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    Online name: Youko
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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  2. I knowww.. :( That was like my biggest debate the whole time I was making it. I just hate her as a character haha xD Not hate, but I'm not super fond of how weak she is and every FE 8 playthrough I've ever done she always gets the lowest stats possible and even as a 20/20 Great Lord she just never ever gets the job done for me. It did feel very weird not including her but out of all the games lords she is my least favorite and I needed room to include my boy Knoll too. FE 8 and 7 both have awesome awesome characters and my love for the other ones much overpowers hers. I almost did not add Lyn for the same reasons, though she's always turned out to be an okay character. But I just couldn't not have the trio. xD I've already ordered it so now I do regret not having Eirika for your reason but I think it'll look good regardless. x) Thanksss for your feedback! :D
  3. Sooo, I really wanted a Fire Emblem shirt and I did some looking around and all I saw was blehh blehh blehhh.. So I decided I'd just take all my favorite characters from 5-8 and put them on a shirt. I could have made the mugshots smaller and added more but I feel that the size I choose for them are perfect. Anywayyy, just wanted to share with everyone! Feedback is very welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance! :D Here's the website I used: http://www.uberprints.com/ (Though I wish I could cover the entire shirt in mugshots not just one square :(.. )
  4. I'm currently working with FEXP to make my own Fire Emblem remake but I haven't even played a hacked version of Fire Emblem yet! xD Derrrppppp but anyway! I'm looking for something that has a lot of new classes to choose from and preferably dual-specializations because I really loved that from FE8. In my own game I intend to include several fan classes and new characters as well. I'd also like to see that! Just an overall new cast of FE characters. Some old revisits would be cool in the game too. and Weapons Weapons Weapons! :D I love the customization of Fire Emblem and I'd love to see it expanded by it's fans. Anyway! Let me know if you have anything I should try. Links if you feel like it. Thanks in advance! :)
  5. This is super awesome holy crap! Very impressive, I look forward to making my own sprites in this caliber someday. :)
  6. So you're totally a girl! xD And I'm planning on writing up a story too for my FE game in the works. I wish you luck with that! :D I just havent got all my characters in order yet so I cant start writing until all the artwork is done. Welcome to the forum :D I'm new too. Edit: PS Sorry if you're actually a boy hahaha xD
  7. Youko

    My collection! :)

    One thing I'm really really struggling with is making a sprite sheet into a GIF, just for my own purposes. I've tried making it via GIMP like pasting each frame as a new layer but I can't center it for all 20 some frames so it comes out all shaky and weird. :( Hopefully I'll craft some more mugs today, girls are so much more difficult than guys it seems. I also just realized recently too while designing a tattoo for one of my characters that I can just take any icon and scale it down and throw it on, are there any like clothing/armor/accessory resources available to me? Specifically for FE or you know whatever works.
  8. Hey everyone I'm James! I'm 19 and I recently got a hold of FEXP for RPG maker and I'm working on my very own Fire Emblem remake. :) This will obviously take a lot of time and work but currently I'm focused on spriting and the artwork that I'll have in the game. My game is based off people I know in real life and all the characters will be my friends. Whether it's a boss, a playable character, or an other character, they will be recreations of what they look like. I'm very much an amateur at all this and really the only thing I have going for me is scripting knowledge and being an artist. Most of my artwork is all by hand but a week or so ago I began spriting with GIMP. Here's my art thread: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=49901&hl= and here's my deviant art account: http://doitjames.deviantart.com/ Anywayyy, hello everyone and I'm looking forward to getting to know you. :) This forum looks AWESOME. I gladly welcome any helpful criticism or tips. :D
  9. Youko

    My collection! :)

    Yeah actually I've been spriting for about a week now. So I'd consider this pretty good for only a few days in. I don't make these characters based off what I want, it's based off a real person who gives me specifics that they would like to see. The less specific that someone is, the less work I do because if you don't care what your character looks like then I don't either haha. I'm using GIMP and yes I am very amateur at all of this. I'm a scripted and a modder and the only other time I've ever worked with Pixels was back in the day on Animal Crossing GC/New Leaf/Wild World. And that was nothing more than badass clothing designs and such. So yes help is much appreciated. You can be as critical as you want it doesn't bother me haha, what really matters is how happy I am with my work and one negative comment cant change that but only drive me to create more appealing characters. This is not a ROM hack, i'm currently using FEXP to make my project which still has lots and lots of work to do. I'm also a newb at GIMP as I've only been using it as long as I've started spriting which is about a weeek. xD.. But I'm not sure how someone can insult the shading just because it's the original shading of the character and kept at the same brightness. But anywayyyyy, help is much appreciated! Toss me some techniques or things I can try out. I'd like to start making freehand sprites but that intimidates me a bit as of now. Thaaanks. :) Edit - Oh and the colors are not picked by me but the owner of the character so I'm slightly limited in that department.
  10. Hello everyone! :D This is my first post on this forum and I hope to get to know the community soon. Thought I'd show off some of my recent works for my very own Fire Emblem game. They are based off friends in real life that will be in my game. Most of them are just recolors of existing mugshots with small tweaks. Some are spliced up, some are quite custom! Just depends on how many requests the person had for their character. Anyway, I'll probably post all of my work on this one thread so I'll keep it coming. :) Enjoy everyone and I'm glad to be on the forum! -Joshua- -Ben- -Joseph- -Chet- -Kayla- -Girlfriend (Wendy)- -Me (James)-
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