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  1. I'll be interested in seeing if Rinka ends up being any good
  2. That's one way to break away from archetypes. Kinda glad to see his high magic actually able to be put to use this time around. Having him torch everything with the Flame Lance in PoR was always fun, let's see how well he compares here.
  3. That Jelli Jelli animation looks smoooooth. Nice job, definitely eager for the new patch
  4. Dat 2% str growth. Looks like bashing people's faces in with mend staves won't be likely to happen this time around :p
  5. I really like the weight adjustments. One of the problems I have with PoR/RD is that weapon weight is only really relevant in the early game. Once units have reached a certain strength benchmark about halfway through the game, they can wield any weapon without penalty. Now that weapons have far more weight, it changes up the usual strategy of "roflstomp everything with steel poleaxes/greatlances," which I very much enjoy.
  6. I have a feeling choosing Hector Mode would be slightly easier as earlier promoted Eliwood>>>>earlier promoted Hector. Horses OP
  7. Virus name: Toothpaste "Ma'm, unfortunately your husband died from a severe case of toothpaste" sounded better in my head, but could create some funny scenarios
  8. I remember playing this game a ton on mobile back when it first came out. My general strategy was basically to just 1. Start in greenland 2. Infect literally everybody before mutating any symptoms 3. At that point I'd have 100+ DNA points and I'd go straight to total organ failure 4. Everyone shits out their intestines, and die Great fun, might pick up the steam version to relive some old memories.
  9. Jane is gahlike. Hopefully there will be an energy ring in the coming chapters because that's like all she needs to get rolling.
  10. Will mastery skills stack with regular skills? I'm itching to try out bane + adept
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