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  1. Well I posted the thread because I was not sure. I did know that he mentioned stuff like that in the DLC. I am working on writing a story and wanted to be sure of what he really is before I went on and made him what he isn't. It is sort of confusing after what he said to Chrom, that he had foreseen stuff, but I will just stick with making him a sage and fortune teller, even though fortune tellers can see into the future. Dang it, why is this so difficult?
  2. In the Wiki it says that he is a fortune teller. I was wondering if he also is like a Seer, one who sees events before they happen.
  3. Kuru


    My question is: Where can I request a fire emblem based signature?
  4. My first time was actually Miriel, if I remember correctly. Then Lucina, Tiki, and Nowi. My last was Flavia.
  5. Kuru

    FE8 Reskin SS200

    Thanks. I am nearly done with recoloring the characters that had to be recolored. Some, I won't mention which ones, won't be recolored since the color on the sprite actually matches with the mug colors. It shouldn't be long before I start posting screens and character data on the first post, just give me some time. Oh yeah, also remind me of stuff I need to do, 'cause I tend to forget. No big news, but I decided to just make a new mug for one of the characters 'cause I don't like the one with the braid. (The Roland/Raven/Vanessa splice)
  6. I say first and foremost more skin color options would be good. Oh, we can have bronze skinned Khans but no Avatar? Wow, seems kinda lame to me. Now that I've said that, then I'd like to see more face choices, eye choices, nose choices, etc. Just stuff to make your character different. More voices that don't sound too much alike would also be awesome. Get like 10 different people for voices and you got that covered. Hair color is fine the way it is, you already have enough colors, however, some more variety would be nice, like mohawks, rat tails, fades, etc. Then more scars would be nice, or items such as hats, glasses, eye patches, earrings, anything that would allow you to adorn your character's face and head and make him or her stand out. I don't even wanna go into the discussion of an option that would allow the player to choose his or her default class and race...
  7. Kuru

    FE8 Reskin SS200

    Well, not really that many. But now I will be smart enough to make a copy of it after making some changes. I can just replace the old copies as I go along so as not to have that many. Maybe three is good, in case the copy also goes bad or something.
  8. Kuru

    FE8 Reskin SS200

    Back ups as in saved copies? I should have thought of it. I thought nothing was going to go wrong. Anyway, I have inserted the mugs again and have changed the classes adequately. But again, to recolor some sprites...blows.
  9. 1. FEA final chapter. The music... 2. FE7 The final battle against the dragon 3. FE7 Where you meet Vaida for the first time. She's like sitting on her wyvern on top of some mountains, her skills boosted. 4. FE8 Final chapter against Demon King. 5. It might not be a chapter but I enjoy playing through the Tower of Valni and the Lagdou Ruins.
  10. I guess I was terrible but got better as I kept playing through the games. I did lose characters but don't recall how many or who exactly. I'm not that good still, just an average player, but now at least I know that units do promote and become stronger, and that at least you always get a good character to help you out if you have trouble.
  11. Kuru

    FE8 Reskin SS200

    Update: Because I inserted a couple more animations, I somehow screwed up and have lost all my work. :( This is bad news, but I'm not giving up. To be on the safe side, I simply will not use animations save those from the game itself.
  12. Good little update, Dragoncat. I read it and enjoyed it very much. Haha, I could almost see Cerai rush Shinon. You should have written about her slapping him like a boss or something. I don't like Shinon.
  13. Thank you. That sure helps. I'm gonna take a look at that and study it.
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