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  1. Thinks it's less awkward to romance the students now that a time-skip is confirmed (even though it's basically grooming)
  2. I've not edited anything anywhere or done anything to any VA listing sites so I'm not sure what you're coming at me for. I said "Tara Platt is Edelgard" and then did an audio clip comparison. You can argue that Tara Platt isn't voicing Edelgard but someone else in the trailer, which is fair. I can change the title to "Here's why I think Edelgard is voiced by Tara Platt" but I'm not just going to move the entire post. Additionally, I've already posted in there stating I thought the new voice for Edelgard was Tara Platt after the second trailer/with the whole voice-swap shenanigan.
  3. "Y'all, we're gonna have some word with y'alls parents about the crests. How dare ya use em like dat. I'll be darned." -Southerngard 2019
  4. Holy heck, they DO look a LOT alike. But honestly, I feel like this is the perfect VA for Edelgard. Mitsuru and Edelgard can be kind of similar character archetypes, and she NAILED Mitsuru so well.
  5. He was cute before, even with spaghetti hair. Now, his hair is like, actual spaghetti, and I don't really like the length of it but he does look cool I guess
  6. Yes, you are. In the last trailer(before this one) Edelgard was voiced by Tara Platt(or someone else, at least, we didn't know at that time). This was confirmed five days ago by Cristina Vee herself here, she was indeed not voicing Edelgard anymore.
  7. All the vital parts were right, we even saw a glimpse of Claude's Wyvern(if I'm not mistaken). Who's ready to be crazy with Edgelord?
  8. Is-- is that my pfp haha? Yeah, it should totally have been an axe. It might still be though? I don't think we saw it in it's entirety. Maybe she has more than one weapon?
  9. Here, we can hear Edelgard in the beginning of the new trailer:
  10. Also, Tara Platt is Edelgard(I checked the trailer again. I can recognize my girl Mitsuru anywhere. HELL YES). I'm so excited, Tara Platt as Edelgard? I could not want any more
  11. As my main lord: Lysithea. Haha ok all jokes aside: Lord - Edelgard,axes and magic, heck yeah. Sylvain - Resident hottie and king of my heart, possibly good cavalier as well. Hilda - Tea,sis. I don't know, she just seems kind of dumb/charming and I kind of like that. Axe-Serra, what more can I say? Petra - Gives me Florina X Lyn vibes, I like it. Linhardt - The man, the meme, the myth, the legend. Lysithea - Lute was my fave FE character for a while, then it was Ilyana. Now it's time for Lysithea. Dorothea - Hats are bae, heck yes. Felix - I like swordmasters Ferdinand - I need a lance unit, probably. I guess Hilda'd have to double as my archer but I like this line-up a lot. Top 10 chars for sure(if we include Bernadetta).
  12. omg I said Tara Platt too(but over on Reddit) It also kind of sounded like Kara Eberle though
  13. Why did this make me laugh? Omg, diabolical. Okay, aside from that, being able to support units from other houses explains why you can recruit a student of your choice: Making an impression and having them transfer to your class. A lot of units are already "transfers", like Lysithea and Mercedes. Units of other nationalities that are in other houses. (Yeah, Lysithea is supposedly from Cordelia,but her Crest is from Charon, a territory in Fergus, and Mercedes is in Fergus but is from the Adrestian Empire) So, supporting characters could lead to them being like "wow,teacher, you're SO cool and I want to be in your class, do you think they'd let me transfer?" Seeing as characters from different houses also are able to support with eachother(to my understanding), the limit might just be one, and I actually hope it does. I want the house decision to matter, but a little bit of freedom is nice as well.
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