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  1. <.< >.> <.< ...I got the names mixed up.
  2. To join, you must find the underground arena where the Boulder invites those to foolishly challenge him. It is an arduous journey, one filled with lots of peril. Kinda weird when Leopold states he's trained to handle magic enemies. You think he'd be the Wyvern Knight with high Res growth yet low Def. Still, yeah, would make Karina OP.
  3. ...Those first few growths were horrendous. Damn you RNG goddess! *Shakes fist* I love Karina as well. One of my favorites, but I wish she actually had a defense growth. When I play as her, it's almost nonexistent. I remember manipulating the RNG to experiment and got 50 levels with her, only 2 had Defense and for a Wyvern Knight that's horrid...or maybe the RNG truly does hate me. Also, the Boulder pulls a Kongol from Legend of Dragoon. He needs no weapons, only his fists.
  4. Clearly the Boulder should have been the main character instead of Anakin at chapter 11.
  5. Looking at the stats and comparing them to my own, they are pretty similar. Big differences are my Shon has a bit more Defense and Strength, and what happened to Inanna's Skill? Haven't seen it that low as a 20/1 Falco, Also, Shuuda got some horrible growths as well. Course, with Tamiko, Cia and THE BOULDER, it'll be an easy journey for part 2.
  6. True, you do have a point. It wouldn't really cure the problem, just build on it in another way. Hmm...at this point, probably best to stick it out then. The more dialogue you have, to more you can add to characters and dialogue. Maybe after a couple of more chapters, it might come forth...or not and we'll just have to live with the dialogue and characters we have :P
  7. I can relate. I'm an English major and have been in various fiction writing and workshop classes over the last 2-3 years and perhaps my biggest problem that people tell me is that in terms of dialogue, characters can be a bit too similar. Like, I know my characters and their personalities, yet when I put it into dialogue, that doesn't transfer over from my thoughts. Perhaps the best way is to start with the little things. Maybe have Alice tell a bad joke or pun every now and then, like she thinks they are funny and not many are amused and she works at it to improve her jokes, (also, I do note that she did have a more laid-back way of talking, with "Nice to meet ya, kid", so you could bring this out instead/as well), or maybe make Ryan a little hot-headed and perhaps mischievous, like a trouble maker of his age, or you can maybe make his crush for Julie perhaps a bit more dominant in his actions and such. I think if you can give these characters these little perks, they'll start to grow as you get further with these characters and add more to them, even if they have to be cliche. For example with Amy. Maybe she can be scary when she's angry. It's been done before, the scary, angry cleric who's usually really nice and caring, yet it can lead to the development of the characters to make them a bit more unique from each other.
  8. So, played most of this, just a chapter or two to go, and it is well done in pretty much every area, as the videos showed. Now, you mentioned in a video about sprucing up dialogue or something and I'm not sure how much or how far you've done it, but perhaps the only thing I could say against it, and this is obviously depending on the person, but the dialogue is laughably so anime. Too anime probably to a fault. Of course, it certainly isn't a surprise, but the lines are just so cheesy and anime and I pretty much saw 80% of the dialogue coming because of how much I've seen it in other media, sometimes seeing it coming word for word. The characters are just so cheery, so helpful to each other, so nice, so quick to apologize, etc., and while it's not a bad thing, it is boring in a way. Because characters are like this, there really feels like a lack of personality. I mean, from the actions and dialogue of Julie, Heather, Alice, Ryan, etc. There doesn't feel like much of a contrast between them, and I think that the dialogue is pretty much the core here. I think that the characters can be interesting enough, and have the background and personality to be, if the dialogue was just looked over and modified. The character of Raymond is an example of this. His personality is different, especially compared to the others, mostly because of his age and experience, that because of this he stands out more and is much more enjoyable in comparison. And I think that could be a key to look at. The older characters, like Alice, who is 19 if I remember right, could provide a contrast to the younger, cheery, and perhaps more naive characters. This really isn't too big of a deal, especially considering some of the things I watch, but when it is in a game like Fire Emblem, it does stand out to me. Obviously, you really don't have to change it and it really won't hurt anything, and if you already have plans to modify it, then at least you can read my thoughts on this anyways. Just hope to help make this hack a little bit better.
  9. Taku

    Elibean Nights

    Another Halberdier, my favorite FE class. Can never have too many of those. He's not a Nephanee, but he still looks awesome.
  10. His bases show that. Decently high and balanced. I've just never been able to get his growths to work for me. Cia always blasted him away in stats once I got her back.
  11. Yeah, I got it too on my recent playthrough. I remember having to use Eduardo with Charge and RNG manipulate two 40% or so hits to do so. It's a good thing Eduardo was close to the boss when it happened. Glad it's fixed again.
  12. Yeah, that's pretty much how Cia turns out, which is generally one of the best characters for me.. Itsuke usually turns out poorly.
  13. The Boulder is also slower than hell. My Kevin usually has like 9-10 speed medium at that level. Course, like all good Knights, Strength, Skill and Defense are all you need. The Boulder will be fine, until he finds a blind Earthbender...
  14. Taku

    Elibean Nights

    I'd like to request Hervor to be a main character in a FE hack. Her design is badass.
  15. I've seen this mentioned before, but I'd like to second Tinny being recruit able by Seliph, as I was unaware Tinny would be in the chapter, due to the chapters being shorter than their counterparts and it is a big chapter with limited units available, so I just wasted a long time since I didn't bring.
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