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    Nino and Nino and Nino... Ok seriously I am just your average kid. I love video games plang sports chilling with my friends and not much else...
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  1. Hello members of Serenes forest, in the link below there is a save file for what may just be the hardest challenge run ever attempted. I am dubbing it the Csc challenge. What is the Csc challenge you ask? Well let me explain. It's a run through of the dreaded Ch24x with a twist. 1:The rules are no using staves! 2:No using savestates! 3:No using a map or a guide (mainly for the warp tiles) Yes it's just these three simple rules, however these simple rules combines with the true hell that is Ch 24x makes it perhaps the most challenging run of any FE level ever! So I ask you all too attempt this run with me that is nearly impossible including you who are often considered the best Fe players of all time, because I think even you will fail to do this. Link to the save file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cs7c055uisl8aff/FE5.srm?dl=0
  2. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  3. Haii there, isn't your avvie cute. Nagisa is one of my favorites too (and yeah Nino too)

    1. Cschollen1


      All I see when I look at that avatar is blurriness through my own tears.

    2. Aryabug
  4. Online name: Cschollen1 Real name: Carter DoB: Favourite FE Game: Sacred Stones Favourite Game (other than FE): Legend Of Zelda Majora's Mask Favourite FE Character: Nino (Fuck your elitism) Least Favourite game: Awakening Sports:Hockey, Ball Hockey Online friends:None Favourite music: None I guess... Favourite artist/band: Queen Favourite song: BOhemian Rhapsody Country: Canada MSN/Yahoo/AIM: None... Hobbies: Fe, Video games in general, Tvshows, Anime (especially Clannad. I love Clannad) Sports and not much really. Good Point: I can contribute some cool things to the website I guess? Bad Point: I am a filthy casual Anything else? : [/b] If any of you go on reddit or more specifically /r/Fireemblem you should know me. For those of you that don't however. My name is Cschollen1 I am a casual never really caring too much for the best score but rather just having fun with the game series I love. Also I am kinda obsessed with Nino and uh my main goal for serenesfrest is to spread her holy godliness to the website :) Thats all I guess... ----
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