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  1. P 5/5 turns Yeah. Byleth is female, named ByLass. Took Dimitri's and Claude's items, the iron bow being very important for the C1 strat. C1 9/14 turns Deployed Dorothea as a free unit, along with Byleth, Edelgard, Hubert and Ferdinand. Iron Axe!ByLass tanked Lorenz on EP1. Hubert and Tempest Lance!Ferdinand finished him off on turn 2. Edelgard killed Ashe with Iron Bow on EP1 and Training Sword (w/ chip from Dorothea) on PP2. On PP2, ByLass used Wrath Strike vs. Ignatz, who survived. Dorothea tradeswapped her to Iron Bow while chipping for Edelgard so ByLass can't be killed by Ignatz on EP (as Iron Bow would kill, preventing the follow-up attack). EP2, Dorothea was attacked by Ignatz, taking 20 damage. Turn 3, Hubert, Bylass and Ferdinand started going left, Ferdinand finishing off Ignatz. Edelgard went to the right, entering the forest, and Dorothea went up. Dorothea, ByLass and Edelgard healed with Vulns. Turn 4, Hubert parked himself in Hilda's range without attacking. This aggroes her and Claude, who went to the left. Turn 5, Hubert healed with a Vulnerary and ByLass entered Claude's range, with an Iron Bow equipped. Dorothea moved on a Forest tile in Dedue's range, Edelgard unequipped her weapons and entered Dimitri's range. Turn 6, Edelgard OHKOed Dimitri with a Smash crit. Dorothea moved onto the Thicket tile and used a Vuln (if Dedue hit her). Hubert finished off Hilda, who is 3HKOed by Miasma. Tempest Lance!Ferdinand and Iron Bow!ByLass defeated Claude. Turn 7, Dorothea finished off Dedue (who is 3HKOed aswell). Edelgard went next to her and equipped an Iron Bow to bait Mercedes. She also used a Vulnerary to heal up. ByLass entered Manuela's range with Iron Bow equipped. Turn 8, Edelgard finished off Mercedes with Smash while standing at the end of Hanneman's range. Dorothea tradeswapped her to Iron Bow to let her EP chip Hanneman. Ferdinand and ByLass finished off Manuela. Turn 9, Edelgard finished Hanneman with Smash. Forced aux free/14 turns UNIT CLASS LVL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES CHA Sw Lc Ax Bw Br Re Fa Au Hv Ri Fl ByLass Commoner 03 28 14 8 10 8 8 6 7 9 D+ E E E E+ E E D E E E Edelgard Noble 03 30 15 7 6 9 6 6 4 11 E+ E D+ E E E E D D E E Hubert Noble 01 22 6 12 6 7 6 4 7 6 E E E E+ E D E D E E E Ferdinand Noble 02 28 8 5 6 9 6 6 3 7 E+ D+ E+ E E E E E+ E D E Petra Commoner 01 25 9 3 7 10 7 5 2 6 D+ E E+ D E E E E E E D Caspar Noble 01 26 9 3 5 6 8 6 2 4 E+ E D E E+ E E E E E E Shamir 2b recruited Raphael 2b recruited Hanneman 2b recruited Mercedes 2b recruited Lysithea 2b recruited Seteth 2b recruited C2 11/25 turns Having 6 units really helped a lot here. Bought Steel Bow for Petra, Steel Lance for Ferdinand and Steel Axe for Edelgard. This strat is pretty hard to describe and didn't follow a rigid plan because the enemy movement is hard to predict. Made use of ByLass' and Edelgard's gambits to freeze enemies when I couldn't kill them all in one turn. ByLass entered Kostas' range on turn 10, allowing me to finish him off on turn 11. Hubert picked up the Large Bullion from the chest. Aux free/25 turns Primarily trained Ferdinand and ByLass. C3 9/34 turns Raphael did Mission Assistance. Lysithea would've probably been a much better choice, but I overwrote the save file. Caspar used the Stride batallion, activating the gambit twice in the boss area. ByLass and Edelgard used Training Gauntlets + Iron Shield without getting weighed down. They led the charge along with Petra and tanked the most enemies. Ferdinand had the Assembly battallion, Edelgard Assault Troop and ByLass Fusillade. Lonato was killed by Swarm!Hubert, Steel Bow!Petra, Training Bow!ByLass and Smash!Iron Axe!Edelgard on the final turn. UNIT CLASS LVL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES CHA Sw Lc Ax Bw Br Re Fa Au Hv Ri Fl ByLass Fighter 07 36 17 10 12 10 9 7 9 11 D+ E E E+ E+ E E+ D+ E E E Edelgard Fighter 07 35 17 11 8 11 7 6 7 14 E+ E C E E E E D+ D E E Hubert Noble 02 27 6 13 7 7 7 4 7 7 E E E E+ E D+ E D+ E E E Ferdinand Noble 06 34 10 5 8 10 8 7 3 9 E+ C E+ E E E E D E D E+ Petra Commoner 04 25 11 3 8 12 9 5 3 8 D+ E E+ C E E E E E E D Caspar Noble 02 27 10 3 6 6 9 7 2 4 D+ E D E E+ E E E E E E Shamir 2b recruited Raphael 2b recruited Hanneman 2b recruited Mercedes 2b recruited Lysithea 2b recruited Seteth 2b recruited Aux mission free/34 turns Used Lysithea for Mission Assistance. Focused on ByLass, Petra and Ferdinand. C4 3/37 turns Same Batallion assignment as in C3. Turn 1, Fusillade!ByLass and Lysithea (Miasma on PP and EP) killed the Monk right of the start. Ferdinand pulled the Archer to the left down with Assembly and Edelgard finished them off. Petra ended the Death Knight's range and used a Pure Water, surviving his attack just barely. She also just barely avoided getting doubled with 14 Speed. Turn 2, Edelgard OHKOed the Death Knight with a Steel Axe Smash crit (80 hit, 20 crit). Byleth moved onto the tile the Death Knight stood on previously so Caspar can use her as the center for Stride. Lysithea healed Petra, who then moved up 9 tiles and healed with a Vulnerary. Hubert went 2 tiles below her. Ferdinand also rushed upwards to distract a mage from Petra so it doesn't stand in the way. Turn 3, Caspar exactly reached Hubert to give the Stride boost to him and Petra. Hubert then attacked the boss with Mire to lower his Def by 5 points. This allowed Petra to ORKO exactly with the Iron Gauntlets. "Clearing the Way" quest free/37 turns Trained my units. Lysithea is my mission assistance unit again. C5 27/64 turns Turn 1, I used Stride (which is still on Caspar) and killed the two Fighters near the start. Turn 2, Edelgard baited the Monk in the corridor, for Petra and ByLass to kill him on turn 3. Turn 3, Ferdinand and ByLass also baited two of the boss area archers on turn 3. Gilbert was defeated early, I didn't do anything to protect him. Turn 4, Curved Shot!Petra and Ruptured Heaven!ByLass ganged up on one of the archers. The other one was killed by Training Bow!Edelgard (who doubled) and Mire!Hubert. On EP, the other two archers attacked Edelgard and ByLass. Turn 5, Ferdinand and Caspar baited the archers further ahead. Meanwhile, I killed some of the reinforcements from behind. Turn 6, I killed those archers aswell, with help from Fusillade!ByLass because some units were busy fighting reinforcements. Before triggering the reinforcement Thief in the north, I killed the reinforcement group from the south. Then, Edelgard moved into the center of the northern corridor to trigger the Thieves, which were baited by a T-shaped formation, consisting of Ferdinand, ByLass, Petra and Lysithea. Ferdinand was in range of the upper Thief on both turns. Lysithea was below him, so none of the Thieves can attack her, but Lysithea was positioned such that the enemies can't reach her, even with Pass. At the same time, she blocked a tile so the lower Thief can't sneak past Ferdinand and attack him aswell. Instead, the Thief had to choose between ByLass and Petra, deciding to attack Petra due to her lower Def. Edelgard standing in the middle of the corridor caused a Thief from the west and a mage to start moving. She used a Pure Water, which almost neutralizes the mage's damage, and went within range of the Thief to kill him with Training Sword on EP + Iron Gauntlets or Smash!Steel Axe on the next PP. Once my units had caught up, Edelgard baited the archer from the west, letting me kill him and the remaining armor knight on the following turn. To tackle the next group of enemies, I used the second stride. ByLass ORKOed the left-most archer with Training Gauntlets. Petra and Hubert ganged up on the right archer. Edelgard used Blaze on the Fighter while standing below him. This chip-damaged the two armor knights, who were then killed by Lysithea and Ferdinand (with a Mace). Petra was positioned such that she pulls the remaining enemies below Miklan on the same EP. With help from gambits, I killed those enemies over the course of two turns. Ferdinand pulled the Fortress Knight alone and killed him with the Mace, obtaining the accuracy ring. Miklan was killed by a combination of Hubert, ByLass, Lysithea and Petra (in this case, Hubert's help wasn't needed). The Black Beast was then killed over the course of three turns. First, Ferdinand used Assembly on it to make it attack him and let the others deal damage. On the second turn, I broke the armor entirely to paralyze the beast. Unfortunately, my units didn't deal enough damage to kill it on that turn (although a crit from ByLass would've done the job), so I had to finish off the last health bar on turn 27. UNIT CLASS LVL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES CHA Sw Lc Ax Bw Br Re Fa Au Hv Ri Fl ByLass Commoner 13 39 18 11 16 11 12 11 10 17 D+ E E D+ E+ E D+ C E+ E E Edelgard Fighter 12 36 19 12 10 15 9 9 11 18 E+ E C+ E+ E E E C D E E Hubert Noble 06 28 8 17 8 9 8 4 8 10 E E E E+ E C E+ C E E E Ferdinand Cavalier 11 38 13 6 14 10 11 10 3 12 E+ C+ D E E E E D+ E D+ E+ Petra Commoner 10 32 13 6 14 18 12 6 4 10 D+ D E+ C+ E E E E E E D+ Caspar Noble 04 34 12 3 6 8 11 8 2 6 C E D E E+ E E E E E E Shamir 2b recruited Raphael 2b recruited Hanneman 2b recruited Mercedes 2b recruited Lysithea 2b recruited Seteth 2b recruited Promoted Ferdinand to Cav right after the chapter. I haven't decided on the other certifications yet. C6 1/65 turns Recruited Lysithea, Raphael and Shamir thanks to C+, C+ and C support respectively. Shamir OHKOed the Scytheboi at 4-range with a Steel Bow+ crit. She had Jeralt's Mercenaries and Rally Dex from Ferdinand to boost her critrate to an acceptable level.
  2. With that, Terrador gets Hilda and we're finished drafting!
  3. Normally not, only if it's explicitly mentioned in the rules.
  4. Looks like I'm first I take Ferdinand von Aegir.
  5. Updated the rules, they're complete now. I also added the rule "Warp is banned" (this is typical in drafts of various other games and I think it makes sense here too) and adapted the rules to account for LTC run. I probably won't go for low turns, but might aswell include it in the rules.
  6. They're banned because not everyone has access to them, myself included. I'll add that to the rules. One more player and we can start!
  7. Yeah, first we pick characters, then we complete the game. It can be done as a competition, like a real-time race or low turncount, but that's not necessary. The core of it is simply playing the game with a limited team, which consists of Byleth + 9 characters in this draft (+ Edelgard and Hubert while they're available).
  8. The ruleset is now complete. Drafting: This draft is for 3 players. Byleth, Edelgard and Hubert are free for all players. The game will be played on the Silver Snow route, Maddening/Classic, New Game. Rules: Undrafted units may not be deployed or used as adjutants. Undrafted units may be recruited from other houses. Interactions with them via monastery features (e.g. tea time, instruct, support conversations) are allowed. All non-DLC monastery features may be used freely. DLC-exclusive features are banned. This includes characters, classes, monastery features, auxiliary battles etc.. Drafted units from other houses may be used for Mission Assistance. Paralogues are free up to 20 turns. One auxiliary/quest battle per month is free up to 20 turns. Doing more than one is allowed, though. Warp is banned. Exceptions: Everyone is free in Prologue. One undrafted unit of your choice is free in Chapter 1. Seteth is free in Chapter 13. Other undrafted units are limitedly usable in Chapter 13. They may do anything except: enter combat with a weapon equipped, use gambits, use combat arts and use spells. Undrafted units are free in Paralogues where they are force-deployed. Penalties: Violations of these rules have a penalty of 10 turns, per unit per chapter. Violations of the warp rule have a penalty of 99 turns per chapter instead. If you're not going for low turncounts: simply don't break any rules. I don't know if I'll LTC it. Players: Gradivus.: Ferdinand, Shamir, Petra, Seteth, Caspar, Mercedes, Raphael, Lysithea, Hanneman Malfaria: Sylvain, Dorothea, Marianne, Ingrid, Ignatz, Alois, Ashe, Lorenz, Manuela Terrador: Bernadetta, Flayn, Linhardt, Catherine, Cyril, Felix, Annette, Leonie, Hilda
  9. C17 4/122 turns Shanna flew around the ballista range on turn 1, so did Tate on turn 2. Shanna dropped Treck across the ocean on turn 2. Turn 3, Tate gave Roy to Treck, Shanna killed a mage in the way and Treck dropped him within seizing range. Turn 4, Shanna could've ORKOed a knight in the way (but it wasn't necessary since Roy crit with Rapier). Treck ORKOed Arcardo with Horseslayer and Roy seized. Sue used the arena 4 times over the course of the chapter and Treck self-improved. Roy used two Angelic Robes on turns 1 and 2 since he needs more survivability in the upcoming chapters. C18 4/126 turns Shanna got danced ahead on her own on turn 1. Turn 2, Zeiss gave Treck to her and used a Dracoshield at the same time. She then dropped Treck way ahead. Tate picked up Lalum on turn 1 and dropped her ahead on turn 2. She then brought Roy to Shanna with Lalum's help on turn 3, avoiding ballista exposure. Shanna then dropped Roy near the castle and Treck killed a healer in the way. Turn 4, Treck double crit Martel with KE and Shanna visited the guiding ring village. Zeiss promoted on the last turn and got a Falcoknight kill. C19 4/130 turns Shanna dropped Zeiss, who used a speedwing, ahead on turn 1 and used a pure water so she doesn't fall asleep. Turn 2, Treck brought Roy to her and she ORKOed some peg knights with iron lance while carrying him. Turn 3, she dropped roy near the castle after Zeiss already killed some enemies in the boss area. Turn 4, she killed a knight in the way if needed, Treck killer crit the boss and Roy seized. UNIT LEVEL HP S/M SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP Roy 6.50 43 8 7 9 10 5 1 D Swd Shanna 10/8.13 31 11 20 25 18 11 11 E Swd S Lnc BOOTS Treck 12/13.51 47 17 12 19 14 14 4 B Swd B Lnc E Axe Zeiss 12/4.07 40 23 15 13 7 19 3 E Swd B Lnc Sue 12/7.57 35 14 16 22 14 7 6 E Swd S Bow Marcus xx/10.96 36 11 16 13 12 13 9 C Swd S Lnc A Axe Tate 9.83 22 6 8 11 3 7 6 D Lnc Fae 3.24 18 15 16 4 9 17 27 - Lalum 6.80 24 1 2 13 12 5 6 - Lot 9.10 35 8 7 11 5 5 2 C Axe Wolt 5.05 21 6 6 7 4 4 0 D Bow Dorothy 3.72 19 5 6 6 3 4 2 D Bow Sophia 1.00 15 6 2 4 3 1 8 C Drk Merlinus 1.08 15 0 3 3 10 3 0 - C20 4/134 turns The 3-turn would've been way too unreliable, so I just took this and looted the left treasure room aswell. Light Brand!Treck and Killer Lance!Zeiss killed Roartz. Lott died, which would've been avoidable by unfielding him, but the chapter is done now and it doesn't matter. C20x 20 free/134 turns Got Zeiss to S lances and gave him a wing. Marcus got S axes and Treck S swords. UNIT LEVEL HP S/M SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP Roy 7.10 43 9 8 10 11 5 1 C Swd Shanna 10/9.01 31 11 21 26 19 11 11 E Swd S Lnc BOOTS Treck 12/15.29 49 18 12 20 15 15 4 S Swd A Lnc E Axe Zeiss 12/10.64 44 26 19 18 10 21 3 E Swd S Lnc Sue 12/7.93 35 14 16 22 14 7 6 E Swd S Bow Marcus xx/13.22 37 11 17 13 12 13 10 C Swd S Lnc S Axe Tate 9.83 22 6 8 11 3 7 6 D Lnc Fae 4.45 19 16 17 4 9 18 28 - Lalum 9.06 26 1 2 14 15 5 6 - Lot dead lul Wolt 5.05 21 6 6 7 4 4 0 D Bow Dorothy 3.72 19 5 6 6 3 4 2 D Bow Sophia 1.02 15 6 2 4 3 1 8 C Drk Merlinus 1.08 15 0 3 3 10 3 0 -
  10. C22 1/52 turns Got all regalia. Panne got a Speedwing. Sumia rescued Panne pocket Lucina up. Lucina then killed Tigris with Brave Sword, proccing Galeforce and moving next to Equus, who was then quadrupled and killed by Brave Axe!Panne. Libra rescued Cynthia to the right to ORKO Canis and Draco. Sumia was danced to ORKO Simia with Forseti, needing a Mjölnir!Ruby DS to ORKO. C23 2/54 turns Cynthia and Sumia each got a Dracoshield. Panne pocket Yarne got danced to ORKO the Sorc and Assassin above the start with Brave Axe. Sumia paired with Fred (reclassed to Paladin), making use of their A support, and killed an assassin to the upper-right of the start and galeforce'd herself to kill a Hero with Book of Naga, which she used to tank and counterkill a lot of enemies on EP1. Lucina pocket Cynthia ORKOed a Hero, activating GF, and Libra used Fortify on her and Panne. Cynthia then ORKOed a General with Gradivus, activating GF aswell. Lucina had the Roypier equipped since the Generals are the toughest enemies on the map. Cynthia then ORKOed a Hero with Spear (this isn't quite consistent with the screenshots, where I apparently pressed wait instead). Cynthia was within range of one Assassin, who she pretty much had to dodge. Thanks to her avo of 117, she had a pretty decent chance to dodge everything else. Sumia also had a pretty decent chance to survive her EP, taking out another Assassin that's very dangerous to Cynthia. Panne counterkilled the General and tanked the nearby Tomahawk!Berserker. Turn 2, Libra used Fortify twice, healing both Sumia and Cynthia up to full HP. Ruby Bolganone'd weak Validar down. Sumia killed a Berserker that would be out of range on EP2 and then procced Galeforce to kill an Assassin. Cynthia killed a Hero, then equipped the Setethjav to provide powerful DSes for Lucina against Validar, who has to be ORKOed. Lucina did so with the Brave Sword. After her Galeforce activation, Cynthia used Gradivus to ORKO an assassin (instead of Spear since it's more reliable against Generals). Panne killed her Berserker. EP, Sumia and Cynthia counterkilled the enemies, with both of them having pretty good survival chances. C24 1/55 turns It wouldn't be a Gradivus playthrough without the Gradivus getting hammerned. Forged a +3 mt Celica's Gale named Aircalibur. Reforged the ShittyRapier to +2 mt/+25 hit (for Fred in this chapter) and a separate Beastkiller for Chrom to +2 mt/+15 hit, named ShoddyRoypir. Lucina got a +2 mt/+10 hit Beastkiller, named Boss Kil. Cynthia got an Energy Drop and Panne both Secret Books. Panne pocket Fred ORKOed the Rexcalibur!Valkyrie in the bottom-left area, having to avoid the counter with a DG or a first-hit DS. Sumia used GF to kill two nearby Paladins with Celica's Gale, having Chrom as a backup in case they get 2-4 aegis procs. Ruby then tradeswapped her to Setethjav and attacked a Valkyrie with Celica's Gale, needing an ADJACENT DS from Sumia on one of her hits to kill. Sumia then got danced (Olivia being carried to her by Yarne) to kill the Bow Knight to the right with Aircalibur. Stahl paired up with Ruby to improve hitrates on EP. Libra then Hammerned Gradivus. Lucina paired up with Cynthia, who ferried her ahead to kill the Thoron!Valkyrie. After Lucina's GF, she equipped Beastkiller, moved next to the Paladin and switched to Cynthia to kill him with Brave Lance. Cynthia then galeforce'd herself into the boss area and killed the Rexcalibur!Valkyrie on PP with Gradivus. EP, Cynthia needed some luck to survive, but I don't think her survival chance is worse than ~10%. She kills every enemy with either one Aether proc or one DS from Lucina, including the boss. Sumia ORKOed all her enemies reliably with Aircalibur and Panne only had a small chance of failure, having to connect two Helswath hits against a Sword!Pally at 79-89 hit (depending on whether he has Outdoor Fighter, also still succeeding if Fred DSes twice) and needing one DS to kill the Great Knight (who she's almost guaranteed to dodge thanks to Lancebreaker). Ruby counterkilled the Great Knight near the start. C25 1/56 turns Galeforks -> bonk Endgame 1/57 turns Reforged the Setethjav to +5 mt/+15 hit, the Aircalibur to +4 mt/+20 hit (hitrate was overkill I think, but I had money to spare) and forged a Brave Axe to +4 mt/+20 hit, named Flying Pan. Ruby rallied Spectrum. Sumia was danced ahead to kill the Berserker in the way and then attack Grima with Aircalibur, having Flying Pan!Panne in the back for DSes. Fred ferried Libra up and he rescued Cynthia pocket Lucina, who then attacked with the Setethjav, with Lucina having the Parallel Falchion equipped. I couldn't calc the CoS yet, but it seems to be roughly 50/50. FINAL TURNCOUNT: 57 TURNS Turncount roll Unit stats & evaluations Overall: Sumia is op, apparently. Dunno if allowing Galeforce is a good idea, but all the other rules seem to be pretty good for Lunatic.
  11. P17 20 free/48 turns Cynthia promoted to Falcon Knight. Killed off Tiki on turn 1 by rescuing her into enemy range. This made the chapter a lot easier. I kept one enemy alive until turn 20 so Sumia and Cynthia can spam Rescue for tons of free exp. Sumia reached level 20 as a result, so she used a second seal afterwards to go back to Lv1 Sage for more exp. P13 20 free/48 turns Fought both armies. Fed Ruby a whole bunch of Generals so she reaches Rally Spectrum at least for Endgame, ideally for C24 aswell. Lucina and Cynthia (paired up together, with Lucina mostly fighting on EP) fought Dalen's group. Panne, Sumia and Ruby took care of Gyral's group. Sumia and Cynthia spammed rescue towards the end of the map again. Yarne is totally unviable as a combat unit, but he does have Deliverer and gives Str/Spd on pairup, so he'll find some use regardless. Sumia and Fred hit B support. I want them to reach A by C23 to improve the reliability there as much as possible. I'll optimize their support point gain in the upcoming 1-turn strats too. C19 1/49 turns Forged a +3 mt, +15 hit Brave Lance named Setethjav. Cynthia got an Arms Scroll for A lances. Sumia pocket Fred killed 3 Generals with Galeforce and dance. Ruby pocket Chrom killed a Dark Knight for exp. Cynthia pocket Lucina Galeforce duo'd their way to Walhart, reaching him without a dance or rescue. Cynthia ORKOed with Setethjav and Brave Sword!Lucina in the back. C20 1/50 turns Ruby ORKOed two Generals with Celica's Gale. Sumia pocket Fred killed Cervantes and then Galeforced slightly ahead to rescue Cynthia pocket Lucina. Lucina ORKOed a Hero, then Cynthia killed Excellus and Galeforced to Walhart to kill him just like his C19 version, still with pretty good reliability. C21 1/51 turns Panne fed Ruby a nearby Berserker. Libra rescued Cynthia, who killed an assassin and Galeforced ahead to rescue Sumia pocket Lucina. Lucina ORKOed the Swordmaster behind the chokepoint. Sumia rescued Fred pocket Olivia (which builds Fred x Sumia support points) after Lucina's Galeforce proc. Olivia then gave Fred to Sumia, who then Galeforced on a generic enemy and killed the boss in the process. Fred and Sumia reached A support after the chapter. UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP BOOSTERS Chrom Cavalier 10/6.90 32 14 4 14 14 14 14 7 A Swd B Lnc - Ruby Grandmaster 18/13.86 41 22 24 23 28 19 19 15 E Swd A Mgc 1 Talisman Sumia Sage 16/15/20/9.12 80 27 34 45 45 45 27 29 A Mgc A Stf 2 Naga, 2 Robe, 1 Drop, 2 Shields, 1 Boots Panne Griffon Rider 10/14/15.81 66 42 6 39 34 28 24 11 A Axe 3 Icon Lucina Great Lord 20/16.96 66 35 11 39 38 38 27 22 A Swd B Lnc 1 Scroll Cynthia Falcon Knight 18/19.06 64 36 16 38 50 41 25 29 A Lnc B Stf 1 Scroll Frederick Great Knight xx/12.19 40 18 5 18 15 9 17 6 A Swd A Lnc A Axe 1 Dust, 1 Wing Libra War Monk xx/16.41 52 22 25 18 21 19 16 20 C Axe A Stf - Stahl Cavalier 6.39 26 10 0 9 8 8 9 2 D Swd B Lnc - Nowi Manakete 3.49 19 5 0 3 4 9 3 3 - Drg - Olivia Dancer 14.80 25 7 5 15 17 17 6 4 D Swd - Donnel NOT RECRUITED Tiki DEAD
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