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  1. Too tired to add many details right now so I'll just leave short descriptions and screenshots. C12x 5/85 turns Did the 5-turn to obtain the Red Gem and the White Gem, I'm sorta worried about my boots money. Edit, detailed version: Turn 1, Treck got danced to drop Marcus ahead. Sue killed the Fighter, Tate rescued Roy and Shanna moved forward. Turn 2, Shanna got the Elixir and canto'd to a more convenient tile. Sue ORKOed the Dark Mage and got danced, rescuing Lalum ahead. Treck dropped her off and moved ahead, so did Marcus and Tate. EP2, Treck had to connect 4 Javs against two Archers so they don't OHKO Lalum or Tate on the following turns. Turn 3, Shanna killed a Thief in the way and Tate gave Roy to Sue. Marcus then opened the upper Elixir chest and canto'd away and Sue gave Roy to Treck and ORKOed a Fighter that had attacked Marcus on the previous turn. Lalum then danced Sue and she ORKOed the Druid, Treck just attacked the Myrmidon. Turn 4, Shanna gave her chest key to Tate, who then got danced by Lalum and picked her up. Marcus then dropped Lalum ahead and cantoed towards the White Gem chest. Treck dropped Roy within seizing range and Sue just killed the Myrmidon. Turn 5, Brave Bow!Sue + KE crit!Treck killed Guerrero, Marcus got the White Gem, Tate got danced to the Red Gem and Roy seized. C13 6/91 turns Rushed through the bottom, Tate sat around above the sea from turns 2-5 and got the Body Ring on turn 6. Shanna bought 2 KEs, 4 KLs and 2 Killer Bows. Treck Wyrmslayer'd Flaer, having used a speedwing on turn 1. Lalum used a Robe. Again, detailed version. Treck used the Wings on turn 1 and Marcus dropped him ahead with full movement and a dance from Lalum. Shanna, Sue and Roy stayed out of range. Tate went up and waited from turn 2-5 above the ocean just to get the Body Ring on the final turn. EP, Treck ORKOed one or both Mages with Javelin and weakened the Sniper. Shanna killed the remaining Mage if needed and Sue the sniper, using Brave Bow. Shanna got danced and killed the remaining steel bow!archer, with a steel lance no less, protecting Lalum from a OHKO. KA!Marcus and KE!Treck massacred most of the cavalry on EP, with Treck PP critting the Paladin because Marcus can't OHKO him and he'd ruin the strategy later if he stayed alive. Turn 3, Shanna and Sue killed the two Longbow!Archers that were still goofing around and landing misses against my units. Shanna got danced and rescued Lalum, Marcus then took Lalum from her and Treck dropped her way ahead. Turn 4, Marcus and Sue killed the two Wyverns and Shanna rescued Treck, who had used an Elixir or Vulnerary if necessary, and then got danced to drop him far to the right, making sure she isn't within 17 tiles of the Paladin left of the castle or he starts moving and kills Roy on turn 6. Turn 5, Marcus got danced and gave Roy to Shanna (Sue brought him closer to Marcus) and she flew up and dropped him near the castle. Treck also moved up and used a Vuln if necessary. Turn 6, Shanna went shopping and Treck killed Flaer. Marcus got the Al Sword and Lalum used the Robe. C14 4/95 turns This was just disgusting, and nothing else really. Milady got the Speedwings and Warp, Sophia got the Silence and Ellen got the Talisman and Silver Card. Cecilia got her inventory filled by Marcus on turn 1 and convoy-dropped the boots. Shanna then got them from Merlinus and took Treck from Lot while using them. Lalum danced her and got dropped ahead two tiles by Sue and Tate. Shanna dropped Treck ahead so they can butcher some enemies on EP. After that I just improvised and save scummed because Arcadia deserves it. Turn 3, Tate gave Roy to Shanna, who then dropped him near the castle and went next to Randy to damage him with Killer Lance on EP. Treck rescued Tate and went towards the castle so she doesn't die pitifully. Turn 4, Shanna bought 4 pure waters and canto'd within 2 tiles of Randy so Treck can give Tate to her and Killer Lance crit Randy to his well deserved death. Gtfo Arcadia. C14x 3/98 turns Used some prostrats to improve reliability. Wolt rescued Tate and Treck took her and used a pure water, cantoing one tile short of Roy's fullmove. Roy then dropped Tate ahead, which is important so she can stay safe on turn 2. Shanna then rescued Treck and dropped him across the water, cantoing 1 tile back. Marcus and Sue then dropped Lot within range of Oates to distract the Bolting from Shanna and Treck. EP, Treck took most of the abuse and counterkilled the melee enemies with Steel Sword. Tate then got danced with Roy in the pocket and gave him to Treck, cantoing down so she's only within range of a hand axe!pirate. Shanna ORKOed the generic bolting!Sage and Treck dropped Roy off. Sue rescued Lalum and Marcus went for some Hand Axe combat for wexp. Turn 3, Treck and Shanna ganged up on Oates, with Shanna getting the kill because I need her to gain exp for Ilia. Tate also attacked a druid for the same reason. C15 3/101 turns Turn 1, Shanna dropped Treck on the right forest tile in the boss area, with killer lance equipped. He massacred some enemies on EP so they way to the castle is free. Marcus and Sue ganged up on a Merc. Turn 2, Tate gave Roy to Shanna, who then gave him to Treck, who then went next to the boss and dropped him on the mountain, without any weapons equipped to reduce the Javelin and Spear hitrates. Lalum then danced Marcus towards the Hammerne village, he either had to dodge the Aircalibur!Valkyrie at 65 hit or the Horseslayer!Cav at 48 hit. Shanna cantoed towards the village aswell, after giving Roy to Treck. Sue rescued Lalum and Wolt dropped her to the left. Turn 3, Shanna went shopping, buying a ton of door and chest keys with silver card. Marcus got the Hammerne and Treck double crit Raith. Lalum recruited Percival. Lot got the Divine tome on turn 2. UNIT LEVEL HP S/M SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP Roy 5.30 28 7 7 9 9 5 1 D Swd Shanna 10/4.93 31 10 16 23 15 11 11 E Swd A Lnc BOOTS Treck 12/9.19 43 15 12 18 13 13 4 B Swd B Lnc E Axe Sue 12/3.07 33 12 13 19 10 7 5 E Swd A Bow Marcus xx/10.26 36 11 16 13 12 13 9 C Swd S Lnc A Axe Tate 8.30 22 6 8 11 3 7 6 D Lnc Fae 1.00 16 14 14 3 7 17 26 - Lalum 4.10 22 1 2 12 11 4 5 - Lot 9.10 35 8 7 11 5 5 2 C Axe Wolt 5.05 21 6 6 7 4 4 0 D Bow Dorothy 3.72 19 5 6 6 3 4 2 D Bow Sophia 1.00 15 6 2 4 3 1 8 C Drk Merlinus 1.07 15 0 3 3 10 3 0 -
  2. C7 7/36 turns Lot killed the Armor to the left so Marcus can rush up the left and take on the enemies there. Turn 2, Roy recruited Jerrot, who then recruited Treck. Marcus used Silver Lance to ORKO the Wyvern thanks to having one or more (in this case two) str procs. I used NPC!Noah to bait and fight enemies since pretty much all of my units had trouble in combat. iirc, I sent Shanna to the shop to buy a lot of door keys and three chest keys, which saves Marcus a dead turn. He opened the door on turn 5 with Roy in the saddlebags, Noah was dropped within range of the right Wyvern so he doesn't go for Marcus and block/kill him or Roy on turn 6. Marcus dropped Roy near the boss on turn 6 and went within range of him to counterattack with Hand Axe because Armorslayer isn't enough for the ORKO. Marcus ended up at really low HP. Got all the villages. C8 14/50 turns Marcus led the charge and killed almost everything. Lot had to help out by hammering some knights and also collected the chests in the center. Shanna killed the left two mages in the throne room and Sue the right one, only Marcus and Roy headed for the throne room. Used the standard strat of hammering the boss on turn 12 PP + EP and going for the whip on turn 14, which costs a turn. Treck killed Cath and chipped the generic thief for Sue. C8x 6/56 turns Treck soloed the left, Shanna flew Marcus up and dropped him off on turn 2. Turn 3, he killed an archer and stood within range of a Myrm, who he countered with Armorslayer for the sake of accuracy. Turn 4, Shanna gave Roy to him and Javelin'd the Myrm down so Marcus can advance. Marcus dropped off Roy near the throne on turn 5 and silver lance crit Henning because unfortunately he didn't hit C swords in time, it would've required two Light Brands and a KE crit otherwise anyway, which isn't much more reliable. Focused exp on Sue with the remaining units. UNIT LEVEL HP S/M SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP Roy 4.44 27 6 6 8 9 5 1 D Swd Marcus xx/7.83 35 11 16 12 11 12 9 C Swd S Lnc B Axe Shanna 8.12 20 6 10 18 10 7 7 C Lnc Treck 8.74 28 10 6 9 8 9 1 E Swd D Lnc Sue 6.56 22 6 10 11 6 5 1 D Bow Lot 7.83 33 8 7 9 4 5 1 D Axe Wolt 4.77 20 6 6 6 3 4 0 D Bow Dorothy 3.69 19 5 6 6 3 4 2 D Bow Merlinus 1.00 15 0 3 3 10 3 0 - C9 6/62 turns Shanna dropped Marcus across the river on turn 1 and went up to attract the archer in the center, having to dodge him at 34 hit. Turn 2, Marcus moved further ahead, Treck, Roy and Sue followed up through the land route. Turn 4, Marcus picked up Roy and equipped Silver Lance to kill Fir on EP (second drafted unit to die lol). Turn 5, he dropped Roy near the castle and entered Scott's range with KE, having to crit him on EP5 and then again on PP6, which barely kills with 11 str. Shanna is still short of promotion (9.33). C10 6/68 turns Dropped a turn because Shanna wasn't promoted yet and needed an extra turn to gain exp. It was basically the flier 5-turn but Shanna only promoted on turn 3 after being given Roy. Turn 5, she was next to Nord with Horseslayer and 2RKOed him with Horseslayer, which doubled and 4HKOed. Treck and Sue self-improved. C11 8/76 turns Promoted Treck. Shanna dropped him across the wall and he more or less soloed the area. Everyone else went down, Lot and Wolt got the southern-most villages. Treck got the boss kill with a KE crit. Got all villages and Klain and Tate, obviously, since the latter is drafted. That's a lot of money from promo items. Bought two killer axes for Marcus' manly muscles. C12 4/80 turns Basically took beamcrash's strat. Marcus just fullmoved up the left for four turns, carrying Roy from turn 2 on and KE critting a Fighter in the way on turn 4. Lot, Wolt, Dorothy and Merlinus did their best against the two Fighters in the opening, although I didn't necessarily have to kill both of them anyway. Wolt got sleep'd on turn 1 so Merlinus took hits from one of the Fighters since I didn't end up killing him. Got the Flux and Aircalibur. The right side is pretty complicated. Turn 1, Sue attacked the Fighter since she was 1 exp short of a level. I would've had her Killer Bow him and hoped for a crit, but he voluntarily attacks Lalum with Hand Axe and not Killer Axe for some reason and doesn't block the way, so I just used an Iron Bow. Treck then picked her up, got danced, walked up to the Knight in the hallway and dropped Sue down, having Armorslayer equipped to counterkill both enemies. Tate picked up Lalum and Shanna dropped her off, cantoing next to the door. Turn 2, Shanna opened the first door and cantoed 2 tiles ahead of Treck. Lalum danced her and got picked up by Treck, then dropped 1 tile up by Shanna while she cantoes another tile to the left. Sue just fullmoved and promoted. Turn 3, Treck killed the curate in the way and got danced ahead to open the door and canto back one tile to the right. Sue rescued Lalum and Shanna dropped her ahead as far as necessary while moving ahead of her to make a protective formation. EP, Treck had Hand Axe equipped and had to counterkill 1/2 steel axe fighters with it at around 68 hit. All the unpromoted Fighters have 0 hit against Shanna, but the Warrior has 9 hit, so if Treck doesn't have a 1-2 range weapon equipped, the Fighters both attack him and the Warrior attacks Shanna from two tiles below, blocking the way. Instead, a Fighter attacks Shanna from two tiles below so the Warrior attacks her from elsewhere. That's important because Marcus can only KE crit a Fighter, but not the Warrior. Treck had to dodge a 29-hit sleep staff from the curate near Ain. Turn 4, Shanna took Roy from Marcus and moved into the throne room. Sue dropped Roy within seizing range and canto'd away so Lalum can dance him. Treck Wyrmslayer'd Ain and Roy seized. Tate collected treasure from turn 2 on. Shanna opening the door on turn 2 allowed her to open the second door on the same turn and still get the Brave Bow and the Elysian Whip, sadly two of the chests must be skipped with this strat. UNIT LEVEL HP S/M SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP Roy 5.04 28 7 7 9 9 5 1 D Swd Marcus xx/9.46 36 11 16 13 11 13 9 C Swd S Lnc B Axe Shanna 10/2.53 28 9 15 21 13 10 10 E Swd A Lnc Treck 12/4.44 38 15 9 15 12 12 4 C Swd C Lnc E Axe Sue 12/1.08 31 12 13 17 10 7 5 E Swd B Bow Tate 8.00 22 6 8 11 3 7 6 D Lnc Lot 9.08 35 8 7 11 5 5 2 C Axe Wolt 4.91 20 6 6 6 3 4 0 D Bow Dorothy 3.72 19 5 6 6 3 4 2 D Bow Merlinus 1.00 15 0 3 3 10 3 0 -
  3. C23 9/147 turns Lena killed Gharnef, who got rigged to be bottom-right. She just did it as a bishop with pure water to have sky-high res. Doga soloed the upper area, Rickard got the chests and got killed for the sake of caution against a Swarm!Bishop. C24 6/153 turns Forged a +10 mt, +30 hit, +30 crit hand axe named BHUJJI!. Doga charged through the mountain gap, Quatro visited the shop. Castor went right to distract a Bishop and a Manakete so they don't annoy me on turn 5. Endgame 4/157 turns Doga soloed the map with BHUJJI!. Used 2 arms scrolls on Jagen for another swarm user as a Sage, but it was unnecessary because I didn't have to kill the Curates (Medeus is only healed from below half HP, so he never goes above the 45 damage I have to do to him on EP). So Jagen just stood around and Lena and Gotoh killed the nearby Ballista on turn 1, afterwards they continually healed Doga. Turn 4, Doga attacked Medeus, sitting around at full HP after Gotoh's Fortify. Marth opened the door before and Castor used the map save to rig the crits. PP, Doga crit Medeus down to 15 HP and got Physic'd by Lena so he doesn't die on EP. EP, the Pachyderm!Ballista and a Swarm attacked him at low hitrates, not having enough to kill him combined with Medeus anyway. Medeus attacked him again and got crit back. Unit stuff: Overall: How the hell did I get this team? I had Doga, who might be the 3rd best unit, as the 12th player, along with Castor and one of the best and earliest magic/staff users in round 3. You guys sure made a lot of weird choices. Horace's team was pretty ripped too, 3rd round Wrys along with the broke Ogma, wtf. With a more balanced unit distro we wouldn't have gotten min turns in nearly every chapter. Can't really judge the format for FE11 like that but it's fun, we should do another one eventually.
  4. Don't know what's going on with my last comment, I can't edit it anymore. Unusual after a few hours. C11 9/69 turns Jagen led the charge, Doga got promoted and followed up as a Hero. I forged him a +5 mt, +10 crit iron axe named CHOKE. Castor killed the Peg Knights and Jagen reached the fort next to the Thunderbolt!Ballista on turn 5, EPing the Horseman and the Sniper with help from Castor, who used a map save so he doesn't get crit. Turn 6, he finished off the ballista, who he had attacked with Levin Sword before. Doga killed the sniper. Turn 7, Jagen chipped the Horseman so Lena can grab the kill. Doga entered a fort deep into the boss area to aggro the Cavs and Khozen, who got 3HKOed and doubled in the process. Turn 9, Jagen killed Jake with Levin Sword (he just reached A swords so he did 10*2/20 damage) and Doga crit the gatekeeper Cav, with Lena using the map save. C12 6/75 turns This was easy since I didn't have to get the boots. Barst killed everything basically, Castor the thieves, prisoners just died. Got all the items. C13 4/79 turns Castor promoted and was used as a Hero. Doga got the C11 Energy Drop to critkill Grigas. Lena did the usual strat to kill the above ballistae, with Rickard barely surviving an arrowspate to bait the first one for her. Doga counterkilled Astram on turn 1 and entered Grigas' range on turn 2 to kill him on turn 3 with a CHOKE crit. Marth and Doga had used Pure Waters to protect themselves against the Thunderbolt. Rickard used the right map save to ensure Marth's survival against multiple stonehoists and an accurate ballista on turn 2. Jagen used the left one to rig Doga's crit against Grigas on turn 3 and also to improve his own survival chances since the Thunderbolt brought him to low HP and a lot of stonehoists as well as an accurate ballista from below attacked him. Marth seized on turn 4. C14 7/86 turns Rickard opened the bridge and stayed up there to use a map save on turn 6. Marth went straight for the gate, Warrior!Doga massacred some enemies with CHOKE to hit C axes so he can hammer Jiol. Castor, Lena and Jagen went for the chests and got both of them. C15 7/93 turns Marth just went up, literally through the water and desert terrain. Forged a +6 mt, +15 hit Hand Axe named BHUJ!!!. It allowed Doga to ORKO dracoknights, still as a warrior. Gharnef pissed off just in time so he doesn't kill anyone. Didn't go shopping. C16 8/101 turns Marth fullmoved, Doga BHUJ!!!'d everything. And I mean everything, besides Xane, who got OHKOed by Hand Axe!Castor. C17 3/104 turns Needed to use a generic Peg Knight to visit the shop because Boah and Midia got killed. Doga crit Morzas with the Master Swd. Lena got promoted. UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP Marth Lord 4.58 21 6 0 6 8 9 7 0 D Swd Draug Hero 11/12.24 40 17 1 22 26 8 13 3 D Swd C Axe Castor Hero 12/3.30 31 14 1 13 15 7 12 3 D Swd D Axe Jagen Swordmaster xx/9.23 25 7 1 19 16 3 10 3 A Swd Lena Bishop 15/1.51 23 1 11 12 12 17 5 12 C Mgc C Stf Rickard Thief 1.68 16 4 0 2 9 0 3 0 E Swd C18 7/111 turns I forged another BHUJ!!!, the last one broke in C17. This time with +2 mt and +20 hit. Castor got both Speedwings because who else needs them? He also got an Arms Scroll to use Poleaxes as a Hero. It was mostly Doga solo and the new BHUJ!!! already broke. C19 6/117 turns Doga led the charge, breaking the Master Swd to ORKO Heroes. He can already use Silver Axe aswell. Got all the items except Bolganone and Pure Water, thanks Rickard. C20 7/124 turns Pretty complicated. Forged a +2 mt, +15 hit Poleax named SteelBPole and gave Marth a Robe so he doesn't die to Pachyderm. Turn 1, Zerker!Doga and Hero!Castor killed the Gens. Marth tanked the Ballista and SM!Lena and Jagen crossed the river. Turn 2, Lena Levin'd the Ballista down, Doga OHKOed the nearest Paladin and Marth crossed the river, just barely avoiding the Paladins' range. EP2, the Paladins both suicided on Doga, since he has lower Def than Castor and Lena is too dodgy on the forest tile. Turn 3, Doga healed with a Vuln and moved on the fort. Marth, Castor and Lena just moved forward. Jagen moved forward too, but only went on to buy some new Hand Axes. Turn 4, Doga entered Camoo's range with Hand Axe. Marth entered the Pachyderm range and Lena prepared to kill the Pachyderm!Ballista next turn. Castor waited inside the ballista range too to kill the General next turn. Marth had to avoid the Hoistflamme range, which is marked in the screenshot below, so he doesn't get 2HKOed. Turn 5, I sent Marth around the Hoistflamme range although he would've survived it anyway with a Vuln. Doga killed Camoo with the SteelBPole, both hits were supported by Lightsphere and Starsphere. Castor and Lena killed their respective enemies. Castor hammered Lorenz down on turn 7. C21 4/128 turns Forged another BHUJ!!!, this time with +4 mt and +15 hit. Starsphere!Hero!Doga used it to solo the 2 left-most Paladins and the Sniper on turn 1, while Castor dodged 1/3 hits from the Generals to hammer them down. Lena countered the right-most Draco with Bolganone so Jagen can kill him next turn with Steel Bow. Turn 2, Doga used Vuln (he already used Pure Water on turn 1) to kill one Mage and the remaining Paladins, as well as the Draco left of the castle. Either he or Castor (OHKOing with SteelBPole since he's at low HP) PP'd the left insta-moving Paladin on turn 2 and Rickard used the lower map save. Castor killed the left insta-moving Draco on turn 3 with a killer axe crit if needed. Turn 3, Doga killed the remaining Mage and Marth approached the castle, entering the range of a Draco that couldn't kill him even though he got doubled, thanks to the robe. Doga killed the boss on turn 4 and Marth seized after I bought the secret shop empty (except for the Icons) with Quatro, my favorite generic flier. C22 10/138 turns Geosphere'd the map because the enemy movement coincides really poorly with an 8-mov team, Doga can't enter enough of the enemies' ranges on turn 2 and on turn 3 at least three can attack Marth. Got the Starlight and Castor and Doga killed Michalis on turn 7, just before the reinforcements spawned.
  5. C1 5/5 turns Don't remember all the details but I made full use of meatshielding. Abel was free and Doga was absolute clutch. Needless to say both villages got skipped and I didn't buy any Javs. C2 4/9 turns Thanks Castor. Shiida reruited him and served as a meatshield. Most player units died and Castor used the map save so Jagen can crit the boss. C3 6/15 turns Jagen, Doga and Castor are a pretty strong team at this point and even Marth isn't incompetent. I also had some meatshields remaining, which got killed off now. Jagen silver lance crit Hyman. Doga just sat on the fortress to gain exp thanks to the Thieves' aggro AI after Marth visits the village. C4 7/22 turns Thwomp!Doga was the MVP, he dealt with the Horsemen really effectively. Lena helped by recruiting Matthis, who then got used to make the Fighters move conveniently. Merric died as a meatshield. Forged a +5 mt, +10 crit Steel Sword named Master Swd, which SM!Jagen used to kill Cavs and critkill the boss. C5 4/26 turns Forged a +2 mt, +10 crit Fire tome named Rigcalibur. Lena killed the boss with it. C6 10/36 turns Had to use Lena as a Cleric so my units don't die (screw running low on Vulns) and Doga as a Thwomp to fight the enemies above the chokepoint. I also used Dark Mage!Castor because it surprisingly was his strongest class with Rigcalibur and even just normal Fire. Doga OHKOed Cavs with unforged Ridersbanes and managed to pursue all the Thieves except the KE one (Jagen and Marth already chipped some of them a few turns before). Doga had to convoy-drop the Armorslayer so Jagen can critkill the boss with it, which Rickard rigged. Rickard also obtained the Bullion (S) near the start. C7 6/42 turns This was sort of complicated because of the reinforcements, but Marth went down the left side of the castle while I used the forest tiles for some extra avo. A crit was needed to take on the Jav!Knights in the boss area. C8 5/47 turns Don't remember this too exactly, but it wasn't hard. Lena got the bosskill iirc. C9 5/52 turns Used Levin!SM!Jagen. Kinda fought my way through the pirates with Fighter!Doga while Merc!Castor sat at the start to gain some exp. Rigcalibur!Lena and Silver Sword!Jagen ganged up on Mannu, needing a crit. C10 8/60 turns Castor just went up as a Knight to attract the fliers and fight them for exp (not Minerva of course). Against the Cavs, Jagen + Lena ganged up on the first one and Doga used a map save so Marth can crit another one. They ended up in a T-shaped formation, with Lena at the center so she's only attacked once since they 2HKO her. Doga, being a Fighter, could finish off the Cav that attacked Marth on EP2 so his way isn't blocked. The one that attacked Lena suicided on her over the course of turns 3 and 4. Lena had to proc Spd to ORKO the boss with a hit + crit (14 crit), sadly I was just a little too greedy with the Rigcalibur's mt since it wasn't far from OHKOing. Jagen killed the master seal!Hero with a Master Swd (19 crit) crit in two attempts, having used the upper map save on turn 6 to rig it. Missed out on the Levin Sword due to a 63% miss from Doga against the Thief, didn't bother going back for it. UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP Marth Lord 4.47 21 6 0 6 8 9 7 0 D Swd Jagen Swordmaster xx/7.12 24 7 1 19 15 2 9 3 B Swd Draug Fighter 11.02 30 10 0 7 13 3 6 0 E Axe Lena Mage 10.99 17 0 7 9 11 14 4 5 D Mgc Castor Hunter 10.25 25 11 0 5 7 6 7 0 D Bow Rickard Thief 1.68 16 4 0 2 9 0 3 0 E Swd
  6. Now for real, I can't believe I actually finished it. C23 35/151 turns Corrin carried and slowly entered and escaped the castle until the enemies dropped dead. She also killed Takumi and Shura healed and got the chests. C24 3/154 turns I really didn't want to do this the regular way, it's tedious, so I just rigged a KE Dragon Fang crit with Corrin against Hinoka, getting ferried there by Beruka. She convoy-dropped the KE for the Grim Yato after getting Hinoka's Speedwing to increase her Avo, by 20 no less. Elice used the DV on turn 2 so the fliers don't massacre everyone, but she got killed by some foot units. Not missing her in the upcoming chapters though. C25 3/157 turns Levin + KE DF crit + KE crit or DF or a similar combination killed Ryoma. Rigged a fast clear for the sake of elegance. C26 55/212 turns Oof. Tfw the Sorcs are so bad that I just took the left side and killed all the Faceless and Stoneborn with Corrin alone, using concoctions to survive. C27 3+20/235 turns Used Camilla and Xander as sacrifices to make the clear reliable. Dwyer pocket Corrin got danced on turn 1 so Shura, ferried by Beruka, who started out at the top, can rescue him to one of the upper-most staircases. Shura and Beruka got entrapped to safety. Xander and Camilla got sacked so the goldsquad moves out of the way. Corrin killed Gooron on turns 2 PP, 2 EP and 3 PP. Endgame 3/238 turns Shura rescued Corrin pocket Dwyer down on turn 2 so she can kill Takumi on turns 2 PP, 2 EP and 3 PP, just like with Gooron. Beruka lunged a General out of the way for that. Everyone besides Corrin and Dwyer died. TOTAL TURNCOUNT: 367 TURNS, I'm the LTC god himself
  7. C1 4/4 turns Yeah. Wolt got the gold too. C2 6/10 turns Marcus sat down on the fort on turn 2 and got dropped beyond the right-side fortresses on turn 3 by Shanna and Lot. Turn 4, he entered the Merc + Fighter range and killed them, all the work on turns 3 and 4 was done with Iron Axe. Turn 5, Shanna got Roy and gave him to Marcus, who then dropped him near the castle and killed Ruud on turn 6. Bought a lot of Javs. C3 6/16 turns Complicated strat. Turn 1, Lot picked up Shanna, Marcus soloed 2 soldiers and an archer with Javelin while Roy, Wolt and Lot hid behind him. Turn 2, Wolt and Roy ganged up on a soldier in the way, Lot gave Shanna and a Hand Axe to Marcus and Marcus dropped Shanna ahead. Turn 3, Wolt and Roy killed the soldiers next to Shanna and Lot killed a soldier heading towards the undrafted units. Shanna picked up Roy and Marcus dropped him off again, counterkilling a knight and a soldier with iron axe. Turn 4, Shanna iron lance'd a soldier down so Marcus can fullmove. Roy just followed up and Marcus equipped a Hand Axe (more reliable than Jav since the enemies to be hit include a Jav!Cav and a Fighter, while the Sword!Cav shouldn't get killed so Shanna can kill him later). Turn 5, Shanna picked up Roy and Marcus dropped him off, moving in front of Slater. Turn 6, Marcus killed him for good. Merlinus got the Mend for some extra money. Screens: C4 5/21 turns Didn't go for the 4-turn because it's too unreliable. Not much to say about the chapter, Marcus killed Erik by reequipping him to his Jav so he can double on the last turn. Visited the seraph robe village with Shanna and bought a ton of hand axes. C5 3/24 turns Marcus opened the door from the lower tile, which is a lot more reliable than the upper one. In this clear my units survived despite a lot of unfortunate hand axe misses on turn 1. 3x Iron Blade or 2x Iron Blade + 1x Silver Lance did the job against Dory. C6 5/29 turns Sue get, gotta love that she only costs 1 turn. Pretty straightforward, Marcus soloed the middle, actually almost soloed the whole map, except Shanna managed to get some exp on turns 4 and 5. Marcus killed Wagner with 3 iron sword hits or 1 iron sword and 1 silver lance hit. Roy used the seraph robe. UNIT LEVEL HP S/M SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP Roy 3.29 26 6 5 7 8 5 1 D Swd Marcus xx/4.87 34 11 15 11 11 10 8 D Swd A Lnc C Axe Shanna 4.75 19 4 7 15 7 7 5 D Lnc Sue 1.02 18 5 7 8 4 5 0 D Bow Lot 5.78 31 7 6 7 4 4 1 D Axe Wolt 3.47 19 5 5 6 3 4 0 D Bow Dorothy 3.00 19 5 6 6 3 4 2 D Bow Merlinus 1.00 15 0 3 3 10 3 0 -
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