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  1. Okay so in later years I've taken to only occasionally looking in at what's going on, but when I saw your interpretation of Lyam I had to break my silence and say that I actually made his first sprite off of the Beta version of Kyle from FE8 so your use of the final version as your base is ironic and fun. Overall your splicing skills aren't bad, but are very simple. You should try being experimental and doing more custom work. One of the mistakes I made in the beginning was relying on splices and by the time I got comfortable doing full customs I was ready to get out of the game and move on with life. Over-relying on the same parts also bit me in the ass because for awhile angle and expressions in my sprites looked very similar and I took a lot of heckling for it. Your color palettes should match in saturation and contrast, I think. Several of them are too light in the hair and armor and kinda fade together to look flat. Your outline should always be your darkest color too, but don't get too crazy using it inside of the image. I apologize if anything sounds harsh or blunt. It's just I've been there and I don't want anyone repeating my mistakes.
  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, sorry for being a week late!!!

  4. I picked an interesting time to stop back for a visit. Hmm, whatevs. I like eCut. *bows down before the overlord*
  5. Well, this last month has been... interesting, to say the least. But I've been occasionally working on Alan. I decided to take the hair back to my original work, using some of the critique from before as reference. No offense to ECut however. No real progress on Lance, however. Haven't felt motivated to do him or much of any spriting.
  6. Nayr Farros

    Dat Merc

    Nice, but he's wayyy too tanned. That's like Zevran's skin color. Also I notice he's wearing the Grey Warden armor from Dragon Age II. Not a big deal, but he never actually wears that armor in either game without modding. Outside of Origins, he just wears Cailan's Armor, a copy of the Armor of Hirol's Defense, and in Dragon Age II, Chevalier's Armor.
  7. Happy birthday Nayr!

  8. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  9. happy spawn day guy

    1. Nayr Farros

      Nayr Farros

      Thank you, Myke.

  10. On trim: Well I did say it was a *simple* splice. :p
  11. A simple splice because I had an idea and was in the mood.
  12. Nayr Farros

    Dat Merc

    Merc should have sprited Zenigata. The set is incomplete without him. :p
  13. Dangerous? Yes. Inherently evil? No. Dark magic screws with weak and foolish minds and drives them insane. Case in point Canas' brothers. But some can handle it just fine, like Niime and Ray.
  14. Well he can't really do anything about it. Both Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights 2 are owned by Bioware. And the guys at Bioware have lauded the effort the man put into the mod. Also Bioware completely allows modding of their PC games(they even let people host them on their social network). So the guy didn't do anything wrong by making a NWN2 mod.
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