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  1. These are so lovely, especially the forts and river town.
  2. Worst to best Fates (laughable stories on all 3) Blazing Sword (good characters, but funny/dumb story) Genealogy (such a boring generation 2, it loses its flame past part 1) Radiant Dawn (part 1 = good, part 2 = great, part 3 = boring, part 4 = terrible) Awakening (Good arcs 1 and 3 but all together just don't connect well) Gaiden/SoV (I don't like the protagonists in the later arcs but the story works) Binding Blade (dull protagonist is my only complaint) FE1/3/Remakes (Simple but effective) Thracia (The lore of Genealogy but with a better main character and story) PoR (Great world building, nice story, great cast) Sacred Stones (Loved the story, the villains and everything else except Ephraim)
  3. Either Calill or Sonya are my top favorite but I like a lot of them too.
  4. Do these maps look engaging?
  5. Idk if this is the place to post this but it seems perfect for it. I recently read a topic in these forums and I noticed that in one topic several people stated that they're tired of evil cults being behind everything. So I think I'm going to change the plot on what i'm working on a bit.
  6. Watch me dance.

    1. Ertrick36


      I'm the queen(?) of the night!

  7. FE11- Caeda (Palla) FE12- Sheema (Catria) FE4- Ayra (Arden) FE5- Eyvel (Marty) FE6- Sue (Shanna) FE7- Serra (Lucius) FE8- Eirika (Vanessa/Tethys tie) FE9- Astrid (Titania) FE10- Meg (Laura) FE13- Maribelle (Miriel) FE14- Effie (Benny) <- This one was hard because I also like Arthur and Charlotte a lot :( FE15- Sonya (Forsyth)
  8. Thank you both! I couldn't figure it out on my own.
  9. How do you clear face without clearing the background? is it rebu?
  10. I'm on a girls only run on Lunatic and Chapter 10 was giving me a lot of trouble until I decided to include and recruit Anna. So I got her and turned her into a witch and wow her bases as a witch are crazy. She definitely made things easier for me, then I made the mistake to reclass her into a merchant (For more gold ). I broke the rules for chapter 15 since I only use Azura for refreshing and she wasn't strong enough to fight enemies. Right now i'm on the wind map, and this chapter always gives me trouble. Mvps so far: Effie, Anna, Mozu, Camilla Patiently waiting for a heart seal: Charlotte, Elise, Selena, Anna Worst unit so far: Beruka
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