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  1. Start with FF2. In my opinion it had the best music, gameplay, and story. That is my real opinion, not a joke.
  2. Behave yourself or there will be consequences
  3. RIP in peace Fire Emblem. You will be missed. My opinion: At least Final Fantasy had good/decent games after it hit the same point that Fire Emblem did. Also I heard SMT and Persona fans are pretty split.
  4. I would do many great and honourable things with its transform ability by making it my waifu.
  5. I played FE8 first on the 3DS, but I was little and didn't even understand what I was doing or what it was about, so I consider FE13 to be my true first FE. I absolutely loved Awakening at the time and got lots of DLC, then I got a phone that could emulate games properly and went onto playing FE1 then FE2 then FE4 and FE7 then FE6 and FE3. I decided it would be best to start with the beginning as to not blur my experience with how the newer games work and imo that was a good decision. FE4 was absolutely amazing to me and I loved it. FE1 was fun, FE2 (even though I haven't finished yet it is one of my favourites along with FE1)was fun but I still have to beat it. The clunkiness of the first 2 actually appealed to me a lot. I played FE7 and then FE6 and they were great. I feel that I missed out a lot with this bad translations so I'll be replaying FE6 and FE4 and starting Thracia when I can/when the good translations come out. All in all I sort of adopted the FE Veteran Elitists attitude and disowned Awakening for ruining the series even though I'm quite new in the FE scene by like 3 years. These FE games are a big part of my life and I enjoy them to the point of it being my favourite series. I will never forgive Awakening for the atrocities it has commited and for every chance I get I will bash it to the fullest of my abilities. Praise classic emblem may the gods of FE4 bless you in america and may the demons known as awakening weeaboos not harm you all. Have a good day. (Don't take that last part about weeaboos seriously)
  6. Then technically fates takes place after and before Awakening. Maybe the world of Valentia and Archanea isn't that big and you can easily get the Valm from Archanea ny going either west or east?If you're in America you can get to Europe by either going east or west, maybe one path takes longer, but it's still an option. Even then we still don't know where Jugdral is located so I don't know what I'm saying. Jugdral's location still hinders what I'm saying. I'm not really picking sides here, I'm taking all thoughts into consideration because it doesn't really matter, FE's timeline/chronology/continuity is almost as big as a mess as Zelda's timeline, if not even more. Even Pokemon's timeline makes more sense than this. Also the ingame map isn't supposed to be that accurate
  7. How does your headcanon make the Tellius games take place between FE6 and FE7? Is your headcanon that Mark is Morgan?
  8. Timeline #1 Timeline #1 is assuming the dragons of Elibe fled to Archanea through the dragons gate and the events of Magvel happening sometime after the creation of the dragonstone. Some dragons were seperated from the rest and came to what is known as Elibe. I think I remember Ninian saying something about some getting seperated. Timeline #2 Timeline #2 is assuming that the presence of dragons was all over the place in different worlds and they didn't escape to Archanea specifically. Each world had different ends or events happen to the dragons. In Tellius they and others could continue to live in their dragon forms without the use of stones. While in Elibe the dragons fled and in Archanea the dragons died off. ( ) (/ ) Events could take place anywhere between the two start and end marks. > Signifies the next game in the timeline. = Same spot in the timeline. ~ Not related. The Dragon's Gate is an Outrealm Gate by the way. Discuss.
  9. Petition to replace Cloud with Black Mage https://www.change.org/p/nintendo-square-enix-sora-petition-to-remove-cloud-from-smash-and-put-in-black-mage-instead?recruiter=425021782&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink [spoiler=Letter of resignation]On another note I would like to thank Serenes Forest for teaching me so much about Fire Emblem and introducing me to the other games (which I find to be way better than Awakening). I've was able to play through FE1, FE3 Book 1, FE4, FE6, FE7, and FE8 thanks to translation patches provided by this community. At first I was an annoying troll, but I realized this was a cool place and changed somewhat, but most still disliked me. I've come here to say thank you to this community and I will now resign from my position as an SF member. Enjoy the petition.
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