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  1. That's lame but understandable. This Warriors entry is much more story-driven than the previous one. Thank you. Please feel free to lock this thread if needed.
  2. So i finished my first playthrough of the game last night and started NG+ this morning. I played blind (and failed to recruit a current Ashen Demon 😞 ) so when the game informed me that I could spend renown to recruit an angry child and an angrier woman, I did so. My question is... how do i deploy them? Are they unusable on current routes, that wouldn't make since as they are non-canon recruits.
  3. Whenever I try to input Ishtar's attack animation into... anything, it gives me this. Her staff animation works though > . <
  4. No you won't but if you made any changes to the ROM yourself (like making the divine weapons infinite), they will be reset.
  5. I have a suggestion, since Aircalibur/Alacalibur exists in FE8 and Wind Magic doesn't have a 3-10 tome like Bolting, Meteor, Purge, and Eclipse. Why not make Blizzard the long range 3~10 tome (like in FE4, 5 9 and 10) and have Alacalibur take the place of the B/A rank Wind tome?
  6. Have you downloaded the latest version? It shuld have included a fix for that
  7. You're seeing it wrong, no offense. Base crit is determined by halving your Skill stat. So that's 12/2=6 Heavy Strike adds 15 to that from the Steel Axe. 6+15=21 🙂
  8. I can fix that easily, which skill did you give her to replace it?
  9. I have the boon fix and started a new game, so it's a lv 1 Myrrh w/ only Even Rhythm. I do NOT however have the Short Axe fix.
  10. For some reason, when I try to field Myrrh the game locks up whenever the map is supposed to load, be it previewing the map or starting combat.
  11. Oh I noticed Innes, I just used FEBuilder to turn him into a Gorgon Egg for free Seth exp XD
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