons can. -Summoners are not actually useless in this game, because the phantoms can get more than one hp because of random growths and base stats. They won't get more than 0 defence and res though. -If your monster weapons suck, but your enemy's are great, remember you can steal them with the enemy control glitch. -I haven't seen any Gorgons or Cyclops yet. Do they replace promoted units and I've just gotten unlucky, or are they not in class rotation? This is a pretty fun tool. I'll play around with it some more.
  14. Didn't read the link. No time. But... Are you sure that the palettes for randomized classes in FE8 are always default? Because I have a rather pink Garcia Knight.
  15. I have the most OP iron sword ever. 10 might, 63 hit, 43 crit and 1 weight.
  16. Lol no, because you see, if you complete a chapter with the batmobile, you are teleported to chapter FU, where every enemy is a demon king that is immune to the batmobile.
  17. Then you end up getting the batmobile, which insta-kills everyone.
  18. I'm just waiting for the first chest I get to contain a Demon light when I LP it.
  19. Oh OK. Meanwhile I'm waiting for Ross to have over 100 GR in Magic. And have all other GRs be exactly the same as Sain's while I'm at it.
  20. Where's the FE8CM doc? I can't seem to find it.
  21. ... Guess I'm beating the game with Archwood then.
  22. See, I told you that a dark/light magic user with better speed was a good idea. This looks great. But say, I already have an Archsage (Eliwuss), when I update, does he turn into a High Magus or will he stay as an Archsage?
  23. Welp, I'm screwed. Also, DK will randomize all of your weapons every turn, and only then you can hit it with a specific weapon.
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