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  1. C17 4/122 turns Shanna flew around the ballista range on turn 1, so did Tate on turn 2. Shanna dropped Treck across the ocean on turn 2. Turn 3, Tate gave Roy to Treck, Shanna killed a mage in the way and Treck dropped him within seizing range. Turn 4, Shanna could've ORKOed a knight in the way (but it wasn't necessary since Roy crit with Rapier). Treck ORKOed Arcardo with Horseslayer and Roy seized. Sue used the arena 4 times over the course of the chapter and Treck self-improved. Roy used two Angelic Robes on turns 1 and 2 since he needs more survivability in the upcoming chapters. C18 4/126 turns Shanna got danced ahead on her own on turn 1. Turn 2, Zeiss gave Treck to her and used a Dracoshield at the same time. She then dropped Treck way ahead. Tate picked up Lalum on turn 1 and dropped her ahead on turn 2. She then brought Roy to Shanna with Lalum's help on turn 3, avoiding ballista exposure. Shanna then dropped Roy near the castle and Treck killed a healer in the way. Turn 4, Treck double crit Martel with KE and Shanna visited the guiding ring village. Zeiss promoted on the last turn and got a Falcoknight kill. C19 4/130 turns Shanna dropped Zeiss, who used a speedwing, ahead on turn 1 and used a pure water so she doesn't fall asleep. Turn 2, Treck brought Roy to her and she ORKOed some peg knights with iron lance while carrying him. Turn 3, she dropped roy near the castle after Zeiss already killed some enemies in the boss area. Turn 4, she killed a knight in the way if needed, Treck killer crit the boss and Roy seized. UNIT LEVEL HP S/M SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP Roy 6.50 43 8 7 9 10 5 1 D Swd Shanna 10/8.13 31 11 20 25 18 11 11 E Swd S Lnc BOOTS Treck 12/13.51 47 17 12 19 14 14 4 B Swd B Lnc E Axe Zeiss 12/4.07 40 23 15 13 7 19 3 E Swd B Lnc Sue 12/7.57 35 14 16 22 14 7 6 E Swd S Bow Marcus xx/10.96 36 11 16 13 12 13 9 C Swd S Lnc A Axe Tate 9.83 22 6 8 11 3 7 6 D Lnc Fae 3.24 18 15 16 4 9 17 27 - Lalum 6.80 24 1 2 13 12 5 6 - Lot 9.10 35 8 7 11 5 5 2 C Axe Wolt 5.05 21 6 6 7 4 4 0 D Bow Dorothy 3.72 19 5 6 6 3 4 2 D Bow Sophia 1.00 15 6 2 4 3 1 8 C Drk Merlinus 1.08 15 0 3 3 10 3 0 - C20 4/134 turns The 3-turn would've been way too unreliable, so I just took this and looted the left treasure room aswell. Light Brand!Treck and Killer Lance!Zeiss killed Roartz. Lott died, which would've been avoidable by unfielding him, but the chapter is done now and it doesn't matter. C20x 20 free/134 turns Got Zeiss to S lances and gave him a wing. Marcus got S axes and Treck S swords. UNIT LEVEL HP S/M SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP Roy 7.10 43 9 8 10 11 5 1 C Swd Shanna 10/9.01 31 11 21 26 19 11 11 E Swd S Lnc BOOTS Treck 12/15.29 49 18 12 20 15 15 4 S Swd A Lnc E Axe Zeiss 12/10.64 44 26 19 18 10 21 3 E Swd S Lnc Sue 12/7.93 35 14 16 22 14 7 6 E Swd S Bow Marcus xx/13.22 37 11 17 13 12 13 10 C Swd S Lnc S Axe Tate 9.83 22 6 8 11 3 7 6 D Lnc Fae 4.45 19 16 17 4 9 18 28 - Lalum 9.06 26 1 2 14 15 5 6 - Lot dead lul Wolt 5.05 21 6 6 7 4 4 0 D Bow Dorothy 3.72 19 5 6 6 3 4 2 D Bow Sophia 1.02 15 6 2 4 3 1 8 C Drk Merlinus 1.08 15 0 3 3 10 3 0 -
  2. C22 1/52 turns Got all regalia. Panne got a Speedwing. Sumia rescued Panne pocket Lucina up. Lucina then killed Tigris with Brave Sword, proccing Galeforce and moving next to Equus, who was then quadrupled and killed by Brave Axe!Panne. Libra rescued Cynthia to the right to ORKO Canis and Draco. Sumia was danced to ORKO Simia with Forseti, needing a Mjölnir!Ruby DS to ORKO. C23 2/54 turns Cynthia and Sumia each got a Dracoshield. Panne pocket Yarne got danced to ORKO the Sorc and Assassin above the start with Brave Axe. Sumia paired with Fred (reclassed to Paladin), making use of their A support, and killed an assassin to the upper-right of the start and galeforce'd herself to kill a Hero with Book of Naga, which she used to tank and counterkill a lot of enemies on EP1. Lucina pocket Cynthia ORKOed a Hero, activating GF, and Libra used Fortify on her and Panne. Cynthia then ORKOed a General with Gradivus, activating GF aswell. Lucina had the Roypier equipped since the Generals are the toughest enemies on the map. Cynthia then ORKOed a Hero with Spear (this isn't quite consistent with the screenshots, where I apparently pressed wait instead). Cynthia was within range of one Assassin, who she pretty much had to dodge. Thanks to her avo of 117, she had a pretty decent chance to dodge everything else. Sumia also had a pretty decent chance to survive her EP, taking out another Assassin that's very dangerous to Cynthia. Panne counterkilled the General and tanked the nearby Tomahawk!Berserker. Turn 2, Libra used Fortify twice, healing both Sumia and Cynthia up to full HP. Ruby Bolganone'd weak Validar down. Sumia killed a Berserker that would be out of range on EP2 and then procced Galeforce to kill an Assassin. Cynthia killed a Hero, then equipped the Setethjav to provide powerful DSes for Lucina against Validar, who has to be ORKOed. Lucina did so with the Brave Sword. After her Galeforce activation, Cynthia used Gradivus to ORKO an assassin (instead of Spear since it's more reliable against Generals). Panne killed her Berserker. EP, Sumia and Cynthia counterkilled the enemies, with both of them having pretty good survival chances. C24 1/55 turns It wouldn't be a Gradivus playthrough without the Gradivus getting hammerned. Forged a +3 mt Celica's Gale named Aircalibur. Reforged the ShittyRapier to +2 mt/+25 hit (for Fred in this chapter) and a separate Beastkiller for Chrom to +2 mt/+15 hit, named ShoddyRoypir. Lucina got a +2 mt/+10 hit Beastkiller, named Boss Kil. Cynthia got an Energy Drop and Panne both Secret Books. Panne pocket Fred ORKOed the Rexcalibur!Valkyrie in the bottom-left area, having to avoid the counter with a DG or a first-hit DS. Sumia used GF to kill two nearby Paladins with Celica's Gale, having Chrom as a backup in case they get 2-4 aegis procs. Ruby then tradeswapped her to Setethjav and attacked a Valkyrie with Celica's Gale, needing an ADJACENT DS from Sumia on one of her hits to kill. Sumia then got danced (Olivia being carried to her by Yarne) to kill the Bow Knight to the right with Aircalibur. Stahl paired up with Ruby to improve hitrates on EP. Libra then Hammerned Gradivus. Lucina paired up with Cynthia, who ferried her ahead to kill the Thoron!Valkyrie. After Lucina's GF, she equipped Beastkiller, moved next to the Paladin and switched to Cynthia to kill him with Brave Lance. Cynthia then galeforce'd herself into the boss area and killed the Rexcalibur!Valkyrie on PP with Gradivus. EP, Cynthia needed some luck to survive, but I don't think her survival chance is worse than ~10%. She kills every enemy with either one Aether proc or one DS from Lucina, including the boss. Sumia ORKOed all her enemies reliably with Aircalibur and Panne only had a small chance of failure, having to connect two Helswath hits against a Sword!Pally at 79-89 hit (depending on whether he has Outdoor Fighter, also still succeeding if Fred DSes twice) and needing one DS to kill the Great Knight (who she's almost guaranteed to dodge thanks to Lancebreaker). Ruby counterkilled the Great Knight near the start. C25 1/56 turns Galeforks -> bonk Endgame 1/57 turns Reforged the Setethjav to +5 mt/+15 hit, the Aircalibur to +4 mt/+20 hit (hitrate was overkill I think, but I had money to spare) and forged a Brave Axe to +4 mt/+20 hit, named Flying Pan. Ruby rallied Spectrum. Sumia was danced ahead to kill the Berserker in the way and then attack Grima with Aircalibur, having Flying Pan!Panne in the back for DSes. Fred ferried Libra up and he rescued Cynthia pocket Lucina, who then attacked with the Setethjav, with Lucina having the Parallel Falchion equipped. I couldn't calc the CoS yet, but it seems to be roughly 50/50. FINAL TURNCOUNT: 57 TURNS Turncount roll Unit stats & evaluations Overall: Sumia is op, apparently. Dunno if allowing Galeforce is a good idea, but all the other rules seem to be pretty good for Lunatic.
  3. P17 20 free/48 turns Cynthia promoted to Falcon Knight. Killed off Tiki on turn 1 by rescuing her into enemy range. This made the chapter a lot easier. I kept one enemy alive until turn 20 so Sumia and Cynthia can spam Rescue for tons of free exp. Sumia reached level 20 as a result, so she used a second seal afterwards to go back to Lv1 Sage for more exp. P13 20 free/48 turns Fought both armies. Fed Ruby a whole bunch of Generals so she reaches Rally Spectrum at least for Endgame, ideally for C24 aswell. Lucina and Cynthia (paired up together, with Lucina mostly fighting on EP) fought Dalen's group. Panne, Sumia and Ruby took care of Gyral's group. Sumia and Cynthia spammed rescue towards the end of the map again. Yarne is totally unviable as a combat unit, but he does have Deliverer and gives Str/Spd on pairup, so he'll find some use regardless. Sumia and Fred hit B support. I want them to reach A by C23 to improve the reliability there as much as possible. I'll optimize their support point gain in the upcoming 1-turn strats too. C19 1/49 turns Forged a +3 mt, +15 hit Brave Lance named Setethjav. Cynthia got an Arms Scroll for A lances. Sumia pocket Fred killed 3 Generals with Galeforce and dance. Ruby pocket Chrom killed a Dark Knight for exp. Cynthia pocket Lucina Galeforce duo'd their way to Walhart, reaching him without a dance or rescue. Cynthia ORKOed with Setethjav and Brave Sword!Lucina in the back. C20 1/50 turns Ruby ORKOed two Generals with Celica's Gale. Sumia pocket Fred killed Cervantes and then Galeforced slightly ahead to rescue Cynthia pocket Lucina. Lucina ORKOed a Hero, then Cynthia killed Excellus and Galeforced to Walhart to kill him just like his C19 version, still with pretty good reliability. C21 1/51 turns Panne fed Ruby a nearby Berserker. Libra rescued Cynthia, who killed an assassin and Galeforced ahead to rescue Sumia pocket Lucina. Lucina ORKOed the Swordmaster behind the chokepoint. Sumia rescued Fred pocket Olivia (which builds Fred x Sumia support points) after Lucina's Galeforce proc. Olivia then gave Fred to Sumia, who then Galeforced on a generic enemy and killed the boss in the process. Fred and Sumia reached A support after the chapter. UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP BOOSTERS Chrom Cavalier 10/6.90 32 14 4 14 14 14 14 7 A Swd B Lnc - Ruby Grandmaster 18/13.86 41 22 24 23 28 19 19 15 E Swd A Mgc 1 Talisman Sumia Sage 16/15/20/9.12 80 27 34 45 45 45 27 29 A Mgc A Stf 2 Naga, 2 Robe, 1 Drop, 2 Shields, 1 Boots Panne Griffon Rider 10/14/15.81 66 42 6 39 34 28 24 11 A Axe 3 Icon Lucina Great Lord 20/16.96 66 35 11 39 38 38 27 22 A Swd B Lnc 1 Scroll Cynthia Falcon Knight 18/19.06 64 36 16 38 50 41 25 29 A Lnc B Stf 1 Scroll Frederick Great Knight xx/12.19 40 18 5 18 15 9 17 6 A Swd A Lnc A Axe 1 Dust, 1 Wing Libra War Monk xx/16.41 52 22 25 18 21 19 16 20 C Axe A Stf - Stahl Cavalier 6.39 26 10 0 9 8 8 9 2 D Swd B Lnc - Nowi Manakete 3.49 19 5 0 3 4 9 3 3 - Drg - Olivia Dancer 14.80 25 7 5 15 17 17 6 4 D Swd - Donnel NOT RECRUITED Tiki DEAD
  4. P12 20 free/42 turns Trained my units a lot, particularly Panne and Lucina. Sumia snorted Rescue staves like others do with cocaine to get a ton of exp. Libra also got trained a bunch. Lucina promoted at Lv20 in the middle of the map. C14 1/43 turns Bonked the boss, I think I also got the Bullion (M) chest. C15 2/45 turns Bought 2 armorslayers and a Thoron, the latter of which I forged to +2 mt and named Thorhead. Sumia got the Naga's Tear from Morgan's Paralogue and Panne got the 3 Goddess Icons I still had because +3 avo will probably be useful at some point. Panne routed the beach over the course of 2 turns, only taking on the physical enemies on turn 1 (pocket Hammer!Fred to kill the General on PP or EP) and using the +10 avo from Even Rhythm on turn 2 to survive the mages reliably. Ruby pocket Armorslayer!Stahl ORKOed the nearby General and got danced to kill the nearest Cav with Arcthunder, which also let her kill 2 mages on EP. Sumia pocket Nowi killed a knight and galeforced into the upper-left area, killing a Lance!Cav with Thorhead because Lucina can't ORKO him with one Chrom DS, unlike most other enemies. Lucina killed a nearby Sword!Cav with Levin Sword, having Armorslayer!Chrom as a pairup partner. She then Galeforced herself up into the upper-right area, moving within range of the two knights next to Say'ri. Libra rescued Say'ri to safety. EP, the Tomahawk!General near Lucina attacked Sumia and so did all enemies within range to the left of Sumia. The rest of the right-side enemies attacked Lucina and got killed by a Chrom DS or Aether proc. There were only three exceptions: the Spear!General, who didn't die to Lucina, a Mage that Ruby counterkilled and another Mage that Libra countered with Short Axe, but didn't kill yet. Sumia needed a mag proc to ORKO the Dark Knights because I was stingy with the forge Mt. The mag proc will probably turn out to be necessary later on anyway. Turn 2, Libra finished off his Mage with Hand Axe (better accuracy than Short Axe) and got danced. Lucina finished off her General with Noble Rapier and visited the Bullion (L) village. Libra got danced and rescued Ruby up to the Arms Scroll village, which she visited while putting herself in range of the lone mage in the upper-left corner to kill him on EP. Sumia killed the Mage in the boss area and Galeforce'd herself to Farber, who she attacked with Mjölnir on PP and finished off on EP if she doesn't crit. The General and Cav in the boss area suicided on Sumia aswell. C16 1/46 turns Lucina ORKOed a Thief and a Hero, using the 3-use Bronze Lance or a Log (I was too stingy to buy a new Bronze Lance) and some DS assistance from Chrom for the latter. Panne killed the Speedwing!Thief. Libra got danced and rescued Sumia up, who then killed the Sniper in the way and then Cervantes, using Celica's Gale. C17 1/47 turns Bought a Brave Axe. Panne pocket Fred used it to kill the Valkyrie in the right part of the central hallway. Chrom then brought Olivia ahead to dance her. Lucina pocket Ruby (who had Mjölnir equipped) used the almighty Log to kill two War Monks to the right, which wasn't totally reliable. Libra then rescued Sumia ahead, who then procced Galeforce on the Sniper in the center and rescued Panne to the boss to brave axe her down. C18 1/48 turns This was mildly complicated because I only have one flier. Still not hard thanks to Galeforce, though. Lucina got a scroll since she just got D lances and I also want her to use the Brave Sword here, which she needs A swords for. Brave Sword!Lucina killed the Swordmaster in the center. Sumia then killed the Warrior. Both activated Galeforce. Lucina then ORKOed the Paladin in the way. Sumia rescued Panne pocket Fred down. Libra then rescued Olivia down to Sumia, who got danced and rescued Panne again, letting her reach Yen'fay and kill him either with two Brave Axe hits or with one Brave Axe hit and two Gradivus!Fred DSes (CoS: 30%). P9 13 free/48 turns Trained my units, Cynthia was fed a bunch of kills too. UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP BOOSTERS Chrom Cavalier 10/5.74 31 14 4 13 13 13 13 7 A Swd B Lnc - Ruby Grandmaster 18/7.37 38 19 21 19 26 15 18 14 E Swd A Mgc 1 Talisman Sumia Sage 16/15/14.59 72 25 27 40 41 42 20 26 A Mgc D Stf 2 Naga, 2 Robe, 1 Drop, 2 Shields, 1 Boots Panne Griffon Rider 10/14/1.83 60 36 5 37 31 26 22 11 A Axe 3 Icon Lucina Great Lord 20/9.57 60 31 11 33 32 34 23 21 A Swd C Lnc 1 Scroll Cynthia Pegasus Knight 18.69 46 20 13 25 33 29 19 20 C Lnc - Frederick Great Knight xx/10.87 38 18 5 16 15 8 16 6 A Swd A Lnc A Axe 1 Dust, 1 Wing Libra War Monk xx/13.23 49 21 23 16 18 17 16 20 C Axe B Stf - Stahl Cavalier 6.39 26 10 0 9 8 8 9 2 D Swd B Lnc - Nowi Manakete 3.49 19 5 0 3 4 9 3 3 - Drg - Olivia Dancer 8.66 20 6 5 12 12 12 5 3 D Swd - Donnel NOT RECRUITED
  5. C8 3/32 turns Turn 1, Stahl ferried Ruby to the Fighter below the start, killing him on PP so Sumia can pass through. Sumia pocket Chrom fullmoved down and switched to Chrom, who then dropped her 1 tile further down. Panne pocket Fred moved 8 tiles down, switched to Fred and got dropped to the right. Gregor paired up with Panne, Nowi paired with Sumia. Fred had a Short Axe to counterkill Dark Mages, Chrom had the Lucky Lewyn to potentially ORKO a Dark Mage with a Spear!Sumia DS, making Fred's and Panne's survival on turn 2 more reliable. Turn 2, Ruby counterkilled the remaining top-left enemies. Panne killed the Dark Mage to the right on PP, ideally dodging or getting a DS from Gregor on the first hit or her survival chances on EP are slim. Sumia attacked the boss, potentially killing him, and ORKOing all enemies in the boss area on EP. Fred paired up with Chrom, who then ferried him close enough to the Master Seal village to aggro the Fighter + DM group left of it. Fred still used a short axe to counterkill the enemies. Turn 3, Ruby killed the lone Fighter coming from the top-right corner, Fred got the Master Seal and Sumia got the Second Seal. Panne or Fred killed the remaining enemies in the center. Missed out on the rescue staff. P3 12 free/32 turns Bought 60 speed tonics, 20 skl tonics and 10 lck tonics. Promoted Sumia. Panne (pocket Fred) got enough exp to get to D axes and gain some good levels. Most of the enemies were fed to Sumia. She reached level 3 already, so I should have a good start to pass down Galeforce to Lucina. Ruby and Stahl activated their A support. UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP BOOSTERS Chrom Lord 8.01 26 10 3 11 12 8 10 4 C Swd - Ruby Tactician 17.83 30 12 15 13 20 12 13 10 E Swd B Mgc 1 Talisman Sumia Dark Flier 16/3.14 43 19 13 25 28 21 13 18 B Lnc D Mgc 1 Naga, 1 Robe, 1 Drop, 1 Shield, 1 Boots Panne Wyvern Rider 10/6.88 38 23 1 18 17 13 17 4 D Axe - Frederick Great Knight xx/9.19 37 17 5 16 15 7 15 6 B Swd A Lnc B Axe 1 Dust, 1 Wing Stahl Cavalier 5.71 25 9 0 9 7 7 9 2 D Swd C Lnc - Nowi Manakete 3.43 19 5 0 3 4 9 3 3 - Drg - Donnel NOT RECRUITED C9 3/35 turns I had a lot of flexibility here because I fell just a little short of 2-turning it. Only fielded Panne, Chrom, Sumia and Frederick, the rest wouldn't do anything anyway. Sumia pocket Frederick got most of the kills, flying towards the boss while primarily killing archers on PP so she survives more reliably. The boss was killed by 2x Tesla + a Hammer DS from Fred. Panne self-improved against the enemies that didn't suicide against Sumia and those in Libra's area. She also ferried Chrom to Libra to recruit him on turn 3. C10 2/37 turns Panne pocket Fred went up the right, killing the Bullion!Thief on turn 1 and collecting a lot of exp on EP. Stahl and Ruby manipulated a rescue tile for Libra to rescue Sumia pocket Nowi way ahead and let her reach the boss on turn 2. Turn 2, Panne totally humiliated the Wyrmslayer!Thief. Ruby paired with Stahl and got ferried to the Master Seal!Thief to kill him. Libra rescued Chrom ahead to kill the Seraph Robe!Thief with Eirika's Blade. Sumia Elthunder'd Mustafa down, it doesn't matter if she kills on PP because none of my units were at risk of death on EP. C11 2/39 turns Ruby promoted. Turn 1, Sumia pocket Chrom fullmoved ahead and Libra rescued Olivia to her. Sumia then opened the Bullion (L) chest with a Chest Key, making the Thief run away on EP. She had a Spear equipped to kill the unpromoted enemies she faced and severely damage the Hero. She was also within range of a Mercenary from Gangrel's group, so they all aggroed. Ruby pocket Stahl counterkilled the Sage and the closest Mage, with a Sigurd's Lance DS or Tesla crit from Stahl against the Sage. Turn 2, Sumia ORKOed Gangrel with Gradivus and convoy-dropped it in favor of Elthunder. Libra physic'd her, either once or twice as needed. Two Physic uses would've healed her almost completely. She then killed every remaining enemy on EP2, except a Fighter than Panne picked off and a faraway Mage, who was killed by Ruby. Chrom married Sumia. P4 11+4 free/39 turns Took the penalty for Anna to grab chests, but all is fine because I'm under 20 turns. Sumia was trained so she can get Galeforks in time for Lucina. Got all treasures and trained Panne, who was promoted to Griffon after the map. Stahl and Ruby married. UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP BOOSTERS Chrom Cavalier 10/2.20 28 13 3 12 11 10 10 6 B Swd D Lnc - Ruby Grandmaster 18/2.69 35 15 19 16 23 13 16 12 E Swd B Mgc 1 Talisman Sumia Dark Flier 16/11.34 52 24 16 30 33 28 17 23 A Lnc B Mgc 1 Naga, 2 Robe, 1 Drop, 2 Shields, 1 Boots Panne Griffon Rider 10/14/1.00 50 31 3 28 24 16 20 7 C Axe - Frederick Great Knight xx/9.66 37 17 5 16 15 7 15 6 A Swd A Lnc B Axe 1 Dust, 1 Wing Libra War Monk xx/3.96 42 16 17 13 14 12 13 17 C Axe C Stf - Stahl Cavalier 5.88 25 9 0 9 7 7 9 2 D Swd B Lnc - Nowi Manakete 3.49 19 5 0 3 4 9 3 3 - Drg - Olivia Dancer 2.53 18 4 2 8 9 9 3 2 D Swd - Donnel NOT RECRUITED C12 2/41 turns Bought Katarina's Bolt and Arcthunder for Sumia. Forged a +1 mt, +10 hit Beastkiller named ShittyRapier. Turn 1, Sumia pocket Chrom went on a magic tile to kill all enemies in the middle and the right Bow Knight's group with Arcthunder. Chrom had the ShittyRapier to kill enemies on DSes. Panne went left to kill the cavalry squad and the two knights there. Ruby took on the two knights right of the start, one of them on EP1 and the other on PP2. EP, Sumia and Panne counterkilled all their enemies. Turn 2, Sumia moved onto the left boat bridge with Katarina's Bolt equipped, to counterkill the left half of the boat, Dalton and the entire squad of the left Bow Knight. Panne moved right and got danced to the right entrance of the boat, equipping a Short Axe and using one or two Concoctions as needed. EP, all the remaining enemies died. Panne only needed a Steel Axe!Fred DS against the Paladin on the boat (75% chance), Sumia even killed the Paladins pretty reliably thanks to the critrate from Kat's Bolt and Chrom's accurate DSes. C13 1/42 turns Ruby got a kill. Panne jebaited a Bowfaire!Silver Bow forge!Sniper at 2-range. Sumia pocket Chrom killed the Warrior with the droppable silver axe, Libra rescued Olivia to her and she got danced to kill the boss, which gave her Galeforce. Her other skills were unequipped to make sure GF is passed down to Lucina.
  6. Robin is female with +Spd/-Lck, named Ruby. Pre 2/2 turns yeah Pro 5/7 turns Tried getting a 4-turn, but I got a 5-turn with good levels and took it. C1 4/11 turns Fred got Spd and ORKOed the boss. Pretty sure there are some other scenarios that can lead to a 4-turn, but the Spd proc is by far the most likely one. C2 6/17 turns Freebies: Vaike and Sully Fred got Vaike as a pairup to OHKO Mercs. He depleted the Silver Lance and killed most enemies. Ruby got the bosskill. C3 4/21 turns Freebies: Kellam, Miriel Went right. Miriel served as pairup fodder for Ruby so she can enjoy Veteran gains and kill enemies more easily with tomes. Fred tanked all the enemies to the right on turn 1 with Kellam's Jav, except the Knight, who was pulled by Ruby and finished off by Chrom next turn. Fred finished off the door key Merc on turn 2 and also chipped a soldier on turn 1 so he can counterkill them on EP. Sumia, Ruby and Stahl killed the two remaining enemies. Turn 3, Stahl opened the door and Fred received Chrom as a pairup partner. He moved into Hammertime's range and counterkilled him with Iron Sword. Stahl x Kellam and Sumia set up a kill for Ruby on turn 4, before Rapier!Chrom killed Raimi with a Hammer!Fred DS (this was about as reliable than Fred using the Hammer himself, so might aswell give the exp to Chrom). P1 20 free/21 turns Sold the Ultimate Emblem and Bullion (L) from Renown. Bought 50 Str/Def tonics each, as well as 5 Vulneraries, 2 Javelins and 2 Hand Axes. Sumia got the Naga's Tear, Dracoshield, Energy Drop and Seraph Robe. Sumia was paired with Chrom to gain some exp. Fred was primarily assisting the other units and Ruby used Donnel as a pure Veteran bot to gain a lot of exp herself. She met the benchmark of 14 Spd, which is important for C4. Donnel didn't get recruited. Stahl got a lot of wexp training via chip damage. C4 1/22 turns Now Sumia also got the boots. Bought an Elthunder. Made three forges: - Tesla, the +3 mt/+5 hit Elthunder - Roypier, the +3 mt Rapier - Raddivoo, the +5 mt Javelin Sumia got the Tiki's Tear. She started out to the left of Chrom, with her equipping the Raddivoo and Chrom the Roypier. Chrom paired up with Sumia and she moved up 9 tiles. Stahl ferried Ruby to the right Fighter. With 14 speed and Stahl giving +1 spd, she was just fast enough to double the 10 spd Fighter and ORKO him with the Tesla. Fred went to the left Fighter and attacked him with Gradivus. EP, Sumia fought the two Knights, the two upper Fighters and Lucina. All combinations of them 3HKO her, but none of them 2HKO, so she simply needed to dodge 3 of them at coinflip rates. She also killed all of them with one Chrom DS thanks to the Roypier and the Raddivoo (as well as the fact that she gets C lances just before fighting Lucina. She doubled all the enemies with her 25 speed on pairup. Her chance of success was around 7%. Fred finished off his Fighter and OHKOed the Mage on EP, Ruby ORKOed the right-side Mage. Fred had a chance of death from the mage due to a slight critrate and not being able to survive if the Mage has Magic +2. The strategy can also fail if he misses a hit, as he only had 72 hit with the Gradivus. The overall chance of the strategy was probably around 5%. Screenshots: UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP BOOSTERS Chrom Lord 5.28 23 9 2 9 10 6 9 3 D Swd - Frederick Great Knight xx/5.68 32 15 2 14 12 6 14 3 C Swd A Lnc C Axe - Ruby Tactician 10.59 24 9 11 11 14 9 11 6 E Swd C Mgc - Sumia Peg Knight 7.31 32 13 7 16 19 15 10 11 C Lnc 1 Naga, 1 Robe, 1 Drop, 1 Shield, 1 Boots Stahl Cavalier 4.41 24 9 0 9 7 6 9 2 D Swd D Lnc - Donnel NOT RECRUITED C5 2/24 turns Forged a +5 mt / +5 hit Levin Sword named Lucky Lewyn. Reforged the Tesla to +4 mt. Fred got the Renown Spirit Dust and Speedwing. Killed off Ricken and Maribelle on turn 1. Ricken attacked the nearby Myrmidon on PP and died. Ruby pocket Chrom was put on a forest tile to tank all four enemies in the lower area. Sumia pocket Fred was put on a magic tile where she could EP all enemies (except the nearby Myrmidon) on the central plateau. She also attacked the distant Myrmidon on PP with Raddivoo because she doesn't double with Fred pairup. EP, Maribelle got killed by the Myrmidon Ricken suicided on. Sumia killed all enemies in her area, not needing any Dual Strikes, but having a 50% chance to die. Ruby hat a 70% chance to die and reliably killed the Fighters and the Dark Mage, severely weakening the Myrmidon. The Myrmidon + Fighter duo in the upper area moved left, instead of going right towards Maribelle and Ricken. The latter would've occurred had I not killed Rickenbelle and ruined my strat because they wouldn't be in range to attack Fred on turn 2. Turn 2, Stahl or Ruby finished off the Myrmidon. Glass Sword!Chrom was then put in range of the Myrmidon that killed Ricken and Maribelle. Thanks to the damage Ricken did on PP1, Chrom could finish him off. Sumia flew over the mountain and switched to Fred on a forest tile. Fred then attacked a Myrmidon to avoid needing a DS. EP, Fred counterkilled all the Wyvern Riders, Fighters and Orton reliably. The generic ones of those were killed by him normally, whereas Orton was just barely killed because Fred hit B swords during that EP. He counterkilled the weakened Myrmidon, a full-HP myrmidon (needing a DS) and the dark mage (needing a DS in two hits) aswell. Fred had a small chance of death here aswell. The overall CoS of this clear is 2%, so thank god it's also a pretty short clear. Broke the Raddivoo by mistake by keeping it equipped before switching over to Fred on turn 2. Its last 8 uses got depleted by Dual Strikes. C6 3/27 turns Bought Brave Lance, Short Spear, Spear and Brave Sword (for later). Ruby got the Renown Talisman so she can survive the dark mage + thief group on turn 2. Sumia pocket Chrom took on the left, Ruby, Stahl and Panne on the center, Fred soloed the right. Turn 1, Sumia pocket Chrom attacked the Fighter with Short Spear, most likely killing him, but she can also leave him alive, which doesn't really matter. On EP, she killed Gaius and two Dark Mages aswell. Ruby ORKOed the nearby Fighter and didn't fight on EP. Fred counterkilled two Fighters and the Thief with Brave Lance. Turn 2, Sumia went down on a special square so she can either activate Relief if she kills both Cavs, or move into Validar's range on turn 3 even if one of the Cavs survives. Panne took a Str tonic from Stahl and used it to 2HKO thieves. Stahl then paired with Ruby, who then Tesla'd a Fighter down. Fred equipped Ephraim's Pike and healed with Gradivus. EP, Ruby fought a Thief and counterkilled a Dark Mage. Another Dark Mage and another Thief attacked Lucina, the latter getting killed in the process. The upper-most Thief attacked Panne. The two Cavs on the right suicided on Fred, everyone in the left area besides the Silver Axe!Fighter attacked Sumia (and most or all of them died). Turn 3, Fred Brave Lance'd the right Dark Mage down. Panne finished her Thief and Ruby used Celica's Gale to kill the remaining Dark Mage. Sumia went within range of Validar, equipped Spear and healed with Vulnerary. Chrom was tradeswapped to the Glass Sword by her to get enough damage for the Validar kill. EP, the remaining Thief suicided on Lucina, the right Silver Axe!Fighter was counterkilled by Fred and the left Silver Axe!Fighter and Validar suicided on Sumia. I think the overall chance of the clear is somewhere between 5 and 10%, Sumia surviving the Silver Axe!Fighter is especially iffy because he does 21 damage at 55 hit. Screenshots (taken during different attempts, so some stats might be inconsistent): P2 15 free/27 turns Sumia pocket Chrom charged towards the village to get the Physic and aggro the enemies. Anna died. Panne got to level 10 and reclassed to Wyvern Rider. Sumia, Ruby and Chrom all got a decent amount of exp. UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP BOOSTERS Chrom Lord 7.20 25 9 3 11 11 7 10 3 C Swd - Ruby Tactician 15.17 28 11 14 13 18 11 12 10 E Swd C Mgc 1 Talisman Sumia Peg Knight 13.38 36 15 8 21 22 18 11 14 B Lnc 1 Naga, 1 Robe, 1 Drop, 1 Shield, 1 Boots Panne Wyvern Rider 10/1.00 33 19 1 15 13 10 15 3 E Axe - Frederick Great Knight xx/8.01 36 16 5 16 15 7 14 6 B Swd A Lnc C Axe 1 Dust, 1 Wing Stahl Cavalier 4.41 24 9 0 9 7 6 9 2 D Swd D Lnc - Donnel NOT RECRUITED C7 2/29 turns Bought a Wyrmslayer and forged a +3 mt Bronze Axe, named Frying Panne. Also bought an Elfire because it has exactly the amount of damage Ruby needs on this map. Turn 1, Sumia pocket Fred attacked the first Silver Bow!Archer at 2-range (can't reach him up close), having to connect a DS or dodge and kill on the second hit. Panne pocket Chrom used the Frying Panne to kill the nearby Steel Bow!Archer and Ruby pocket Stahl killed the nearest Fighter. EP, Sumia had to dodge (or Dual Guard) the faraway Silver Bow!Archer and dodge one out of the four other enemies, three of which were coinflips and the fourth one having 74 hit. Her chance to survive is roughly 13% and that's pretty much also the CoS of the clear since everything else is pretty reliable. Ruby ORKOed a Fighter and a Wyvern Rider, Panne ORKOed a Wyvern Rider (which Frying Panne's mt is exactly enough for). Turn 2, Sumia moved on a mountain in Vasto's range and swapped to Fred, who then equipped the Wyrmslayer. Stahl finished off the Thief (because Ruby will hit level 20 anyway before the her master seal comes). EP, Panne ORKOed 4 Wyverns, although it would've been possible and more reliable to just put her in range of 3 and let Fred counterkill the fourth one. This version worked out though, so I'm sticking with it. Fred ORKOed the remaining Fighter and Wyvern in the boss area and Vasto.
  7. Full Renown, Extremely Excessive Damn Overkill Money I said I probably wouldn't do any more Lunatic drafts in this game, but that was 2019. Let's try this with a spin: all renown items are fine, including the Ultimate Emblem*. You also get free access to the bonus box regalia and the buyable items from the bonus teams. Rescue, Nosferatu and Galeforce got unnerfed entirely, but Robin and Gen2 still have some restrictions so the other units can play a role. Changed Lucina, Basilio and Flavia from free to draftable units since I don't think they necessarily have to be free, like they were last time. *It takes roughly 20-30 ingame hours to grind from 0 to 99999, I'm at 72.5k right now Drafting:1. This draft is for 4 players.2. Chrom, Avatar, Frederick and Olivia are free for all to use. The last unit remaining is free for all players aswell.3. The game will be played on Lunatic / Classic.Rules:1. Undrafted units may: pair up with undrafted units and trade with undrafted/drafted units (but must not be next to a drafted unit when battling).2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to: pairing up with drafted units, meatshielding, healing and activating support conversations.3. NPC units may do as they please without penalty.4. Paralogues are optional and are free up to 20 turns.5. Challenge battles are banned. You may have undrafted units clear a challenge battle to shop, though any items obtained must be discarded/cannot be used or sold.6. Map shopping is allowed, excluding items sold from Anna Merchant shops.7. Mothers are drafted with their children, but are drafted at the same time as the rest of the units.8. Use of items obtained from event tiles and the barracks are banned.9. Use of DLC is strictly prohibited.10. Forging is allowed. 11. Robin and 2nd gen units are only allowed to use second seals to go back to level 1 without changing classes. Other units may use them freely. Extra:1. Galeforce and Nosferatu are fair game. Rescue may be bought and used without any restrictions. 2. All renown items and the legendary weapons from the bonus box are allowed. 3. Bonus Teams may be called onto the map. Fighting against them or recruiting them is banned, but buying items from them is fine.Penalties:1. Undrafted units performing any disallowed action is worth a penalty of 4 turns.2. Undrafted units pairing up with drafted units is worth a penalty of 20 turns instead.Exceptions: 1. 2 units of your choice are free during Chapters 2 and 3 each (you may choose different units for each map). Lissa is free in the prologue.2. Ricken and Maribelle are free in Ch.5.3. Nowi and Gregor are free for Ch.8.Teams: Gradivus.: Sumia + Cynthia, Stahl, Panne + Yarne, Libra, Lucina, Tiki, Nowi + Nah, Donnel - 57 turns Carmine Sword: Sully + Kjelle, Tharja + Noire, Morgan, Anna, Ricken, Basilio, Say'ri, Donnel - 87 turns Electric Serge: Lissa + Owain, Virion, Gregor, Maribelle + Brady, Vaike, Henry, Flavia, Donnel Finalinsanity: Cordelia + Severa, Lon'qu, Miriel + Laurent, Cherche + Gerome, Gaius, Kellam, Inigo, Donnel - 84 turns
  8. C16 9/110 turns ?? Pretty sure this was a 9-turn, turns out I didn't enter it into the playlog, so I can't really provide an accurate description either. Sucks. If the TC is off I'll correct it later. C16x 8/118 turns Oof. Had to focus as many kills as possible into Shanna and Tate since they were just running up to Sue in terms of exp, all while Sue is a stronger unit and thus bound to get more exp naturally. Zeiss didn't hit level 10 as a result. Zeiss, Marcus and Shanna ended up taking the Berserk staves, while Treck and Sue were unequipped on EP7 so they don't get targeted. Turn 8, Roy moved within 4 tiles of the throne. Lalum moved within 3 tiles of the throne and danced him so he can seize after the bosskill, while also having both a KE and a Killer Bow in her inventory. Sue and Treck ganged up on Windham, with Treck getting the kill.
  9. C19 4/106 turns Turn 1, Luke got warped and killed the Thief, continuing to Hand Axe the Horsemen down. Turns 2 and 3, he counterkilled Wolf and the General in front of Nerring and killed Nerring on turn 4. Marth got rescued up on turn 1 to bait the Paladins, 3 of which he had to kill with a newly critforged KE. The fourth one had to be crit with Rapier or by Arran on the next turn with the JavCavJav, since the KE forge was at 3 uses. Feena was warped to Marth to speed up his journey to the throne and the Warrior and Thief with droppable Silvers were killed by Minerva, Arran and VW Rolf. C20 5/111 turns Luke got an Arms Scroll so he can use Silver Bow, the Master Key was convoy-dropped and given to Frost. I forged an Armorslayer so Minerva can ORKO a General. Turn 1, Luke got danced to OHKO the Thief. Turn 2, VW Rolf was danced. Arran fullmoved ahead with the Geosphere. Turn 2, he moved ahead and gave VW Rolf extra crit to OHKO the lower Hero with Parthia. Killer Bow!Luke and Mercurius!Marth then ganged up on the upper Hero. EP, Luke had to crit the Warrior and Marth should ideally crit the Hero. Arran attracted the Sniper. Turn 3, Minerva attacked the Sniper and got danced. Frost opened the door and Minerva ORKOed the General with the Armorslayer forge. Luke ORKOed the Sage and Marth the Swarm!Bishop. VW Rolf, Darros, Dice and Arran got rid of the remaining enemies (a Hero and the Sniper weakened by Arran and Minerva). EP, the Sniper in the treasure room attacked Marth. Turn 4, VW Rolf and Minerva killed the Sniper. Marth got the Again staff and got rescued back to safety. Master Key tradechains allowed me to get all the items. Turn 5, the map save was used, Minerva Mercurius crit the Sniper with Geosphere support and Luke OHKOed Hardin with a Hauteclere crit. Warren hit B staves, so he can use Again next map. C20x 3/114 turns Darros got a Spd Bond so the Snipers don't ORKO him. Turn 1, Arran revealed both Berserkers. Minerva ORKOed the upper one and Sniper!Luke the lower one. Marth got danced to reveal the second pair of Berserkers, one of which suicided on Minerva in the process, the other one attacking Arran. Turn 2, Luke finished Arran's Berserker and got danced. Darros revealed the first General and Minerva killed him. Arran revealed the second one for Luke to kill with a Killer Bow crit. Marth moved ahead to protect Arran and Luke. Turn 3, Arran and Minerva cleared the way. Marth fullmoved ahead and was Again'd. Warren was danced and warped Luke next to Marth and within 2 tiles of Eremiah, so she was revealed simultaneously, allowing Luke to ORKO her. Marth seized. C21 3/117 turns Forged a +3 mt Brave Sword named Flush. Warren got a Spirit Dust to OHKO Wyverns. Marth got danced ahead on turn 1 and used it to kill a bunch of enemies while on a mountain. Darros had to dodge a Wyvern at around 68 hit as a Swordmaster to survive. Turn 2, Feena got rescued ahead by Dice and danced Marth after he killed the Meteor!Sorc. He then used a Vulnerary and got again'd by Warren, flushing the Thoron!Sorc out of the way. Turn 3, Marth Flush'd the boss down and got again'd once again. Frost got danced to the secret shop and bought a lot of boosters. C22 3/120 turns Minerva got a Speedwing and was drilled to improve Str and cap out Spd. She and Marth got a Talisman so Marth can survive Meteor + Thoron while the Meteor!Sorc still targets Marth. Turn 1, Minerva was warped ahead and Flush'd the Glower!Sorc down. Luke Longbow'd the nearby Sorc down and Marth got danced to kill the Swarm!Sorc with Wyrmslayer. Arran and Luke shielded Feena from the Berserker, Arran getting attacked. EP, Marth killed the Mage Dragon, Minerva killed the Berserker and the Fire Dragon, having to dodge one of them. Marth had to dodge the Meteor!Sorc or the Mage Dragon. Turn 2, Arran got danced to move ahead so he can open the door on turn 3. There's a 50% chance he can attack the Berserker from turn 1 with Gradivus before the dance, depending on where he got attacked from. VW Rolf, Warren, Darros, Luke and, if necessary, Sage!Dice helped kill the nearby Swordmaster and the Berserker. The more robust ones of them and Pure Water!Sorc!Dolph blocked the Levin!SM. Marth ORKOed the Meteor!Sorc and Minerva Flush'd the Glower one in the right hallway. The success rate with the necessary dodges and critrates against Arran and Dolph was around 13%. Turn 3, Arran opened the door. Luke got warped into the throne room and Warren got danced. All the irrelevant units waited and Frost used the map save. Minerva then had to crit or dodge the Mage Dragon behind the door and Luke had to Silver Bow crit the boss. Marth then got Again'd and seized. C23 2/122 turns Turn 1, Dolph got warped next to Gharnef and rescued Darros, who then Killer Axe'd a Glower!Sorc down. Gharnef was baited off the throne. Marth got danced on turn 1 and was within range of a Glower!Sorc, but that Sorc didn't attack him due to group AI, so he only was in range of two Mage Dragons. Turn 2, Marth Flush'd the Glower!Sorc from Gharnef's group that moved down and got Again'd to the throne. Endgame 2/124 turns Marth got a Def Bond, VW Rolf got a Def Bond and a Dracoshield. Dice rescued VW Rolf ahead. Marth fullmoved, Minerva got danced so she can ORKO the Fire Dragon with a forged Wyrmslayer that also has some extra crit because there's no other use for the cash anyway. Arran and Sirius moved ahead. Luke took on the Dragons from the right. EP, Minerva killed multiple Dragons, having good survival chances thanks to the innate SM avo and the VW Rolf support. Marth killed the Mage Dragon. The left Ice Dragon went for Arran and should attack him from the left so he doesn't block the way. Luke also has to killer axe crit the Fire Dragon so he can bait the right Ice Dragon away from VW Rolf aswell. Turn 2, Dice healed VW Rolf and Warren mended Marth. Sirius recruited Nyna, Minerva recruited Maria, gave her the other Rescue staff and killed Lena. Maria rescued Luke. VW Rolf attacked Medeus, not needing a crit (but critting anyway). Warren then got danced and Frost used the map save. Marth then crit Medeus with Mercurius, Nyna used Fortify to heal him, Warren again'd him and he Mercurius crit Medeus again. Arran then Gradivus'd Elice down and Hauteclere!Luke got a third and last crit, finishing Medeus off. Unit stuff
  10. C14 5/87 turns Levin Sword!Darros crit the Warp!Thief and Fighter!Belf got sacked against an Ice Dragon so he survives. Darros then just moved up the left to escape the Dragons. VW Rolf, Steel Bow!Luke and Minerva ORKOed the first row of the Dragons. Luke got danced and OHKOed the left Dark Mage with Steel Bow. Marth swapped him to Silver Axe and OHKOed the right Dark Mage with Devil Sword. EP, Marth ORKOed the Ice Dragon from the right hallway and OHKOed a Thief. Luke ORKOed the other Ice Dragon and another Thief. Dice (who healed Minerva) and Warren tanked the Dark Mages in the right hallway, VW Rolf killed those in the left one. Turn 2, I had just enough manpower to kill all enemies besides one Thief. Marth got danced to visit Gotoh. Turn 3, I just rushed to the left, with Marth getting danced on turn 3. Warren Thief'd the Again staff at some point. Didn't have to use any Rescue or Warp to reach the throne. Warren hit C staves. C15 6/93 turns This was complicated as hell. Gave Arran a Speedwing and two Energy Drops. He was also drilled at every opportunity. Feena got a Seraph Robe to survive a Ballista hit. Marth got the last Seraph Robe to have better survival chances on turn 1. Turn 1, Luke was warped into the south-west corner of the map and OHKOed the Rapier!Thief with Steel Bow, dropping the Steel Bow to equip Hand Axe, which let him counterkill the Mage and the Fighters and drop the Mage's door key into the convoy, which I needed to open the second door. Arran Killer Lance crit the first Paladin and convoy-dropped the Killer Lance for the Silver Lance, Marth ORKOed another Paladin with Rapier. EP, the Mage attacked Marth with Fire and blocked a tile so only one unit can attack Arran. That unit was a Horseman and got chipped strongly by him. The rest of the cavalry was killed by Marth, the Sniper attacked him at range. Turn 2, Minerva killed the Mage and Marth the Sniper. Warrior!Darros killed Arran's Horseman with Devil Axe. Parthia!VW Rolf and Hammer!Dice ORKOed the Knights. Arran opened the door and Marth got danced to move two tiles below Arran and used a Vulnerary to counterkill the General. Luke killed the second and third thief on the following turns and moved on to the shops to buy Door Keys. Est took the Door Key from the convoy and gave it to Arran. Turn 3, Arran opened the lower door and Marth fullmoved, triggering the reinforcement waves, including the Thieves. Dice baited the Sniper across the river and VW Rolf counterkilled the mage and a bishop. Turn 4, Arran ORKOed the Swarm!Bishop with Javelin and Marth went on the fort that spawns the Paladins. Turn 5, Est moved onto the Fort, Arran blocked the bridge so the Horseman reinforcements don't snipe her and Marth went within seizing range. The horsemen on turns 4 and 5 were baited across the sea by VW Rolf and the others. Minerva followed Arran and Marth and used the map save on turn 6, which allowed Arran to crit Eibel down with Silver Lance, at 7% crit. C16 2/95 turns Forged a Jav named CavJav, with +3 mt, +10 hit and +15 crit. Arran used it to crit both Thieves, the first one from the start of the map. VW Rolf baited two Heroes, SM!Darros distracted the Longbow!Sniper from her so she survives. Sniper!Luke opened the door, Warren Thief'd the Rescue and Marth got danced. Minerva used the map save once everyone else did their turn, then Marth ORKOed the soldier with Armorslayer. EP, Marth and Luke had to survive. This was not guaranteed. Turn 2, Arran had to crit the Geosphere!Thief and Parthia!VW Rolf or KE!Darros killed one of the Heroes. Jeorge recruited Astram. Luke and Minerva killed enemies in the way, Minerva got danced to kill Willow and Marth seized. C16x 1/96 turns Various units killed the Berserkers, Marth killed the Swordmasters and Sniper!Luke the Snipers and Katarina. Screens for 16 and 16x: C17 4/100 turns Minerva got an Arms Scroll for Mercurius, Arran got another Speedwing. Turn 1, Darros moved forward with Geosphere. Arran crit the Tomahawk!Warrior and Marth got danced to kill the Sniper. Sniper!Luke counterkilled the Sniper near the start. Minerva counterkilled the second Warrior with Mercurius, the first one attacked Dice. Arran got attacked by a Warrior, so did Marth while counterkilling. Marth also faced the remote Sniper. Turn 2, Luke ORKOed Dice's Warrior. Arran's Warrior was finished off by Minerva and VW Rolf. Darros KE'd Marth's Sniper and Minerva finished him off (had Darros not crit, I would've rigged her crit after Arran used the map save. Marth opened the door. Warren formed a blockade on the chokepoint with Luke, Dice went behind him. Arran used the map save. EP, Marth counterkilled two warriors and got attacked by a Sniper. Dice got attacked by the first Spear!Draco from the reinforcements because he got doubled. Warren counterkilled the other one. Turn 3, Minerva took the Starsphere from Marth and ORKOed the Sniper with Mercurius. Arran crit a Warrior and Marth the Sniper since he no longer ORKOed without the Starsphere. Luke killed the remaining Spear!Draco and I used the stationary Archer to ensure only Luke can get attacked. VW Rolf killed two of the Draco reinforcements from the left and blocked the last one off with help from Darros. Turn 4, Arran got physic'd and ORKOed Sheema. Marth seized. C18 2/102 turns Marth soloed the Paladins and got the Lifesphere on turn 2. VW Rolf was used the first time as a General, Luke did most of the work killing enemies. Frost and Warren baited some Ballistae and Luke killed most of the Generals, including the boss on turn 2, with Steel Axe. Darros and Dice killed a General on turn 2 that was standing in the way, then Arran killed the Bishop in the way and Luke killed the boss. Marth got danced and rescued. NAME CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP BOOSTERS Marth Lord 30.00 60 23 0 25 25 27 21 2 A Swd 2 Robes, 1 Drop, 1 Wing, 2 Shields Luke Warrior 17/19.00 60 30 0 20 24 18 18 1 A Axe C Bow 1 Wing, 2 Shields, 1 Scroll Minerva Swordmaster xx/13.22 42 16 1 25 26 16 13 3 A Swd 1 Scroll Arran Paladin xx/15.25 29 20 1 14 19 5 11 6 D Swd A Lnc 2 Drops, 2 Wings VW Rolf Sniper 12/11.20 47 18 1 19 24 18 16 7 A Bow - Warren Sage 10/10.98 39 8 8 16 9 11 8 10 B Mgc C Stf 2 Scrolls Darros Swordmaster xx/5.60 41 15 1 20 20 10 14 3 C Swd - Dice Hero 12/5.16 37 16 1 16 18 7 13 3 D Swd C Axe - Frost Dracoknight xx/5.00 24 10 7 13 17 4 12 3 D Lnc E Axe - Dolph Sorcerer xx/5.39 32 9 4 11 11 5 7 8 D Mgc E Stf - Feena Dancer 9.74 28 9 0 9 21 14 5 0 E Swd - Belf DIED IN C14 Yumina DIED IN C9 Yubello DIED IN C6 Elrean SKIPPED (DEAD) Etzel SKIPPED (ALIVE) Matthis SKIPPED (DEAD)
  11. C6 9/41 turns Forged a +2 mt Hand Axe named GIGA PUGI and bought the last Dracoshield from the shop for Luke. It still doesn't hide Warrior's shittastic Def base, though. Luke used Pure Water and soloed the enemies from the left room over the course of two turns. He healed to full HP with vulneraries. Arran OHKOed the first mage in the chest room with Devil Sword. Yubello got sacked to bait the second one away from Marth. Turn 2, Arran chipped the other mage with Silver Lance so Warren can take the kill. Marth got the Libra. VW Rolf marched to the Swarm!Bishop in 3 turns and killed him with Iron Bow on PP3 and Steel Bow on PP4. Marth got the Barrier on turn 3 since it doesn't cost a turn. Luke baited the throne room enemies on turn 6 and OHKOed the second Bishop on turn 7. Arran then sneaked by towards Samto so he can use the third map save on turn 8 and kill Samto. He tanked the two Knights Luke didn't kill on EP6. Marth ended up facing them both and they were finished off on turn 9. Luke killed Lang on PP+EP8. C6x 2/43 turns Used Warren as a Knight and Luke as a Sniper. Yumina got benched. Went up the right. VW Rolf and Arran killed the Fighter in the way. Marth went up and attacked the Archer, Luke killed a Hand Axe!Fighter. Warren went on the bridge below the Fighter near Radd to tank him for one turn. EP, the Archer attacked Marth, the Fighter Warren, two enemies attacked VW Rolf and Radd attacked Arran. Turn 2, Rolf killed the Archer Marth weakened. Arran chipped Warren's Fighter so Warren can kill him. Luke ORKOed Legion with Steel Bow. NAME CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP BOOSTERS Marth Lord 12.88 31 11 0 15 15 14 13 1 D Swd 1 Wing, 1 Shield Luke Warrior 17/5.15 50 24 0 14 19 15 13 1 C Axe E Bow 1 Wing, 2 Shield Arran Paladin xx/6.24 27 13 1 12 11 4 10 6 D Swd B Lnc 1 Drop VW Rolf Archer 11.80 29 12 0 11 12 9 11 3 B Bow - Warren Mage 7.73 24 2 3 5 5 3 6 3 E Mgc - Yumina Archer 2.50 16 5 1 3 8 9 7 0 E Bow - Yubello DIED IN C6 Matthis SKIPPED C7 5/48 turns Arran is a god. The support Luke-VW Rolf 3 was activated, so I got a Str Bond that let him OHKO the Thieves with Silver Lance instead of needing Devil Sword gambles. Went up the right half of the forest. On turn 1, Navarre crit a Thief and then ORKOed a Hunter, who he often doubles and sometimes kills without a crit depending on the stat rolls. I only got Scorpio, one Master Seal and the Bullion (S). Marth (who got danced on turns 4 and 5) got some kills along the way and Arran crit the boss down with Killer Lance. Luke dealt with the Dragon, feeding him to Warren with Iron Axe EP + Iron Bow + Fire. VW Rolf sneaked up the forest to use the map save on turn 5. Hopefully Warren will hit level 10 in C8 so he can use Rescue and Thief in C9. C8 3/51 turns Arran hunted down the Leo!Thief. Luke ORKOed the Firestone!Thief and got danced to attack the Armorslayer!Paladin with GIGA PUGI, missing one of the hits so the Paladin survives. Marth and VW Rolf walled off the Paladins from Feena. Yumina bought a Hammer. EP, the Armorslayer!Paladin attacked VW Rolf. The other two Paladins and Roger suicided on Rapier!Marth. A sniper also suicided on Luke. Turn 2, VW Rolf chipped her Paladin so Warren can kill him. Luke pulled two Generals with Steel Axe, Marth used the map save and got danced towards the castle. Turn 3, Cav!Gordin was danced to recruit Jeorge. Warren killed one of Luke's Generals and Luke Hammer'd the Arms Scroll guy down. Warren is now at 9.64, one exp away from reaching level 10 with one Drill. Well, it's not like they're expensive. C9 6/57 turns Drilled Warren twice as a Knight so he can promote. Arran with +3 str from shards OHKOed the Thief!Thief, convoy-dropping the Thief. Yumina then gave it to Warren, who Thief'd the boots and convoy-dropped them. Marth then used the boots. Luke used Pure Water and counterkilled two Dracoes. Turn 2, Warren healed Luke and swapped his items around so he has GIGA PUGI, Iron Bow, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius. Luke then ORKOed the third Draco with Iron Bow and convoy-dropped it to equip the GIGA PUGI, which was at 6 uses. Just enough to OHKO the six mages, but not Etzel. Arran got danced ahead so he can reach the right map save on turn 3. EP, Luke OHKOed two mages and obtained a Vulnerary. Turn 3, Luke OHKOed four mages, VW Rolf distracted Etzel from him. He needed to dodge two of them at 68 hit to survive, which was ensured by Arran's map save use. Marth got danced to reach the village on turn 5. Turn 4, Warren healed Luke and gave him an Iron Axe and another Iron Bow. Luke then healed with a Vulnerary and went within range of both boss area Dracoes. Yumina got sacrificed to bait Etzel, or he would've killed Warren over the course of 2 turns. Turn 5, Luke went further into the boss area and so did Warren. Marth recruited Minerva, who rushed right towards the castle. Turn 6, Marth was rescued, Luke ORKOed the boss and Arran (who had also killed the droppable Steel Sword! and Master Seal!Thieves with Silver OHKO) gave his shards to Minerva to OHKO the Speedwings!Bishop. C10 2/59 turns This wasn't easy either. VW Rolf promoted. Arran went right to use the map save on turn 2, in case Merric has to crit the Sniper out of the way. VW Rolf killed the Merc and Luke the right Bishop, convoy-dropping the Pure Water so Marth can use it and not get attacked by the other Swarm!Bishop. Marth got danced within range to seize. Feena leveled up and hopefully proc'd HP so she survives a Swarm regardless of stat rolls after getting healed by Warren. Otherwise he'd get his staff rank anyway by using Thief immediately. Merric killed Elrean with an Excalibur crit because I didn't see a way to get Draco!Wendell to him in time. Second drafted unit that doesn't save turns gone. EP, VW Rolf killed both Shaver Mages, Feena got attacked by the Swarm user that survived. Minerva killed the droppable Elfire!Mage and Arran used the map save. Warren used Thief and got danced to heal VW Rolf. VW Rolf killed the Bishop and Luke or Merric killed the Sniper (if it's Merric, he needs a crit). C10x 1/60 turns Arran Jav'd a Berserker for Marth. Dice promoted and was fed a Berserker kill by Minerva. Arran then got danced to killer lance Legion down and got this brilliant level: NAME CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP BOOSTERS Marth Lord 14.96 33 11 0 17 17 15 14 1 C Swd 1 Wing, 1 Shield Luke Warrior 17/9.60 55 27 0 16 20 16 15 1 B Axe E Bow 1 Wing, 2 Shield Arran Paladin xx/8.47 28 13 1 13 12 4 11 6 D Swd A Lnc 1 Drop VW Rolf Sniper 12/1.82 38 15 1 16 17 10 13 6 A Bow - Warren Sage 10/2.07 33 7 7 9 6 5 8 6 D Mgc E Stf - Minerva Swordmaster xx/4.54 34 10 1 18 21 11 12 3 C Swd - Dice Hero 12/1.30 34 14 1 14 16 6 12 3 D Swd C Axe - Feena Dancer 3.38 17 4 0 4 15 10 5 0 E Swd - Yubello DIED IN C6 Yumina DIED IN C9 Elrean SKIPPED (DEAD) Etzel SKIPPED (ALIVE) Matthis SKIPPED (DEAD) C11 7/67 turns Bought two Arms Scrolls and used them on Warren for Excalibur. Luke used the C8 Arms Scroll for Hauteclere access to OHKO Wyverns. Forged a +6 mt, +10 hit Dragonpike named FALCHON (using japanese letters). Marth got a Seraph Robe and an Energy Drop from the base shop and was drilled once (for the turn 6 survival and to OHKO Wyverns with KE crits). Shiida was fielded to recruit Jake. Luke went left with Hauteclere to get the Speedwing and counterkilled all the Wyverns (50 atk with Hauteclere, Leo and Taurus) and Bandits on his way. Arran went up all the time and counterkilled a Wyvern on turn 4 with FALCHON, then got the Dracoshield on turn 7. SM!Minerva fought the Fighters and baited some Wyverns for VW Rolf to kill. She also obtained the Arms Scroll on turn 7. Dice was a Sage so he can reach the secret shop (since undrafteds can't go shopping) and healed tMinerva twice. Marth got danced on turn 1. On turn 3, he and Warren entered Wyvern range. Minerva or Dice (depending on the situation) used the map save on turn 3 to rig a KE crit for Marth. Turn 4, Marth went ahead and got healed by Warren. Turn 5, Marth went further ahead and Warren rescued Feena, who moved onto the map save and danced Marth, who then attacked the Killer Axe!Fighter. Turn 6, Marth used a Vulnerary, got danced by Feena, who went next to the Killer Bow!Hunter (who doesn't kill her) and blocked his way towards the Secret Book area, since Warren would get ORKOed and has to hide there while picking up the Book. EP6, Marth faces a Master Sword!SM, a Silver Bow!Hunter, a Wyvern and a Silver Axe!Bandit. He survives if he dodges either the Silver Axe!Bandit or the Wyvern and doesn't get crit by the SM, or if he dodges both Bandit and Wyvern and does get crit by the SM. He has to KE crit either the Wyvern or the Bandit (who gets doubled) to free up the way to the castle. If he only crits one of them, Warren can kill the other one. This had to be rigged from the turn 3 map save, but it's not terribly unreliable since the Wyvern pulls 70 hit and the Fighter only 54. Turn 7, Warren gets danced (healing Marth if there's no enemy to kill) and OHKOes the boss with Aquarius, which Feena gave to him. Dice sold Jake's stuff and bought 3 Wyrmslayers from the shop. Items missed: Master Sword, 1 Energy Drop, Goddess Icon, Lady Sword, Elysian Whip. C12 9/76 turns Forged a +1 mt Wyrmslayer for Minerva, named Failchiowned. Drilled Arran for Spd and Marth for Str/Spd/Def. Sold the Spirit Dust and two Secret Books. Used the C11 Dracoshield on Marth. Turn 1, Dice attacked the Fire Dragon near the start with Killer Axe and VW Rolf finished off, one of them having to crit. Luke and Marth ganged up on the right Fort!Dragon and Minerva got danced to kill the left one. Turn 2, Marth, Luke and Minerva stayed on the Forts, Minerva having the Cancer and Taurus so the Wyverns prioritize Marth over her due to accuracy. Marth faced them with Killing Edge to possibly get some kills, but it's not necessary since I can still kill the Wyverns even if all three survive. Turn 3, I cleaned up the enemies and recruited Darros. He or Arran ends up tanking the Swordmaster. Turn 4, Marth and Luke cleaned up the remaining enemies and tanked the reinforcement Dragons from above. Turn 6, Marth pulled the enemies in the Pisces!Dragon's area and counterkilled both Fire Dragons. Turn 7, Arran killed the remaining Wyvern. Luke entered the boss area while Minerva, Darros and Dice blocked the Forts in the center. Marth, Warren and VW Rolf blocked the upper forts. Turn 8, Luke went one tile ahead, ORKOed a Fire Dragon with Iron Bow and Marth swapped him to Steel Axe. Minerva, Dice and Darros made a formation to survive the onslaught from the bottom-right Wyvern reinforcements. EP, Luke counterkilled the last Fire Dragon. Turn 9, VW Rolf took Hauteclere from the convoy and got danced to attack the boss with Parthia. Luke then took Hauteclere from her and finished him off with his whopping 53 Atk. C13 4/80 turns Drilled Arran and Minerva. Marth got danced up and ORKOed a Dark Mage on PP. He counterkilled both Ice Dragons on turn 1 and the Wyverns on turn 3, the latter with Silver Sword and Scorpio. Sniper!Luke ORKOed a Dark Mage on turn 1 and killed the boss with a crit on turn 4, reaching him without a dance. Arran OHKOed the Dragon to the right and Minerva and barriered Dice ganged up on the nearby Bandit. Darros killed the left Dragon over the course of two EPs with the Failchiowned. Turn 2, Arran OHKOed one of the right Wyverns on EP. The third one was killed on turn 3 by Excalibur!Warren while Arran used the map save to make Minerva survive against 2 bandits and rig Luke's Steel Bow crit (since I sold the Killer Bow) against the boss. C13x 2/82 turns Drilled Arran and Minerva. Turn 1, Arran and Dice ganged up on the nearby Ballista and Warrior!Luke hand axe'd the bandit down. Marth counterkilled the Myrmidons and the upper Bandit. Athena revealed the ballista above the start and Minerva ORKOed it with +4 Str shards and Lady Sword. Warren was danced to use Barrier twice. EP, Minerva counterkilled the bandit near her Ballista, Luke counterkilled Kleine's fighter and chipped Kleine. Turn 2, Marth killed Kleine with Devil Sword. Dice revealed the upper Ballista for Minerva to kill. Warren got danced to heal twice and Arran revealed the bottom-right Ballista for Luke. NAME CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP BOOSTERS Marth Lord 24.77 48 20 0 24 25 23 20 2 B Swd 1 Robe, 1 Drop, 1 Wing, 2 Shields Luke Warrior 17/14.03 60 30 0 18 23 17 16 1 A Axe D Bow 1 Wing, 2 Shields, 1 Scroll Minerva Swordmaster xx/9.57 39 14 1 21 24 13 13 3 C Swd - Arran Paladin xx/11.39 29 15 1 13 13 4 11 6 D Swd A Lnc 1 Drop VW Rolf Sniper 12/6.65 43 16 1 18 20 15 14 7 A Bow - Warren Sage 10/6.72 36 8 7 12 7 7 8 9 B Mgc D Stf 2 Scrolls Darros Swordmaster xx/4.13 40 14 1 20 19 10 13 3 C Swd - Dice Hero 12/3.68 36 15 1 14 18 7 12 3 D Swd C Axe - Feena Dancer 6.58 19 7 0 7 18 12 5 0 E Swd - Belf Fighter 15.00 39 16 0 16 12 8 8 0 E Axe - Yubello DIED IN C6 Yumina DIED IN C9 Elrean SKIPPED (DEAD) Etzel SKIPPED (ALIVE) Matthis SKIPPED (DEAD)
  12. Prologue free Focused most of the exp into Luke and Marth once I had the choice. MU is named VW Rolf. Luke was already OHKOing Mages in P8. Here are the units after the Prologue: C1 4/4 turns Bought a Speedwing for Marth, a Speedwing and a Dracoshield for Luke and an Energy Drop for Arran. Turn 1, VW Rolf and Marth killed the nearby Fighter. Luke moved forward and counterkilled another one. Arran baited the enemies from the boss area. Turn 2, VW Rolf and Luke killed the Fighters, Marth the Hunter on the fort and Arran went on the fort. Luke counterkilled a Fighter, VW Rolf tanked one. Turn 3, VW Rolf, Luke and Arran killed some enemies in the way. Marth fullmoved. Turn 4, VW Rolf chipped a Fighter because Arran crit, so she couldn't get a kill. Luke used the map save and Arran silver lance crit Lorenz, killing him thanks to the Energy Drop, which was way cheaper than a +2 forge and is probably more useful overall. NAME CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP BOOSTERS Marth Lord 9.47 28 10 0 12 13 11 9 0 D Swd 1 Wing Luke Fighter 12.48 34 17 0 10 13 12 8 0 E Axe 1 Wing, 1 Shield Arran Paladin xx/3.94 26 12 1 12 11 4 10 6 D Swd B Lnc 1 Drop VW Rolf Archer 7.99 25 11 0 9 9 6 10 2 C Bow - C2 6/10 turns Warren MVP. Arran went up the right, Luke, Marth and VW Rolf through the center. Catria gave her Jav to Arran and recruited Warren on turn 2. Luke finished off the right Hunter, who was baited by Arran on turn 1, while VW Rolf and Warren killed the left one. Arran then faced the three soldiers. All the Cavs moved down the middle, so it was a bit tricky dealing with them. I used the right map save on turn 4 so Marth crits a Cav or dodges the boss, in order to survive. On turn 5, I needed to rig another dodge with Luke at 58 hit, using the other map save. C3 7/17 turns Gave Marth a Dracoshield, not sure if it was necessary in retrospect because Luke ended up fighting the boss area Cavs. Luke baited the left Dracoknight trio on turn 1, having to dodge one of them to survive and ideally proc Spd (he levels up upon hitting the second Dracoknight) to improve reliability against the third Draco and the boss, which he doubles with 14 Spd. Marth took an extra turn near the village to kill the three Dracoknights coming from above. Opened the bridge on turn 5, which Luke charged through. Turn 6, Palla baited the Master Seal!Draco to kill him next turn while Knight!Warren lured the right Dracoknight trio down so they don't block the map save. Arran then used the map save on turn 7 so Luke can crit the boss. VW Rolf missed the map save by one tile, otherwise Rucke would've been killed more reliably by Silver Lance!Arran and 2x Steel Axe!Luke. Clear proof Archer needs 6 mov. RIP Matthis, you already know how much respect I have for shitty drafted units. C3x 6/23 turns Pretty easy. Marth fought his way through the Knights and got free exp, Rapier MVP. NAME CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WEXP BOOSTERS Marth Lord 11.27 30 11 0 14 14 13 13 1 D Swd 1 Wing, 1 Shield Luke Fighter 16.73 39 20 0 12 15 15 8 0 D Axe 1 Wing, 1 Shield Arran Paladin xx/4.97 26 13 1 12 11 4 10 6 D Swd B Lnc 1 Drop VW Rolf Archer 9.05 27 12 0 11 10 8 11 3 C Bow - Warren Mage 4.79 22 2 3 3 5 1 4 3 E Mgc - C4 4/27 turns Yumina rescued Marth on turn 1. He soloed most of the enemies and Sirius was recruited on turn 2. He should've fed two Hunters to Yubello, but crit one of them, so Yubello missed 30 exp (in case that ever matters in this run, probably not). Mage!Warren 3HKOed the Armorslayer!Thief, Arran went for the Devil!Thief and Luke soloed a bunch of enemies on a fort. EP3, Marth doubled Guile with Steel Sword, doing just enough damage for Silver Lance!Sirius to kill on turn 4. C5 5/32 turns Luke promoted and ORKOed the first mage on turn 1 with an Iron Bow, Arran OHKOed another one and VW Rolf, Merc!Yubello and Warren killed the last one on turn 2. Rickard and the first Thief were killed on turn 1, the Master Seal!Thief escaped. Luke led the charge into the boss area and iron axe'd Toras down. VW Rolf baited one of the Cavs so Warren can get an extra kill as he needs to promote asap to use staves.
  13. Actually, I counted your classes. Not sure if you read the rules correctly, rule 6 overwrites rule 5 once every class is assigned at least once 3x Hero, Paladin, Draco (Falcoes count together with Dracoes in this system, see rule 6a) <- none more of these, 3 units per class are allowed because every class is represented at least once (rule 6) 2x Warrior, Berserker, General, Sniper, Swordmaster, Horseman, Sorcerer, Bishop <- you can assign those once more (rule 6 again) 1x Sage <- you can give Sage to two more units
  14. SM/Sage!Jeorge Actually, that's correct. I didn't notice that. In that case, Cord must become a Sage retroactively. I'll change that in the topic. MU's classes do count. The Cord class can only be changed to Sage because the Hero from last round is also the third one.
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