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  1. It's THAT time of the year again.

  2. Happy birthday, Kao

  3. 11.) Cake or pie? 12.) Why? 13.) Do you slap people with fish? 14.) Least favourite board game? 15.) RNG: yay or nay?
  4. 6.) Any really bad phobias? 7.) What's your deepest, darkest secret? [That you're okay with sharing] 8.) Did you play any MMORPGs as a child? Which ones [if applicable]? 9.) What was your dream major as a child? How does it compare to now? 10.) What's the stupidest question you've been asked (not limited to this thread, although i'm okay with you saying mine)
  5. 1.) Favourite fish, if applicable? 2.) Are you surprised I'm actually using the forums for once? 3.) [Jumping on the initial/current impressions of me bandwagon] 4.) What do you think qualifies as a "good question?" 5.) how come you can do everything i can do better ;-;
  6. I lied. i'm back for like, 5 whole minutes.
  7. Now I go back to never posting in HHH again. Buh bye~
  8. It's okay. You can be like me and never visit in the first place.
  9. Yu Jin died of shame I think. Cow^2's grave had a painting of Pang De dying in a glorious fashion, and Yu Jin being there.
  10. Was Yue Jin or Yu Jin the dumb one? I get the two confused a lot.
  11. I think that was Yue Jin. Cao Pi is a jerk.
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