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  1. I have Nailah, so red it is. 4* Seth: No thanks. There are 3 other reds, but I have other priorities for my orbs. I've been lucky lately, so no reason to push it on a banner I don't really care about. Shame about those other reds though.
  2. Can Linde finally fix her pointless Defense asset? 3* Soleil: I guess not.
  3. I don't care about the Hot Springs banner, so let's just see if I can get Elise a merge. 3* Cain: Worthless. Oh well. Time to wait for the Mythic.
  4. Chill banner time. Remarkably I already have everyone on it, and with Sue sitting at a comfortable +2 it's a choice between trying for Kliff or Hubert. I'll go with the latter. 4* Selena: Reposition fodder is good too. I feel bad about leaving three blues behind, but I need to stockpile orbs.
  5. The whole point of CYL is letting the fanbase vote to have our favorite units given special treatment. Arbitrarily deciding some units don't count because they're going to get alts anyway goes against the spirit of the event. It's not like all lords are created equal either. Outside of CYL and Legendaries Alm has nothing. Sigurd and Seliph still don't even have those, although given Julia and Leif they're probably getting Legendaries soon. Ike of all characters only got a "normal" alt two years after the game released. That doesn't mean I always like how the CYL votes go (Veronica, Camilla, f*****g REINHARDT!!!!), but I've been casting all of my votes for Farina even though I know she'll never even come close to winning because I want to see her in the game and CYL is the best way to let IS know that.
  6. Time to see what the TMS banner has to offer me. I have no interest in the game or its characters, but for novelty's sake I'll take the first circle and see what I get. 48 orbs for the record. 4* Wendy: Ugh. 4* Azama: Garbage. 5* Nah: Not a banner unit, but you're very welcome nonetheless! Unfortunately +HP/-Atk is quite lousy, but her real strength is in her defenses and skills. 4* Ross: Eh. 3* Barst: Great, Reposition for Nah. That went well, if not exactly how I would have expected. I'll never turn down a cheap 5*, although I am kind of disappointed it was Nah and not a TMS unit. Anyway, good luck to those who are more invested in this banner than I am.
  7. While definitely not the first character I took a liking to in the general sense, Morgan (obviously) is definitely the one that I first felt genuinely attached to. A part of it is definitely the whole "your child" thing, but then again I didn't really care about Kana, so it can't be too big of a factor. She (although from what I've read I'd also love M!Morgan) just resonated with me as the sort of lovable yet tricksy kid I'd like to have IRL. Her determination to surpass you also really fit just how much of a powerhouse she can (very quickly) become in-game, which certainly didn't hurt her standing in the least.
  8. The BHB went smoothly, so let's see if I can get Sigurd as a freebie. 3* Marth: Or not. And now for Weekly Revival 13. A merge for Tana? 4* Sully: Nope. That''s a shame.
  9. Such a great Tempest Trial banner...Virion's the only one I don't have at 5* already, so I might as well try grey. Maybe Norne will finally show up. 3* Maria: Or not. Anyway, back to hunting for NY!Fjorm. 40 orbs to start. 4* Cherche: No thanks. This is taking longer than I had hoped. 35 orbs left. 4* Hawkeye: Meh. 5* NY!Fjorm: Yay! She's even got a good asset and flaw: +Atk/-Res. I now have all 3 versions of Fjorm, which makes me quite happy. There's two greys, so on the off chance one of them is Laevatein I'll pull them too. 5* Silque: You're not Laevatein, but welcome nonetheless! H!Mia could certainly use the help with inflicting Guard. Unfortunately +Spd/-HP is pretty bad on you, but I'm not going to turn you down just on account of that. 4* Clarine: Disappointing. That was a very nice way to cap off the New Year banners. 11 5*s in total for what I estimate to be ~350 orbs. Now I can stockpile in peace. NY!Takumi Hubert Mordecai Leif Adrift!Mamui Duo!Alfonse * 2 NY!Anna * 2 NY!Fjorm Silque
  10. In my rush to find Duo!Alfonse and NY!Anna I completely forgot that I also wanted to pick up NY!Fjorm while I had the chance. Now to get to that. 62 orbs to start. 4* Soren: Meh. No surprises there. 57 orbs left. 3* Frederick: More meh. And there's the problem with sniping greens: the general shortage of them. 52 orbs left. 3* Ross: Eh. +HP/-Res is mediocre, so I'll wait for an +Atk copy. 3* Cecilia: Haven't seen you in a while. Keep on keeping on. 43 orbs left. 3* Gunter: Ugh. 3* Boey: Garbage. Didn't IS change the 3*-4* ratio a long time ago? 34 orbs left. 4* Python: Hello there, new unit! Unfortunately for you I have a +2 +Atk Sue, so you're kind of pointless, especially with +Spd/-Atk. Shame Python's of no use to me. Anyway, 29 orbs left. 3* Fir: Eh. Running low. 24 orbs left. 3* Hana: Worthless. Seriously, why all of the 3*s? 19 orbs left. 4* Barst: Reposition fodder. Nice. One more try with 14 orbs left. 4* Frederick: Go away. That's a shame. Well, I still have two weeks left to find Fjorm.
  11. New Power time. Let's see if my new Leif can get a merge. 4* Raigh: Nope. Disappointing, if rather unsurprising.
  12. Time for the free pull from the "Not-Farfetched" banner. 4* Shigure: No thanks.
  13. The other 3 tickets finally showed up, so back to red-sniping. 3* Roy: Feathers. 5* Larcei: Hey, not bad at all! I would have preferred Shannan, but she's almost as good. +Res/-Def is middling, but at least it's not actively bad. One more ticket... 3* Lilina: You can join Roy in feather-dom. That went well. A free Larcei is certainly more than I expected from this banner.
  14. Alright, time to start with the new Genealogy banner. Only one ticket so far, aiming for reds since Larcei and Shannan have that Astra goodness like Ayra. 4* Eirika: Nope. 3* Eliwood: Also nope. And with the nice little bonus from IS I'm back up to 52 orbs for the New Year's banner. 4* Stahl: No thanks. 4* Ares: Please stop showing up. 4* Selena: Reposition fodder. Not too bad. 39 orbs left. 3* Eliwood: Again? That was silly. 34 orbs left. 4* Olivia: Feathers. And again. 29 orbs left. 4* Wrys: Meh. No reds that time around. 24 orbs left. 5* NY!Anna: There we go! Merge obtained. +Def/-Spd is terrible, but that's irrelevant since my first copy was +Res/-Spd. Now to fix that flaw. Now I'm finally done with this banner. It's treated me quite well: 2 Alfonses and 2 Annas, plus Hubert, Mordecai, Leif, and Adrift!Mamui as pitybreakers. Along with a free NY!Takumi it's been a good Heroes New Year. Now it's time to save orbs once more.
  15. 31 orbs on hand, back to the New Year' banner to get Anna a merge. 4* Soleil: Meh. 4* M!Morgan: Okay. And another shot. 22 orbs left. 3* Cain: No thanks. One more try since the odds of 5 red units are low. 17 orbs left. 4* Hana: Worthless. 4* Laslow: Eh. More disappointing units.
  16. Leave it to "I brought Armads to a festival" Hector to deliberately weaponize his own daughter's cuteness. I can see Eliwood and Lyn shaking their heads right now, unless of course they also suffered 99,999 damage to the heart.
  17. Continuing the merge hunt for the Askr trio. 35 orbs on hand. 4* Olivia: Nope. 4* Sully: Draw Back fodder. 4* Subaki: Bleh. One more try. 22 orbs left. 5* Duo!Alfonse: Excellent! There goes their Res flaw. +HP/-Def on the merge copy for the record. 3* Robin: Bonfire fodder. Since that nice thing happened, one more try to snipe reds for Anna. 13 orbs left. 4* Eliwood: Meh. 4* Lon'qu: No thanks. Oh well. Time to save for a bit before going back.
  18. The first update of the new year. Only 14 new 5*s since last month's update, but they're mostly new units. I really will have to expand the barracks soon. Almost 90% full now.
  19. Weekly Revival 11 first. Hoping for B!Lyn. 4* Lilina: Or not. And back to the New Year's banner. 165 orbs on the fifth and final ticket. 3* Oboro: Worthless. 4* Roy: Bleh. 3* Silvia: Feathers. 5* Leif: And a pity-breaker...Well, he's getting a refine soon, and neutral is decent as far as asset and flaw go. 3* Palla: SI fodder. There goes my pity rate. Anyway, now to just start dumping orbs on red and blue. 150 left now. 4* Jagen: Worthless. 3* Donnel: Even more worthless. Continuing on...141 orbs left. 4* Est: Trash. 3* Selena: Reposition fodder. That was good. 132 orbs left. 5* Adrift!Mamui: Well, isn't that a surprise? Unfortunately +HP/-Atk is pretty bad, but another 5* is still great to have. 3* Fir: No. 3* Chrom: Also no. I swear the game forgets that 3*s were supposed to be less common now. The pity-breaker isn't exactly desirable, but he came cheap, so whatever. 119 orbs left. 4* Donnel: God I hate this guy. 3* Fir: Seriously? I like you, but this is ridiculous. They really need to diversify the 3-4* pool. 110 orbs left. 4* Mae: Draw Back fodder. 3* Clair: Meh. 4* Fir: *eye roll* Now I'm just going to snipe reds. Alfonse and Sharena can do without a merge if it means getting Anna. 97 orbs left. 5* Mordecai: I guess he's getting a free merge. Also, it figures that the moment I decide to snipe reds there aren't any. No real feelings on Mordecai popping up out of nowhere. 92 orbs left. 4* Sophia: Meh. 4* Chrom: No thanks. Such an annoying banner. 83 orbs left. 3* Hana: Feathers. 4* Chrom: Again? A very annoying banner. 74 orbs left. 4* Lon'qu: Eh. 3* Hana: Wow, not even being subtle, Feh. This game sometimes...65 orbs left. 3* Ogma: Ugh. 3* Tharja: At least she isn't a repeat. Starting to run low. 56 orbs left. 5* NY!Anna: Awesome! Her flaw could be much better, +Res/-Spd, but given her skills I much prefer it this way rather than the other way around. Now I'm going to try to get her and the siblings each a merge. 3* Mathilda: Eh. 4* Robin: Bonfire fodder. Finally achieved my main goal of this banner. Now to merge-hunt. 43 orbs left. 4* Oboro: No. 4* Odin: Moonbow fodder. 3* Stahl: Garbage. 4* Ares: Ugh. 4* Hana: Go away, please. Enough for one more set. 23 orbs left. 4* Ogma: No. 4* Jagen: Also no. So in the span of 151 more orbs I got three pity-breakers and Anna. Not too bad, all things considered. Fortunately there's still tons of time on this banner to merge-hunt.
  20. The BHB was a cinch, so time for the free pull from its banner. 3* Ares: Ugh. Whatever. So much for that. Back to the New Year's banner with 251 orbs on the fourth ticket. 4* Fir: Bleh. 5* Duo!Alfonse: Awesome! There's one target down. +Atk/-Res means both a super-asset and a super-flaw. Overall it's pretty good, although I would have preferred -Spd. Hopefully I can get a merge for them while hunting for Anna. 3* Shanna: Desperation fodder. That went well enough for my first 5*. However Anna is still out there, so back in I go. 243 orbs left. 4* Lukas: Bleh. No reds at all...238 orbs left. 3* Eirika: No thanks. 4* Ogma: Worthless. So many greens and greys. 229 orbs left. 3* A!Tiki: Bonfire fodder. 4* Eirika: Really? And again...220 orbs left. 3* Soleil: Go away. 4* Lon'qu: *grumbling* Why is it that the game is throwing greens and greys at me now when I don't want them? 211 orbs left. 4* Shanna: More Desperation fodder. 4* Stahl: Garbage. 4* Palla: Great SI fodder. 4* Lilina: Meh. Might as well take the one grey to see if it's Selkie. 3* Wrys: Figures. Again since that was mostly disappointing. 191 orbs left. 3* Soleil: Seriously, Feh? So ridiculous...186 orbs left. 3* Palla: Okay. 4* Robin: Bonfire fodder. 3* Roderick: Feathers. 4* Roderick: I don't even have words... I'll stop at 150 orbs. 169 left right now. 4* Shigure: No thanks. Yet again a pile of useless greens and greys. 164 orbs left. 4* Peri: Eh. And again! Two greens, two greys just like last time. 159 orbs left. 4* Ares: Why the hell are you so common nowadays? 3* Cain: Garbage. Alfonse and Sharena were very nice, as were the Shannas for SI, but otherwise that was an aggravating set of pulls. I'm still sitting on 150 orbs, so barring utterly atrocious luck I should still be able to get Anna.
  21. Okay, 280 orbs on the third New Year's ticket. Here's hoping. 3* Marth: Bleh. 4* Fir: No thanks. The game is being incredibly stingy with reds and blues. 276 orbs left. 3* Tharja: Ugh. 3* Sophia: This is ridiculous... 3* Soleil: Worthless. Seriously, what the heck? 263 orbs left. 3* Reinhardt: Screw you. 4* Cain: Eh. 3* Hana: Garbage. So many worthless units...250 orbs left. 4* Subaki: Meh. 3* Subaki: *angry noises* 4* Laslow: FFS. One more try. 237 orbs left. 3* Est: Completely useless. 4* Hana: Seriously? 4* Mamui: Whatever. 3* A!Tiki: Bonfire fodder. That was disgustingly bad. Not even the lack of a 5*, but how utterly worthless practically every unit there was.
  22. Brazen banner first. Grey obviously since Ares is common as dirt. 4* Priscilla: Feathers. And back to the New Year's banner. 292 orbs on the second ticket. 3* Marth: Bleh. 3* Stahl: Ugh. That was annoying. Another pull for fun. 288 orbs left. 3* Soleil: No thanks. 4* Mamui: Eh. And one more for today. 279 orbs left. 3* Femui: Damnit. Pulling reds and blues should not be this hard.
  23. Alright, time for the first pulls of the New Year! I'll start with the Hoshido tickets since I don't really care about those units. Grey so I can complete Takumi Emblem or get Norne by chance. 3* Kagerou: Not a good start. 3* Felicia: Lousy. 4* Hana: Also lousy. 3* Saizo: The fabled pain in the rear returns... 5* NY!Takumi: Excellent! +HP/-Atk is not so excellent, but he's pretty much just for collection purposes anyway. One more ticket. 4* Seliph: Trash. That went quite well considering what I expected. Now to the Nifl/Muspell tickets. I'll take whatever greens there are to see if I can get Fjorm. 303 orbs on the free pull. 3* Frederick: Bleh. No good. First ticket... 3* Merric: Ugh. I would appreciate some more greens, Feh. Second ticket... 4* Arthur: Swap fodder. 4* Barst: Reposition fodder. Okay. 299 orbs on the third ticket. 4* Rebecca: Why can't you be Norne? Annoying. Fourth ticket... 4* Olivia: Worthless. And the last ticket. 4* Lachesis: Also worthless. I really want Fjorm, but I want Anna, Alfonse, and Sharena more. So for now I'll leave this banner and head to the newest New Year banner. Reds and blues, only the free pull and ticket for now. 299 orbs on the free pull. 5* Hubert: Okay...Not who I expected, but welcome nonetheless. +Spd/-Res is pretty good, so he might see some use. 4* Catria: Eh. 4* Thea: Double middle pegasus sisters. Hubert was certainly a surprise, but he's not my goal right now. 291 orbs left. 3* Laslow: Worthless. 4* Roy: Meh. 4* Silvia: More meh. 3* Clair: Feathers. So far so good. 25 orbs spent so far, NY!Takumi and Hubert pulled.
  24. My Draug was disgustingly good, even without having a special until after I'd already beaten Chamber 20. +Spd Heart's Blade (the first thing he got) Pivot Moonbow Atk/Spd Bond 4 Dull Close 3 Joint Hone Spd Adding Marth's Hagoita, Merric's Joint Hone Def, and Caeda's Hone Atk 4 and Rally Spd/Res+ gave him a maximum boost of +17/18/10/11, which killed pretty much anything in melee. My C-skills really were on point this time around, especially since Caeda and Merric both got Blade tomes. Specials on the other hand were nearly worthless. Aside from Glacies on Caeda it was just a never-ending rain of AoE garbage until after I'd already beaten everything. All in all, another fun one.
  25. Time to make the free pull from the TT banner. Might as well try to get Lethe a merge to fix her Defense flaw. 4* Chrom: Bleh. Now to wait for the New Year's banners tomorrow.
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