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  1. Ah. I unfortunately don't believe I'd know anywhere else to find him, I just encountered him after reading an FE4 thread that he posted in trying to work out the specifics of how the Project Naga glitchfixes mess with Seliph/Julia love point values. Thanks anyway.
  2. Was that in reference to Newtype Eldigan or Raotzer Whathisface? I'm trying to get into contact with Eldigan again for some help on an FE4 save file, and after a while I decided to check his latest posts and tracked his last ones to this topic. Was he the one banned or was it the other dude?
  3. I am actually unsure if I reset during Part 1. I started this file at Evans Castle, but the actual file is well over a year old. I'm pretty sure I never did, though. There's not much reason to with save states, yeah?
  4. In FE4, do units gain (or lose) love growths between each other if one of them is in the castle? Also, when are adjacent lover growth bonuses gained? When you hit End Turn, or when the unit in question Waits next to the other unit?
  5. I've just been talking with a guy who said he managed it even though it was on the Project Naga patch, so there must be SOME way. Still need to figure out how he managed it, though.
  6. I have been attempting to use Jealousy. https://imgur.com/QR1xmOz This is the formation, with Seliph on the top left, Larcei to his right, Lana below him, and Julia to Lana's right and below Larcei to steal from both of them. However, it seems that after a bunch of turns like this and checking the augury, he starts falling in love with Lana instead. I checked Arthur on recruitment, and he has both Minor Tordo and Minor Fala.
  7. Was something done with this patch that prevents Seliph/Julia from working? They don't seem to start with 490 love points when Julia spawns despite my not resetting.
  8. I've been playing FE4, and I wanted to do the Seliph/Julia glitch. However, some things aren't lining up. I believe that Seliph and Julia should be starting at 490 love points, but they don't seem to. As soon as Julia (and Fee and Arthur) appeared, I rushed Seliph back to the castle to check the augury, and there's nobody that he's even close to being in love with. Some facts about my file that might help: Seliph has 3 Leadership Stars. I heard of a glitch that causes him to sometimes start with 2. It didn't appear to activate on mine. No, I did not hard reset since Gen 2 began, which is what I hear is what you're supposed to do to get him his third star. All of my Gen 1 characters survived to the end of Chapter 5, and all my Gen 1 females were paired up. However, I noticed something a little near the end of Chapter 5 that was odd. When Taillite got killed by Reptor (before I reset), she finished her dying statement with "SILVIA, you nitwit!" As far as I'm aware, she should be calling out to her husband, not randomly to Silvia. However, she didn't end up with Silvia, obviously; when Arthur appeared in my game, he had all of Azel's gear like he was supposed to. Am I missing something?
  9. Hey, just curious, Pi... I was wondering if hacking enabled you to have certain NPCs appear on a map or certain events happen depending on what level support two characters reached with each other. (I was inspired by Azel's fate as told by Kaga and was curious about this...)
  10. Ah. They did in the original game, so I'd thought that they might here. Thanks.
  11. Huh. I tried to have Quan speak to Finn in Chapter 1, but nothing happened. Anyone know anything about that?
  12. I'm going to do what I can to leave all of them alive. I just can't bear such an idea. If I had to, though, then I would have each sibling defeated by the little sister of the other country. (In other words: Marx, Camilla, Leon, and Elise would be executed by Sakura while Ryouma, Hinoka, Takumi, and Sakura would be executed by Elise.) It kinda sounds sick, but I'd imagine that each youngest sister would have genuine sympathy for their "victims", knowing that they also loved Kamui (save for Takumi and perhaps Leon, but Elise/Sakura would still act without malice regardless). I mean, think about it. Let's say that Kamui sides with Hoshido and Hinoka kills Camilla. Wouldn't it be absolutely ghastly for Camilla's dying thoughts to be "I lost... to Kamui's real older sister"? It's been made clear that she loves Kamui a lot, and I don't see Hinoka - who would view her as a thief - to show much sympathy for her. Or put it in reverse and have Hinoka get killed by Camilla. "I lost to that girl who stole my baby sibling and made herself his/her big sister." I can't see Camilla being sympathetic to her in any way, either. It'd be the same with just about everybody (save Takumi). Kamui's Executioner... If I took the Hoshido Path, then I would choose to be executed by Marx. If I took the Nohr Path, then I'd choose to be executed by Takumi. He seems the least likely to lose sleep over it. Bad choice on the last one. Camilla's got Axes while Oboro has Lances.
  13. Yeah. We just hadn't noticed her pink hair tips.
  14. Don't think much of it. GameFAQs moderators have the stupidest priorities. They'll close threads that make plenty sense to have, yet will leave other, obviously stupid threads open. Sorry about that, though.
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