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  1. I picked an interesting time to stop back for a visit. Hmm, whatevs. I like eCut. *bows down before the overlord*
  2. Well, this last month has been... interesting, to say the least. But I've been occasionally working on Alan. I decided to take the hair back to my original work, using some of the critique from before as reference. No offense to ECut however. No real progress on Lance, however. Haven't felt motivated to do him or much of any spriting.
  3. Nayr Farros

    Dat Merc

    Nice, but he's wayyy too tanned. That's like Zevran's skin color. Also I notice he's wearing the Grey Warden armor from Dragon Age II. Not a big deal, but he never actually wears that armor in either game without modding. Outside of Origins, he just wears Cailan's Armor, a copy of the Armor of Hirol's Defense, and in Dragon Age II, Chevalier's Armor.
  4. On trim: Well I did say it was a *simple* splice. :p
  5. A simple splice because I had an idea and was in the mood.
  6. Nayr Farros

    Dat Merc

    Merc should have sprited Zenigata. The set is incomplete without him. :p
  7. Dangerous? Yes. Inherently evil? No. Dark magic screws with weak and foolish minds and drives them insane. Case in point Canas' brothers. But some can handle it just fine, like Niime and Ray.
  8. Well he can't really do anything about it. Both Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights 2 are owned by Bioware. And the guys at Bioware have lauded the effort the man put into the mod. Also Bioware completely allows modding of their PC games(they even let people host them on their social network). So the guy didn't do anything wrong by making a NWN2 mod.
  9. Kotaku: http://t.co/0iKQkuHyqu Personally, this is mouth dropping. Over the span of seven years, some lone game developer managed to remake an overhead 2D PC RPG in full 3D as a mod of the game Neverwinter Nights 2. Discuss....
  10. Someone I knew(a friend I hadn't seen for a long time) was hit and killed by a drunk driver a few(about six, maybe seven) years ago. So it goes without saying that I agree with the notion of alcohol being banned, even if the OP is just trolling.
  11. If you're having trouble spriting, you're in the wrong category. You want to go to Forum Index => General Forums => Creative => Sprites.
  12. Not a sprite, but worth showing off IMO. Anybody who plays Dragon Age Origins should know what this is. A character I made and then uploaded to my profile on Bioware's social network. Why am I bothering to post this on an Fire Emblem forum? That's probably what you're thinking right now. But the character is a realistic depiction of my Nayr/Lyam personal sprite(not intended in this playthrough of DAO, but it turned out that way). So I figure some people might get a kick out of it. A full body shot is available here http://i299.photobucket.com/albums/mm298/10nayr/character20profile_zps5745caac.png
  13. Now you decide pop up, Char? lol In any case, my hands are tied with eCut's edit of the hair. That level of spriting is waaaay over my head aside from small edits. If you want to do your own ref edit on the old hair, or pass along your Alan for me to reference, feel free.
  14. Don't know if you're actually serious. But either way, go nuts.
  15. True, the next Lance will have a completely different pose so any critiques to that relic wont help. I just felt like showing it off since I found it in an old folder. The sentiment is appreciated though.
  16. Okie dokie. Also I was looking through my old stuff in Photobucket(lot of stuff) and I found this cleanup/edit I made of Wolt about a year ago. Feel free to use if it is satisfactory. Though it's FE8 colored, you can easily remedy that.
  17. Just a heads up: I think my format of Alan might have a stray color somewhere in it(making it 17 colors and unable to insert) On my end, it appears to be an extra instance of the third skin tone, easy to find with a magic wand tool
  18. On subject of Rath: I thought Rath was confirmed dead in FE6. A line from Sue or something about how her father was killed when Bern invaded.
  19. Right now, it doesn't look red at all. It's like Sharon Osbourne's hair dye. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Sharon_Osbourne_2,_2012.jpg :p And on an HSV board(its easier to adjust colors than when using RGB), the saturation and visibility of my outline were only two away from the normal FE6 color. Plenty of people darken FE8 outlines slightly, don't see why you cant with FE6/7 too(especially when it's not that noticable) Looking at your sheet, looks like you just de-saturated a lot of characters palettes, rather than try to find creative ways to improve the colors while still having them be what they should. Or you could just switch to FE8 color palettes. They have the best look to them after all.
  20. I don't understand why you're going with a grape juice(or red wine) color for the hair and orange(almost looks like Marcus' FE7 armor color) for the armor when he's a Red knight and a red head. But w/e. I won't dig my heels in over five points on an HSV table. Enjoy it! :p As for the compilation sheet color. Is white available(black border for visisbility if need be)?
  21. Well, General Hospital(my soap of choice) got pre-empted by an emergency news alert(train derailed and exploded down near Baltimore) so I had time to format now.
  22. k, I'll format it later. Less than 20 minutes till my soap opera comes on(sort of a guilty pleasure), and I'll get it done sometime after. Also if anybody might be willing to do the chibi(my chibis are dreadful), it'd be a big help.
  23. Pardon the double post... How's that? The colors on the compilation seemed a little off. Hair looked purple and armor didn't really look red. So I made some small adjustments and went halfsies.
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