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  1. C20 4/109 turns Drilled Cain to reach B swords and get an extra point of Str. Leiden got an Arms Scroll for A lances. Danced Marth on turn 1. Linde used Thief on the Again chest and went left to bait the Tomahawk!Warrior through the wall on turn 2. Xane transformed into Sirioo. Everyone else just moved forward. Turn 2, Dieck ORKOed the Master Key!Thief with Levin Sword. Arran moved next to him with Geosphere to support Cain and Leiden, who killed the two frontal Heroes with a Wo Dao crit and a Javelin crit + hit respectively, which has a CoS of roughly 18%. Marth opened the door and Sirioo went to the right of him. EP, Sirioo counterkilled the treasure room Sage and counterattacked the Sniper. The upper Sniper attacked Cain, the Swordslayer!Hero attacked Leiden. Linde counterkilled the Tomahawk!Warrior. Turn 3, Dieck gave the Master Key to Leiden and killed the Sniper. Navarre finished off the Swordslayer!Hero if necessary. Armorslayer!Xane killed the General in the treasure room. Cain killed the Swarm!Bishop and Dieck was danced to kill the treasure room Sniper (if Sirioo didn't crit). Arran moved ahead and gave the Geosphere to Cain. Leiden opened the Brave Sword chest and convoy-dropped the Master Key. Marth fullmoved ahead. Sirioo took the key from the convoy, opened the Bullion (L) chest and dropped the key into the convoy aswell Turn 4, Dieck took the Master Key from the convoy and got the Master Seal. Arran opened the door towards Hardin, Frost Physic'd Leiden and Xane popped the map save. Cain killed the Sniper with Wo Dao. Leiden did 6 damage to Hardin with a Raddivoo hit, followed by 57 damage from a Mercurius!Sirioo crit. Marth seized. Failed to get the brave lance, but it didn't turn out to matter in the upcoming chapters. C20x 3/112 turns Pretty easy since there are less enemies in the hallways than on Lunatic. Danced Sirioo on turn 1, Marth on turn 2 and Cain on turn 3. Feena had to dodge a silver axe at 50 hit on turn 1. To protect Feena on turn 2, Linde killed the Longbow!Sniper in the center through the wall. Sirioo killed Eremiah after Cain revealed her on turn 3. C21 4/116 turns Benched Arran and Xane and fielded Midia and Minerva. Used the Dracoshield from C19 on Marth. Turn 1, Sirioo was danced ahead and ORKOed the Swordmaster with Brave Sword (from the left). Everyone formed a big formation to protect Feena from the Wyverns. EP, Cain, Midia (with Spd bond so they don't double her) and Linde were each attacked by a Wyvern. Sirioo counterkilled a Berserker and two Wyverns, Leiden was attacked by Meteor. Turn 2, Gradivus!Leiden killed the central Meteor!Sorc from the left-above. Cain moved left-below the Fort that the Sorc was on, Midia went left of Cain. Malicia took the Nosferatu from Linde and finished off her Wyvern. Frost finished another one with Shaver. The third one was killed by Navarre. Linde was then danced ahead to rescue Marth. Because Sirioo, Cain, Leiden and Midia blocked some very specific tiles, Marth was rescued onto the fortress. Marth fullmoved ahead and used a Pure Water, Sirioo moved ahead, but avoided the attack range of the two boss area Wyverns. Dieck headed north towards the cave. EP, Sirioo was attacked by the upper Meteor!Sorc above the castle because unlike Marth, he didn't use a Pure Water. Marth then took on the remaining enemies, ORKOing two Wyverns and a Berserker. Linde was attacked by the Devil Sword!Swordmaster. Dieck counterkilled the Sorc near the cave and damaged the Tomahawk!Berserker. Turn 3, Leiden was danced into the cave area and OHKOed a Thief with Gradivus. Marth and Sirioo moved ahead, each using a Vulnerary. Malicia and Frost used Fortify and Physic respectively to heal them. EP, the reinforcement!Thief suicided on Leiden. Turn 4, Sirioo was healed by Malicia and Frost and killed the boss with Silver Sword. Dieck OHKOed another Thief that was running towards Michalis' village, allowing Leiden to move onto the mountain and 2-range-OHKO the Thief occupying the secret shop. Minerva then went town in the secret shop and bought two boosters of almost all types. Cain was danced to the cave to get the Talisman and Marth seized. C22 2/118 turns Gave Sirioo a robe, 2 shields and 4 talismans. Marth got a robe and a dracoshield aswell. Forged the Brave Sword to +3 mt and named it Flush. Sirioo was Barrier'd on turn 1. Malicia then warped him to the left door, which he opened immediately, with the Flush equipped. Marth was danced ahead and killed the Swarm!Sorc. Leiden, Dieck and Cain made a formation to fend off some enemies from above. Xane copied Malicia. EP, Sirioo survived the enemies pretty easily thanks to his sky-high defenses and counterkilled them all since they have 1-range weapons (except a Thoron!Sorc, but he wouldn't block the way anyway). Turn 2, Leiden was danced to kill a Sorc, freeing up the way for Marth. He was again'd by Malicia and ORKOed a Swordmaster with Iron Sword, and then was again'd by Xane to reach the throne after Sirioo had ORKOed the boss with Gradivus. C23 2/120 turns Gave Sirioo four Goddess Icons aswell to improve his avo. Warped him next to Gharnef on turn 1 with the Flush and killed a Glower!Sorc on PP. Marth was danced ahead and used the lower map save. EP, Sirioo had to dodge Gharnef, the remaining Glower!Sorc or two Meteors/Dragons to survive. Gharnef moved off the throne to attack Sirioo at 2-range. Turn 2, Marth killed the Mage Dragon below the final stairway and got Again'd to the throne. Endgame 1/121 turns Sold all remaining weapons and items and forged a +1 mt, +22 crit Thoron named MONEH. Only deployed 6 units, namely Marth, Feena, Sirioo, Linde, Frost and Malicia. Sirioo was danced ahead with Gradivus and MONEH in his inventory. He recruited Nyna and attacked Medeoo, leaving him at 63 HP. Nyna was given the MONEH so she can ORKO Maria with it. Frost then warped Linde, who took the MONEH from Nyna and defeated Medeoo with a crit. Medeoo then consumed Elice and Lena, restoring 53 HP. Malicia used Again on Linde to kill him again with another crit (each at 50% crit thanks to the massive critforge). Endgame stats & unit evaluations
  2. C17 3/99 turns Danced Linde on turn 1 and Marth on turn 2. Turn 3, Arran opened the door and Sirioo ORKOed the warrior on the chokepoint. Dieck was then warped to Hammer Sheema to death. Linde rescued Feena down to dance Marth to the throne. Leiden and Xane hunted the Nosferatu!Thief down. Leiden first fullmoved towards the left corridor, then Xane waterwalked next to him and copied him. Turn 2, Leiden killed the soldier, freeing the way so Xane can fullmove down twice and kill the Thief with a Javelin on turn 3. C18 2/101 turns Dieck soloed most of the Generals. Marth visited the village on turn 2, and got rescued and danced afterwards. C19 4/105 turns Xane copied Dieck on turn 1. Dieck was warped to the fort left of Sedgar, killing the thief from the left and tradeswapping to the 3-13 Axe after getting the droppable Silver Sword. Starsphere!Marth was rescued up by Linde and moved within range of the Paladins, who he counterkilled with a Silver Sword. EP, Vyland's squad spawned and was blocked off from my frail units by a wall of Xane, Cain, Navarre and Sirioo. The generic horsemen were routed, but Sedgar survived because his Def is higher. Dieck counterkilled two of the Generals near the castle on turn 2 and killed Nerring on turn 3. Turn 4, he killed Wolf. Marth was again'd to the gate. Leiden and Linde killed some enemies in the area to the right. UNIT CLASS LVL HP ST MG SK SP LC DF RS WEXP Marth Lord 29.33 53 25 0 22 25 22 19 1 B Swd Dieck Hero 14/17.09 58 24 3 30 26 22 24 3 A Swd C Axe Sirioo Paladin xx/17.74 49 23 1 22 23 13 24 7 A Swd A Lnc Linde Sage 10/16.58 36 3 19 19 25 27 4 13 A Mgc D Stf Leiden Paladin 18/7.06 41 18 1 24 23 12 14 9 D Swd B Lnc Navarre Swordmaster 12/8.54 39 14 1 25 26 16 12 3 A Swd Cain Paladin 13/6.50 39 19 1 18 18 10 14 6 C Swd C Lnc Malicia Bishop 10/3.91 25 1 11 5 13 17 5 11 E Mgc A Stf Arran Paladin xx/6.52 28 10 1 13 12 4 10 6 D Swd A Lnc Feena Dancer 9.24 18 5 0 8 20 15 5 1 E Swd Frost Bishop xx/5.25 26 3 9 10 14 4 5 9 D Mgc C Lnc Xane Chameleon 7.14 20 --- doesnt matter --- Draug Knight RIP Caesar Mercenary RIP
  3. C12 5/83 turns Gave a Seraph Robe to Marth and a Seraph Robe and a Dracoshield to Sirioo. Cain was promoted. Turn 1, Sirioo attacked the left Fire Dragon with Raddivoo and Marth finished it off. Feena took Sirioo's Raddivoo and gave him a Wyrmslayer - his inventory was full since he also carried Taurus, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio. She danced him so he can fullmove ahead, entering the range of the second Fire Dragon group and two Wyverns. Cain used the map save and together with Marth and Dieck, blocked off the left Fire Dragon so he can't attack Feena. The Fire Dragon attacked Cain. EP, Darros had to attack Sirioo from the right, not from above, which is a coinflip. Sirioo reached A Sword on this EP after ORKOing a Fire Dragon, which allowed him to OHKO Wyverns even if they roll up in HP and Def. The bandit also attacked Cain. Turn 2, Linde healed Cain and gave him the Capricorn and the Raddivoo. Navarre killed the Bandit. Arran killed Cain's Fire Dragon with Dragonpike. Dieck then attacked Darros the 3-13 axe. Cain gave Sirioo the Raddivoo, taking his Wyrmslayer. He also traded his Gemini for Sirioo's Cancer, killed Darros with Levin Sword (exact damage) and dropped the Cancer into the convoy. Sirioo then ORKOed the Swordmaster and dropped the Scorpio into the convoy. Marth got danced, took Cancer and Scorpio from the convoy and fullmoved ahead, ORKOing a Fire Dragon with Wyrmslayer. Malicia healed Marth or Sirioo with Physic, depending on whether Sirioo was hit by all four dragons. Marth then ORKOed the Devil Axe!Bandit and the other Fire Dragon, and was attacked by the Tomahawk!Bandit. Sirioo and Marth blocked the path so none of the enemies were able to attack Cain or Dieck. Feena dodged the remaining Wyvern near the start at 62 hit while standing on a Fort. Turn 3, Dieck killed the Tomahawk!Bandit and was tradeswapped to Wyrmslayer. Sirioo moved to the top-right fort, Marth to the top-left one. Cain, Feena and Arran moved ahead. Linde killed the Wyvern near the start. EP, Navarre started taking on the Fire Dragons. Because he missed a wyrmslayer hit, I had to sacrifice Caesar to ensure his survival. The top-center fort spawned a Fire Dragon, who chose to attack Dieck and got ORKOed. Turn 4, Arran moved onto the top-center fort and gave the Wo Dao to Sirioo. He also took the Taurus from him and put it in the convoy, taking a Killing Edge out of it. Marth then moved into the boss area and Sirioo followed him. Cain moved onto the top-left fort and took the Killing Edge from Arran. Dieck moved onto the top-right fort. Feena used the map save. Malicia and Linde blocked two of the central forts to prevent reinforcements from spawning. EP, Marth had to dodge one out of three Fire Dragons at 70 hit, counterkilling them all with Wyrmslayer. The Wyvern near the boss attacked Cain, the dragons from the right suicided on Dieck. Turn 5, Cain finished off the Wyvern with Wyrmslayer and got danced to kill the fourth Fire Dragon in the boss area with a KE crit. Sirioo had to Wo Dao crit the boss. Dieck ORKOed the Pisces!Dragon and Marth seized. C13 4/87 turns Marth was danced upwards on turns 1 and 2, accompanied by Dieck. He killed two Ice Dragons on turn 1 and a third one on turn 3. Dieck was danced on turn 3 to reach the boss in time. Sirioo soloed the right side and bought Shaver and Physic in case I need them later, with Arran baiting some Ice Dragons away from him so Leiden can finish them off. In total, Leiden was fed 3 Dragons and a Thief, so I promoted him at level 18 after the chapter. C13x 2/89 turns Pretty relaxed since I didn't have to get the Iote Shield. Baited Kleine's gang on turn 1 with Dieck and had Marth counterkill the Myrmidons. Leiden finished Kleine and got danced to ORKO the Pachyderm!Ballista. Sirioo and Navarre dismantled the top-left area. UNIT CLASS LVL HP ST MG SK SP LC DF RS WEXP Marth Lord 23.70 48 21 0 18 20 18 16 1 B Swd Dieck Hero 14/10.69 50 21 3 27 26 17 20 3 B Swd C Axe Sirioo Paladin xx/13.72 45 21 1 21 19 11 20 7 A Swd A Lnc Linde Sage 10/11.22 33 3 17 16 22 22 4 12 B Mgc E Stf Leiden Paladin 18/2.36 40 16 1 19 20 10 13 8 D Swd C Lnc Navarre Swordmaster 12/4.54 35 12 1 22 23 13 12 3 A Swd Cain Paladin 13/3.08 37 17 1 15 16 8 14 6 C Swd D Lnc Malicia Bishop 10/2.26 25 1 10 5 12 17 5 11 E Mgc A Stf Arran Paladin xx/6.09 28 10 1 13 12 4 10 6 D Swd A Lnc Feena Dancer 6.69 17 3 0 6 17 13 5 0 E Swd Draug Knight RIP Caesar Mercenary RIP C14 3/92 turns Cain went left to Devil Sword OHKO the Warp!Thief and drop it into the convoy. Afterwards, he just got some lance wexp and reached C lances in case he needs it eventually. In the center, Linde ORKOed the right Dragon with Thoron, Mercurius!Navarre (with +4 str from shards) the central one and Marth the left one. Marth got danced and Feena took Warp from the convoy. Sirioo killed the left Dark Mage with Raddivoo. Leiden tradeswapped him to Dragonpike and killed the 4th Dragon with his own Dragonpike. Dieck killed the Dark Mage and Marth ORKOed the nearest Thief with Capricorn, Scorpio and Levin Sword. Malicia Physic'd Marth and Xane transformed into Malicia. EP, Marth counterkilled 3 more Thieves, Sirioo counterkilled 1 Ice Dragon. Another Ice Dragon attacked Marth, but wasn't killed. The left Dark Mages attacked Arran and Xane respectively through the wall, so they didn't matter for the rest of the chapter. The right Dark Mages were counterkilled by Fire!Linde. Turn 2, Linde killed Marth's Ice Dragon, while Sirioo, Navarre and Leiden took on the Thieves to the left. Marth visited Gotoh. Malicia used Thief on the Again staff, which Xane took and used on Marth immediately. Marth then moved down and was danced to the left, counterkilling one Ice Dragon. The other one was fed to Leiden. Turn 3, Marth went towards the gate. Malicia warped Feena to him and she danced him to the throne. The other units just got some exp. C15 1/93 turns Xane strats. Killed two Paladins to the right for exp and droppable items on turn 1. Minerva was fielded to block a tile so Marth can be rescued "through" a bishop that would normally block the way to the gate. Used the warp staff on Dieck to kill Eibel with Armorslayer because I don't have any fliers. C16 2/95 turns Arran pursued the Geosphere!Thief to kill him with a Killer Lance crit. Sirioo went up the left to kill some of the Heroes, obtaining a Vulnerary, a Silver Sword and a Silver Axe. Marth used the map save on turn 1 to rig Arran's crit. Malicia opened the door on turn 2. Dieck killed the soldier, Marth the General, Navarre the Sniper, Cain and Leiden!Xane the generic Bishops and Leiden killed the boss. Linde Thief'd the Rescue and Marth got danced to the throne. C16x 1/96 turns Sirioo soloed all enemies except the Berserkers with Starsphere and Raddivoo. The Berserkers were killed by Linde, Marth and Dieck.
  4. C11 6/78 turns Linde got a Drill round for Spd/Mag so she doubles Wyverns reliably with Scorpio. She was danced on turn 1 and moved ahead as far as possible each turn, ORKOing a few Wyverns along the way with Nosferatu. Sirioo went up, accompanied by Marth, who was fed two Wyvern kills by him. Navarre went up and killed two Wyverns to the right with Silver Sword. Dieck went left and soloed the enemies there. On turn 5, Linde rescued Marth and he killed the Hunter near the gate with Wo Dao. EP5, he killed a Bandit with a crit (Linde had used a map save at the end of turn 4) and Linde killed a Wyvern. Turn 6, Malicia used another map save to rig the bosskill, which was done by Linde with an 18% Thoron crit. Dieck got the Speedwing, Sirius the Arms Scroll, Malicia the Spirit Dust and the Seraph Robe and Navarre the Dracoshield. Undrafted Shiida was fielded to recruit Jake, who went town in the secret shop. Malicia was promoted mid-chapter. UNIT CLASS LVL HP ST MG SK SP LC DF RS WEXP Marth Lord 17.08 35 15 0 15 17 15 13 1 C Swd Dieck Hero 14/7.66 47 19 3 24 25 14 19 3 B Swd D Axe Sirioo Paladin xx/8.51 34 18 1 17 16 9 15 6 B Swd A Lnc Linde Sage 10/9.73 32 3 13 16 20 20 4 11 B Mgc E Stf Navarre Swordmaster 12/2.45 33 12 1 21 22 11 12 3 B Swd Cain Cavalier 13.42 31 14 0 11 14 6 12 0 C Swd D Lnc Malicia Cleric 10/1.00 25 1 9 5 11 16 5 10 E Mgc B Stf Arran Paladin xx/5.38 28 10 1 12 11 4 10 6 D Swd B Lnc Caesar Mercenary 7.00 26 8 0 11 11 6 8 0 C Swd Feena Dancer 5.20 17 2 0 5 16 12 5 0 E Swd Draug Knight RIP
  5. Fascinating. Let's see if Ogier or Dieck does a better job, then! C2 6/30 turns Dieck did most of the work. Draug went right to take care of the right Silver Sword!Cav. On turns 4 and 5, Marth killed a generic Dracoknight and Rumel respectively after Dieck had pulled them. Arran helped out in the center. Skipped Cord and the Lady Sword, but recruited Warren. C3 6/36 turns Dieck and Draug pulled the 6 nearby Dracoknights on turn 1. Linde killed one of them for exp on turn 2. Together with Marth, Arran went left, killing the Ballistician on turn 4 after Marth opened the bridge. Linde counterkilled Matthis on turn 4. Turn 5, Marth and Dieck shielded Linde from two remaining Cavs, who were already weakened by Arran, so Marth simply counterkilled them with Rapier. Palla waited patiently until turn 6 and then killed the Master Seal!Draco. C3x 6/42 turns Promoted Dieck to start building his axe rank. The map was pretty straightforward, gave as much exp as possible to Linde and Marth. C4 3/45 turns Rescued Marth and recruited Sirioo on turn 1. Marth killed the lower Hunter from the left, Sirioo killed the upper one. Linde attacked the Armorslayer!Thief at 1-range so Malicia can heal her, finishing him off on turn 2. Dieck and Arran went up towards the center, with Dieck killing the Devil Sword!Thief on EP2, convoy-dropping the Devil Sword. Ogma took the Devil Sword out of the Convoy on turn 3 and gave it to Sirioo, who then ORKOed Guile with it. Doga baited a bandit down for some extra exp (especially so Malicia can heal him). C5 3/48 turns Deployed undrafted Cavs to wait on specific tiles so Malicia can rescue Marth 2 tiles to the left on turn 1. Sirioo went towards the boss area, killing the Knight on the bridge on turn 2 to clear the way for Marth. Dieck moved along to kill the generic ballista on turn 3, freeing the way for Marth to seize after Sirioo killed the boss with Silver Lance. Recruited Barst for his inventory. Arran pursued the Master Seal!Thief. After the chapter, I drilled Linde to level 10 and promoted her. UNIT CLASS LVL HP ST MG SK SP LC DF RS WEXP Marth Lord 11.53 31 12 0 13 13 12 8 0 C Swd Dieck Hero 14/2.04 42 18 3 20 22 13 15 3 B Swd E Axe Sirioo Paladin xx/2.11 29 13 1 15 13 5 11 6 B Swd A Lnc Linde Sage 10/1.00 29 3 8 9 13 14 4 7 C Mgc E Stf Arran Paladin xx/3.00 26 10 1 12 11 4 10 6 D Swd B Lnc Malicia Cleric 5.07 16 0 4 2 6 15 1 6 C Stf Draug Knight 6.00 22 10 0 5 5 3 11 0 D Lnc C6 4/52 turns Used Drill Grounds on Sirioo for an HP/Str/Spd/Def level, which let him reliably double a level 8 mage in this chapter (who have 9-10 Spd on H1) Dieck went left to nearly rout the left enemy group and obtained the droppable door key from a knight. He used it to open the left door on turn 3 and counterkill Samto. Everyone else went left, including 2 undrafted Peg Knights and 3 undrafted Cavs. Marth went into the treasure room, entering the Elfire!Mage's and the Swarm!Bishop's ranges. He was 2HKOed by them, so he had to dodge the Swarm at 62 hit or the Elfire at 69 hit. Arran used Pure Water on turn 1. Turn 2, Malicia healed him and he opened the Barrier chest. Linde ORKOed the Swarm!Bishop with Aura, obtaining the droppable door key. Palla then took the door key. Sirioo then took it from Palla and ORKOed the upper Bishop with Javelin (who has a Physic staff and a droppable secret book). Arran took the key from Sirioo and opened the right door. EP, the mage attacked Sirius because Arran has more Res due to the Pure Water, getting counterkilled. Turn 3, everyone moved forward and Marth opened the Libra chest. Malicia healed him again. Arran used the map save and Sirioo positioned himself within range to attack the boss next turn. If Marth was hit by the Elfire on turn 1 (and not by the swarm), he needs another Elfire dodge to survive even after Malicia's healing, which can be ensured thanks to the map save. Turn 4, the 5 undrafted mounted units lined up to manipulate the rescue tile and Linde rescued Marth within seizing range. Arran ORKOed a Knight in the way with Silver Lance or Devil Sword. Dieck used the top-left map save for the bosskill. Sirioo then killed Lang with a Silver Lance crit + hit, at roughly 13% CoS. Marth seized. C6x 2/54 turns Went up the right. Caesar get, Radd deadd. C7 5/59 turns Marth went up through the left side of the forest, so he only needed one dance on turn 5 to reach the gate. Arran and Sirioo rushed up the left side and hunted down some Thieves, which Sirioo OHKOed with Steel Lance and Arran with Devil Sword. Navarre crit the first Thief and then continued fighting off the nearby enemies. Somehow, I managed to get all the Thieves' treasure; Dieck also attacked a Hero on turn 4, which made them aggro and get counterkilled by him. Dahl was killed by Killer Lance!Sirioo. Accidentally, Draug was within a Hero's range, so he was ORKOed. Didn't restart because it doesn't matter. C8 3/62 turns Forged a +3 mt/+13 hit Hand Axe, named 3-13 Axe. Turn 1, Sirioo weakened the Thief on the upper Bridge for Levin!Marth to take the kill. Arran and Cain killed the Leo!Thief, dropping the Leo into the Convoy. It was then transferred into Dieck's inventory, who ORKOed Roger with the 3-13 Axe (this prevents the three Paladins and Roger from killing Marth, who is 4HKOed by them). Feena danced for Marth, Caesar entered the armory for an additional Silver Lance and Marth moved onto the map save, equipping the Rapier to counterkill the 3 Paladins. Together with Dieck, he formed a roadblock that prevents the Paladins from attacking anyone else. Linde healed Sirioo. Turn 2, Sirioo went within range of two Generals with the Armorslayer equipped. Cain and Arran moved up. Dieck threw the Leo and the Gemini into the convoy d took a Hand Axe out of it. He was danced and attacked a generic sniper, who was almost killed. Marth was healed by Linde and if necessary Physic!Malicia and moved towards the gate, equipping the Levin Sword. He killed the weakened Sniper on EP and counterattacked the other one. Turn 3, Cain was danced so Linde can feed a General to him with Elfire and Armorslayer respectively. Sirioo finished off the Sniper near Marth and gave Leo and Gemini back to Dieck after taking them out of the convoy. This allowed him to ORKO Jeorge with Steel Sword so Marth can seize. UNIT CLASS LVL HP ST MG SK SP LC DF RS WEXP Marth Lord 14.27 33 13 0 14 15 14 11 0 C Swd Dieck Hero 14/5.48 45 19 3 22 24 14 17 3 B Swd D Axe Sirioo Paladin xx/5.95 31 16 1 16 14 7 14 6 B Swd A Lnc Linde Sage 10/3.67 30 3 8 11 15 15 4 8 C Mgc E Stf Arran Paladin xx/4.92 27 10 1 12 11 4 10 6 D Swd B Lnc Navarre Myrmidon 11.27 26 10 0 18 18 10 9 0 C Swd Cain Cavalier 10.29 28 12 0 9 11 4 12 0 C Swd D Lnc Malicia Cleric 7.25 18 0 6 3 7 15 2 8 B Stf Caesar Mercenary 7.00 26 8 0 11 11 6 8 0 C Swd Feena Dancer 2.48 16 2 0 2 14 9 5 0 E Swd Draug Knight RIP C9 7/69 turns Marth was danced on turn 1. Sirioo went right to kill the Thief!Thief on turn 2, convoy-dropping the Thief staff so Malicia can use it to obtain the Boots and convoy-drop them immediately. Marth then moved forward 7 tiles again and used the Boots. He reached Minerva's village on turn 4 and then went left towards the castle. From turn 2 on, Feena went back to the left and then rushed upwards towards the castle. Everyone except Sirioo accompanied her, with Pure Water!Linde killing most of the mages and also some Dracoknights. Physic!Malicia and Vulnerary helped Linde stay alive. On turn 7, Feena reached Marth near the castle and danced him once more. Aside from Linde, I fed Cain as much exp as possible (and some of it to Navarre aswell, although he's pretty good at the moment anyway). C10 2/71 turns Forged a +2 mt/+13 hit Javelin named Raddivoo. Navarre was promoted and ORKOed the Silver Sword!Mercenary above the start with Levin Sword (+4 magic from starshards). Dieck ORKOed a Bishop and Barrier!Marth was danced across the river. Merric critkilled Elrean on turn 1. Turn 2, Dieck killed an enemy in the way and Marth seized. Sirioo and Raddivoo!Cain killed some generic enemies for exp and droppable items. C10x 1/72 turns Fed a Berserker to Marth and another one to Cain. Wo Dao!Sirioo killed the boss.
  6. MU is a Mercenary named Dieck. Str+2, Def+1, HP+30%. P1 3/3 turns ORKO soldier, 3RKO Jagen. P2 2/5 turns Dieck went within range of both Cavs and was attacked due to his lower Def compared to Ryan. He doubled both of them, so he and Ryan finished them off next turn. P3 2/7 turns Dieck moved ahead onto a forest tile within all enemies' range on turn 1, the rest hid in an L-formation in the top-right corner. Turn 2, Ryan killed Shiida while the other units mop up the generics. P4A 2/9 turns Broke through the soldier-wall, then Dieck ORKOed the archer and counterattacked Athena. Rody and Luke took care of the other soldier and a Myrmidon. The Athena kill was fed to Dieck. P5 2/11 turns Dieck moved onto a forest tile and killed a bandit. Luke and Rody ganged up on the right-most hunter. Everyone charged ahead, except Ryan and Wrys since they're weak and don't have to be go far ahead. Turn 2, Shiida + Luke + Dieck defeated the boss, Merric + Ryan killed the lower hunter, Athena killed the other generic bandit and Rody finished off the Thief. P6O 2/13 turns yeah P7C 2/15 turns Merric chipped the upper Knight for Cecille to take the kill. Shiida went up and killed the archer. Ryan meanwhile chipped the lower Knight for Dieck. EP1, Athena was attacked by the central Myrmidon, while the lower knight and the left Myrmidon were counterkilled by Dieck. PP2, Shiida attacked Cain with Steel Lance, doing 8x2 damage to his 31 HP. She faces 74 hit and is 2HKOed, so she has to dodge on PP or EP (which is roughly a 20% chance). Dieck killed the left archer and counterkilled a Myrmidon for exp on EP. P8 3/18 turns Sacrificed Rody to distract two Silver Axe!Bandits on turn 1. Merric+Marth and Dieck killed the upper Thieves, Cain attacked the Silver Axe!Bandit and Shiida and Ogma defeated the Hunters. Turn 2, all enemies except the Thieves in Katarina's group were killed, including Shiida killing Katarina, needing to dodge at 67 hit. Ogma popped the map save to make that work. This doesn't prevent the reinforcement!Thieves from spawning though, so Merric distracted a Thief from Shiida to improve her survival chances. Turn 3, the remaining thieves were finished off. UNIT CLASS LVL HP ST MG SK SP LC DF RS WEXP Marth Lord 7.17 27 9 0 10 10 9 8 0 D Swd Dieck Mercenary 8.82 27 13 2 14 16 8 11 0 C Swd Arran Paladin xx/3.00 26 10 1 12 11 4 10 6 D Swd B Lnc Draug Knight 6.00 22 10 0 5 5 3 11 0 D Lnc C1 6/24 turns Marth went for the village to recruit Malicia. Arran went up to kill the Hunter and then accompanied Dieck towards the right, where all generic enemies and Lorenz were killed by Dieck (the latter of which with help from Arran).
  7. Well, neither one of those costs turns, so... Frost and Nagi @Eltosian Kadath
  8. Navarre and Leiden WRT forging except Mt on effective weapons: that's a good solution, although the problems with forged effective weaponry aren't nearly as bad as in higher-difficulty FE11.
  9. Linde and Cain Also, I think we should definitely allow Forging, it was typically allowed in various SOYO drafts we did (like this one, which was on H1 aswell: https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/70572-fe12-h1-soyo-game-over-return-of-medeus/ ). Allowing forging worked pretty well there and allowed for more creative strategies. The standard ruleset from the Draft Tournaments Explained thread is around 10 years old and wasn't made with a Reclass ban in mind. Undrafted Midia should also be free to be attacked in C20. It doesn't make sense to force players to take a turn penalty just because they don't want to burn rescue on an undrafted unit. In this format I'm not sure if everyone can reach Hardin in anytime. It's better to preventively make sure that bullshit situations like don't come up. The "let Midia be attacked rule" was also part of the ruleset in every FE12 draft I did so far, there's no reason not to use it.
  10. Sorry for the delay. I still exist and the next picks will come faster! I pick Sirius and Malicia
  11. Auxiliary 10 free/69 turns - Trained units. Milena went Paladin, Ashe mastered Myrmidon to get Swap. Dimitri focused on Lances and Flying, which he trained as a wyvern rider. C18 1/70 turns Bonked Cornelia with Atrocity. Auxiliary 10 free/70 turns - Trained units. C19 1/71 turns Bonked Arundel with Brave Axe!Dimitri. Auxiliary 10 free/70 turns - Trained units. Linhardt reached A+ Riding through the monastery training. C20 1/72 turns Bonked Scytheboi with Spear of Assal!Paladin!Dimitri, which was a OHKO without using a combat art. Auxiliary 10 free/72 turns - Milena had reached A+ Riding from the Advanced Drills and the previous aux battles already, same for S Lances, so the rest of the wexp needed for S Lances!Dimitri and S Bows!Bernadetta was collected here. C21 1/73 turns Dimitri, Bernadetta, Ashe and Petra started on the left. Milena, Gilbert, Peg Knight!Manuela, Linhardt, Flayn and Annette were deployed on the right. Ashe used Swap to move Bernadetta 1 tile down. Shove wasn't an option because her starting tile is at the upper edge of the map. Dimitri and Petra then moved her 4 tiles to the left with Repo. She then moved far to the left and used a Fruit of Life to increase her max HP by one point, activating her personal skill. The extra Atk was necessary to kill a warrior with a Deadeye!Failnaught after Linhardt danced her. Milena then dropped March Ring!Flayn across the wall with Repo. Manuela did the same for Annette and canto'd down. Gilbert then smote her two tiles down, putting her within 6 tiles of the nearest tile next to the opera. Flayn rescued Linhardt down. Annette Super-Danced for Linhardt, Flayn, Bernadetta and Manuela. Flayn then rescued Bernadetta, got danced and rescued Bernadetta again. Manuela visited the opera for the second Super-Dance. Bernadetta then critkilled Hubert with Deadeye!Killer Bow+ at 7-range. Thanks to Bow Prowess Lv5 and Bow Crit+10 (from her new S-rank in Bows), she at least pulled 56 hit and 50 crit. Manuela had a Levin Sword and the Thunderbrand in her inventory. If necessary, she could use those to burn RNs for the bosskill by attacking a bow knight and cantoing to the Opera. Screenshots: Endgame 1/74 turns Bernadetta got the Super-Dance #2, which requires B authority. Gave 3 Energy Drops and all remaining Skill/Luck boosters to Milena to make her 4HKO Edelgard's first health bar with Brave Lance and increase her critrate. Manuela used Retribution on Milena and a bunch of others. Gilbert smote Milena ahead. Thanks to Mov+1 and March Ring, she had 10 mov and killed an enemy in the central room for fun. Bernadetta then used Repo on Flayn and fullmoved ahead. Flayn then used Draw Back to pull herself and Linhardt 1 tile up each. Linhardt then danced for Milena. Dimitri moved ahead. Annette Super-Danced for Flayn, Linhardt, Dimitri and Bernadetta. Flayn rescued Dimitri ahead and got danced. Milena killed the Mortal Savant blocking the throne room entrance with Failnaught and canto'd to the left. Dimitri then moved ahead and Flayn rescued Linhardt further up. Bernadetta then used Pass to move onto a magical tile to Super-Dance for the four of them. Milena then killed another enemy in the way to Edelgard, got danced and ORKOed Edelgard's first health bar with Accuracy Ring!Brave Lance and canto'd 1 tile to the right. Flayn then rescued Dimitri up. He took the Brave Lance from Milena, tradeswapped her to Critical Ring and Killer Lance+ and took the Accuracy Ring and Brave Lance for himself to ORKO the second bar. Petra did nothing, she was free to burn RNs for the bosskill if necessary. EP, Edelgard first attacked Dimitri, who had to counterkill her third bar with a crit + hit at 39% crit. She then attacked Milena, who counterattacked thanks to Retribution and needed a Killer Lance+ crit + hit at 79% crit to kill the fourth health bar. Nobody died because Edelgard is the first enemy who attacks. Endgame stats UNIT CLASS LV HP ST MG DX SP LK DF RS CH Sw Lc Ax Bw Br Re Fa Au Hv Ri Fl Mastery Milena Falco Kngt 41 54 42 22 41 33 40 22 21 28 C S E B E+ C E+ A+ E A+ B+ HP+5, Spd+2, Def+2, Swap, Repo, Darting Blow, Aegis Dimitri Wyv Lord 44 63 47 11 38 41 20 34 14 36 E+ S B+ E E E E A E A+ A HP+5, Def+2, Repo, Death Blow, Desperation, Seal Mov Ashe Wyv Lord 36 42 29 12 23 29 21 22 20 14 E C A A+ E E E B+ E D A HP+5, Str+2, Spd+2, Hit+20, Shove, Swap, Death Blow Bernie Bow Knight 33 45 21 11 35 22 17 15 14 18 E B+ E S E E E B+ E A+ E Def+2, Hit+20, Repo Petra Wyv Lord 33 48 32 11 21 33 26 21 13 17 C+ C A D+ E E E B E E A+ Def+2, Repo, Death Blow Gilbert Wyv Rider 29 60 30 10 21 17 10 22 8 18 E A B+ E E E E C+ B B C - Flayn Holy Kngt 37 36 19 36 27 20 14 17 36 29 E C E E E E S C+ E B+ D Mag+2, Draw Back Linhardt Dancer 34 40 16 27 22 22 23 12 25 21 E E E E E C+ B D E A+ E Special Dance Annette Cavalier 18 30 12 20 16 10 14 9 9 9 E B E+ E E B E A E B E HP+5 Manuela Priest 21 35 15 16 16 21 13 10 17 18 C+ B E E+ E E B+ B E D D Def+2, Repo Unit evaluations
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