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  1. I don't know everything, but I know what classes I want some people to be. Bernadetta - Armor-Bow(Like an archer and then into Fortress perhaps). Dorothea - Myrmidon or Warlock Lysithea - Cavalier or Bishop(preferably a mage knight class so she can ride across horseback wielding all the weapons) Marianne - Cavalier(The Berkut X Rinea memes are just too real) Annette - Cavalier or Peg.Knight I guess Hilda - Peg. knight with axes Edelgard - Myrmidon(with axes as well) Sylvain - Cavalier Petra - Peg.Knight with swords I WAS thinking of making somebody a flying archer as well though, don't know who
  2. I think I like Lysithea's design post time-skip(did she tie her hair into buns at the front?). Caspar became a hottie and I'm definitely romancing him on my Black Eagles playthrough. Felix looks a'ight, we've seen his design before. Lorenz got an upgrade but he still looks like the love-child of Virion and Leon, so I'm definitely gonna make him an archer. Hilda looks fine. Ashe looks exactly what I'd expect him to, so that's okay I guess? Overall not too impressed, but at least not disappointed.
  3. Oh,really? My poor spanish skills could barely keep up with what he was saying. Maybe I'll have another look at it
  4. We have not seen anything about the recruitment of Marianne. All we know is that Lysithea can be recruited from the Black Eagles. I have speculated in another thread about this. (even though it has nothing to do with the leak). Marianne's crest is that of Hresvelgr, meaning she shares blood with Edelgard(this isnt the theory part,this is just what Vincent detailed in his post),the theory part is that Marianne might have major Seiros blood, putting her in direct line of succession above Edelgard, since Edelgard only has minor Seiros blood(and perhaps major Hresvelgr blood, as a sort of duality/opposites thing). Perhaps Edelgard's dad wanted his own daughter on the throne, rather than that of a cousin or something(Marianne) (Btw,I was the one who asked Thani about Lysithea's death, and from what I could gather Lysithea dies due to crest experimentations, because she's literally my favorite character and I read all the info Thani posted about her. Thani said A)She had a tragic fate. B) She had been subjected to crest experimentation,if I'm not misremembering and C)She dies no matter what eventually, that could mean she survives the entire game but dies at the end)
  5. the first two are probably it, yeah. I'm just lowkey a crack theorist(the Uchikoshi games ruined me)
  6. This is just a theory but maybe each character can have one major and one minor crest. Edelgard's major crest is that of Hresvelgr(or however it's spelled in the English version), while also having the minor crest of Seiros. Meanwhile Marianne has a major crest of Seiros, putting her line for the throne of the Adrestian Empire? Marianne does seem to be skilled in White Magic, mirroring Edelgard's skill in axes. We also know that the crest stones exist, with the whole monster things, perhaps we can acquire crest stones and infuse them into the students? This brings me to my next thing I've been thinking about, Lysithea and Catherine share a crest, we know(or supposedly at least?), but they can't be sisters as Lysithea is 15 and the eldest daughter of her family and since I doubt Catherine is younger than that, how can they both carry the same crest without being related? The crest originates from Faerghus, so assuming Catherine is from the Charon royal family, perhaps Lysithea's mother is the sister of one of Catherine's parents? Marrying for political reasons and such. HoWEVER, there might be more to it than that. Maybe Lysithea possessed more than one crest? Most of the places on the map have crests pertaining to them. It's not impossible for there to be a crest of Cordelia(well it'd have to be some saint though, seeing as we know all the elites). It wouldn't be impossible for Lysithea to carry major blood in that(since there are a few crests left we don't know about).
  7. Thinks it's less awkward to romance the students now that a time-skip is confirmed (even though it's basically grooming)
  8. I've not edited anything anywhere or done anything to any VA listing sites so I'm not sure what you're coming at me for. I said "Tara Platt is Edelgard" and then did an audio clip comparison. You can argue that Tara Platt isn't voicing Edelgard but someone else in the trailer, which is fair. I can change the title to "Here's why I think Edelgard is voiced by Tara Platt" but I'm not just going to move the entire post. Additionally, I've already posted in there stating I thought the new voice for Edelgard was Tara Platt after the second trailer/with the whole voice-swap shenanigan.
  9. "Y'all, we're gonna have some word with y'alls parents about the crests. How dare ya use em like dat. I'll be darned." -Southerngard 2019
  10. Holy heck, they DO look a LOT alike. But honestly, I feel like this is the perfect VA for Edelgard. Mitsuru and Edelgard can be kind of similar character archetypes, and she NAILED Mitsuru so well.
  11. He was cute before, even with spaghetti hair. Now, his hair is like, actual spaghetti, and I don't really like the length of it but he does look cool I guess
  12. Yes, you are. In the last trailer(before this one) Edelgard was voiced by Tara Platt(or someone else, at least, we didn't know at that time). This was confirmed five days ago by Cristina Vee herself here, she was indeed not voicing Edelgard anymore.
  13. All the vital parts were right, we even saw a glimpse of Claude's Wyvern(if I'm not mistaken). Who's ready to be crazy with Edgelord?
  14. Is-- is that my pfp haha? Yeah, it should totally have been an axe. It might still be though? I don't think we saw it in it's entirety. Maybe she has more than one weapon?
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