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  1. Thanks for the advice but what part of "I like Marcia" was not personal experience? I voted Both are equal because both were pretty useless in my game. I used Jill in Path of Radiance so I was kind of sad she didn't stand out when I played Radiant Dawn.
  2. ??? lol what? I don't smoke, I'm being serious, Jill and Haar sucked in my game, Marcia was one of my mvps. Blame the RNG, I have nothing to do with their stats. The only troll around here is you...following me around saying I'm a troll? Get a life kid. I don't know who Ashera is but I'm sure a simple IP check from a mod would disprove your ignorant claims.
  3. omg how little you people must be if you really can't take a statement for what it is....there doesn't need to be more details....apparently I don't take these games or some people's opinions as seriously as some of you guys....but then again I'm sure I have a better life than most of you, so like water on a feather's back. Oh well.
  4. I like Marcia. I think both Haar and Jill were nerfed in this game or something because neither of them really did stand out compared to some of the other characters.
  5. Here is an interesting note, the codes on the wiird site for Gecko didn't work for me on Dolphin but worked perfectly when I booted off usbloader gx on my wii.
  6. Hawk and Lion king ftw! Kurth is the prince of dragons so he's technically a royal but him and Ena just stunk up the field, so I kept them in the back.
  7. Well excuuuuse me....Ranked Run is probably referring to maximizing the ranking you get for being a "strategist" such as the tactics, funds, experience, etc.
  8. Path of Radiance. Thanks to everyone else for the kind words. :)
  9. I completely agree about the cash grab. Sacred stones kind of seemed that way as well, which I played right after Blazing Sword and was like...lol..they could've at least changed some of the sprites.
  10. wow, never seen someone so vehemently try to defend a game against other people's opinions. Yes, I played Path of Radiance right before I played Radiant Dawn. Sorry I mispelled Rolf I guess talking about this game angers me so much to the point that I can't think clearly...I blame mostly the Dawn Brigade, they have literally turned me off to life. Plus, if you have time to pick apart a stranger's musings online, then you got time to realize that game did not do Path of Radiance justice.
  11. Are you responding to me or the other guy? Let me give some details that I was pretty unhappy with....Micaiah...let's face it...she's just too unlikeable. Not only that but at the end, oh wait...she's the sister Sanaki never knew she had. Oh wait, Soren is the son that Almehada never knew she had...oh wait Pelleas is the prince that he never knew he was (which by the way we already have a secret prince/princess from Path of Radiance: Elincia) oh wait we also get to see Roth's mother he never knew he had oh wait Reyson and Leanne also have a brother they never knew they had and later on they will wake up their father that they never knew they had even though they were all wiped out supposedly...lol...yes those are run on sentences because basically the irrationality of that game has influenced me that much it was so extreme.
  12. Decided I'd join up the guys who saved me....which means I'm new here. Hopefully I'll have something worth saying about fire emblem.
  13. I hear ya brother. I completed Radiant Dawn but it was ridiculously hard to not just sigh and roll my eyes after every conversation after and prior to the battles.
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