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  1. Another daily BHB banner. Caineghis? 3* Clarine: Not even close.
  2. Hardin's already +1 from various pulls, but another merge is never bad. 4* Mae: Oh well. And now for Python and Forsyth. Blue for the better odds of a 5*. 4* Est: Feathers.
  3. Today's BHB banner actually interests me with potential merges for Morgan. However, since I need to save orbs I'll just take any blues in the first circle. 85 orbs on hand. 3* Oboro: Feathers. And that was the only blue...Anyway, on to the New Power banner. Might as well try blue again. 4* Mae: Meh. So much for that.
  4. Another lousy daily BHB banner. Might as well go red. 3* Morgan: You're being manualled pending your sister getting another merge. Now for Weekly Revival 2. I'll see if I can get Linde another merge. 4* Shigure: Nope. I guess no free 5* today.
  5. Another daily BHB banner. Maybe a merge for Leif? 5* Lachesis: I guess this is where my luck went. She gets to be +1 now, not that it matters in the slightest. +Res/-HP, so I might as well merge her into my current +Atk/-Res copy. This is the 4th free 5* I've gotten since the daily banners started. It's starting to get kind of ridiculous.
  6. Daily BHB banner first. Mist would like a merge. 4* Niles: Iceberg fodder. And now to splurge on the Pirate banner. Aiming for Xander and Veronica, although I wouldn't mind Geese either. Sniping greens, with blue as a fallback. 369 orbs to start, and spoilers because I know this is going to be a lengthy one. To sum things up, for 323 orbs I managed to pull: +Def Harmonic!Veronica+1 +Res/-Def Annette +Res/-Def Fallen!Lyon +Atk/-Spd Lilith 2 copies of 4* Pirate!Geese Taken in a vacuum this was decently efficient spending, but honestly I would gladly have given up one or two of the pitybreakers to save orbs considering I went in hoping to spend no more than 200. Well, at least the pitybreakers are actually good units this time. Now to level everyone.
  7. Karla's already +2, but another merge never hurt anybody. 5* Kiria: Well, damn! Rather than one K I got another. She's +Def/-HP, which at least isn't actively bad. I've been supremely lucky on these recent banners, almost too lucky. 3 free 5*s in 4 days makes me worry that my pulls on the pirate banner are going to be atrocious.
  8. Another mediocre Daily BHB banner today. 3* Soren: Feathers. And now the Tempest Trials banner. I'll try red for the better odds of a free 5*. 4* Raigh: Not even close.
  9. I managed to get another perfect clear with my usual conditions (no dancers, no items), mostly by abusing the heck out of Harmonic!Mia's Atk/Spd Gap. Luckily I was able to use Sacred Seals to finagle stats so all 3 of my other units were able to proc it simultaneously. +HP Harmonic!Mia+1: Luna, HP/Spd 2 seal +HP L!Lucina+2: Luna, (unnecessary in hindsight) HP/Def 2 seal +Spd L!Ephraim+2: Pivot, Hone Cavalry, Atk+1 seal +Spd SM!Eirika+2: Effect!Gleipnir, Draw Back, Draconic Aura, Fortify Cavalry, Atk+3 seal I did have to inherit Pivot onto Ephraim, but other than that I was able to finish this quite cleanly.
  10. Some of these are going to be the usual suspects, but if I had to pick 10: Legendary Azura: I hate her with a burning passion, but that's because of how incredibly effective she is even when controlled by the AI. Brave Veronica: Ditto. Legendary Leif: This guy carries me through Aether Raids thanks to his accelerated Galeforce. Not to mention being a Brave cavalry archer. Altina: Built-in Distant Counter, automatic Brave attacks, flight, excellent defenses. Being an Astra Mythic also helps. Reinhardt: He's free from Heroes' Path and has merges easily available. Nino: Easily available and still a fantastic Desperation mage. Fallen Julia: Doubles any unit that isn't effective against dragons, has monstrous attack, and neutralizes enemy bonuses and adaptive damage. A great beatstick. Bridal Micaiah: She flies and gets effectiveness against armor and cavalry on top of being a Duo unit. Another great beatstick. Brave Lucina: A fantastic support unit who can also kill dragons in a pinch. Brave Ike: A fantastic tank if given the right skills, although that might be tricky. Solid color balance, a healer, a dancer, a Mythic, two Legendaries (albeit both Water), and a mix of physical and magical damage. The only one who needs any serious skill inheritance is Ike; everyone else needs minor improvements at most. The only thing I'm not sure about is whether to use Bridal or Brave Micaiah. The latter is free, but the former is stronger IMO. Either one works though.
  11. This daily banner's actually pretty good. Elincia? 5* Elincia: Awesome! +Spd/-HP for the record since my current copy is +Atk. She's +2 now, making her that little bit better. That was a very nice surprise. A free 5* yesterday, a second one today, maybe a third one tomorrow?
  12. The daily BHB banner is super exciting this time... 3* Stahl: Worthless. And now the new BHB banner. Hoping for Nagi. 5* Sword!Reinhardt: Naturally there's no greens, but this isn't too bad. At least that's what I would have said if he wasn't -Atk/+Spd. Literally the worst possible outcome. It's not like I'm ever going to use him, but that still pisses me off. I finally get another free 5* only for it to be both a unit I hate and saddled with an atrocious asset and flaw. Still, better than feathers.
  13. Several banners to pull from today. First, the Daily BHB. 3* Echidna: Ugh. Somehow not a single red. Anyway, now Weekly Revival 1 Mk. 2. Ephraim needs a merge. 3* Lukas: 😠 And not a single green. Feh must be cranky today. Now for the Hero Fest. Might as well try to get Bernadetta. 3* Clarine: Feathers. 4* Mustafa: A new unit at least. +Res/-Atk, so he might be good for something if he gets a merge. 4* Gordin: Meh. 4* Azama: No thanks. 3* Mercedes: Meh. 3* Setsuna: Worthless. Supremely disappointing. Hopefully my luck'll improve on the upcoming pirate banner.
  14. I didn't know how much I wanted to see Xander and Veronica dressed as pirates until now. That they're Harmonic and axe cavalry as well just makes them even more tempting. I do need to save for next month's Legendary banner, but I'm still going to throw some orbs their way. The second round of weekly revivals is also very nice to see. More free pulls means more SI fodder and more incidental 5*s, not to mention Morgan as a focus unit. I might actually be able to +10 her if I save enough orbs for December.
  15. First, the free pull for Nohrian Summer. Green for the best chance of a 5*. 4* Titania: Nope. And now for one circle from the Mythic banner. 267 orbs on hand. 4* Rath: Meh. 3* Boey: Feathers. 4* Tharja: More feathers. 3* Mordecai: Even more feathers. 5* L!Tiki: Well, she's something. +2 now, and since +HP/-Def is inferior to +Spd this copy is merge fodder. Definitely one of the least desirable 5*s on this banner, but for only 15 orbs Tiki will do just fine.
  16. I had the same reaction as Silas and Cain. No, Odin, your darkness is not the same as theirs. Honestly this joke was some seriously low-hanging fruit.
  17. How unsurprising. Hel looks pretty solid, but I've already got every other Dark Mythic. I would like to get Thrasir or Edelgard, but Julia is coming back next month and I need to save as many orbs as possible for her. I'll probably just take one circle and see what I get.
  18. I had to use a dancer this week, which unsurprisingly ended up making it far too easy. I might have been able to figure out a non-dancer solution, but I really couldn't be bothered this time. Altina and Harmonic!Mia as usual, plus Giga!Nino and Reyson. Since Altina could ORKO both Gerik and Ewan while Nino destroyed Ephraim, I found it much easier to rush up the left side, then quickly switch over to the right with Reposition shenanigans.
  19. And we come back around to Weekly Revival 20. I finally got Leo, so I'll see if Elise can get a merge. 3* Clarine: Feathers. No surprise there.
  20. Blue for the Rouse banner, I suppose. 4* Boey: Or not. 3 greens, 1 grey ,1 red. Why am I not surprised?
  21. Let's see what A Sketchy Summer has to offer. Hopefully grey gives me a free 5*. 3* Saizo: Absolutely worthless.
  22. Time for Weekly Revival 19. Everyone here has at least one merge already, so I'll try to get lucky for Lucina's sake. 5* B!Lucina: Lucky indeed! Now she's +5, which is a healthy boost to her stats. +Atk-Spd for the record. On that high note, time to spend the tickets. Grey just to maximize my chance of getting a focus unit. 4* Saizo: Feathers. 3* Virion: More feathers. 4* Lena: Yay. She's nothing special, but a new unit's never unwelcome. +HP/-Spd, not that it means much for a healer. 4* Legault: Meh. 4* Lachesis: Bleh. No Julian, but that free merge for B!Lucina means this was still an above-average session.
  23. I want everyone on the Moonbow banner, but I think I'll try for Tsubasa. 3* Fir: Never mind. Not a blue in sight. That was unfortunate.
  24. Time for Weekly Revival 18. A merge for Sanaki? 3* Selena: Reposition fodder's good too. And now for Summer Refreshes. Both Lilina and Lyn could use merges, so I'll snipe reds and blues until I get at least one. 204 orbs on hand. 4* Mordecai: Feathers. 4* Olivia: More feathers. 4* Laslow: Following your mother, I see. Hopefully this doesn't turn into an orb sink. 196 left. 4* Abel: Swordbreaker fodder. 3* Reinhardt: Ugh. Continuing on...187 orbs left. 3* Robin: Eh. 3* Sully: Draw Back fodder. Any reds to hand out, Feh? 178 orbs left. 3* Henry: Ugh. 4* Hana: Feathers. Better reds? 169 orbs left. 4* Oboro: Feathers. 4* Altena: Eh. 4* Roderick: More feathers. This is starting to become worrisome. 156 orbs left. 4* Catria: Meh. 3* Tharja: No. 4* Cain: WoM fodder. Very worrisome indeed...143 orbs left. 3* Catria: No. 4* Roy: Worthless. Come on, Feh. 134 orbs left. 5* S!Lilina: Finally! +Def/-Res is terrible, but she's merge fodder anyway. 4* M!Morgan: Manual for the future. 3* Caeda: Ugh. Might as well take the other two orbs. 5* S!Ursula: Very nice. +Def/-Res as well, which is kind of bad due to the super-bane, but I'll take her anyway. 3* Bartre: Typical... In the end things went pretty well. A merge for Lilina as well as a new Ursula is pretty good for 90 orbs. No Lyn, but you can't have everything. Back to saving.
  25. Alright, time for the New Power banner. Red since Celica's the only 5*-exclusive. 4* Chrom: Feathers. And now for Desert Mercenaries. The tickets came quickly, so time to see if Ephraim and Lyon can get a merge. 3* Roderick: More feathers. 4* Tailtiu: Meh. 4* Abel: Swordbreaker fodder. 4* Oscar: Lancebreaker fodder. 4* Thea: Meh. So much for that. Julia's coming on next month's legendary banner, so I need to save orbs.
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