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  1. All units operated without regards to their surroundings. They did tend to group up decently, but I assume the reason for that was that they plainly spawned next to each other which resulted in their paths being parallel/similar. This is what I observed from a single battle. This was tested against an acquaintance of mine, to paraphrase: Overall the survival rate was low when pitted against a human which didn't hold back (5~10%). Without limit breaker, they did survive 30~40% of the time (thanks to failed proccs, dual strikes not triggering nearly as often etc.) and put up a good fight. it was the first time he had to think when playing against streetpass teams, since nobody else put nearly as much effort into their team as Tactless Tactician. It is to be expected. I would have been disappointed if it was anything less than thought inducing. He told me that he was caught offguard by Inigo and Lucina being more murderous than he anticipated. Apparently Aether still hurts, if only a little bit, against targets without LB, even if they're paried up. He didn't tell me how the encounters concluded exactly, but he told me that Lucina's Aether did more than a little scratch damage (10-30% total HP in damage, depending on enemy). All other units were equally dangerous. From this I derive that the units do enough scratch damage that will - if not treated soon - result in their demise if the luck favors AI in terms of counter. In that sense, units who brute force their way in 1 range are very likely to bite the dust, but this only happens if the player is not careful (I didn't see it happen personally). Apparently one of his Sorcs which was using the Waste tome had problems with hit rate, especially Yarne. Edit: He made the impression that it was a challenge, and that without rescue it would be very difficult to win without losing anyone. In that sense I believe he enjoyed himself a little bit. At the very least he didn't say he felt fighting was a waste of time
  2. I did test it, nothing which we didn't already know came out of it.
  3. She doesn't need it. It pushes her over the top to the point at which she can annihilate enemies even with weapon triangle disadvantage. The context here is efficiency. That has been established a few pages ago. Learn to read.
  4. By the time you set up your galeforce shenanigans, I'm already done with the game and can do something else. Earlygame stability is all that matters. Quick Burn is good in that it lets you reliably hit lances, even with base Lucina. The fact that you believe I'm taking Quick Burn to try to avoid tank with a unit which has trash stats shows how clueless misguided you are. Edited for political correctness.
  5. Sully x Frederick Maribelle x Donnel Sumia x Henry Olivia x Gregor Male Robin x Cherche Gl & Hf
  6. I wasn't aware such a debate took place. Thanks for clarifying. I still stand by my point that: Is an erroneous statement. I won't let you get away with the 'everyone has their own style' attempt at an excuse to diffuse the situation and drive it into a stalemate. The fact that I can bring up this many advantages Sully has over Sumia is a testament to that. You're trying to make it look like this: Robin >> Sumia >>>>>>>>> Everyone else When in fact it is like this: Robin >> Everyone else.
  7. I have no idea what you're talking about. I think this is a good team.
  8. Don't flatter yourself, you're not getting any special treatment. Everyone is equal. Ingame only and from an efficiency perspective: There is no time to waste on useless children characters who are weaker than their parents. Lucina is one exception. Have you ever seen Quick Burn Lucina? Comparing units: Sully has better combat performance than Sumia when paired with Chrom. Especially when Lunatic is all about amassing critical mass as early as possible. This of course assumes you don't want to let Robin and Chrom solo the game, which is yet faster than Sully and Chrom, which is faster than Sumia and Chrom. If you - for any reason - want to recruit children, then Kjelle's paralogue is one of the easiest in the game and won't take too much time to complete. Cynthia's/Inigo's are much more demanding in stats.
  9. Mind your own business Mr. Police Officer. As already mentioned, this has been settled already. I see the galeforce lovers just pile up in this thread. Maybe one day you'll find out that this game isn't all about galeforce and that the Cavalier class tree is amazing. At least people accept that Wyvern Rider is good. Thanks for clarifying. I'll keep your opinion in mind for the future.
  10. That's not possible. The two statements are part of a single point I'm bringing up. If you had understood my point, then you wouldn't post things like these.
  11. I see. Thanks for answering quickly, now I can make adjustments.
  12. Right. My comment wasn't directed at you. It was primarily directed at this incredibly risky statement of ignorance: If you really think that Sumia is "pretty close" to Robin as an ingame wife - as well as being 'incredibly far above everything else' - I'll have to reevaluate my opinion of your insight into the game.
  13. I think Sully is the better ingame wife for Chrom, whatever floats your boat.
  14. I can post my opinion on this tier list topic since I already composed such a reply a week ago on a different board.
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