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  1. The Two Valkyria 2 (5t) The Chosen One https://youtu.be/GbcCYa8DYI0 Use the invincible fences to draw tank fire without any risk of damage. Interception fire can safely kill all but the stop and shoot scout and shock. Crymaria tends to lurk around the south part of the map if Selvaria advances aggressively. Selvaria has no problem destroying the nicely lined up tanks. The 2 tanks on the West Hill are a command point drain, but a 5 turn clear is still reliable. Position Selvaria underneath mortar bunkers or hide her to avoid damage from Crymaria. Not too much to say about this one, it's not as complicated or difficult as Crymaria's mission. With that, the challenge run and guide are complete. I might go back and clear some missions a bit differently, or improve the guide a bit, but I feel like there's not much more strategy to extract from the game. Thanks for reading and watching.
  2. The Two Valkyria 1 (5t) The Unchosen One https://youtu.be/h88I2zd1ym0 This mission is typically completed by sending your Valkyria into the middle of the map and letting her 1/2 HP potential activate so she can melt Selvaria. The strategy for this challenge run is a little more complicated. The mission has an above average amount of randomness, due to Selvaria and other infantry acting randomly. The AI will usually call a reinforcement from each camp that it controls. Selvaria typically moves between the 4 Eastern enemy camps, although if allied units are visible farther from the camps, she may break to chase them. the generic enemies will also seek and destroy, or head for Allied camps and shoot at anything along the way. Typically, Selvaria has command point priority if there are Allied units visible, otherwise generic infantry will get command point priority. It's preferable for Selvaria to act because she usually moves to confined and predictable locations, and uses 2 command points doing little or nothing. Enemy infantry are much harder to control as they only cost one command point and will head for Allied camps, which can get messy quickly. Unless you are trying to kill every enemy on the map, it's better to leave most camps under enemy control. This will make the AI burn command points summoning units that it won't have command points to actually use. Capturing the West camp on the hill near the main Allied camp is a good idea, however. In order to take no damage, the main Allied camp needs to be abandoned, and most of your units need to be hidden. Most of the enemy leaders are easy to reach, except the 2 shock leaders in the northeast corner. You will need to wait for Selvaria to move out of the way to reach them without taking damage. Don't destroy fences unless necessary, they provide important cover from interception fire. Grenadier fire is more accurate the closer the grenadier is to its target. You can see this in action by comparing the average amount of damage done to Selvaria at max range versus close range. Since we're not relying on the 1/2 HP potential, firing at close range to get more damage is crucial. Generally you want to do 2000 damage per attack, meaning you'll need to do 11 attacks, which is 22 command points, not including re-supplies. Since you have 50 command points for a 5 turn clear, about half of the budget needs to be dedicated to defeating Selvaria. It's good to send a scout and Lancer of the West Hill to capture the camp, kill the engineer leader, and destroy tanks. There is RNG involved in the Lancer shots to destroy the 2 heavy tanks. It's fine if they miss one shot, but if they miss 2 shots and run out of ammo on turn 2, you may be in trouble as far as not taking damage. A single scout heads to the southeast camp to kill the engineer leader and scout leader, and hide behind the Southeast-most fence. It's crucial to position the scout behind this fence on turn 2 onward, because it will lure enemies including Selvaria to attack your scout, instead of running towards Allied camps and causing trouble. Attacks and counterattacks passing through the fence are nullified, so the scout won't take damage. This greatly increases chance of success and is probably the most important part of the strategy. The various patches of grass are good for your own infantry to hide in. Keep a sniper hidden in the grass near the main Allied camp to pick off troublesome incoming infantry. There are 3 good hiding spots on the map for Crymaria without spending excess command points. The first 2 are the trucks northeast of the main Allied camp. For various reasons, the East truck is better to hide behind on turn 2, and from turn 3 onward, it's best to hide behind the West truck. the third hiding spot are the backwards facing L-shaped solid walls near the West Hill. This is a good spot to hide behind if Selvaria moves to the Northeast camp. Crymaria should always face away from the center of the map to avoid interception firing and exposing her position. Use direct command wisely to fire large numbers of shots from a good position, and then refill AP to move back to a hiding spot. You'll need to adjust your strategy on the fly depending on where Selvaria positions herself. The Northeast camp is the easiest and safest position, allowing you to move pretty much unhindered. The middle camp is slightly more dangerous, but objectives can still be completed unless you've destroyed fences unnecessarily. The East Hill camp is pretty dangerous, and generally you can't safely advance north past the 2 cargo trucks. The southeast camp is probably the worst, because it makes it more difficult to kill the scout and engineer leader nearby, and get behind cover. t1 Crymaria defeats 2 clusters of enemies, and brings Scout 1 and lancer closer to the west Hill. Scout 1 and lancer destroy some tanks, defeats the engineer leader, and capture the West Hill camp. Scout 1 retreats while the Lancer hides behind a truck. The enemy sniper is killed with a team attack, and the allied sniper hides in grass. The 2 assisting snipers retreat. Crymaria is positioned to defeat the scout leader as it approaches. t2 The Lancer destroys the remaining heavy tank and retreats. The next set of actions depends on Selvaria's position. Crymaria defeats the nearby triple Gatling turret and engineer, and either hides behind the East truck, or takes one more action to destroy 1 of the Northeast shocks, if it's safe. the allied engineer kills the enemy engineer and hides next to Crymaria. Scout 2 heads east to the southeast camp to defeat the engineer leader, Scout leader, and hide behind the southeast fence. If Selvaria is on the southeast camp, I suggest hiding the scout in grass and trying again on turn 3. t3-5 Once all but the Northeast shock leaders have been defeated, it's a matter of finding a way past Selvaria to defeat them without taking damage, while dropping attacks on Selvaria at close range. Your scout or sniper may be able to distract Selvaria to sneak past. You need about 25 command points to defeat Selvaria without any potentials activating, including engineering supplies.
  3. Skirmish 6 Expert (3t) Clash Between Elite Squads https://youtu.be/Z9QvZIVSd1Q There are many angles of approach for this stage. The main decision is whether to take the antitank rifle down the West path or the East path. The rifle is crucial for destroying tank radiators in a timely manner. Grenadier's are relied on heavily to clear out the camps. There's some randomness involved in killing enemies on the camps because of their HP and camp/crouch defense. Claude and Jascha head down the West path. Claude captures the Northwest camp and kills or distracts enemies that are a problem for the East team. he can also reach and kill the ace if need be. Riley, Minerva, Eileen, Kai, and Louffe make up the East team. the Northeast camp is captured quickly. Eileen, Kai, and Louffe reach the Southmost part of the Southeast high ground. from there, Eileen destroys the ultimate tank, and heads west across the chasm to destroy the last 2 tanks and capture the Southwest and Southeast camps. Sending the antitank rifle down the West path is simpler, since you don't need to get past the ultimate tank and shock blockade on the southeast part of the map. Sending it down the east path is more complicated, but it works better if you're trying to kill all the leaders and tanks on the map. Whoever has the antitank rifle should be set as leader so they can use direct command to knock out multiple tanks in the same turn. Distracting the shock on the East high ground between the first and second ladders is a good idea for conserving AP. Getting onto the southmost part of the Southeast high ground is difficult. The shock near the ultimate tank has to be distracted and/or killed. The ultimate tank can be snuck past by taking the third ladder and running past the bunker. From there the landmines leading to the fourth ladder have to be disarmed. Unless your units are hidden on the southeast high ground, the nearby Lancers may attack on enemy turn. Position your units by the Southeast wall while out of potential enemy sniper attack range and the lancers will probably leave your units alone even if visible. Once a certain number of enemies have been killed, 1-3(?) reinforcements of random enemy types will start dropping around the map. Although I don't think I've seen an enemy grenadier reinforcement. It's in your best interest to clear the map as quickly as possible as more enemies advance from the corners of the map and reinforcements drop. Enemy AI activity is based on the position and visibility of your units, as well as whether bases have been captured or not. Generally, the less camps you've captured, and the further away from the camps that your visible units are positioned, the more passive the AI will be. Stage a full on assault and the AI will be very active. The enemy Lancer leaders will leave their sandbags and pursue your units or Allied camps. I take advantage of this to save the effort of breaking the sandbags. Fire at enemies from across the map to make them change their position and sneak past them for surprise attacks. There are 3 main ways to kill the ace. The first method is to run a scout down the West path and hope that the aces interception fire doesn't hit your unit. If you have units positioned on the southeast part of the map, you can fire at the ace to make him face northeast to avoid being interception fired on. The second method is to bring a sniper to the southeast part of the map and snipe the ace. the Ace has 5% Dodge, and even if it dodges, it will turn around and face northeast so 1 of your scouts on the West path can flank without being interception fired on. The third method is to use a grenadier from the Southwest high ground, with at least 650 range. This probably won't be a surprise attack, but it's possible. Targeting with Grenadier's from the high ground is tricky. If your Grenadier's are too close to the enemy target, the automatic targeting system won't select them, you will have to aim at them manually. This can be almost impossible to do if you can't visually verify their position by raising the camera elevation. The mission can end with about 4 command points to spare, but it's likely some shots will misfire. You'll probably need every command point you can get. t1 Claude and Jascha head down the West path while destroying a rag crate, a scout, and a grenadier. Jascha spots the scout on the northwest camp and the scout and shock on the Northeast camp from the Northwest high ground. Riley attempts to kill the Northwest and Northeast scouts with surprise attacks, and if she fails, the other grenadier's will finish the scouts off. Louffe attacks the shock on the northeast camp. Eileen advances Minerva, and then takes Kai and Louffe East to the Northeast camp to finish the shock and climb onto the first ladder of the East high ground. Louffe kills the nearby scout and Grenadier on the southeast camp. t2 Claude distracts the shock next to the ultimate tank, kills the Lancer leader on the Northwest camp, and positions himself for the incoming second Lancer leader. if Claude doesn't hit the shock, the shock can still be killed, it just won't be a surprise attack. Louffe kills the scout on the southeast camp and distracts the shock between the first and second ladders on the East high ground. Minerva heads southeast, recapturing the Northeast camp and killing the shock near the ultimate tank. Eileen uses direct command to bring Kai and Louffe down the third ladder and up the fourth ladder to the southmost part of the East high ground. from there, the Ace and Grenadier's are targeted. Eileen also destroys the ultimate tank and heads back up the ladder. t3 The East team kills or distracts enemies from the high ground. Claude heads south to kill the Southwest sniper that would otherwise fire on units crossing the chasm. Claude can also kill the Ace from here. Claude destroying the Gatling turret is completely optional, I only destroyed it because I had command points to spare. With the way clear Eileen heads west across the chasm to destroy the heavy tank and capture the Southwest Camp with support from Kai and Louffe. Eileen then uses direct command to refresh her AP and head east to destroy the assault tank and capture the southeast camp.
  4. Skirmish 5 Expert (3t) A Night-Shrouded Liberation https://youtu.be/fjTKO-gPviQ I suggest learning the spotlight patterns unless you like dealing with additional shocks and your units being teleported. Once you know to avoid the spotlights and disable/kill the incoming enemies, this is a pretty simple mission. After the past expert skirmishes, I expected the camps to be more heavily defended. The shock weapon that makes enemies drop their ammo is a pretty cool concept. I finally found an opportunity to use it in a real mission attempt, instead of just for fun. I would have used it on 17a except the boss can throw grenades even when they have 0 ammo left. I would've used it against Grenadier's but they can fire using their interception ammo, which is infinite. The only enemy the weapon is really useful against is lancers since they are completely disabled with no ammo. On this stage there are multiple mortar lancers headed for the main Allied camp. Raz is equipped with the ammo depleting weapon to neutralize the lancers. It's also possible to kill them with interception fire, but ammo depletion only requires a single shock instead of a shock and another unit to help with damage. This frees up a deployment spot and opens additional strategies. Allied units with smaller character models have an easier time getting surprise attacks from the front or side by aiming around corners or terrain. Female scouts and snipers (besides Minerva) tend to have the shortest and smallest models. You can get front/side surprise attacks around a lot of terrain with non-Minerva female scouts, although the shots are sometimes partially blocked. Minerva heads north and east up the ladder to kill targets from the roof. Azusa, Eileen, and Riley make up the southeast team. This team captures the 2 South camps, kills the ace/tanks, and heads into the southeast manhole to assist in capturing the East camp and killing the remaining leaders. Claude and Gertrude head East to the east camp and destroy the Gatling, assault tank, and 2 leaders along the way. Raz and Kai make up the base defense. Kai doesn't really do anything except prevent the main camp from being captured.
  5. Skirmish 4 Expert (5t) Struggle on the Bridge https://youtu.be/ium4k4kqHzQ The limit of 9 command points per turn combined with the large number of incoming enemies makes it difficult to avoid taking damage. Enemy density is high and enemies are well fortified with sandbags, anti-mortar bunkers, and fences. It's telling that the a rank clear time is 10 turns, the longest of any mission. Similar to skirmish 2 and 4 hard, smoke is a reliable way to avoid taking damage while getting surprise attacks. Smoke is also useful for firing onto the bridge to flank the enemy tanks. Even if you fire smoke, enemies will still attempt to rush the camp flag. That means you still have to kill, distract, or get out of the way of incoming enemies. Once an enemy rushes into the smoke and spots some or all of your units, the smoke is nearly useless from that point on. You also have to consider whether it's worth the command point cost, especially if you have to keep firing smoke every turn. It's possible to take no damage without using smoke, but it's unreliable. Basically you huddle in the west corner and pray your shots land and your camp doesn't get captured. I've done it before and it's not suitable for a no reload run imo. When infantry fire from within smoke, they remain hidden, unless directly spotted by an enemy inside the smoke. When standing outside smoke and firing at an enemy within smoke, if your unit is currently spotted by another enemy outside the smoke, the target enemy has a chance to dodge even though they can't directly see your attacking unit. When an Allied vehicle fires from within smoke, it becomes compromised, meaning that it must exit and reenter the smoke in order to become hidden again. This happens even if the vehicle uses a Gatling weapon, or if it is a surprise attack that kills the target, or if there is nothing spotting the vehicle. I believe this is a balancing mechanism against vehicles firing from inside smoke. If a tank is hiding inside the smoke, and it gets hit with cannon fire, that will dissipate the smoke. However if a tank fires cannon fire from within the smoke to a target outside the smoke, it won't dissipate the smoke. For some reason tanks exploding inside the smoke won't dissipate it. Prioritizing targets based on whether they can reach the main Allied camp, and whether they are stop and shoot or runners is very important for surviving turns 1-3. Command points can be saved by killing some enemies with interception fire. There are very few enemies on the upper half of the map that can be safely left alive. Almost every enemy unit on the upper half of the map is available to be moved by the AI. That means plenty of randomness as some enemies move and some don't. The strategy should account for most enemy activity. Raz and Ryan are on interception fire duty against incoming enemies from the north, with the highest anti-personnel damage available. Raz, Ryan, and Mabel head to the Northwest camp to kill the ace and snipe targets from the elevation. Claude moves between the main Allied camp and northeast corner to clear out the tank there and deal with other enemies. Kai stays on the base sniping targets and not triggering her negative potential. Minerva, Christel, Louffe, and Riley make up the capture team. Christel is equipped with the antitank rifle. This rifle almost puts lancers out of business. The Grenadier's also provide bridge defense on the earlier turns. Riley is equipped for precision shots and Louffe has the tier 5 Royal weapon. Most of the enemies on the lower half of the map can be skipped. The key is to not capture the camp near the bridge, or advance past the bridge, which will cause the AI to keep its units south of the bridge passive instead of advancing them and causing a mess. This was the longest single segment recording of this run so far at 45 minutes. Chapter 18b hard difficulty took 40 minutes. t1 Claude fires smoke and mortars several enemies near the main Allied camp. Mabel spots a scout behind the tank and uses direct command to rearrange some units on the main camp, and then carry Raz and Ryan North to interception fire enemies. Kai snipes an additional 2 enemies. t2 Claude fire smoke and heads northeast to destroy the Northeast tank and disrupt the Grenadier. There may be a shock in Claude's way but he can run past it. Raz uses direct command to reform the team if Claude had knocked any of them out of position, and kills a shock. Additional enemies are killed on the bridge by the Grenadier's or Kai if visible. t3 Claude moves west to destroy the Gatling turret, and then south to fire smoke and hide. Riley kills the Northwest sniper. Mabel's team pushes Northwest to the northwest camp to kill the ace and capture. Mabel kills the Lancer leader. additional enemies on or near the bridge are killed. t4 Smoke is fired onto the tanks on the bridge. Christel flanks the tanks and destroys them. In the video I didn't try destroying the medium tank on the camp near the bridge on this turn, but I should have. Minerva uses direct command to carry the Grenadiers South. t5 The medium tank doesn't move on to the camp every time, sometimes it stays put. If it's still up, it has to be destroyed. Christel destroys any remaining tanks, the Grenadier's deal with the enemy Grenadier and shocks near the main enemy camp, and Minerva takes Christel behind the ultimate tank to destroy it and then capture.
  6. Skirmish 3 Expert (4t) Escape from a Dire Situation https://youtu.be/5BsLim2sfNg Claude is on anti-personnel and anti-Gatling turret duty. Riley is needed to pick off the enemy Grenadiers, snipers, sandbags, and other targets. Eileen is on resupply duty and is equipped with the newly acquired ZM Kar X (e) rifle which allows me to destroy the tanks on the map without needing to deploy a lancer. This rifle takes me back to the VC1 days where scouts and shocks could destroy tank radiators with easily acquired weapons. In vc4 it's typically only possible with orders/last stand, or post game/DLC weapons. This weapon doesn't make lancers obsolete because it still can't do anything to tanks from the front or sides, it can barely one shot most tank radiators even with the ultra tank shard accessory, and it only has 180 range. As usual for the expert skirmishes, clearing with a turn count this low has some RNG involved. Typically there are 0-1 command points to spare. I take advantage of a child's wish 2 times, but I end with 2 command points to spare, so it kind of evens out. I usually pass on a child's wish but with the amount of things that can go wrong with enemy shocks dodging or Riley/Claude misfiring, it's not terrible using it once or twice. The strategy is still fine with a 5 turn clear. At the end of turn one I should have moved Riley further north, so she could fire more shots at the scout as it moves south along the Northwest part of the map. It saves command points if she can destroy the Northwest shock leaders sandbag and knock the scout out of grass with interception fire. The ace is located on the south part of the map behind the tank. Hit it with explosives from behind cover. Enemies generally have to be killed in a certain order for your infantry to not get shredded while passing through the middle of the map. Take advantage of the anti-mortar bunkers to spot the Grenadier's safely.
  7. Skirmish 2 Expert (4t) Blitz Assault https://youtu.be/YXfFMeOikd8 Damage taken/Allies downed: No Leaders (non-boss)/tanks/aces killed: All Enemy turns 1-2 have been sped up to 20x since it's mostly lancers firing at a barricade. Claude's team includes Raz, Laurent, and Kai. Minerva's team includes Eileen, Riley, and Aladdin. This mission has one of the strangest gimmicks in the game. Claude's team is placed behind barricades, with a number of lancers firing at the barricades, mortars dropping, and incoming enemy reinforcements. Behind the last barricade are 2 powerful Gatling bunkers. The problem is since it's night mode, the Gatling bunkers can't assist interception fire, and your units can defend the main Allied camp while staying out of their sight. The lancers are not stop and shoot so they can all be killed as they run towards the main camp by Claude and 2 shocks with heavy antipersonnel weapons. other enemy reinforcements come in at a trickle if at all. Unless you're trying to kill every enemy on the map, there's no reason for Claude to venture far past the main Allied camp. If you're going for a 5 plus turn clear I suggest deploying an additional shock instead of Laurent. One shock and Claude is not quite enough to mow them all down as they run for the main Allied camp. As it turns out, it's better for me if the 3 barricades are down, because it makes it easier to kill the tank down the road. The tank down the road won't start moving until the front 3 barricades are destroyed. If the tank doesn't move, it can't be destroyed by my Lancer reinforcement coming from the middle camp. It's so important that I deploy my own Lancer at the main Allied camp to finish off the last barrier if it's still up by turn 3. This can happen if 1 of the enemy Lancers dies to friendly fire from another Lancer. As this is a night mode map, expect sight line bugginess. Enemies can see you through walls or over obstacles, and grenade fire can fall through the floor. Still, night mode means easy surprise attacks and easy sneaking up on enemies most of the time. Minerva's team is tasked with making it to the main enemy camp. Without orders, enemies must be carefully spotted and killed. The strategy can handle enemy dodges or Riley misfires, provided there are command points to spare. Team attacks out of enemy sight range are used frequently to ensure kills. The mission can end with up to 4 command points to spare on a 4 turn clear. Enemy shocks have 9% Dodge, Laurent might have to assist in taking down the third barricade, Gertrude can miss her shots on the tank radiator, and Riley can misfire. Usually the attempt will end with 0-1 command points to spare. The strategy is resilient to enemy shock dodges as long as command points are still available. e.g. Minerva probably won't run out of AP getting to the main enemy camp even if a shock dodges her on turn 4 because direct command is reserved for her, and her allies can assist in killing the shocks. There's still some RNG involved in a 4 turn clear as you might expect for an expert skirmish. t1 Minerva's team make their way up to the ace and knock it out of hiding. You can kill the ace in 2 command points by blind fire head shotting it from the stairs, but it comes with additional complications so I didn't do it in the video. The Ace is hiding on the east enemy camp near the high ground next to the 2 unbreakable fences. To kill the ace you can either grenade it out of its hiding spot, or spot and snipe it. t2 Minerva's team kills the ace and makes their way to the middle portion of the map using ladders. Several enemies in the middle of the map are killed. t3 Minerva's team finishes claiming the middle of the map and captures the middle camp. The team positions to make the final push to the main enemy camp. Gertrude is deployed from the middle camp. Laurent finishes destroying the front barricade if necessary. Claude's team uses direct command, kills the Lancer leader, and gets out of sight of the lancers. t4 Minerva's team make their way to the main enemy camp. Riley and Aladdin can provide long-range backup from the bridge facing the main enemy camp. There is a small, special spot of terrain where Minerva can spot both shocks from above the stairs. I take advantage of this to make killing them easier and more reliable. If there are command points to spare, the remaining stationary targets on the map can be destroyed by Eileen and Claude. Skirmish 2 Expert notes for improvement: 1. It's possible to surprise attack the Northwest scout from the front with the right position near the pillar. Which means I can probably kill the Northwest shock with Riley instead, although it's a sketchy shot for her. 2. You can run behind the North shock on the main enemy camp without having to attack it from the side or front, assuming the other shock isn't in the way. This won't save a whole turn, but it will increase reliability.
  8. expert skirmish rewards: aces drop the (e) weapons, other weapons are awarded for clearing the mission. aim range vspers vsarmor shots ammo skirmish Brown M9D A 400 50 86 7 inf. 1 ZM Kar X (e) C 180 30 150 7 inf. 1 Robinson M99D B 200 43 72 20 inf. 2 VB PL 6 (e) C 300 200 3000 1 3 2 M2EQ-9D B 700 280 1800 1 3 3 ZM MP 8 (e) B+ 350 48 66 7 inf. 3 LF-ASR No.9D A 1000 135 100 3 3 4 X2 ZM SG (e) B+ 1000 95 1500 1 3 4 Elias MA9D A 600 300 1400 1 3 5 ZM Kar 8 (e) B 230 90 70 5 inf. 5 Lenfield D9 A+ 420 43 55 5 inf. 6 VB GW 8 (e) D+ 600 720 2300 1 3 6 Skirmish 1 Expert (3t) https://youtu.be/tkWWOtX_2O4 Damage taken/Allies downed: No Leaders (non-boss)/tanks/aces killed: All There are quite a lot of anti-armor enemies in between the tank and the goal. Grenadier's, scouts, and engineers are useful for picking off enemy Grenadier's and breaking the barricades in the way. Minerva, Kai, Raz, and Ryan make up the base defense team, and Jester, Riley, Louffe, and Aulard make up the offense team along with Claude. The AI will send enemies towards the main Allied camp, or hunt down any spotted infantry. Most of the incoming enemies are on the east half of the map. Having a strong base defense can save command points by killing or distracting incoming enemies, provided you can keep your other units hidden and not hunted down. You can play it safe and clear out the east half of the map instead of letting them run around. Use the blue Rose door on the east part of the map to get close to the first 2 sets of Grenadier's. Keep your vehicles hidden in the flames and don't destroy barricades until you're ready to progress. Use spotters to spot the Grenadier's and then blast them. Jester is used for his anti-personnel potentials to make it easier to get double kills on infantry with a single grenade. There are a lot of ladders and doors on the maps that can be used to proc his potential. On a level one run, I'm limited to tier 5 grenades, which are starting to show their age. Jester's potential can be a reliable way to get around that. The Ace is hiding in the middle garage on the east side near the East camp. The shock on the East camp is most easily dealt with using a scout or engineer with the telescope by throwing grenades from behind the nearby tank wreckage. Normally I don't use Aulard as I find him an annoying character, but in this case the taller male engineer model has an easier time throwing grenades over the Tank. the ace can be killed reliably without taking damage by throwing grenades with a range extension like the telescope. There is a shock on the east part of the map above the east camp that will probably move south towards the east camp at some point. Capture the east camp and crouch at the sandbag or climb up the nearby East ladder and hide on the roof of the building to avoid being killed by the shock. My strategy accounts for this shock moving on either turn 1 or 2, or not moving at all. On the camp defense, give Minerva a long-range accuracy rifle to fend off the incoming stop and shoot engineer and scout, and give Raz and Ryan the highest anti-personnel weapons and accessories available to kill the incoming shocks. If you're going to turn 4, you might want to kill the enemy lancers that outrange Minerva. The engineer leader secluded near the west camp makes this mission more difficult for me. Killing it is completely optional, but part of this challenge run. A rifle grenade would be very useful in this situation. There is more RNG than usual for a 3 turn no damage clear while killing all the leaders, tanks, and ace, mainly due to this engineer leader. The ultimate tank in front of the goal is most easily destroyed using an antiarmor Grenadier. Alternately, you can disarm or run over the tank mines to the south of the ultimate tank to flank its radiator with Claude. If you're running out of command points and or low on tank HP, fire smoke around the goal to sneak past the anti-tank cannons. I don't use smoke in the video but it is an option. t1 Riley breaks the first barricade and spots and kills the shock near the door. Jester uses direct command, sets up the camp defense, carries Louffe and Aulard through the door, heads up the ladder to grenade the 2 Grenadier's, and then hides. Riley kills the 3 Grenadier's across the road on the roof. Claude destroys the nearby tank and destroys the second barrier, and then hides in the flames. Aulard heads north to destroy the antitank Canon and grenade the shock on the East camp, and then hide on the nearby roof. t2 Aulard head south, kills the shock that was on the east camp, and either kills the incoming shock that had moved south towards the east camp, or grenades the garage barrier. Jester heads north and up the ladder to grenade the 2 east Grenadier's on the roof. Both end up hiding on the nearby roof. Claude mortars the shock leader from inside the flames, and then proceeds north. Riley kills the scout leader and then heads west and north of the letter to kill the Grenadier on the West camp. Claude continues north to mortar the 3 ragnite crates which destroys the third barricade and both antitank cannons, and spot the 2 Grenadier's on the main enemy camp. Riley kills the 2 Grenadier's on the main enemy camp. Louffe heads north to destroy the final barricade. Claude moves into the flames while destroying 1-2 tanks. t3 Jester and Aulard kill the ace. Louffe kills the ultimate tank. With the ultimate tank down, the way is open to reach the goal. If there are command points to spare, Jester and Louffe head towards the engineer leader to kill it. Jester procs his potential using the ladder to kill the shock and engineer near the engineer leader more easily. Somehow I made a bad throw in the video, the shock should have died there. The engineer leaders sandbag is destroyed, and then hopefully killed. The right antitank Cannon near the main enemy camp is also spotted from the West rooftop to make it easier for Claude to kill. Otherwise, Claude kills any remaining tanks and reaches the goal.
  9. Beach 2 (3t) https://youtu.be/vztNewFr5zU The mission is cleared in 3 turns with no orders/last stand, ace killed, 4-5 out of 7 tanks destroyed, and minimal damage taken. Tier 3 Royal and Ace weapons are used. With the high enemy density and low a rank requirement, this mission can't be cleared by offensively clearing everything in the way. Instead, the party splits up into 2 teams, one team to defend the base camp from incoming enemies, and another stealth team to sneak north undetected to the main enemy camp and ace. As usual, stealth is the greatest weapon on a challenge run like this. Since the stealth team is not visible to the enemy during enemy turn, the AI will continue sending its units towards the main Allied camp on the beach to be killed by interception fire and counterattacks. This saves a significant amount of command points. The stealth team is made up of an engineer leader, a Lancer, and Riley. The stealth team can complete its mission without taking any damage. Everyone else stays back to defend the base. The camp defense is reliable with the t3 ace and royal weapons plus anti-personnel accessories. Minimal damage is expected to be taken by the camp defense team. The AI doesn't have enough command points for every available unit, and the order in which it moves its units can affect subsequent actions. That means actions on enemy turn can be pretty random. Generally, the AI will send its units down towards the beaches, but sometimes it will send them north. I'm not 100% sure if that's a pathing issue with the stealth team, or if it's related to he order in which the AI chooses to act with its units. In the video I get a bit lucky and in the AI basically clears the way for the stealth team, which doesn't happen every time. The stealth team can handle a few enemies if they move north, but it does complicate things and reduce command points. The mission can end with up to 5 command points to spare. This gives some flexibility to deal with additional enemies in the way of the stealth team or ace dodging. t1 Rebecca takes Laurent and Riley North while killing an enemy scout. Riley kills a nearby shock and Grenadier. Each member of the stealth team ends their turn in a position where enemies can't see them as they run towards the main Allied camp on enemy turn. If you mess up and your units get spotted during enemy turn, it's lights out as the AI will redirect its focus onto the stealth team. t2 Riley clears any nearby enemies out of the way for Laurent to destroy the nearby tank. Rebecca uses direct command and takes the team north and then west. The middle camp is ignored. The shock on the main enemy camp is killed, along with any other nearby enemies, and then Laurent destroys the 2 tanks in the way. I suggest hiding Rebecca further West from Laurent than I did in the video, in case he's spotted and the enemy Grenadier across the wall decides to fire. t3 Rebecca uses direct command and heads West with the team, while killing 1 of the Northwest Gatling turrets. Riley kills the crouched sniper and heads east to kill the Grenadier and position on the main enemy camp. Rebecca finishes off the other Gatling and head south. Laurent can either head straight for the light tank, or optionally try destroying the nearby heavy tank. Either way, Laurent destroys the light tank and distracts the shock behind the truck. The way is now clear to kill the Ace. There are too many enemies around to get a surprise attack on the ace, but Rebecca should have 3 grenades and right angle attacks to kill the ace safely. Once the ace is down, Riley can capture and finish.
  10. Beach 1 (1t/2t) https://youtu.be/LK_CS_VgJbU This mission is played using a book save earlier in this run, after clearing chapter 9 but before clearing chapter 10. This is the earliest you can access this mission. No ace or royal weapons are used. The mission is cleared in one turn with no orders, all 4 aces killed, and 0 damage taken. Every ace is killed with a surprise attack or undodgeable shot to increase reliability. The tank, Grenadiers, and scouts are used. 1-2 Claude moves West, knocks the nearby shock out of the way, and kills the first ace. Claude continues west, veering south to avoid the crouched shock to the north of him from facing southwest, and then mortars the main enemy camp to kill the grenadier and knock the enemy camp shock off. He then continue west to make the enemy camp shock face southeast. This is timed and angled so the tank radiator doesn't take any damage. 3 Curtis uses direct command and takes Minerva and Riley North, dropping them off near the barricades. He then grenades the barricades and continues north and around South to spot the second ace near the main Allied camp. 4-5 Jascha kills the second ace, continues west, and kills the engineer in the passage. He continues north into the passage. 6-9 Riley and Jascha kill the remaining 2 aces by carefully aiming. Since they aren't spotted, all of their attacks are surprise attacks. 10 Minerva provokes the shock into reorienting itself, and then gets away from its proximity range before it can fully turn. She kills the nearby scout and then captures. In the alternate attempt, the mission is cleared in 2 turns with all aces and both tanks killed, with a generally more reliable strategy.
  11. A Captainless Squad 3 (4t) https://youtu.be/90wpopl4KSQ 123 4567 8 1 - empty 2 - empty 3 - Simon / reising-m9a5d / soldiers buckle 4 - Rosetta / any rifle / 5 - Connor / Sanders m7 / telescope 6 - Azusa / zm kar 3 / specialist bullets 7 - Rita / Gallia-x5d / small knife 8 - Zaiga / zm mp 3 / improved powder Reserves: 1 - Hanna / any high damage Lance / service boots This mission is played using a book save earlier in this run, after clearing chapter 9 but before clearing chapter 10. This is the earliest you can access this mission. No Royal weapons are used on this mission, although they are useful if you have them. Scouts and shocks should have the highest damage anti-personnel weapons to deal interception fire and handle the high HP of enemy leaders. The tier 2-3 ace scout rifle and machine gun are both easy to obtain from available missions. I also use the Gallia-x5d rifle and the reising-m9a5d machine gun awarded for clearing the first 2 missions in this DLC. Raz and Kai are the first 2 leaders encountered. Depending on how far south your units are advanced, and whether or not you broke the snowbank covering the main path, Raz will either enter through the main pathway, or by taking the side hill. I prefer having him enter by the main path because it's easier to distract him. Raz is easily distracted, and Kai can be defeated with Grenadier fire. Next up are Minerva and Riley. If you capture the camp near the bridge (second camp), Minerva will use direct command and bring Riley and a Mortar Lancer across the bridge. Defeating Minerva with interception fire requires a lot of firepower, and Riley or the mortar Lancer may also target your units. The best spot to defeat Minerva without taking damage is behind the truck and around the corner leading to the first camp. If you position carefully with the right equipment, Minerva will almost always be defeated. Riley and the Mortar Lancers won't be able to spot your units to fire on them after Minerva is gone. Rita's rifle has a defense down debuff, Zaiga and Azusa have tier 3 ace weapons for heavy interception damage, and Connor gets to take a few shots. If you're concerned about guaranteeing a kill, move Simon South to assist. If Minerva doesn't cross the bridge, you'll have to go to her. Riley will be set up on the third camp and it's difficult to get surprise attacks on her out in the open. All 4 leaders have 30% Dodge rates so it's best to surprise attack them whenever possible. Claude will use rapid deployment when all 4 infantry leaders are defeated. To avoid this, you can leave 1 of the leaders alive and run for the main enemy camp. That may be simpler and easier than having them all redeployed on the main enemy camp. Riley is probably the easiest to leave alive while running for the main enemy camp. The strategy allows for the option of doing this, while taking no damage in the process. However, since it's a 4 turn clear either way, I allow the rapid deployment in order to defeat the squad a second time. When taking the main enemy camp, it's best to soften it up with grenadier fire before moving in. Connor can disrupt Riley, the enemy grenadier on the cliff, and defeat Minerva. Connor can then attack from west of the camp so that his attacks cause Raz to face West. This allows units to enter the main enemy camp from the ladder entrance without being interception fired on, where they can pick off any remaining units plus Claude to capture. I retreat and redeploy Simon because he has a 200 range machine gun, which allows him to hit Kai on the cliff at her second deployment spot. Zaiga's machine gun with 120 range can't reach her. Defeating Kai a second time is completely optional, I only do it to say that all enemy leaders are defeated at the end of the mission. t1 Rosetta moves west and spots the enemies behind the fences. Connor advances and destroys all enemies behind offenses. The rest of the team moves south and captures the first base while positioning to intercept an incoming Scout. You don't have to retreat Simon immediately like I do in the video. t2 Azusa distracts Raz and the nearby shock, allowing Zaiga, Connor, and Rita to advance and defeat all targets. Rita repositions Azusa, takes Zaiga Southwest, leaves him by the truck, and captures the second base. Rita then returns to the rear of the truck to position to intercept Minerva. Zaiga repositions himself next to Rita to intercept. You may also want to move Simon south to help intercept. After Minerva is defeated, Riley will advance and recapture the second camp. It's very easy for Riley to spot units through the truck because of glitchy terrain, so be very careful and precise with where you position them. There is very little safe area where she won't spot your units behind the truck and fire on them. t3 Riley will be located on the second camp facing south, making it very easy to surprise attack her. The team defeats everyone in their way onto the third camp and hides. Simon and Hanna are deployed from the third camp. Connor disrupts the grenadier on the cliff by hitting the crate next to it. t4 Connor disrupts Riley, and then advances Southwest to defeat Minerva and distract/knock off Raz and the shock on the main enemy camp. Rita uses direct command to carry Simon and Hanna down the ladder towards the main enemy camp, while resupplying Connor and clearing the way for him. Rita is available if Connor runs out of ammo. Once the camp is suitably softened up, Simon advances to defeat Raz, and take a shot at Kai if there are command points available. With all other leaders defeated, Hannah climbs up the ladder, defeats Claude, and captures. Kai is shot at from a right angle behind a solid fence so even if she counterattacks, the bullet almost certainly won't hit Simon. You might be able to get a surprise attack from this position if you defeat the shock that's looking at Simon from where he's standing. Either way, don't risk it if you're not confident.
  12. A Captainless Squad 2 (4t) https://youtu.be/yektatlz4ks In this alternate mission attempt, I don't use the tier 3 Royal Lance, or any reward/ace weapons. This makes the mission longer and more complex since the tanks aren't destroyed as easily. It's interesting that a single reward weapon can make the difference of an entire turn on this mission. The t3 Royal Lance lets you save a few command points in other missions, but not an entire turn. Maybe chapter 14. t1 Connor kills the sniper and North Grenadier and continues north, Simon heads north to kill the Northwest shock, Rita uses direct command to carry Hanna and Azusa North through the side passage. t2 Rita, Connor, and Azusa kill the nearby infantry to take over the North camp. Azusa moves towards the ace. Hanna destroys the nearby mortar tank and the southeast tank, and then retreats and is redeployed on the main camp. Hanna will probably get targeted if she stays by the southeast tank, so it's important to retreat her. The flamethrower tank will still be up and will advance on the main camp, so retreat anyone on the front 2 deployment spots. Unfortunately this makes the decoy lure weaker so I suggest hiding Rita and Connor so the boss won't target them. They can hide east of (behind) the bunker wall at the North camp. What should happen is the boss will continue targeting the decoys, and the flamethrower tank will advance and not fire on anyone. Hanna is safe since she has been retreated and is in the process of redeploying. As long as Rita and Connor are at least underneath the North Camp bunker, they won't die even if the boss targets them. Someone on the main camp can fire at the boss to turn their direction back towards the main camp so you can continue. t3 Hanna is now on the main camp, where she can safely destroy the flamethrower tank from the front. With Hanna no longer available to reach the goal, Simon will take her place and move towards Rita to be carried by direct command. t4 The Southwest tank will advance close enough that Hanna can destroy it safely from under the main camp bunker. Rita's team (Rita, Simon, Connor, Azusa) makes it to the goal.
  13. A Captainless Squad 2 (3t) https://youtu.be/-QjP9YFdYNQ Continuing with the same book save as before. As usual your units are immune to Valkyria and Grenadier fire while standing underneath the bunkers around the map. On chapter 9 and 15 a/b maps, there are parts of the map that are shaded and dotted. Those areas are safe from all Grenadier and Valkyria interception fire. Unless your unit is far away from the Valkyria or hidden, it's best to be standing under some kind of cover. The assault tanks with 2000 HP & 450 armor can be destroyed in 2 command points with the tier 3 Royal Lance (1450 damage), and 3 command points with other available lances. A 3 turn clear while destroying all 4 tanks and taking 0 damage is feasible with the tier 3 reward lance. Otherwise 4 turns is the safer option. Since I have a tier 3 reward lance available on this save, I'll be using it to get a 3 turn clear. I have other royal and Ace weapons available but I'll be limiting to the lance. The general strategy is leaving some decoys on the main camp to distract the Valkyria, while another force moves north, east, and then south to reach the goal while killing the ace and other targets. Valkyria movement can be difficult to predict depending on the position of your units and who she decides to target. Using decoys keeps her position stable, increases reliability, and costs no command points. The strategy of running south east generally results in a lot of Valkyria and Grenadier interception fire, which isn't reliable enough for me. The Valkyria is more likely to target your units running southeast rather than attack your decoys sitting on the main camp. If the Valkyria doesn't fall for the decoys on the main camp, you then have to worry about distracting her so your main force can reach the goal, which can get messy quickly. The enemy lancers are equipped with mortar lances, and the enemy tanks are equipped with anti-infantry turrets. This makes them less of a threat at long distances, as long as you don't get too close to them. Rosetta, Neige, and Zaiga remain on the main camp as a distraction for the Valkyria. Rosetta provides interception fire to hold off the stop and shoot Lancer. If this Lancer gets too close, Neige can always shoot it. t1 Connor kills the sniper and North Grenadier continues north, Simon heads north to kill the Northwest shock, Hanna heads south to destroy the Southwest tank and then returns north, Rita uses direct command to carry Hanna and Azusa North through the side passage. t2 Rita, Connor, and Azusa kill the nearby infantry to take over the North camp. Hanna destroys the 2 tanks facing the main camp. Azusa moves towards the ace. If everything goes right, the Valkyrie will continue firing on the main camp and ignore Rita's team. For additional insurance, Rita's team should be underneath the North Camp bunker, so they will all survive even if targeted. t3 Rita's team makes their way south while killing everything in the way. Azusa kills the ace and heads south to join Rita. All 4 units make it to the goal. 4t clear without using the T3 Royal Lance t1 Same as above except Hanna does not go south to destroy the tank. t2 Hanna destroys the mortar tank and the southeast tank, and then retreats and is redeployed on the main camp. Hanna will definitely get targeted if she stays by the southeast tank, so it's important to retreat her. The flamethrower tank will still be up and will advance on the main camp, so retreat anyone on the front 2 deployment spots. Unfortunately this makes the decoy lure weaker so I suggest hiding Rita and Connor so the boss won't target them. They can hide east of (behind) the bunker wall at the North camp. What should happen is the boss will continue targeting the decoys, and the flamethrower tank will advance and not fire on anyone. As long as Rita and Connor are at least underneath the North Camp bunker, they won't die even if the boss targets them. Someone on the main camp can fire at the boss to turn their direction back towards the main camp so you can continue. t3 Hanna is now on the main camp, where she can safely destroy the flamethrower tank from the front. With Hanna no longer available to reach the goal, Simon will take her place and move towards Rita to be carried by direct command. t4 The Southwest tank will advance close enough that Hanna can destroy it safely from under the main camp bunker. Rita's team (Rita, Simon, Connor, Azusa) makes it to the goal.
  14. Edy's Advance Ops (2t) https://youtu.be/23Myg9OGKno This mission is played using a book save earlier in this run, after clearing chapter 1 but before clearing chapter 2. No squad stories are unlocked. This is the earliest you can access this mission. t1 Kai and Aladdin team attack the sniper on the windmill. Laurent fires a quadruple team attack against the nearby light tank, because it looked at me funny and I really didn't appreciate it. Claude kills the nearby engineer and positions to intercept fire enemies. t2 Riley nukes the scout in the middle of the map, Claude advances and kills the shock, Laurent team attacks with Claude to destroy the second tank, Claude mortars the far engineer and blocks 1 of the Gatling turrets, and then Riley fires on the 2 scout leaders. this clears the way for Curtis to make his way to the base and capture, while finishing off any surviving scout leaders. 1 command point spare.
  15. A Captainless Squad 1 (4t) https://youtu.be/YmLOvuUwrW8 This mission is played using a book save earlier in this run, after clearing chapter 9 but before clearing chapter 10. This is the earliest you can access this mission. No t3 Royal weapons are used on this mission, although they are useful if you have them, especially the tier 3-4 Royal lance. Squad stories for Rosetta, Hanna, Rita, Connor, and Neige have been completed on this save file. Azusa or Rosetta are good choices for leaders on this mission, unfortunately I don't have them promoted to corporal on this save file. Rita was promoted to corporal for this DLC instead. Once any unit advances close enough to the main enemy camp, the boss and reinforcements will appear. The mission goal changes to bringing 3 units to the Southwest flag on the map. Destroying the boss is optional. Use Connor and Neige to pick off enemies with surprise attacks from behind cover or in grass. Hanna is on antitank duty obviously. Send one scout to trigger the boss while other units head towards the southwest flag. If you plan on killing the boss, keep Rita around to resupply Hanna if needed. t1 Connor, Simon, and Neige clear out some initial enemies. Rita uses direct command and repositions the shocks to face incoming enemies, while carrying Hanna forward and destroying a Gatling turret. On enemy turn a bunch of enemies show up and die to interception fire. t2 Connor and Neige pick off more assorted enemies. Connor kills the the crouched sniper and Grenadier, Hannah kills the assault tank leader, Rita carries the shocks south while resupplying, and the scouts clear the way to trigger the boss's appearance. t3 Connor and Neige pick off more assorted enemies. Rita kills the enemy ace. Rita and the shocks position to kill incoming enemies from the southwest. Other units get out of the way of the boss or incoming infantry so they don't take damage. t4 I wasn't exactly sure how to deal with the 2 scouts around the boss, probably could have done that better. Hanna climbs the Northwest guard tower and fires lances at the bosses radiator to destroy it. 3 units reach the goal and finish.
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