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  1. I tried patching it and it was still in japanese for me.
  2. I personally think Rutger and Dieck are very overrated Dieck's only good stats for me were HP and skill and Rutger didn't gain much strength for me.
  3. On the first post it said Rutger is better than Lakche how is that possible?
  4. How is Rutger better than Lakche and Shannan he dosen't have the awesome skills our stats.
  5. I want to pair Lex and Beowolf with Lachesis and if put them both with her what will happen to demuld?
  6. I beat the Geonology of Fala and I am moving on to Geonology of Tordo is their a pairing guide for that one too?
  7. Does Geonology of Fala have a pairing guide? If it does can you translate it please?
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