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  1. Hey, I've noticed something, its seems as tho the randomizer doesn't randomize the bases for the classes. They are all the same in the changelogs save for the mov stat :/ (idk why, but the site wont let me attach the changelog, sry)
  2. Sorry to bother yall, but i've recently gotten a new computer, and i cant find the FE randomizer. If someone could give me a link, that would be swell ^_^
  3. don't tell me you quit the place......

  4. Wick stood there a moment, dumbfounded. Blinking twice, he walked out of the room once he saw there was nothing else of import. He headed back to Liss, making sure she was alright, when he noticed something awfully peculiar. Phaedrus was alive. Although he seemed sort of ethereal, almost as if part of him were still dead. But that is impossible, unless. he spots the urn, just shy of Phaedrus's feet. It must have been that then. " In which case, this urn would be VERY useful...hehe..." Wick spoke to himself in his native language. He moved to the cross, and began to lift when he realized that it would be impossible to lift. Alone. "Evuri wun! Help mi with this!" He lifted a few times but to no avail, "This is wat rivivd Phaedrus!!!"
  5. Wick approached an urn, and for a while he just stared in awe at it. He knew not why. Perhaps the cross? Or maybe it was the sensation of well being coming off of it. No matter what it was that drew him in, he did not stand idle for long. He walked forward, taking in every single detail. And he touched it.
  6. "You will only serve to fail, atoner, the witch will never keep her promise for long..." Wick said in the tongue only he and Cyril understood, "however, I for one have no problem with you being 'second in command', but I would watch my back if I were you..." Wick began to walk to one of the dead guards, "You never know who you can trust..." Upon reaching the body, Wick began to inspect it. He searched for useful items, or perhaps clues as to why their memories were hazy. Once he had concluded his search, he picked up the fallen's spear and instinctively put It into a special sheath on his back. Why had he done that? He'd never wielded a spear in his life, so why would he have a sheathe for a spear? My past, of course. he thought as he struggled to remember, but to no avail. He was now even more determined to remember his own past. He continues over to their only casualty, Phaedrus. Wick bent down and began to recite a ritual...most likely retained in the back of his mind, formally blessing his soul. Wick continues to explore the room on the far left of the grand door, looking and grabbing anything that was useful.
  7. Wick agreed with Calypso, although he did not wish any harm to come upon the atoner. He saw, however, that the two weakened enemies would prove no challenge to the atoner and the knight. "Ai agri, but stei bihind mi. I wil protekt u two." He said, addressing both Calypso and Liss at the same time. He readied his hand on his blade's hilt, prepared to quickly slice through anyone who came near him or the two women he was protecting. He would not be weak. Could not be weak. "May God protect us in this hellish tower" Wick said in his native trongue.
  8. Wick had no other options, he had to get the cleric to do his job one way or another. But Wick knew he had not the strength to fight him, instead he had to get the others to listen. Or he could stay in sidelines...but that was not much help to anyone. Wick knew he had at least one ally in his venture, the woman who had attempted to lead them earlier. She had a grudge against that cleric as well. Wick moved to Calypso, his senses numbed by his wounds. "Wat ar u goin tu du aboat tha cleric?" He inquired, just out of earshot of the cleric, "hi is bi-ing a huj nusense." Then Wick retreated back always, not wanting to become demon chow. As he moved he thought about the cleric, then remembered something...or had some sort of vision, for he recognized that cleric as an atoner. He walked up to the atoner, just close enough that he was the only one who could hear Wick. "Maebi u shud rikansidur my afur, for ur oan gud." Wick shows no move to hurt him, then spoke again except this time in his native tongue. "I knew there was something special about you...hehe, they already suspect you as a thief... I wonder what they would do if they found out that you were a murderer as well..." Wick began to laugh, a laugh he had long ago done constantly. But he had stopped, for he had forgotten. Or had he? "So, do you want to heal us... Or take your chances with them?" He pointed to the group, breaking into another fit of laughter.
  9. Wick could see that the cleric was ignoring them, that was not good. If the cleric did not o his part he would be endangering not only Wick and Liss, but also himself. It was time to take drastic measures, but he couldn't threaten his life, they both knew that he would not benefit Wick dead. Perhaps something of use... THATS IT! "Liss, giv mi yur basterd sord." Wick got the sword, and turned to the cleric. "You wanted this earlier, you may have it..." He pulled it away from the cleric's reach, "IF you promise to do your part as a healer... do we have a deal?"
  10. Wick did not notice the pain in his body, for he knew pain did not matter. Why was that? He did not know, in any case he could not just stand there waiting to die. And neither could Liss continue to fight. Wick lifted Liss off of the ground, and headed a safer distance from the monsters. He turned to the cleric, who was also injured. "If wi ar tu survaiv this, yu must tend tu owr wunds." He said to the cleric, trying to get him to help Liss. He turned to Liss, who was sitting on the ground now. "It wil bi aul rait, trust mi." He said bringing a pained smile to his face.
  11. "HMF!!" Wick looked over to the girl, and saw how she struggled with her blade. Then he noticed another blade, strapped to her back. It was exquisite, light, and seemed a perfect fit for her. "Hire" He said, as he pointed to the blade on her back hoping she would notice it. Then he realized something, she hadn't heard him. She must be deaf.. or hard of hearing...no matter He decided to take initiative, he grabbed the sword off her back and handed to her in a single motion. "It is a bettur fit for yu." He told her, saying it slow enough for her to read his lips.
  12. Wick did not want to see anyone get hurt, or harassed for that matter. Why? He's not the kind of person to do that...is he? As far as he knows. He had forgotten so much, how could it get out now? No matter, he sheathed his sword when the harasser left and yet. He was at unease, restless even after the days they'd been walking. Or was it weeks? Months? Years? Centuries? millennia...Were they even still alive? Did it matter? Wick had to force these thoughts back, and turned his attention to the door. It had opened. He watched how one of them dispatched of her attacker, and how another protected her with his shield. He then saw as the girl he had protected shook as she held her sword, he felt bad for her... "Git bihaind mi." he said to her, struggling with every one of the strange syllables, as he put his hand on the hilt of his blade. "Stei klos." He made his way forth, Liss close in tow. When they got to the first of their enemies that they encountered, Wick immediately attacked, slashing the enemy as he unsheathed his blade. "Nai u!" He shouted back to Liss, signalling her to attack as well.
  13. Wick, who had been well behind the others, preferring no one suspected him of being with them. But who would there be to suspect? For as far as he knew no one was alive, that he and the people in front of him were the only ones still breathing. Yes, they were alone. Although he could not be certain of this, for he retained very little knowledge of his life before now. He does, however, know why. He'd finally fully renounced his old life...changing his name wasn't good enough, so he renounced his memory as well. As he walked he just listened to the sounds of nature, or the lack there of so beautiful. When he entered the tower, he noticed one of the 6 was hassling another, why? Why steal from an ally? It did not make sense, it was completely illogical. Wick walked closer, still ignoring the unintelligible gibberish escaping the people's mouths, and drew his sword up until the blade was snug against the thug's neck. "RELEASE HER..." Wick stated, using his best knowledge of their crude language, glaring at him from under his helm.
  14. Class: Ascetic Character name (Gender): "Wick" (He has renounced his former name) , Male Appearance: [Links are acceptable] Wick has deep red hair, which he wears swept and spiked to the side of his face. In contrast are his unnaturally bright sky-blue eyes. His clothes consist of a baggy tunic and baggy leggings. The tunic is orange with red swirled patterns all over; it is tucked under his belt. The belt is used to carry his weapons and packs holding his provisions, it is a dark-brown in color. The leggings are black, and the bottoms are tucked into Wick's boots which are also black. HIs armor: http://darksouls2.wdfiles.com/local--files/_armor/alonne-s-set.jpg Personality: Wick has a cold personality, having very little consiation for others. HIs blade is his only friend. He also very "straight to the point", saying what is on his mind even if to everyone else the time isn't appropriate.
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